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  • sparkles09_ 3d

    This post I've written for my little sister ayat(she's actually my sister �� I mean by blood)��������♥️♥️.... it's her birthday today ����
    She turned 8 and I thought I would write this for her ��. Happy birthday ayu �� love you my little sister ����.
    P.S:- don't get confused between ayu (ayat) and ayu004_ ���� (cos they're both different, ayat is my sister by blood and ayu004 is my buddy my best friend by emotions ������)
    #writersnetwork #miraquill #happybirthday #my_sister

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    "The story of two siblings, an angel with a golden heart and a boy with sparkling hopes"

    After hearing the prayer
    Of a chubby boy with sparkling hopes
    On this day of fourth december
    With a delicatel soul,
    An angel was born
    Into this chaotic world
    Wearing the halo of shimmering light
    With a soothing aura, emitting the fragrance
    Of pure innocence, and aesthetic love
    Filling that little child's hollow heart
    With all the warmth of her magic.
    While he taught her how to walk,
    She taught him the true value of sibling's love.
    At nights when she used to cry, while
    their mother was ill, he used to sing her lullabies of dazzling moon and sparkling stars
    She would look at him with wide doe eyes
    That were still shiny from all the tears that she shed but eventually she would calm down
    They used to be so close to eachother, whenever he would return from school, she would be all giggling, smiling and laughing
    Spreading her arms, wanting to be
    In that little boy's arms, he would smile
    But then something happened !!
    People started to tell him things, that he
    Wasn't going to be loved by all now
    Because his little sister would steal them away from him, making him all alone
    Leaving him in utter darkness
    Which he hated and feared the most.
    With all that insecurities and jealousy
    He made himself distance
    from that little angel, treating her differently
    And breaking her little golden heart.
    But she being the angel she was,
    never hated him, always showed her love
    To him, never treating him differently.
    Always complimenting his smiles
    And saying that he's adorable
    The little guy was naïve, so he just ignored her
    Thinking that she's just lying, like everyone else did, but later he realised that he
    had made a mistake, no he committed a sin!!
    A horrible sin of hurting his little angel sister.
    He cried at nights, looking at his little sister
    Sleeping peacefully like an angel...
    Begging for god to forgive him, so one day
    The god answered him, so that day
    he burned his insecurities in the fire
    Of self love, accepted himself and learned
    his worth. And now he's on trying to mend
    The broken pieces of that golden heart of
    His little sister, and made a promise to himself that he would always cherish her with
    All the warmth of aesthetic love and care for her no matter what.

    ~by a mere poet, with sparkling hopes~

  • its___me 2w

    #birthday #happybirthday #enjoy your day fullest....

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    Happy birthday Aashish bhaiya...
    May God bless you and give you everything that you desire in your life... .
    Keep smiling
    Keep growing
    And of course, keep shinning
    I wish you a life full of joy and entertainment..
    I wish you a life of prosperity and happiness....
    I wish you a life with a happy family ❤ and love one's ❤ ❤
    May your marriage life stay till the end of this world.
    May your baby grow up like a queen and king in you kingdom
    Some words for you
    You are the most supportive person I have ever known And you help people without looking for any benefits I like this so much in you...you have save my life ofcource from Corona....thank you so much for this
    Bhaiya always talks about you.
    You are a such a nice person
    Very kind ..
    Very supportive
    And a great personality
    I bless you infinite number of happiness and success
    Keep shining like a sun
    And keep moving towards your goal like earth revolution ✨
    Stay happy and wealthy
    Stay strong
    Live long ❤
    And happy birthday once again

  • beware 3w

    I made a poem for my friend. It's her birthday..Just wanna keep it here. Cheers!!!������ Enjoy your day ����


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    Happy Birthday

    H- umbly you are
    A- s you were born today
    P- aint your peace in the serene river
    P- hotographing those memories
    Y- earning for the past decades

    B- ehold yourself in the mirror
    I- ntimidating aura of a demoiselle
    R- ising at dawn to capture
    T- he starry night sky
    H- our where life begins sailing
    D- iving at the puzzling deep of ocean
    A- nd yet surviving; adding one gems to
    Y-our purse of existence, brave damsel!


  • its___me 3w

    #birthday #happybirthday #enjoy your day fullest....

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    Happy birthday SALU...
    May God bless you and give you everything that you want in your life... .
    Keep smiling
    Keep growing
    And of course, keep shinning
    I wish you a life full of joy and entertainment..
    I wish you a life of prosperity and happiness....
    I wish you a life with a happy family ❤ and love one's ❤ ❤
    Some words for you
    You are the sweetest girl I have ever known
    And you help people without looking for any benefits I like this so much in you...❤❤
    I have seen so much potential in you.. I want to say... you can do something amazing in your life ..like something very good and remarkable
    All you have to do is....believe in yourself ❤
    I would like to suggest you something...
    never ever fall for temporary happiness
    Be a tough girl like a mountain ⛰
    Not like a flower , who is enough fragile to break
    Learn to be strong in rough situations
    Be the boss of your own life.
    Never compromise on your happiness
    I hope you will get success in whatever you want to become in your life

    Keep shining like a sun
    And keep moving towards your goal like earth revolution ✨
    Stay happy and wealthy
    And live like a queen
    Stay beautiful and sweet always and forever
    Stay strong
    Live long ❤
    And happy birthday once again sis

  • linkstarlin 3w


    A day which belongs to only one person and that person first cry and then everytime at that day that person become so happy ....
    That day is birthday and everyone enjoy that day

  • roshni31 3w

    #miraquil #writersnetwork #wod
    #love #happy #smile #black #christmas #happiness #instalove #happybirthday #memories #loveyourself #loveit #lovely #mylove #bestfriends #couple #friendship #bestfriend #perfect #mylife #forever #loveher #heart #iloveyou #lovequotes #kiss #princess #lovehim #loveislove #boyfriend #couplegoal
    तेरी याद मे संवर जाते है
    तेरी याद में गालों में भँवर पड़ जाते है
    मौसम भी सुहाना हो जाता है
    जब सिर्फ तुम्हारा खयाल ही मेरा बहाना होता है
    चेहरे की रंगत बढ़ जाती है
    लबों पर वो सुर्खियाँ नज़र आ जाती है

    तेरी यादों के समंदर में हम डूब जाते है
    और उन यादों की लहरें उफ़न जाती है
    तेरी याद ही हमें कुछ ऐसे तड़पा जाती है।
    बिना कुछ कहे ही सब कुछ कह जाती है।

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    तेरी याद

  • alltimefamished 5w

    Birthday celebration

    It was her 30th birthday and not even 30 people from her circle wished her.

    It was long day. She worked as if today didn't really matter. But within it did.

    She returned home to the silence she adorned. Kids were off to a match. Maids were done with work. The house was all hers.

    She changed into comfortable clothes, switched her Netflix channel, a bowl full of popcorn, her Red Bull, a piece of cake and a chicken roll she picked it on the way.

    Birthday celebration was done right. She slept with a broad satisfying smile, wishing herself happy birthday once again.


  • ashamurali 6w

    Hurrah! Its celebration time! The most favourite and popular poet in our midst is turning yet another year younger. Thank you for being born will suffice to say how much you are adored and respected. May you continue to brighten our minds with your wonderful writings.
    With best regards,
    Asha murali

    @writersnetwork @writersbay @mirakee #writersnetwork #pod #readthisj #ceesreposts @raghavendran #happybirthday

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    Happy birthday Raghavendran sir

    Wish you many happy returns of the day

  • kanikachugh 6w

    I touched 30
    2 years ago
    this day.
    Age-shaming much?
    No way!!
    it's the media and ads
    that live in a fearful world,
    so they scare others too.
    But the questions deserving
    perfect eye-rolls and facepalms
    always stand in a hungry queue
    "Oh! You are 30 something?
    you look so young."
    Someone please tell them.
    "Darling, 30 is young"
    "Why you aren't getting married?"
    Why, because ring in my fingers
    and a toddler on my waist
    is the only way
    to complete me?
    Sorry to have a bubble bursted
    but I'm not society's
    Life planning math workbook
    or biological ticking bomb
    that defines my worth
    by following some bully timelines.
    I wore a cape of womanhood
    after so many frostbitten scuffles
    and relentless struggles
    that now it graces my flesh and bones.
    that's quite enough to be the last
    piece of my life's puzzle.

    Journey of a
    timid 6-year-old
    trying to identify
    her father
    in a star, he said
    he would look it
    down from there,
    to becoming a woman
    who saw her
    mother churning herself
    and tending to her lost kid
    with 3 shifts under her wing;
    All this unchained a treasure
    I don't ever want to part with.

    My twenties
    were a wastral
    in terms of people
    I invested in.
    I let my
    innocence and
    ignorance turn
    alarming snoozes
    into blazing red flags
    of friendship
    that assassinated
    my self-confidence.
    But, now I know
    leaving toxicity
    while it swirl
    in a whirlpool
    of blame games,
    is not just okay
    but a sign of
    strength; of not
    justifying self
    for the smallest things.

    I am finally
    In a better place
    mentally, psychologically, financially
    yet they want to find a manicured
    other-half to see me 'settled'.
    They say the world is changing
    I'd say it always changes
    but on the surface
    because they don't dare dip themselves
    amidst broken layers of depth,
    so ignorantly, add some
    'must(s)' in a women's life.

    I know It's the smallest feat
    but if you ask me
    I am proud I got to know myself.
    I know what I am now
    I know what I want
    My passion dances on
    my eyeballs with a clear vision.
    I don't feel like that rusty
    old book at the corner of the shelf
    no one picks up to read, anymore.
    I am that freshness
    of a newly opened
    pickle jar that
    instantly fills the surrounding
    with its aroma.
    I'm now the potpourri
    of self- reliance I learned
    over the past years
    and the kindness
    I had been carrying
    since the childhood.
    I'm those 32 no stones left unturned
    whose efforts made
    people get inspired.
    Believe me,
    there is no expiration date
    to learn something new

    I have accepted the fact
    It's not easy finding
    metaphors for self
    while I blacken the white
    pages with their praises,
    accomplishments, triumphs.
    But from now onwards
    I'd audaciously
    write about my self
    because no one writes
    about the writers
    and I'm here to
    break the wheel.

    At last, if you want to
    sway with yourself
    listen to
    "It's hard to be a woman"
    From Something in the Rain ��
    I am just attracted to that song.


    #happybirthday #tome

    Thank you WN ❤️ and all you guys. I mean you people, literally are jewels ����
    I'm gonna come back and reply to each one of you. Thanks again ��

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    Happy Birthday

    To me

  • garima_myra_elsa 7w

    Mere liye tum hi kaafi ho

    Happy birthday to ma most fav kid

    You are the sunshine with warmth
    You are always close to my heart
    You are the one who bring happiness
    At every celebration of life
    You are the one who prefer to be dr right
    You are so special for everyone
    You are damn jaruri for me in kitchen
    Your smile brings a sukun to me
    Your presence means alot to me
    Your personality is damn charming
    People left with d heart burning
    Your overloaded cuteness is so pure
    I just want you nothing more........

  • princessfuzzy 8w

    Happy Birthday Jiminie

    Serendipity had occured for me,
    In the form of a beautiful angel,
    Jimin with a natural yet godlike filter
    A worthwhile promise
    Without any lie;
    You're my universe,
    Smooth like butter,
    You light me up like dynamite,
    Though life goes on,
    I need you,
    You are my idol
    And yeah, you are bulletproof.
    Happy B'day to my ultimate bias-wrecker❤️

  • bitrus14 9w


    Joy dictated my fort
    As I played around on the court
    Though she prayed I could not
    Grow up without having fought
    Indeed, I was not that sort.
    On my heart was marked the quote
    "The easiest way, the better."

    At first as I could remember
    My heart felt just like a soft amber
    Your presence mattered no more like a slumber
    And your importance began to crumble.
    Alas, never could you let me stumble.

    Yes it's a blessing
    To have you in the belonging
    For it hampers any other longing
    And adjusts the behaving.

    I was taught courage
    I was taught hardwork
    Endurance became my shell
    Patience was all to tell.
    When life striked the hardest
    You smiled the brightest.

    I recall you liked to say;
    People are the most precious possession on this planet
    But first furnish your finances
    So that you won't rely
    'cause nobody will cast you an eye.

    You brightened my dreams from ambitions
    Helping me make decisions
    Even in the toughest situations
    Your word beared all but no accusations.

    Nevertheless, I am blessed
    While others think I'm stressed
    Your care is everlasting
    And your love, evergreen.

    Aging may be aching
    For the years and burden it's adding
    But on this day I'm praying
    That your path may be amazing
    And your future breathtaking.


  • bishnucharanparida 9w

    Today I'm Sixty

    Thanks To You All On My Birthday

    Fifty Seven Years from today ,
    I came here on this Gandhi day...

    My gratitude to all you, in sincerity,
    O , my beloved friends and worthy teachers,
    My reverent relatives and cordial colleagues...
    Who have so far sustained ,
    My ego effects,
    my guilts,mistakes and shortcomings all....
    And have forgiven me thereby..

    Unless of what..
    Could not have I come,
    As I am ,
    where I am, today...

    I am grateful to Almighty,
    Who brought me on,
    To this world of beautiful people,
    Where Sun is beset
    To dawn a day
    As wind rustles in Autumn joy.

    Flowers in my garden
    Fragrantly bloom,
    And sweetly the birds in my backyard sing,
    A celebration of my life is rhymed..
    As I step out on the first day
    Of Fifty Seventh year on this Earth's stretch...

    Again I convey my obligation
    To my late parents , family,friends dear..
    Unless of good will of yours all,
    Could not have I been here at all...
    ©® Bishnu Charan Parida..

  • meyohwrites 10w

    A letter to me

    I am so proud of how far you have come
    All the highs and lows that life threw at you
    You survived, you are here today celebrating yet another year
    For the goals that you set and achieved, congratulations
    For those that you did not achieve, this is another chance to work on them
    I wish you better physical and mental health this year
    With love
    From me

  • shivranjanibhati 12w

    U are a wonderful person I hope your special day is the beginning of another amazing year ❤️
    #bts#rm#happybirthday RM ��
    Our God of destruction ����
    #rm iconic lines
    Jim's pink slippers know it too ��
    Jimin u got no jams ��
    Rapppp monstarrrr ��������
    Jk eng.is soo cute
    #hbday president namjoon ����

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    Happy Birthday RM

    This is the best month of the year.
    Do u know why?
    Because it's someone's magical day today.
    Do u know whose?
    It's a person who we all love from the bottom of our heart?
    My dear, it's u
    Wish u a very Happy Birthday

  • jenish_dar_raval__ 15w

    Happy Birthday Mother Teresa :)

    She is special for us��

    #motherteresa #spreadlove #happybirthday

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    Not all of us can do great things.
    But we can do small things with great love
    - mother teresa

  • my_book_my_words 16w

    Birthday wishes

    I wish you a very healthy, bright & Joyful life ahead.
    Warm Wishes to the almighty for making your birthday special.
    Have a lot of chocolates, sweets, junk, icecream because you have become one more year older.
    Always keep smiling because you look bueatiful while smiling.
    I wish you happy birthday :)
    -Mayuresh kallani

  • stankyryfol 17w

    August 11th, on this day. Happy birthday to pain

    Every year I try my best
    One year I felt pain in my chest.
    Another year passed, the cops had made their arrest.
    Another year came but only for tests.

    See every year for 5 years all I had was bad luck.
    On a day where I shouldn't even give a fuck.

    Every year I tried forgetting the rest
    But those days I'll wear it like a vest

    The pain haunts me like the grudge coming out of the TV screen
    I'm screaming and shouting but noone can hear me scream.

    See On this day is my worse day
    Depression hits like back in the day.

  • vinaypandey84 17w

    Happy Birthday

    वो अक्सर केहती है के कुछ बोलते नहीं हो।
    सिर्फ एक टक निहारा करते हो।
    अजीब बात है कब से केह रहा हु
    तुम सुन ही कहा रही हो।
    ये जरूरी नहीं के जुबां से ही कहा जाए।
    समझने वालो के लिए आंखे भी जुबा से
    ज्यादा बोलती है...✍️ विनय पांडे

  • officialhimanshu 18w

    आज अपने जन्मदिन पर अपने आने वाले एक उपन्यास की कुछ पंक्तियाँ साझा कर रहा हूँ जो प्रेम की व्याख्या करती हैं। प्रेम हर व्यक्ति के लिए अलग अलग रूप में आता है लेकिन उसके भाव एक से ही रहते हैं। आप क्या भाव अपने हृदय में लिए बैठे हैं वो आप बताइये।

    #HappyBirthday to myself

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    प्रेम पहाड़ से गिरते हुए किसी झरने की तरह है। जो कभी रुकता नहीं न ही कभी थमता है। उसके आवेग में भी कोई कमी नहीं आती। वो अनवरत गिरता रहता है और अपने आसपास के वातावरण में शीतलता घोल देता है। उस झरने की शीतलता को महसूस करने के लिए उसके पास जाना होता है। दूर से सुंदरता महसूस हो सकती है लेकिन शीतलता झरने के पास जाकर और उसकी बूँदों में भीग कर ही महसूस की जा सकती है। प्रेम रूपी झरने में भीग कर आपको दुनिया की अन्य व्याधियों और गर्मी से राहत मिल जाती है। इसलिए प्रेम रूपी झरने को दूर से मत देखिए। उसके पास जाइए। खुद के मन को भिगो दीजिए।

    (मेरे आने वाले उपन्यास की पँक्तियाँ)

    - हिमांशु श्रीवास्तव