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    The people who presently are at the top, Once have struggled at the top.

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    Sorry guys. I was blank today, and was strucked into some work. I don't know how it is. But I scribbled three drafts����. Actually I couldn't write something in a continuous manner, so I wrote bit bit type of post����

    Happy bangtan day Armys����������


    Scribbled mind,
    Solving strikes,
    Unknown was I when did it start.
    I wanted to cry the melancholic smile,
    But didn't know where to hide.
    Now those tears entered
    Every creases of my heart,
    Bursting it into
    Million size.
    Sinking in my own soul
    Was the only abode I find then.
    I tried stretching the outline of my smile,
    But it was painful,
    Than to cry.
    I won the battle with
    Circles under my eyes,
    But tears flowing
    Corner of the sight.
    Zephyr flew,
    Trees grew, daffodils swayed savourly,
    Spring sprang ebbuliently.
    The rays of the sun
    Weaved every petals of the flowers,
    And trees giggled at every chirping.
    I was stoned just like
    A picture in a paranoid,
    But a purple flower was blooming in my barren land.
    Soon it was dawn,
    My eyes filled with every cold
    Warmth of setting sun,
    But I was still a picture in a paranoid.
    Soon it was 00:00 o' clock,
    And a swish of grammary
    Blocked my sight.
    I was moved out of my state,
    With my heart a beautiful place.

    A soft voice held hands of my heart,
    I was moved, with every sight.
    I held my face to look at the sky,
    There shimmered seven bright stars.
    Their shine dominated dark.
    Astonished was I by
    looking stars hugging the sky.
    The night turned into a purple empyrean
    Daffodils turned on their lights,
    Everything was changed,
    But the seven stars remained.
    Now the night was singing,
    The breeze was dancing,
    And I was smiling.
    I found myself,
    Entangled with their each word,
    Leaving my battered self,
    At the unreached horizon.
    And now it has been eight years,
    They still held their hands,
    Enduring every dark nights,
    And shining bright.

    "Thank you for giving me the Rose,
    When I was holding the thorns"
    - Nikitha Sharma

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    Happy bangtan day

  • the_purple_paradise 84w

    (It more like a reply to the song...)

    FOR YOU,
    They say time heals all...
    But as the seasons are changing,
    The more painfully I fall.
    The missing part you feel,
    Is a part of me too.
    Your touch that I'm craving for,
    Your warmth a dulling hue...
    I check my phone everyday,
    You know, these rumours haunt my trust
    Another day without you,
    I'm closer to my outburst.
    But everything is FOR YOU
    Everything is alright
    Even if there's no answer,
    Everything is inside your smile
    Even if we're apart,
    Our hearts are connected to each other
    Forever...with you...
    So I'll wait,
    I hope you're patient too...
    You were out there finding the way
    Crossing deserts and oceans,
    Walking on that long road,
    Uninvited...in this endless night.
    I see you became a hero in this world
    And the world? they cheer for you.
    I look at you and wonder, is this the answer to your journey?
    It's been a long time
    You're a little taller than before,
    With a harder voice...
    A trophy in your hand and a golden microphone in the other.
    I hope my existence is not overshadowed by the crowd.
    But when you open your mouth, the familiar love can be heard.
    Your scent mixed with mine and tears running down our eyes...
    Now I know, this world feels a lot better with abundant little human connections...
    So lets make it better
    Lets hold each other tighter
    Because together, we can MAKE IT RIGHT...

    There's so much more to write...but after all its BTS and we are ARMY... We can never write our heart out and think its enough! But we can give a little of our emotions to these words!!



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    BTS saved my life...
    And I mean literally. Without them, i was just a suicidal teenager, messing with my clear skin and playing with my life...

    We Never Walk Alone...
    Do you know why I wanna walk with you? Because you kept me going when my own legs gave up...
    My heart is all I have...
    That means I'm giving you my everything.

  • nikithasharmabts_rare 84w

    Here's the combination of the two songs, ONE! TWO! THREE!(wings) and Mikrokosmos (Map of the soul:persona)..these two songs are my ����.hope you'all will like it.

    #1306_7yrs #happybangtanday #btsxarmyforever #BTSXARMY


    Without any false espoir,
    You made me fall in love with you.
    The times when others mocked you,
    Your sanguine behaviour,lodestone everyone to smile with you.
    When I cried, when I was sad,
    You held my hands,
    We counted ONE! TWO! THREE,
    and all my fiendish worries flew away.

    Holding your hands,
    Like a mirabilia,
    With your dalisay smile,
    Took me to the MIKROKOSMOS galaxy.

    Millions of asterism, with different shine,
    Forming constellation of many kinds,
    You being the lacida,
    Standing with the beamish smile.
    You taught me ,my echt worth,
    And gave the mettle, to move forth
    In the metanoia of myself,
    Your words became my alate.
    When I searched for a universe to live,
    You showed me the biggest universe inside me.
    Everywhen I was in the dark nights,
    With you, I learnt to shine bright.
    You have given value to my dreams,
    Which I thought were just a nasty pieces.
    When I searched for the light from the outside world,
    You showed the lighting star within me.
    _ Nikitha Sharma (yoonik) ... sarangheyo BTS ������������������������

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    Happy Bangtan day

    Kim Namjoon
    Kim Seokjin
    Min Yoongi
    Jung Hoseok
    Park Jimin
    Kim Taehyung
    Jeon Jungkook

  • tejaswini_3 84w

    So this is a combination of two most popular songs by our Seven Supercute Stars: 24/7= Heaven (from Dark and Wild) and Crystal Snow( from Face Yourself). Hope you Armies love it!!! Fighting till the end����������

    ��From 24/7= Heaven
    To Crystal Snow ��

    ~Purple Love~

    Again, the orange sun rests; it's night!
    And as it creates a pastiche,
    Of the blue and silvery twilight,
    My eyes stare only at the purple patchwork,
    And the stars adorning your motifs,
    Tied by strings of melodies and

    It's a Sunday morn; for the rest,
    And a Bangtan dawn for me,
    And it's no less than Heaven,

    Your voice conquers my heart,
    Fairy dust; Purple and magical,
    Sprinkled by you, adhere my soul

    You sing for your soulmate,
    I ain't your love, and that's my jinxed fate,

    //But (J)Hope is enliven, again,
    As your words echo in my mind,
    I know you shall surely find,
    Me in your PURPLE UNIVERSE,
    If not as a star shining, then atleast as a comet,
    For I am forever ready to FALL IN YOUR LOVE//

    It's winter; those crystal snowflakes,
    Remind me of your affection,
    That you have shown, with dedication,
    That you have been ALWAYS with me,
    and I was never able to see,

    It's Love, my idols,
    And it's never enough,
    I want to hold your hands, if not in reality,
    Then may be it, in my own fantasies,

    With you crooning euphonies,
    And I, pirouetting on those tunes,
    Escaping into dreamland,
    Never wanting to fade in materiality,

    I see you, my seven diamonds,
    In a garden, where fireflies glitter,
    And you shimmer, on stage,
    I, in the audience, shall ever cheer,
    Closer to you than ever, without any fear...
    Whispering my endearments to you:

    //Red is the colour of Love, they say,
    But when you purple me, I turn colourblind to all the shades//



    @thesunshineloves @tamanna3 @aryaabhipsa @saloni__ @the_creation_in_our_stars @ak_anjali_daydreamzz @fairytales_ @nivey14 @the97_introvert @btslove

    #Bts #Armyforever #Happybangtanday #1306_7yrs
    #BTS×ARMY #purple #wod

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    Purple Love


  • dove_wings 84w

    #happybangtanday #btsxarmy #togetherforever #7toeternity #1306_7yrs #borahae

    ** Its the very first time I'm having guts to try writing about them because I fear I won't be able to do justice with my words as the emotions are infinite and unexplainable.. **

    Date - 13/06/2020
    Time - 3.25pm IST
    (According to 6.55pm KST)
    i.e the time they released their debut album!!


    ������ From �������� ������ ������ to �������� ������

    If I get just one day,
    I want to spend that time by your side,
    Holding your hands, ruffling your hairs,
    And with the tickling cool breeze,
    Inebriating me with your scent,
    Falling asleep for the last time in your arms;

    That perfection of yours,
    Always make me forget to breathe,
    My heart pounds madly in my chest,
    The way you hold me by the waist,
    Your mesmerizing voice calling out for me,
    And that love-filled eyes,
    Make me swim deeper into your hangover;

    On that day of my life,
    I wish to be with the loveliest creation of the universe which is you,
    Even if its in my fantasy that you exist,
    But that's the only reality I want to survive,
    My love let's meet there,
    Where the sky kisses the ocean,
    Where the flow of time is seized till eternity,
    I'll confess to you under that infinite purple galaxy,
    That I as an ARMY is forever with you,
    Protecting you with my love and dedication,
    Not only for a single day,
    But till the time to heaven;

    Haters gonna hate,
    Because they can never reach your level,
    As idols you're gonna make it to the infinite heights,
    You deserve every bit of the best in this whole damn world,
    Because you've earned it with your own ability,
    Your craze is in my blood, sweat and tears,
    Which is never gonna fade,
    Even your flaws are beautiful unlike the scars on the moon;

    Now that you love your own selves,
    Nobody can shake or break you,
    And with ARMY you're forever bulletproof,
    With us you're never only seven..

    ���������� ����������������
    // ©dove_wings //
    All Written Rights Reserved


    [ Guys tag all the ARMYs in case I forget to tag some of you.. This is our moment.. Let's live it to the fullest.. Saranghae������ ]

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  • chinu27 84w


    To Our Bangtan,

    Give me Just One Day
    to tell you how special you are,
    in every way.
    I wanna Run with you
    & have some fun with you.
    I need you for my happiness,
    I need you for my life.
    But me telling this to you is useless,
    When I know that
    we both need each other in our life.
    You are way too beautiful for me,
    A beauty, I'll always want to see.
    Don't you feel lonely, at this time too!
    Turn behind and see, I'm Still with you!!!

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