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  • sanchez_11 5d

    You had me in ways no one had
    Your lips finding mine
    Encircled in my thighs
    I won you
    Resting your warm palms on my
    Bare back slowly cupping them around my Breasts
    You set me high in love
    Each stroke arose me
    Like a rose wanting to flower

  • brokenfairy 1w


    I hate to set myself resolutions
    Because I get angry
    And hate myself when
    I never complete them.
    So this year I had none.
    But as I watched,
    December become January,
    I fell in love
    With the beauty.
    And I realised that
    There is good everywhere,
    If I look for good
    Over bad, and so
    I made my resolution;
    To appreciate the beauty
    Of the world and in that
    Of myself too.


  • ami12345 1w


    Today my life asked me
    How can you always keep a beautiful smile
    And face any circumstances with smile
    With a smile I thanked my life
    For teaching the beauty of life
    And the power of an soul
    To pave any path of my life
    Without anyone justification
    The rollercoaster ride
    That my soul will never forget
    My circumstances are my ornaments
    That you gave to my soul
    Which I am always thankful
    And grateful for.

  • ami12345 1w


    Today my life asked me
    How can you always keep a beautiful smile
    And face any circumstances with smile
    With a smile I thanked my life
    For teaching the beauty of life
    And the power of an soul
    To pave any path of my life
    Without anyone justification
    The rollercoaster ride
    That my soul will never forget
    My circumstances are my ornaments
    That you gave to my soul
    Which I am always thankful
    And grateful for.

  • lucy08 2w

    Free verse
    #gratitude #grateful
    #lanturne #wod
    Thank you for your repost @writersnetwork

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    schedules of

    day leaves her
    quite exhausted

    of sheer
    fills up her void

    like her,
    not all get

  • tortoise 3w

    #color #goodbye2021 #grateful

    This year was a huge mess. If i would say in a sentence. And like lot many people, who convince themselves, and others, specially towards the end of the year, to believe that they had a rocking year, sorry to disappoint you guys! I didn't had a rocking year, it was tiresome, and hustling! I am not complaining about it, but it is what it is. I'm grateful for the good part of it, the better ones, and the few best moments too. Largely this year was more into love and friendships and care and kindness. There were so many Deja Vu moments, where life saved me, and frankly i met so many marvelous people, in real life, those who taught me so much. It indeed was a learning year, and i explored a lot about myself. And i feel, I've grown into a better writer this year, with my two novels, and receiving even POD and multiple WN reposts. More than that, I've found so many faithful readers, and I'm grateful for them. This year gave me chills, and i was forced to work even when my body ached in pain. And with this year ending, I've one thing very sure in my head, and heart, that i regret nothing. And i guess, that's the best way to say Goodbye!

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    2021 Year review

    The Yellow January

    Yellow was bright.
    Yellow was new.
    Yellow seemed right.
    Yellow was due. ~~

    The Purple February

    Purple was abandoned.
    Purple was mess.
    Purple felt shattered.
    Purple in guess. ~~

    The Silver March

    Silver was shiny.
    Silver was feared.
    Silver seemed scary.
    Silver was geared. ~~

    The Orange April

    Orange was mild.
    Orange was free.
    Orange turned wild.
    Orange in spree. ~~

    The Black May

    Black was tired.
    Black was pain.
    Black felt fired.
    Black in chain. ~~

    The Pink June

    Pink was blossom.
    Pink was smile.
    Pink seemed awesome.
    Pink in style. ~~

    The Red July

    Red was happening.
    Red was rain.
    Red turned loving.
    Red in train. ~~

    The Green August

    Green was lazy.
    Green was hustle.
    Green felt hazy.
    Green in rustle. ~~

    The Brown September

    Brown was hurried.
    Brown was wrestle.
    Brown seemed worried.
    Brown in shuffle. ~~

    The Golden October

    Golden was aching.
    Golden was care.
    Golden felt shaking.
    Golden was rare. ~~

    The White November

    White was fun.
    White was chill.
    White did run.
    White in drill. ~~

    The Blue December

    Blue was silent.
    Blue was low.
    Blue seemed violent.
    Blue was slow. ~~


  • jpwriter 4w


    She warmed my heart in part of her grace
    So forgiving since her first day of living
    Her acceptance of others was more gracious 
    Than a mother to her own kin
    And for this, my heart became forever opened
    Once an iron clad barricade
    Occluding the entrance of my beating chambers,
    Now ceases to stand another sunrise
    I have seen the dream of exoneration
    So that I may affably share it with my son's eyes


  • thewoventale1720 4w

    #felt #grateful����

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    Isn't the fact that someone cares about you more than any comforts , the shiniest ray of hope to keep trying!!?

  • teokannan 4w


    "God is not helping anymore, maybe because he feels used all the time; only few are even grateful for what they have."


  • elzabe 5w


    Cacophony of screams and broken dreams
    Scattered across boardwalks and alleyways
    Broken hearts tearing at the seams
    Counting past, present and future days.

    Physical, literal and mental masks
    All trying to protect the wearer.
    Scurrying like ants, chasing tasks
    While we pray day's end nearer.

    Do we still see the sunrise or sunset?
    How night and day dance to be reign?
    What is the closest smell to flowers we get?
    Artificial malignancy, or natural benign?

    Do we still value the life around us?
    Are we still grateful for each day anew?
    The forms of life, breathing all around?
    Dead poets painted it, for you.

  • _desaiagraja 5w

    Grateful for this platform and every people who supported❤️����
    Now I think I can write one on my own..

    I never thought I can write,
    I never thought my poetry would ever rhyme.
    While the thoughts would always be caged in my mind.
    I explored on miraquill what people write
    I gradually started to free the thoughts from the cage of my mind,
    And they flew like, imagine a sunset scenery and birds flying high.
    But it was still a challenge,
    To write on any random thing that comes to mind.
    So I accepted the miraquill challenge and that changed my thinking to write.
    Everytimes the miraquills here liked,
    I read it again and again till I was probably proud.
    And every time they reposted,
    I got really satisfied, and exhaled the breath,
    Which I had holded for a while.
    The fancy words still don't come to my mind,
    So I just google it and place them in story of mine.
    Personal experience, imaginations and dreams and stories I amalgam them all,
    To make a beautiful piece of the story or poetry of my own.

    Thankyou @miraquill @mirakeeworld @mirakee_words

    #miraquillwrapped #wod #pod #live #love #life #grateful #forever #icanwrite #poem #poetry #onedirection #mrraval #darshanraval #harrystyles

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    From Heart break poem's,
    To weaving the words for self-love.

    From the dejected poetry,
    To the jovial stories.

    From the hopeless romantic pieces,
    To the dark and misty Stanza

    From showing love for MR. Raval,
    To being the hard-core directioner.

    From just writing it out,
    To accepting the miraquill challenges
    What a incredible journey it has been...

  • deepoemic 6w

    Thanks - A Poem by Deepoemic #thanks #deepomic #poem #poetry #grateful #kind

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    Thanks ❤️

    Thanks an expression to express gratitude

    The most pleasing words to hear

    The most underrated word

    The most used word

    Kindest of all

    - Deepoemic

  • azazel 7w

    Happy disposition

    Forsaken and alone
    I walk as though I’ve never been in better company
    Broken and cold
    I sit as though there is nothing better to be
    Empty with shadowy dark tones
    I ponder what else life could possibly have to give to me
    An over flowing soul
    Intoxicated by life’s simplicity
    And all that possibility

  • ckeerthana 9w

    It's just a small one word but it means a lot for many. All our lives we would have fallen in love, lived with our expectations but only few have heart to respect others. Gratitude always takes us to places and it is something that comes from bottom of our hearts. In our lives we would have experienced that someday someone will help us in the most unexpected way and for that we all could give back is our respect and gratitude. I take this opportunity to thank @miraquill for giving me this platform to pen down my words.

    Forever Grateful ❤️
    #grateful #gratitude #mirakee #500 @miraquill #happiness

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    Forever Grateful

  • claralynne 10w

    LOST AND FOUND: Fair, Feral Feline

    You would not have found my face on a flier stapled to a pole on some road somewhere...
    Or on the side of a milk carton.
    But you should've...
    No one was looking for me though.
    No one wanted me.
    I was so lost when he found me.
    Wandering. Aimless...
    I knew I had made a wrong turn or two. But I had no idea how lost I actually was.
    I was dirty. From the inside out. Unkept. Malnourished.
    I hadn't had a bath in God knows how long.
    . .I mean actually HAD and ENJOYED a bath.
    Felt the warm water soothe my muscles and wash my bad days away.
    I tried to act like I knew where I was and that I was fine.
    He saw right through it.
    He took me in. Kept me warm.
    I could not remember the last time I had eaten.
    I could never find food wandering in the dark.
    I would always wait for the sun to come out, but it never did.
    It was like I fell asleep one night and just never woke up. And the nightmare never ended.
    I kept asking myself why he would want to help me.
    I was a feline on my ninth life, and I had come to terms with it at that point.

    Afraid to live.
    No longer a spunky cat that climbed trees.
    No twinkle in my eye.
    No more did I sunbathe and watch the birds fly high.
    To be blunt and honest, I was waiting to die.
    I was timid when I saw him at first. But I could tell his intentions were good.
    Scaredy cat.
    I thought to myself I didn't have anything to lose.
    The smallest little piece of me thought an angel had crossed my path.
    I had lost hope on that ever happening long ago.
    But Maybe...
    Just maybe ...
    I was saved?
    I just couldnt believe someone wanted to help me find "home "
    He made sure I ate good.
    He would rub me at night.
    I had forgotten how good it felt to actually purr.
    I had been in the wild for so long...never again did I think I'd be dreaming dreams in a cozy bed.
    Not that leaves and mulch couldn't be cozy, but I didn't miss it.
    And to think I always clowned on them domesticated kitty cats.
    I felt like a lucky dog.
    But you see, I had been in the wild for so long, it had somehow become part of me.
    Feline so fair, yet with a feral side.
    I had it so good, but I shamefully found myself longing for that sense of freedom the came with the wild.
    My heart had become so full, and these thoughts world come.... And they ruined everything.
    Absolutely everything.
    And here I find myself wandering in the dark again.
    He just wanted to give me a home.
    He showed me that a filthy alley cat could be loved again.
    I had felt lovable for the first time since I could remember.
    I was mistaken.
    I knew nothing of freedom.
    I was only just learning what love was.
    and what it felt like to actually be loved.
    I had never felt anything like it.
    It was almost scary.
    More scary than the wild could be.
    Scaredy cat... that I was...
    And now here I am...
    The darkness I find myself roaming in once again is not freedom.
    Only the strong survive out here in the wild.
    Winters coming; it's already gotten so cold.
    There's not enough shelter for us all out here in the wild.
    If only I hadn't acted like such a child.
    Sometimes I wonder if he misses me and our night time cuddles.
    Does he look for me?
    Did he stapled my picture on a pole on a street somewhere?
    I miss how he'd give me those saucers of milk...
    All I know is that this is my ninth life. My last life.
    And I hope I can feel that feeling of home again before it's over.
    In the meantime, I will nestle in this mulch and leaves and find comfort.
    I will pretend....
    and reminisce on a happy time that I'm so very grateful to have had... no matter what.

  • bankachaand 12w

    Other hands that one day
    lifted you up,
    need not hold you forever.

    They were never meant to.

    But your feet that raised you,


  • angels_halo_shines 14w


    With your words, you can do so much
    Tenderly touching all you can
    Through your love & strength
    You can inspire more
    Wise now
    only through my past did I learn to be
    Grown to love everyone I can
    Through hate others had towards me
    Taught to let it be through madness
    A certain kind of madness
    The madness I claim as my own
    Can’t ever be what others want me to
    Through many lessons, I am who I am
    That’s all I have ever asked of myself
    Some lessons repeated
    Some are learned 1 time around
    Through growth I realized I am human
    I feel what I have to tender or not
    I do my best to get through
    That’s all I know how to do
    Tender or rough here I am
    Reaching to the universe for guidance
    I also learn to trust the guidance
    As it will never guide me wrong
    That’s when I learned to trust myself
    Very hard to learn
    Possibly the hardest yet
    With that message, all is possible
    Within the limits of the universe
    There are no limits
    Just growth & learning
    So you can take it or leave it
    As I chose to take it, I am grateful.


  • jpwriter 15w

    Live Life

    I awoke to no heat in the air,
    Arms stretched as they flared,
    I seemed to not care, 
    Knowing God was right there
    I have my eyes, in meaning I can see
    I have my life, In being who I can be
    I can clothe myself in warmth soon I know
    Yet, none of this is possible if at my own funeral
    There are many in this world that want to be deceased
    If life is restless now, to die may not grant you peace
    Your soul has not paid its toll & may not be released
    Complaining, pouting is no way you should be
    Occupying life as you fill it up with Greed
    Is not knowing that everything you have, 
    Is everything you need
    Life is a choir if you make it that way
    Life is not a bore, you just need to learn how to play
    You have your legs to walk on the floor
    So be grateful and use them each day
    For tomorrow is not guaranteed, 
    For you in any way
    It may be someone you love, 
    That you never ever forgave
    So live your life with love 
    Until the day you're taken away


  • pallavi4 15w


    The rising sun brings a day renewed
    With clouds nowhere in the clear blue skies
    Birds chirp as they fly from their nests
    Flowers rejoice as do the butterflies
    The trees swish in the gentle breeze
    Their glossy leaves make a rustling noise
    Nature blooms and is wondrously happy
    Simply grateful to be alive

    A new day brings with it new hope
    A chance for us to try and rectify
    The mistakes we made and faults in us
    To weary thoughts bid a jolly goodbye
    Blood runs in our veins and life
    We breathe in with every sigh
    Replenishing our wishes and dreams
    We are grateful to be alive

    Nature is a very curious creature
    Blessing us with a healthy life
    Dusk serves as a time for reflection
    As the stars start twinkling in the sky
    The sun gradually sets and goes to sleep
    The moon slowly opens its eyes
    This cycle of night and day makes us
    Very grateful to be alive

    In our hands are our destinies and fates
    A chance to make the most of our time
    Controlled by the hands of the clock we live
    By biding a time that for us is right
    Thankful to have been given a chance to breathe
    And walk the earth as humans, we find
    A chance for redemption and absolution
    And be so very grateful to be alive


    3rd of October, 2021

    Pic credit: Pinterest, picture credited to its rightful owner- Monika Luniak

    #cloudsc #writersbay @writersbay #grateful @writersnetwork #miraquill #MirakeeWorld #writersnetwork #poetry #pod #writerscommunity @miraquill #myth #wod

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  • stella_writes 15w

    I hope you know when you see this.

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    Somedays am grateful for just existing in the same world as others who understand,
    Who make me smile and take a few precious minutes of mine,
    So Thank You again!