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  • tasyac5 286w


    I wanna be a kid once again
    I wanna sail those boats in the rain
    Once again i wanna turn to four
    And i wanna smile wide from the core
    Again I wanna see those eyes spark
    That once did, as she hugged me when I cried in the dark.
    I wanna hold his finger in my hand
    Once again I wanna learn to walk this land
    I wanna sleep at peace and wake up to a smile
    As they take me in their arms and love me for another while
    I wanna kiss my mother as she drops me to school
    I wanna once again wear the uniform that makes me cool
    I wanna again say the rhyme and hear the tale
    I wanna see me flying even when a lot many tests I fail.
    I wanna again cry for only toffees and dolls
    I no longer wish to whine for the heartbreaks and falls
    I wanna let them love me till my cheeks turn red
    I wanna again cuddle with daddy in my bed
    I wanna free myself from this grown-up cage
    I only wanna destroy the guilts and the rage
    Again I wanna run through the road and hide behind a car
    I wanna be found by my mom who cares when I go afar
    I wanna be free from the world and darting on the map
    No worries to take, no duties to fill the gap
    I wanna be again my Mommy's kid and daddy's queen
    I wanna break all the bonds that are only mean.
    I wanna stop this journey right here in the mid
    Cause now all I want is again to be a kid.