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  • epiphaney 211w

    Saving Grace

    Those moments when time is still
    And the thoughts that were once dead, come back to life again
    To torture
    To pull at your heart strings
    Those thoughts that make you cry out and scream
    The zombies
    Mostly come at night
    But when the time is right
    They help cloud your sight
    A rerund
    Needing a refund
    Take them back
    My peace is where it's at
    But how
    And why
    Am I steady battling these same zombies
    Over and over
    I kill them dead
    But like a zombie, they return
    It's like nothing's been said
    Needing some magical powers
    It's getting close to that hour
    Where I'm in my bed
    Trying to stay out of my head
    Closing my eyes
    Let's breathe
    Zombie 1
    Zombie 2
    I thought I had a love that was true
    Oh my, oh why
    Not suicidal
    Just be wanting to die
    Zombies starting to be everywhere
    In my mind
    When would be the time
    I breathe again
    They're just standing
    Waiting around
    No more yelling
    No more sounds
    Just standing
    What to do now?
    Call on my Saving Grace
    Get on my knees and I begin to pray
    Angels please
    Help me to make a way
    Out of my thoughts
    My biggest test I have sought
    I am happy with me
    I am Epiphaney
    The first step
    Like what's next
    Zombie 1 dead
    I'm sleeping comfortably in my bed
    Zombie 2
    Remains true
    We keep going at it
    Zombie 2 realizing he doesn't matter
    Oh wow
    The time has arrived
    Zombieless for now
    Remembering the battles won
    This war has just begun
    But my peace
    My peace means everything
    While remaining grateful and helpful to others
    I keep my peace
    My weapon against negative energies
    Those zombies
    I am finally free
    Thanks to saving my grace. ♾