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    Harry Potter
    Voldermort slaughter
    You're the chosen one
    Yet Hermione's one glare, and you'd run dun dun dun


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    The Unlocking Charm (Alohomora),
    also known as the Thief's Friend,
    was a charm that unlocked objects such as doors or windows. It was also able to open doors locked by the Locking Spell (Colloportus),
    and as such, acted as its counter-charm.
    The Anti-Alohomora Charm could be used to prevent this charm from working on a locked target.
    INCANTATION: Alohomora (ah-LOH-ho-MOR-ah)
    TYPE: Charm
    HAND MOVEMENT: Unlocking-spell
    LIGHT: Invisible, blue, yellow, or purple
    EFFECT: Unlocks objects
    CREATOR: Ancient African sorcerer (possibly); first brought to Britain by Eldon Elsrickle in the early 1600s.

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    The Patronus Charm

    Expecto Patronum, the spell roughly translates into ‘I expect (or await) a guardian’ in Latin,
    which is apt. The actual result of the spell, the Patronus itself, has an even more interesting history.
    In Ancient Rome, the word ‘patronus’ meant protector, too, but with very different connotations. A patronus in Ancient Rome was someone of a high class who had a ‘patronage’ relationship with a client, who would usually be less rich, or lower class. In turn, the word ’patronage’ most likely came from the term ‘Pater’, which means ‘father’ in Latin.
    In whatever time, in whatever form, the word ‘patronus’ always relates to protection.

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    The boy who lived
    Saved your life
    When he survived.
    Gave you a hand
    As he reviewed his letter,
    Captured your heart
    As he grabbed the snitch,
    Showed you a world
    Where you can dance
    With the hippogriffs
    And now magic in you
    - Anwesha✨

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    ALBUS DUMBLEDORE - "For in Dreams,we enter a world that is entirely our own.Let them swim in the deepest ocean or glide over the highest cloud."

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    Albus Dumbledore

    I had a vivid imagination,✨✨
    sailed through oceans
    to play my fair wizards.

    With my magical wand,
    and magical castle,
    a professor in Hogwarts
    I am Albus Dumbledore.

    High towers and high turrets,
    they all had secrets I knew,
    the smarter Hermione,
    Not so average Ron
    and Mr.Potter ,all the three
    my mind fancified and my heart drew.

    Hoggy warty Hogwarts,
    I am the headmaster,
    I shall begin the feast
    with platters of roast pork,
    jam tarts and mint humbugs
    and much more in the treat.

    The ghosts of the mystical castle
    pop up at every door,
    I know the rules of Hogwarts
    I know the truth behind ten dark
    and difficult years that Harry lived
    How his mom and Dad got killed
    I know the secrets behind these doors,
    I am professor Dumbledore.

    How magical the dream I dreamt of,
    It ran into words when I thought of,
    There is a voice of No after No
    and all I could hear a Yes that struck
    my anvil in the dream show.

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    Harry Potter taught me
    about sirius-black loyalty
    James-Potter adventure
    Hermione-Granger determination
    Ginny-Weasley stubbornness
    and what it's like to watch
    as your entire family
    heads off on the train
    you so desperately want to be on.
    ~ Anwesha

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    Harry Potter ⚡⚡⚡

    It's all Hallows eve the night of dread,☠️
    I'd rather be watching Quidditch instead "Troll in the Dungeon!" Professor Quirrell cried,
    Then collapsed in a heap, his secret head he hides.

    Scared for their friend, Ron and Harry make haste
    Off to the toilets, to find Hermione, they race
    With a flick of their wandsthey defeat the beast
    And so forms our trio‍ the most famous at least.

    Many Halloween's come and go
    But our trio‍ grows stronger as we all know
    Their final battle⚔️️is their greatest to date
    After many years of learning their fate.

    So as the midnight hour approaches
    And you feel a sense of foreboding dread,
    Grate your butter beer and wand
    And hide under your bed !

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    Dear J.K. Rowling,
    From 'The boy who lived' to 'The flaw in the plan', you created a universe unparalleled, unprecedented and to be frank stunningly magical.

    I can't tell you the no. Of times i have enacted the patronous charm wishing that there was a silvery stag out of the pen i waved as if it was a wand; or how many times i have used the alohamora spell to
    unlock the doors.The journey of the little boy under the staircase has taught us all so much. It has affected our lives a lot,
    the extent of which will be seen in generations to come.Every character made an impact on a different area of life and made us realize stuff we never thought about. Firstly you taught us (specially me) that circumstances are not the real enemy, The enemy is to lose the focus and start feeling helpless for ourselves. Also if we have an open mind, a steady language and a productive imagination what an amazing writer one can be.Hermione taught us all the importance of books in our lives.
    Harry taught us the importance of friendship, bravery and a golden heart
    Ron taught us all how to learn from the mistakes and how endings could be changed Dumbledore taught us to trust in people, be wise to sense dangers and learn to see every aspect of the problem. He taught us wisdom that comes from
    experience is to be preserved and used when the time comes.Snape and lily taught us the value of love for everyone we hold special in our lives.Fred and george proved that academics is not the only way to succeed and that even the bleakest time
    will pass by of we have the strength and a good sense of humor Remus lupin taught us to practice goodness to others even when our inner demons are trying to get the best of us.
    Sirius taught us that it is you and you only who can determine your standings in a world. And lastly
    Voldemort gave us all a lesson to not to hate so intensely that you aren't able to see the wrongs you yourself are doing.
    You have taught me so much ma'am and your title of the queen is well deserved.
    So all I really want to do is to say a thank you for hogwarts, platforms nine and three quarters,hogsmeade, quidditch and the boy who lived.

    Thankyou for the gift of Harry Potter to the world.
    Yours sincerely,
    A girl waiting for her letter from hogwarts.

    #frictional #ficletterc #HarryPotter
    #hogwarts @writernetwork

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    "I solemnly swear I am upto no good"

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    I know the poem is little silly��

    #love #wod #pod #harrypotter

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    I love you(Saranghae)
    As much as Dobby loves his pair of mismatched socks
    As much as Harry loves playing hero, a reckless bloke
    As much as Fred & George love to crack a joke
    As much as Hermione loves her stacks of books
    As much as Ron loves to pretend he's cool
    As much as James loves to be a lovesick fool
    As much as Tonks loves to change her hair color
    As much as Mr. Weasley loves his Muggle obsession
    As much as Snape loves Lilly
    As much as Dumbledore loves to be silly
    As much as Dementors love to kiss
    I love you(Saranghae) as much as I love Harry Potter series!

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    If you were a seeker
    I wish I could
    Be a snitch


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    Dear Harry Potter,

    You have always been the indispensable part of everyone's childhood. You have your mother's bewitching eyes and her will power. You fought every obstacles with courage. The way you treated Ron and Hermione was mindblowing.Of course, I loved your golden trio.

    You embraced the inheritance of your parents. Your bond towards Ginny was adorable. You watched your close one's dying. Definitely it's heartbreaking. Inspite of every deaths and lose, you struggled a lot and won every battles with the support of your loved one's.

    Though you lost many in your battle, still you cared for the one's who always stood beside you and protected them. In the end, you fought Voldemort and terminated evilness.

    Hogwarts is a journey of adventure. And the universe of magic requires courage. Harry, you came across many challenges. But won every challenges with your bravery.

    I loved and wandered the school of magic with you. Harry James Potter, you will always be the
    easing memory of my childhood.

    I could still remember , an eleven year old little boy with a lightning bolt shaped scar wearing round spectacles with mystical eyes carrying a white owl entering the Hogwarts for the very first time.

    Later, he became the hero of Gryffindor. I didn't get tired of your everlasting charisma.
    Obviously, "THE BOY WHO LIVED" was the finest wizard of his age.

    With love,
    The one who always loves you❤️

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    Happy Birthday to the boy who lived!!!

    Dear Harry,
    You are the one who made our childhood days amazing, you are the best friend whom I look upto whenever I am sad. And it continues till date. Am sure Ginny would have thrown you a great birthday party and you have had a great day!!! Continue to be the wonderful human being you are!

    Happy Birthday Dear Harry


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    @writersnetwork Thanku for kind ❤ (28)

    @moon_bunny ����❤��
    Being a crazy potterhead i couldn't resist myself writing today after reading the prompt example lol ����i know it doesn't make much sense but ya reading harry Potter over again is like my new year tradition !!
    And that 12january refrence is nothing but my birthday ��

    Any potterheads out there -Hi-five..

    @writersnetwork @miraquill #setting #surrounding #wod #pod #cessreposts #prose #harrypotter

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    , !!
    Dismal days of december knocked at doors of ecstatic evenings. Sapphire sky shielded its shine
    beneath the sombre mist and happiness hibernated betwixt the blanket of hazy fog .Tangerine sunsets reminded us the adieu of warm summers and cold Zephyr sealed the zeal of soothing spring. Old specs of elders found peace in religious scriptures and the scratched scars of skin found solace beneath the woollen sweaters . Children painted their pink skies on chiffon chartpapers and the petals of petunia bloomed in gardens of grandfathers. Fried fritters with spicy chutney accompanied the cup of sizzling tea . The moon lured the lovebirds by playing hide & seek amidst the grey clouds and some broken hearts scribbled poetries about faded sunshine.Some streets basked in warmth of bonfires and welcomed the christmas lights while some slums embraced the darkness with flickering lamps of hope.Few souls bid farewell to world and accepted the fatal shroud and some squeals cherished the cradles dressed up in white towels. Somewhere wistful eyes of mothers waited for return of their soldier son while some wrists of widows carried the weight of responsibilities. Some teenage love marked their first adrenaline rush in silhouette of snowman and scratched names over bark of old trees. Some journaled their journey of entire year
    with bleeding inks and rhymed the verses of newly made resolution. Every pounding heart personified
    their peace and pain amidst the drizzle of december and assembled the flames of fresh start to welcome the joyful January...
    And i swapped my fingers between pages of my diary and heard the symphonies of silence , screams of secrets, noise of nightmares, tears of torment time and patted my shoulder for surviving another 12 seasons of storms on 12th January and at last i wrote a poetry titled "DARLING DECEMBER" and again held my harry potter books and my mumma teased me you again reading it after all this time
    And i screamed...
    ALWAYS !!!

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    For you I was always what
    Hermione was to Harry,
    But for me you were and will always be,
    What Ron was to Hermione....
    Forever my King Weasley

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    Happiness can be found even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to catch hold on to the lights.

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    I sleep in a
    Wake up
    In a bubble.

    Eat for
    My day to day

    All my plans,
    Hanged to the wall.
    They wriggle.

    I don't have
    A wand to be
    Done away with
    My troubles.

    Magic is a
    Luxury sold
    To us to watch
    And giggle.

    Hey there,
    I'm just a

    #wod #pod #character @miraquill @writersnetwork #harrypotter #muggle

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    Harry Potter before going to Hogwarts when he stayed at his uncle's.


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    Does anyone here like harry Potter?
    If you do what's your house and who's your favorite character?

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    There is some pleasure
    When I dive into Hogwarts school in my dreams
    And trying to Levitate negative people out of my life through the spell of Wingardium Leviosa


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    If love was a game it’ll be quidditch
    You’ll be the seeker and I’ll be the snitch.

    #love #harrypotter #game #always

    Drawing done by me ��

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    The people with the memories of terrible
    things never wants to be all alone in their
    life. They just need friends and family to
    support and believe in them.

    If you find one, then try to be their strength
    to overcome the problem or worst situation
    whichever they are facing.