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  • ct_and_skylines 2d

    My Heart Wrote This

    Tonight I write to the moon. It’s gleaming brilliance above me. The prettiest light I’ve ever seen. I don’t think she can hear me. I chose to come to her in a weeping state over the coffee shop down the street. Beneath her I feel peace. I’m rewriting history; in this place I was with a boy, looking for his love while I sat in his lap. I couldn’t find it. We had the moon, my moon, you shine even when I feel pain and lack. I think about death and how it brings me closer to wanting to live, the more I think about it the more I come to life. On the brink of each choice, to live or to die, I wish for God to cough up the secrets on how to live this life.
    I’m rewriting history, and I ask the boys I’ve loved: why didn’t you love me? A question lost in the wind.
    I know I’m a sinner, but sinners need love too.
    Two important men in my life died back to back, I truly have no Dad. When will I be okay with that? What are my forms of attachment, that I struggle to feel free? I want love from people who don’t see me.
    I cry in my bed over a life I have yet to live, because I do not love what I have been given. Yet I have asked for all of this. Is it really that bad? I have a bed, a cat companion, a snake friend, a shower and food. There is always someone with less who bares a bigger smile than I. Why is my smile so hard to find? I’m rewriting my history, and the good part is I can start anywhere I wish. I look to the moon to show me the way. Maybe the stars can lead me to the center of my heart. Oh, I wish upon the moon in the sky. You light up the dark and when I cry I don’t feel alone, I feel your love, I feel your light. Help me come alive.

    -Christian Taylor

  • vondutchess 2d

    When I wanted to grow up

    When I wanted to grow up, I wanted to take trips around the world. Ride my time like, my time was a surfboard, parading atop monstrous waves of words. Describe in beautiful details, my dreams of the most magnificent world's, worlds.
    When I wanted to grow up, how often I would find myself terribly bored. Not allowed any freedom whilst being screamed at about not keeping myself busy. Stuck in thoughts of the mundane and even, thoughts of running away; never realizing how I should cherish the paused moment of breath, of loneliness with every sip of ignorance, from every dingy Tupperware cup. No words can tell how much I miss the days of not understanding how different my world was. 
    When I wanted to grow up, what I wanted to be, never paid any mind to someone's stale, loveless bank account. I never wanted people to spend money on me because I was always told there wasn't any. Not even money to feed me.  I never frowned because that little girl didn't realize yet, just how badly she'd already been beaten down. 
    When I wanted to grow up… I wanted to be a mommy. I desperately wanted to give a child everything I was never shown. Wanted to love them like, a love I had never known. See them grow. See them smile, knowing I had not followed suit and, carried with me, the dark side of the family stone.
    When I wanted to grow up I wanted to be a mermaid, to be beautiful and, for people to not, when looking at me, only see what I had been through. I wanted to live in a place where these treacherous humans didn't go. Where everyone didn't hate me. Where I wasn't just a fool; a tool only there to fill adult shoes. Shoes that I had no business trying to fill, in the first goddamn place. Where all of the things that tortured me, couldn't follow.
    When I wanted to grow old, I wanted love, to be loved, to love like nothing the span of the cosmos had EVER KNOWN. I wanted to do good, to be good, to teach goodness to every living creature I encountered… Wanted to show it possible to others, something I had never been shown. Wanted the world to reap what goodness I had sewn and, how to carry and make gifts of their own. 
    When I wanted to grow old, I wanted to look back on my life and, know that, I had left this world in a better state than I had found. That I did what I could to make my moments profound, to make them all count. To never bring others down the dark paths that I had so often myself, wandered down. 
    Here I am, all grown up and, halfway to old. I try to live boldly like, no other who's known me. I share compliments and courage and try never to discourage. And yet, I don't feel like I've flourished. Don't feel like a success, or like I've thwarted some scourge. I haven't saved anyone and my best feels like it was nothing. And… The closest I'll ever come to being a beautiful mermaid, is when they sprinkle my carbon back into the sea. That's the day that, I'll be the best me that, I'll ever be.

  • asexyrulernamedmob 4d


    They say what doesn't kill you makes you stronger
    What if it breaks you
    Wrecking you from within
    Doubting your reality
    Denying the pain
    Replace with a puff
    Just to feel something
    Fighting the urge to end it
    Denying the feeling of pity
    Smile and be strong
    The descent into madness
    Pushing the darkness
    Where's the light?
    I search with all the might
    But there's none left
    Simply overwhelmed by it all
    They say it's not goodbye but see you again..
    Until I can feel again
    Rest in forever papi....


  • the_darkivory 1w

    what is yesterday, but an apology for today and tomorrow but a field of wasted promises staring at the marrow

    hidden secrets lead the way to narrow pathways of true betrayals
    all the red flags now seen through rose colored glasses

    a tree they say falls the way it bends and a circle has no begining nor an end
    but I can't help but wonder when your turbulence began

    my crying Peter can cry no more
    neither can my struggling hope carry on
    i think it's time to let sleeping dogs lie
    allow troubled waters their peace
    allow my mind rest in the cradle of my venerable cove.


  • serenarose 1w

    Half a Cup of Heartache

    This too we shall get through
    My heart and I
    This too shall grow us closer

    But to do so
    You must drift farther and farther away from the likes of us
    And though forgein shores are where you wish to be

    Letting go of the hope 
    That you may oneday 
    Find a home again in me
    Is all too foreign in itself

    For though you are but a stranger
    Just as you were before
    I know that we wander in synchrony
    And that you've chosen to wander away from me 

    So I wander a stranger to myself
    Knowing twice I did
    Feeling half as whole

    -half a cup of heartache
    S e r e n a  R o s e

  • jkwrites 2w


    I wanna fly away ma
    Somewhere far away from here
    Somewhere safe and protected
    Right into you arms
    Away from these dark thoughts
    Right into your bright heart

    Hope was always there ma
    But i can't seem to feel it anymore
    It's starting to hurt a bit too much now.
    Stuck in a dark abyss
    There is a barrier between you and me
    I won't give up tho
    Not on you, never on you
    You'll find me somehow
    You'll come back to me I know
    I'll wait like I always do for you.

  • lydiamarie 2w

    Open Wounds

    Stop picking the scab just to watch the wound bleed,
    Stop grasping the Iron that brands you with grief.
    You're holding your pain so close to your chest,
    Refusing to heal refusing to rest.
    You're willing to pay whatever the cost,
    To keep what you know is already lost.
    You're afraid, so afraid, you've lived out your chapter,
    But the book isn't over and you're not the author.
    You'd rather hold on to the hurt that you know
    Than face the unknown with your poor wounded soul.
    You know that He orchestrates only what's best
    But if you let go, what then will be left?
    For that constanst despair, that ache so familiar
    Is safer than turning your heart in surrender.
    But Child, your story can only begin
    When you die to yourself and give all to Him.
    Tomorrow is dawning, and hope will yet rise
    Joy comes in the morning, see now with new eyes!
    Eternity's calling, what pain can contend?
    The storm will soon pass
    But His love never ends.

  • rheavachhani 2w

    Don't expect warm hug from a person who doesn't value your forgiveness,
    Don't expect warm hug from a person who increases emptiness,
    Don't expect warm hug from a person who doubts your worthiness,
    That person is ruthless,
    You have to end this or else will find yourself near nothingness.


  • layered_heartpoetry 2w


    God gave me 3 days to mourn you
    But I have been crying ever since you have been missing from me

  • serenarose 3w

    By Side of Sun

    When you went away,

     All of my colors
        were sent into chaos
    Happiness was brown,
              envy, blue-

    I was painting a life
    I didn't recognize

    The strokes weren't of my liking-
    I've always been
           rather particular
               about clean lines,
                     proper edges-

    But you can hardly paint
    when you can hardly think
    And you can hardly think
    when you can hardly breathe

    And before you know it
    The pain has begun unraveling
    It's own visions on your canvas

    You behold peculiar landscapes,
    cold colored intentions-                
         You don't dare claim to be an artist
           You don't dare claim this mess
    Yet still you waken
    And so does the Sun

    Since you went away,
    Sun reaffirms me each morning

    That goodness doesn't halt
           just because you stop believing in it

    That heaven is intended
     just as sincerely
     for our waking hours

    As the unavoidable toils
    that seem to steal those moments away

    Now when the winters voided gray
    Plays upon the void you left behind

    I can look at the sunset
    And see more then an ending
    For the Sun has never left me
    And neither will you ………………………………………...........

    S e r e n a R o s e


  • layered_heartpoetry 3w


    Why do the pangs of grief gnaw at the most unrelated moments?
    Is it because the way I loved you did wait in specifics but coloured every fibre of my life

  • pallavi4 3w


    Summer arrived this year
    With a bang and brought with it the lockdown
    A month that usually cheers me up
    Made my smile turn into a frown
    While sweet lichees and ripe mangoes
    Flooded the markets downtown
    In my books and poesies I was lost
    In them my sorrows I drowned

    Unable to go out and like all the others
    I was stuck inside the confines of my house
    From a roaring lion roaming the streets
    Reduced to being a petty door mouse
    Moping around all day I spent the month
    Unwilling to do anything but grouse
    Folk around me lost dear ones and
    Some even lost their spouse

    One would think that May would lift my spirits
    As it had done for so many years
    Instead I saw death from not so far away
    And came to face to face with my fears
    How could I help, do something of value
    Why life couldn’t simply shift gears ?
    Why is life so fickle and indefinite I wondered
    Sometimes in words, sometimes in tears

    Unable to keep up with the rapid loss
    I went from feeling bad to being depressed
    All that I had feared for years was losing loved ones
    And this brought up fears I had repressed
    I wish Covid was a person I could kill
    With my bare hands it I would’ve suppressed
    And saved so many from heartbreak
    And the burden of being alone and hence stressed

    The month of uncertainty came and went
    I hardly noticed the flowers that grew
    Losing close friends and relatives to disease
    Left me feeling rather sore and blue
    There was no work to be done to distract oneself
    The world felt topsy turvy and askew
    I was glad to see summer go for the first time ever
    So that we could face rainy June anew


    27th of December, 2021

    Pic credit: picture credited to its rightful owner- Todor Jovanovski

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  • debangana_gogoi 4w

    So I am a Chemical Sciences student and was really fascinated with the Schrödinger's Equation and it's associated theories. It's a complicated theroy but still if you can grow then anything is possible��
    Here's how I present the Schrödinger's Equation in a literary form

    #sciences #schrödingerequation #chemicals #research #emotions #literature #superpostion #paradoxical #hypothetical #multiplestates #grief #sadness #remorse #happiness #mind #everytime

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    Schrödinger's Cat

    This Cat's a paradox
    Can you be alive and dead
    At the Same time?
    It's Hypothetical they say
    Maybe yes

    But if you remove science
    And enter emotions
    Can you see the logic?
    Can you be happy and sad
    At the same time?
    Can your emotions be superimposed
    Like Schrödinger's Cat
    In multiple states
    At the same time?

    When grief envelopes
    And you share remorse
    Will you then not think
    Of Happy times
    And yesterday's beauty?
    We exist
    Happy and Sad
    Inside our mind
    In our emotions


  • samridhi_sometimes 5w

    I'm tired of writing poetries on my occasional sour days when nothing seems to go my way,
    a moment of grief is all I crave.


  • lairdproductions 5w

    My Confession

    When my heart is moved by grief,
    When tears flow like a river,
    When I'm driven to my knees.

    Please let my confession be Your goodness.

    Let my heart be moved by Your promises,
    Let Your words out of my mouth, like a river flow,
    And let kneeling drive me to surrender into Your loving arms.


  • inkwell 5w

    This is for the things we learnt to love long after we lost them.
    The people we learnt to honour long after they were gone.
    This is the tragic in tragedy.

  • tonyfresh 6w

    To that girl that loves me

    I would say to that girl that sees
    more than ashes and rubbles in me:
    I would tell her that this temple has
    been ransacked of its precious stones
    By the most cruel bandits.
    These hands have always known the edges of swords.
    These eyes that glint dearly,
    Hid the darkness that can swallow the sunshine.
    These arms, this chest,
    have been weapons and armour.
    This heart that beats is a time bomb
    Stringed together with uranium.
    These fingers know only the rugged curves of trigger
    Not supple and tender skins.
    These lips have kissed nothing other
    Than the scars of this body.
    This body is a living artifact of grief.
    This body is a prototype mutilated by the
    Machetes of grief.
    This mouth is void of lustful words,
    Overflows with songs of Job.

    I would say to the girl that loves me:
    How will you hug a chest battered by machete?
    Will you feel safe wrapped in the arms that house axes?
    How will you love this heart that could explode?
    How can you stare into these eyes without no soul
    and tell me that you love me?


  • phillo 6w

    A lot of people cannot heal because
    they replay & relive the negativity
    over and over in they head.
    Let go and Let God

  • kevinosullivan 6w

    A Shrouded Cloak

    The traumas of loving lives on past death.
    Sure we all know that death is inevitable but we all trudge on.
    We live scattered, hidden and distracted lives; consumed by the trivial and mundane.
    We try to pretend, we try to forget, we try to heal.
    Few truly know us but our mothers and lovers.
    It is sometimes hard to love us, sometimes painful and jagged to watch us falling.
    So the traumas live on in the pall of a loved ones death.
    A shrouded cloak woven through our collective fabric of time, connecting us all.
    My mourning tears shed at the news of a strangers death; for I have known love and death.
    A mother's young adult daughter and only child, gone in her prime.
    A veil of darkness will obstruct that loving light once more, and on again.
    This is the way, and we will all face the harrowing path, bearing the burdens of loving, trauma and loss.

  • mar9iech 53w

    Shame, the shackles
    heavy on the ankles
    Guilt, the gasoline
    fuelin' in between

    It's a race you're losing
    for time's forever a foe
    who stops for nothing
    No rewind or pause

    You, alone, must flee
    non baggage-free
    You run until you're numb
    from the person you've become

    It's a one-way adventure
    caught in a motion
    Deep seas and desert land
    Will one ever understand:
    that grief is an anchor
    and tears are an ocean?