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  • sarbanidaschowdhury 22w

    Ek aur sadharan si nari
    Par uski ek asadharan si kahani

    Ek nanhi si kali
    Maa ke kokh mein rahi
    Duniya mein kadam rakha
    Papa ki pari
    Maa ki ladli
    aur didi ki sabse pyaari saheli ban gayi

    Leke ankhoin mein umang kayi
    Chal padi khudko tarashne kahi

    Kuch kar dikhane ka sapna
    Khudko apne pairo par khara hote dekhne ka jazba

    Chula chauka ke sath
    Hath mein kalam liye
    Aaj duniya bhar mein
    Apna naam roshan karti

    Apni awaaz ki dhun se
    Charo mehfil woh sajati

    Woh hai ek nari
    Ek aur sadharan si nari
    Par uski asadhran si apni kahani.

    Kabhi beti banjaye
    Kabhi behan banjaye
    Kabhi patni banjaye
    Toh kabhi maa banjaye

    Par naa bhulna apni kahani
    Tum ho nari
    Ek sadharan si
    Par ek asadharan si tumhari ek kahani.


  • whimsical_feminist 22w

    International Women's Day (a spoken word)

    I love women
    I love them like I love the mystery of magic tricks or sticks that never broke my bones
    I love women like I Iove the idea of a revolution or war ceasing to exist
    I love women in the most radical of forms
    I love how American girls will decorate their dorms together and share their love for sugar packed drinks
    I love how Australian girls will go to the beach and reach for each other's hand as the waves chop at their legs
    I love how Indian girls design their delicate hands with henna to make them feel empowered
    I love how we all speak a universal language, like a reachout to balance ourselves in heels or meeting in the bathroom stalls have the universal spiel of motivational chats with strangers
    I love how we all understand what one glance is and how we know what it means to exist as a woman
    Pack your bejeweled pepper sprays into your clutch
    Pack your array of self-defence items into your sleep over bag
    Be careful you don't snag your nail on your house key
    Don't leave to late after dark
    Send me your location if you need a dart before sunrise
    Kiss me but never in the street, you all know they'll think we are meeting for their pleasure
    Queer woman shouldn't be seen for free, so let's charge them, let's charge at them, with them, for them
    Let's start the war that they condemn
    The women who shave their heads to show that their hair doesn't hold the beauty
    The women who choose to wear what they love no matter what others say because how much skin they show doesn't define them
    The theys the thems
    The woman who bleed and and the women who don't
    The child bearers and the child haters
    Let's link together in a concoction of messiness of hysterical, emotional riots
    A cannon with glitter and a nail tech on sight
    Our butch sisters will fix our signs and we will be reminded that with all the forms we come in, in all the ways there is to be a woman
    How lucky we are to exist as such
    How magic it is hug our friends like lovers
    To be friends with a girl who is alone
    To ask a stranger where her clothes are from and be sent a direct link
    How powerful it is to not shrink ourselves into boxes
    The way we're not made for modern women like us
    Respecting our elders for rocking the mini skirts in the 60s
    For liberating in the 70s for voting, marching, singing, modelling,
    Existing, ever since
    How revolutionary it is to be a woman in whatever way you wish to be
    How revolutionary it is to love a woman like the sand loves the sea
    How revolutionary it is to bond together and shape our own definition of womanhood

  • tortoise 22w

    There's nothing stronger than a woman who is clear in her heart about what she wants in her life, actually.


  • poorvi_the_poetess 22w

    You drew stars around my scars,
    Your name forever the name on my lips,
    And now I'm covered in you....

    #brokenstars #happywomensday #love

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    पानी में पत्थर मत फेंको,
    उसे भी कोई पीता है....
    मरने की बात मत करो,
    तुम्हें देखकर भी कोई जीता है...


  • anirdesh 22w

    Women's day special poem...

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    ...a woman...

    You are a woman with strength,
    You are a woman with vigor,
    You are a woman with colors of life,
    Of all the reasons when you have to strive.
    You are always there with a smile,
    You are there in every while.
    A big thank you for being that you are,
    Like that vibrant shining star.
    You are a woman that I know,
    You belong to the best in life.
    A woman with supreme power,
    Woman with that power to brace,
    Leading in all with dignity and grace.
    Wishing you a happy Women's day...!!!

  • anirdesh 22w

    Women's day special

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    ...The role of a woman...

    The role of a child is so innocent,
    Teenager being oh so cute,
    Role of a girlfriend is caring,
    Wife comes along the route.
    A mother makes life so good,
    A grand mom cures all your pain,
    Being a woman in life in every stage,
    It's all so good in the gain.
    Yes a woman knows it all,
    How she would just stand tall.
    Apart from weakness and flaws,
    Apart from things that she does.
    Yes, she is a woman of substance,
    A big salute to a woman.
    Happy Women's day to all...!!!

  • syaahiii 22w

    Happy women's day to all the Queens out there!

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    अगर तुम्हें मेरे कपोलों
    की तुलना गुलाबी शामों
    से करने से फुरसत मिले
    तो उनपर आई बरसात ,
    बीते मौसम और नेत्रों से
    अंजन के फैलाव के साथ
    भी न्याय कर कर देखना
    क्योंकि वह अतुलनीय है |

    ©स्याही - अतुलनीय

  • rasheederh 22w


    She's a woman
    A pride to all and sundry
    A solitude to broken edges.
    A timeline of grace and meekness.

    She's a woman
    A purpose for hopefulness.
    A peagent of delightness.
    An abode full of heedfullness.

    She's a woman
    A territory of virtue.
    A benevolence of modesty.
    A pilgrim of purified dynasty.

    She's a woman
    A warrior of love and faith.
    A bewilder of affection.
    An empress of pride and strength.

    She's a woman
    A bundle of joy.
    A haven of affection.
    An aura of life.

    She's a woman
    Fragile and yeilding.
    Poignant and astonishing.
    Substantial and warmly.
    Protective and significant.

    She's a woman,today and forever
    Owning no apology at it.

    © Rasheederh

  • letsenjoywithgaurav_ 22w

    पिताजी नहीं दे पाए कभी
    माँ को वो सम्मान और अधिकार
    जिसकी वे अधिकारिणी हैं।

    पुरुषवादी मानसिकता की
    जर्जर बेड़ियों में माँ ने
    तड़प-तड़प कर जीना सीख लिया
    और कहलायी सभ्य घर की पुत्री
    जिसे घर संभालना बहुत अच्छे से आता है।
    नहीं लगने दिया कोई धब्बा-कलंक
    अपने और अपने परिवार पर
    क्योंकि उनकी माँ ने उन्हें यही सिखाया था।

    वे नहीं गयी कभी किसी सिनेमाघर में
    कोई खरीदारी नहीं की सिवाय घर की जरूरतों के
    वे प्रसन्न होना भूल गयी हैं।
    अब प्रसन्नता उन्हें अपने बच्चों में दिखती है।
    उन्हें हम भाइयों के विवाह की चिंता है

    पर मैं या पिताजी.....
    कभी उनकी चिंता नहीं कर पाए।

  • navyuktha 22w

    Is SHE wants it?
    Is SHE needs it?

    Adoring Queen,
    Charming - Beauty,
    Blissful Angel,
    Gorgeous Goddess,

    Majestic Lionesses,
    Much more...,
    Ample adjectives!
    All the Sing of praise!

    Is SHE really wants it?

    SHE wants Self Respect!
    which she owns
    Right from her infancy
    And, a little space
    A tiny little space
    To place her opinions
    That's it - Happy women's day

  • bimansaha 22w

    Happy Women's Day, huh!!!

    To the world that believes in Equality,
    But needs a particular day,
    To celebrate one's individuality...
    To the world that is in constant fear,
    That the other might reach heights,
    And so they bring you down dear...
    To the world that sympathizes with you,
    At your worries,
    But judges you in a queue...

    So as the hypocrite world says,
    And I believe it to be true,
    Happy Women's Day...

  • shinyindeed 22w

    International Women's Day..

    Being a woman has more to do with brain than brawn..
    Why do some persons just not let this reality dawn..??
    We are going to be instrumental and vocals..
    It is enough if you treat us as equals..
    When you feel like crushing a woman...
    Remember, we too can fight back and have twice the fun..!!
    But it is Non-issue when you have millions of Sheroes by your side.
    We know no lameness, nor do we recognize any divide.
    So, let the woman lift her baggage if she is carrying some..
    You certainly do not have to worship, just let her feel welcome..
    And, if your upbringing taught you otherwise,
    Then, we are not into making you see reason, it is a futile exercise...
    Do watch your words when you talk to and about us women ..
    We are self-loving, self-respecting, for your kind information..!
    Wish all Sheroes a Happy Women's Day!!
    We do not hear your "May", "Nay", "Play" or "Gray"..
    Have a nice time when you are with the Shero of your life..
    But remember, it is the job of both to double the joys and halve the strife...


  • mummas_boy_writes_for_her 22w

    Celebrate the women

    This women's day let's initiate the equality
    Which every women want as a responsibility,

    In every walk of life or of various diversity
    They keeps on prevailing to maintain the sanity,

    Always being an epitome of difficulty
    Leads our way to having a prosperity,

    Admist the chaos, give her all the authority
    Not letting the world know it's only her duty,

    Respect her for the various roles she perform
    According to which she too can transform,

    Whatever the situation is, always ready to sacrifice

    So celebrate the women and their lives
    Which will give us all the sigh.....

    Happy Women's Day


  • hopeletters 22w

    Happy Women's Day

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    Whispers of courage and beauty float
    On stacks of smiles lying o'er the sky in galore
    Managing homes and paradise
    An artwork pastiched of renaissance
    Narrator of her own story,
    every strong woman with a pen and dream rises

    -iota/Whisper of the heart

  • smithav 22w

    She's calm,she's strong

    Just because she does not cry or fret or complain about everything that affects her, like you, doesn't mean she's insensitive or couldn't care less or that she isn't passionate about getting what she wants.

    It means she's strong, and handles herself better than you. So,give her credit instead of labeling her as 'Mediocre'.

    A star 'burns' bright. You never hear it whine.


  • shreyanarayan 22w

    Happy women's day

    Teaching the difference between
    A crown
    And tiara
    Teaching her to let it slide,
    Teaching the difference
    between sword ️
    And dolls
    One objectifying, other showing might.
    Teaching the difference
    Between BE BOLD
    and BE CAREFUL
    Never trying to switch it around,
    Teaching the difference
    Between BE SAFE
    Never allowed to make a sound.

    Teaching the difference
    Between BRAVE
    and GENTLE
    With so many rules
    that just sound mental
    Teaching the difference
    Between HANDSOME
    and HOT
    one, a compliment
    the other...
    Trust me, it's not.

    "Don't be so emotional"
    "Please don't cry"
    " Maybe you shouldn't be so difficult,
    bend to their will, or atleast try"

    Don't wear this
    Don't do that‍
    Don't be so sensetive
    Why are you getting so mad

    Don't be a bi**h
    Don't be so crass
    Behave like a lady
    Smile more
    Don't be a pain in my a**

    It's ok
    It's alright,
    It happens every step of the way,
    But out of 365
    They were so generous and kind
    To give us
    Just One single day.☝️

    Here is to all my ladies...
    Happy women's day❤️❤️


  • kanikachugh 22w

    Happy International Women's Day to all the lovely ladies and to all the Men loving, supporting and respecting her.

    I feel I can proudly say today, I'm a woman I would have loved to look upto when I was younger. But I couldn't have done it all alone. I had an army of strong women building this platform for me from generations to generations,
    plenty of profound men in my family trusting & respecting my decisions, my will, my dreams that made me
    who I am today.
    There is no other way I could've turned out than being strong, confident, independent and inspirational. I have learnt from so many people that I wish to give back as much as I can.
    I keep transforming myself, I keep taking risks (no matter small/big), I keep improving myself so that one day I could inspire someone.

    I'm opinionated,
    I'm strong-minded,
    I'm soft-hearted,
    I chase my goals well,
    I'm driven by passion,
    I can balance out things well,
    I don't play victim,
    I take responsibility of my actions
    And above all I believe in kindness and upliftment of others as much as of myself.

    And I'm sure many women around you would share same qualities. Many men around would share the same qualities.
    Let's not shame someone for being soft-hearted.
    Let's not blame someone for being goal-oriented.
    When someone hurts another intentionally, it doesn't define a gender. It shows what sort of human those are.
    The ones who are too broken that they like inflicting pain on others. Wish them healing and move on.

    All I want is a little less divided world than it already is. Where all genders understand each other, help each grow, do not try to cause any physical or mental pain.

    I still believe & will say it again
    'Everyone is fully equipped with all the abilities of paving their way and if sometimes the roles are reversed or divided among partners to lessen the load, or chosen as an interest; there shouldn’t be any raised eyebrows. Rather a support for standing by their viewpoint & attitude.'


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    I love the woman I have become today.
    The one who breathes fire and douse it
    all at the same time.


  • todayis 22w


    It's Mar 08 Tue 2022

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY @angel_sneha @jpdiya


  • pisces_corner 22w

    We born to Embrace,
    the world with Dignity,
    Proud and Bolster.
    We are not alone,
    We are a part,
    We are educated,
    We are employed,
    We raise our voice,
    We bear the biggest pain,
    We raise our children,
    We look after family,
    We know to look ourself,
    We have rights
    We are supported
    And We are ONE..!

  • treble_clef 74w

    Another Women's Day!!!

    #happywomensday, #womensday, #women's day, #rant

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    New ways of the age old Woes

    Turning the pages of my old diary
    I find a poem in faded ink
    scribbled perhaps  on women's day 
    for a competition 
    proudly organized
    by the 'Women's Cell, 
    voicing the rage, the sadness;
    a caged bird crying the
    screams of pain;
    It had some sprinkles of silvery hope,  
    a call for winds of change. 

    Years have passed by
    the glimmer has gone dull. 
    The change that was hoped for 
    never in sight!
    An illusion of stairs 
    that only takes humans
    further down the dungeon,
    into deeper degradation! 

    The laws ban the test
    of sex determination, 
    creating a new illegal trade
    that raises the bank balance
    of supposed 'life savers'.
    Yes, the rape reporting rate 
    has been on the increase, 
    only for the victims
    to die more agonizing deaths
    from the thousand questions 
    sharper than the daggers
    from the defense. 

    Broadmindedness, or
    parents' change of hearts, 
    or is it the rebellion from
    the youth themselves!
    I don't know the cause.
    But it's a happy sight
    to see boys and girls, 
    on Valentine's day
    holding hands in public. 
    The very next day 
    you find the news reports 
    of goons thrashing their spirits 
    shaming the girls
    for crossing the lines. 

    Girls education index 
    is  on the rise,
    a good news indeed. 
    But instead of dowry
    now the demand, is
    for a girl who brings home 
    a big fat pay cheque
    on the 1st of every month!

    The woes end here you think?
    The woman now needs her cape!
    There! She's a superwoman,
    juggling between the household chores,
    the presentation in the meeting room, ,
    mother in law's visit to the doctor,
    children's school projects...
    the list never ends.  
    The man is still there lending 
    'a helping hand' every once in a while, 
    "Oh! he is so kind!", 
    Equality is only in sharing the
    financial burden.
    So much for feminism!!

    I ask my domestic helps
    for their bank accounts 
    to make sure their hearth doesn't
    go cold during lockdown. 
    One gives the account number 
    of her husband, and the other
    of her twenty year old son! 
    As for them, they are there
    to work, earn and feed. 

    Women's day comes every year
    all glamorized by the businesses
    giving offers and discounts 
    to promote the sales 
    and fill their tills. 
    And then I see it 
    loosing it's meaning
    when the other half too
    gets a day in their honor
    dedicated to uplift
    their fallen spirit
    in the name of equality..
    Oh, It's a fair society!

    Hope is still up, I look inward. 
    Take charge of the change 
    into my own hands. 
    I have to make sure 
    I don't sow the seeds
    of this discrimination
    into my sons' little hearts. 
    I have to make sure, I teach them right. 
    Then, when I pick the 
    pink water can, the older one screams
    "O no Mumma! That's girls' color, 
    everyone will laugh!"
    And the younger one listens. 
    And I stand there dumbstruck...!