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  • thoughts__around__ 3w


    Struggles aren't obstacles,
    they are the proof to prove
    your dream is worthy to carry you
    to your desired destination.

  • myhiddenlies 8w

    जब इंसानो कि बस्ति मैं कोई अपना ना दिखा
    तब कलम का सहारा मिला
    और फिर कागज़ पर जो लिखा
    ओ जिंदगी का फलसफा निकला


  • drbisma 13w

    All the best dear self

    Our situations make us so low that the pain we are going through is also avoided by a FAKE smile on our face
    That our failure becomes the most interesting topic to all I mean all the people around us
    This journey is Harder my dear you need to have a HEART

  • becoming 15w


    If you don't have the maturity to just accept the world as it goes,
    You will forever be fighting with yourself and others over the tiniest events.
    Do not stop at a single level looking for imperfections. Also don't just skip your levels because you had 5 bad days, take your time and learn to make the best of everything.
    If you can't change your trouble into a solution, stoping crying over the inconvenience and starting focusing on the merits of it.
    Everyone goes through hardships,
    with time you learn to embrace them and turn them into your strengths.
    There is no destined happiness, it goes with a flow, you have it and then you don't.
    Forgive your past,
    Accept your present,
    And work on your future.
    ©Dr. Suez

  • wmbanje 16w

    "echos within my mind
    Long term benefits
    Short-term hardships "
    -wes mbanje

  • alekya_gsnvl 19w

    I know it's late...
    And I know you probably don't wanna share...
    But I still know that you do care...
    So be aware..
    And let go of what's a nightmare...
    Coz nothing is more important than u holding it together my dear teddy bear

  • stellaire_mystique 20w

    Hope ≠ 4

    He : ....you deserve someone better than me who will keep you happy and will take care of you more than me....
    She : " standing silently in anger and crying"
    .... stop ! .....I don't want someone else.... throughout this connection...my love was for you....my care was for you...my loyalty...my efforts...my trust...my adjustments...my choices...even my life was for you only...
    Why can't you just try a little harder to just love me the way I deserve....I don't want anything else...but after all this you are asking me to make someone else your life....it's not a game....even after all this.... I can proudly say that out Loud that...I deserve you for every inch and bit of you...and I am not afraid or guilty of loving you.....
    From now on you might don't want me anymore...and I swear to you...I won't appear in your life for a single second...But I will love you for the rest of my life from a distance....This time * I will Love you only for myself * no more sharing of my love....
    I Love You & I am sorry....for....I can't Unlove You...
    °°°ALWAYS & FOREVER°°° ∞

  • muskaanbhatt 22w

    I will always be your support system.

    Well love, if the whole world goes against you, i will still hold your hand.
    Love, if everyone leave your side, I will still be there with you.
    Love, if you are going through the bad worst times of your life, I will still help and support you in getting out of that.
    Love, if you ever feel down or go through hardships or feel like giving up your problems, I will still pick you up and try to sort out your issues.
    Love, if you unintentionally do any mistake in life, I will still find the beauty of goodness in your heart like I always find good things in you.

  • silent_thinker_23 22w


    "Continuously failing in each and everything still strong and ready for the storm!

  • maitrayee11 25w


    All my life seemed to be a lie,
    The people, the faces, the talks, the kindness as well,
    The facade they put, the way they play with your innocent heart,
    They way they keep on using you for their benefit,
    The relations they call as yours, the people you think are close to your heart, the friends you make,
    And the words "always ever and after we are here for you"...

    When you become and stand for yourself Denying their concepts and saying " No" To them,
    When you don't obey them,
    When you break the illusion to not to walk on their rules,
    It breaks, the illusion of the so called people of yours,
    All my life seemed to be a lie,

    With the people and the faces,
    With the colour and the laces,
    With the smiles which are all the lies,
    Which they doesn't wanna let go from the chamber of their selfish demands,...

    All my life seems to be a lie,
    But I refuse to accept it,
    Now I live for myself and on my demands,
    Now I openly accept the truth with the open arms no matter how bad it is...
    Now I live the true life being true to myself and the world,
    It's time for me to not to accept the lie of the life which destroyed my innocent world...


  • dheerajmahadev 26w


    కష్టాల్లో ఉన్నప్పుడు ఎవ్వరు తోడు రారు అని విమర్శలు గుప్పించడం సులువు, ఎదుటివారు కష్టాల్లో ఉన్నప్పుడు మనం ఎంతవరకు వాళ్లకు సహాయంగా ఉండగలిగాం అని మాత్రం ఒక్కసారి కూడా ఆత్మ పరిశీలన చేసుకోము.
    • ఆత్మ పరిశీలన చెస్కోలేనివాడు ఎదుటివారిపై విమర్శలు చేసే అర్హత కలిగి ఉండదు..

    ధీరజ్ మహాదేవ్🔥

  • the_insane_inkslinger 27w


    Memories are like thorns!!
    The more you think about it
    The more it pricks your heart..

  • infinituspoetry 28w

    If you blame hardships for your sadness then look back and take a moment to introspect.
    If it wasn't meant for those tough days and obstacles then you wouldn't be proud of how far you've come today.

    "Good attitude and gratitude"

    Follow my page on Instagram >>link in bio.

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    If you blame hardships for your sadness then look back and take a moment to introspect. If it wasn't meant for those tough days and obstacles then you wouldn't be proud of how far you've come today.


  • wordsbysamrish 31w

    Everytime i found myself surrounded  by many thoughts
    i hear a voice in my head that say

    "Ashu is mine"

    This whisper  of your voice will always hold me tight till we unite !


  • akhiwriteups 32w

    Be with some one who tries to be with you

  • solitude_soul 32w

    Piece by piece, she collected those little fragments of her broken heart patiently yet silently hoping that one day she would affix them,

    Little did she know that there's another soul inside her who is willing to go through those hardships over and over to relive those memories.


  • vanya_saxena 34w

    If you need to cut off a few people in order to conserve your happiness, then that's what you must do. ��
    @mirakee @writersnetwork

    #choice #best #worst #bestforme #happiness #hardships #sorrows #mirakee #mirakeeworld #writersnetwork #writer #writersofinstagram #vsscribbles

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    Choosing what's best for you will mean no longer choosing some people.


  • quignogthence 35w

    Get up Johnny boy, get up Johnny boy,
    Get up 'cause the world has left you lying on the ground,
    You're my pride and joy, you're my pride and joy,
    Get up Johnny boy 'cause we all need you, now
    We all need you, now.

    #damned #johnnyboy #vesselofwhat #beyondsinful
    #lastride #shameful #hardships #whatsfree

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    Johnny Boy_!!!

    I have fallen down loving,
    where equilibrium rumbles,
    to take the brim of kravens,
    where lesser lose moreover,
    and beauty fails to bewitch,
    the leap of faith is fearless,
    yet, capable to tame death,
    where everything enthralls,
    this shameful life of mine.

  • royalqueen 36w

    #journey #life #hardships #learning #pod #wod

    First journey of a little girl

    There was a naive little girl who pestered her father with unattainable demands. One day she stared at the cloud clusters and assumed them to be cotton candies. She ran to her father asked him to get her cotton candy. Her father replied that he will get it from the stores. But she declined it by pointing her finger towards the sky and said she wants the cotton candy hanging in the sky. Her father was left speechless. Then he convinced her that we will go near that cotton candy so that she can grab them.
    She was set off on her first journey to a hill station.
    Finally, they reached the foot of the hill. The little girl was excited to see clouds resting on them. After walking for a while, they finally managed to get to the top of the hill. The girl couldn't believe the sight she witnessed now. Those clouds were not cotton candies, indeed they were mist that appeared like one.

    @mirakee @writersnetwork @mirakeeworld

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    Every step we move forward outside
    Moves our soul one inch inside.
    Every mistake that breaks hope outside
    Can make our soul stronger inside.
    Every tear we shed outside
    Can clean our soul inside.
    Every new journey we take outside
    Makes our soul discover something inside.

  • navya_writes 37w


    We are never informed of the twist and turns that is coming up in our lives.

    What helps you face all the turmoils in your life?
    Can it be said to be your upbringing or can it be the situations that you have faced since your childhood days? Could it be the support and company of your near and dear ones or the will of self-determination that you have acquired over years? Is it the random piece of advice from your close ones or a line from a movie you could connect with or even a line you find scribbled in some walls or posted on FB or Instagram page?

    No matter how well planned and well managed our lives are, there is always a high chance of UNCERTAINTIES running it all, sometimes being some serious pieces of stuff and sometimes with silly stupid things that pop up like the unwanted notifications we often receive on our phones.

    Have you ever wondered, what gets most affected in the period of UNCERTAINTIES?

    Yes, a relationship that is as susceptible as the string of a guitar.

    Some relationship evolves out stronger than before and some dissolve in the process of setting things back to normal.

    Uncertainties of life reveal if the person is worth the care and love you shower them with if the person is going to stand by you all the time regardless of the situation you are in. But most of all, it helps you realise that not only death ends the relationship, but also the uncertainties of life...

    Consider yourself to be blessed if you have a relationship or person to hold by you through all the UNCERTAINTIES.