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  • adidam143 1h

    Just because we don’t talk any more, doesn’t mean that I’ve forgotten about you. It doesn’t mean that I no longer care. Truth is, I still do. I do my best to check up on you, to see how you’re doing. To see if you’re okay, but every time I get the urge to talk to you, it suddenly hits me that we’re strangers. You don’t want me in your life, hence the reason why I’m no longer a part of you. But, even though everything’s changed; I just want you to know that I’m still here. I’ll still be here for you. I’ll still lend you my shoulders and my ears. I don’t care what time it is, what I’m doing. Don’t hesitate for talk to me because, half the time, I wish that you were talking to me. I just really miss your presence. I miss you being my best friend. I just miss you in general.

  • lunatic_pen 2h

    hope you'll get what i mean...
    I just let out my feelings tonight because he is busy with others...ok I'll understand, I am nothing to you lol

    #miraquill #lost #hate #love I don't think so #pain may be...

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    My body soared to new heights
    As I fell from the sky
    In pleasure and in sadness
    I began to cry

    I lost my place in heaven
    I now lay upon the dust
    I'd give it all up again though
    Just to get lost in the lust

    Sniveling Angel
    Set free to fly
    I wander lost in lust
    Either f*ck me or let me cry


  • jichawrites 8h

    Never Enough

    For whatever you'll do
    You will never be enough for someone
    who hates you

  • lunatic_pen 1d

    Butterfly Kisses on...

    Like the delicate,
    Tender and beautiful
    Wings of a butterfly,
    His tongue flutters
    Around my awakened,
    Hungry pearl cl*t;
    When these two sensitive
    Tools of pleasure
    Come together to love,
    The universe rocks;
    The strokes are so gentle
    And consistent that
    Electric currents shoot
    Around the world of
    My body, as I
    Enter the zone of multi-orgams;
    We fly into the night
    Released from our cocoon.


    let me post it here my so called master piece for I feel a little exhausted today and drowning myself into something delicate yet passionately unconscious hahahaha ������

    #miraquill I just #love to #share my #thoughts not #hate nor #pain

    consider this as #romance #eroticpoetry #poetry

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    Like the delicate,
    Tender and beautiful
    Wings of a butterfly,
    His tongue flutters
    Around my awakened,
    Hungry pearl cl*t;
    When these two sensitive
    Tools of pleasure
    Come together to love,
    The universe rocks;
    The strokes are so gentle
    And consistent that
    Electric currents shoot
    Around the world of
    My body, as I
    Enter the zone of multi-orgams;
    We fly into the night
    Released from our cocoon.


  • lunatic_pen 3d

    I just want a hug.
    No talk, no sex just a hug.

    #miraquill it feels like I'm so drain.
    no #love just #hate and a little #pain today.

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    An unsaid words are unexpressed feelings.


  • asiya01 1w

    Isn't it astonishing that a single negative incident can ruin the entire day's happiness?

  • kirukka 1w


    Mouth miss! Falling talks! The hand will fall off! Sharper than glass ...

  • hadassah_p 1w

    I shouldn't have falling for  you
    You showed me all that you were
    Both your good and bad,still I fell for you
    Promise we made, broken it became
    Crazy of me to think I could be the one you changed for

    I shouldn't have falling for you
    Afraid of commitment, afraid to be the main
    It pains me to know I fell and this was all one sided
    Going through this all over again
    I may have gained a friend but should have kept my feelings at bay

    Would it strain our friendship?
    As long as i don't say and you're not able to read my mind
    I belive I'll be safe

    Shouldn't have caved to your sweet talks and gestures
    Shouldn't have gone with my mind or my heart
    For they do stupid things when they are ready
    Like falling for you
    How could you ever like someone like me?

  • lunatic_pen 1w

    To apologize in your eyes would I appear weak?
    Would my saying I’m sorry to you, be the ultimate sign of defeat?
    If I told you I never meant to hurt you, would it be so hard to believe?
    That every time I see pain in your face my heart begins to grieve.
    I do not wish to upset you or insult your intelligence.
    I only wish to somehow justify, in your life my existence.
    The pain you feel I wish I could remove from your heart.
    I strive to undo the damage I’ve caused that’s tearing you apart.
    That which you feel for me, may be justified but still it hurts.
    So my attempt to change your opinion of me starts with an apology for all it’s worth.
    I only ask, don’t judge me by my past mistakes but rather study me till you’re sure.
    Despite my wrong doings my intentions were true, and the love in my heart is pure.
    So against all odds I stand before you now, humble and wholly exposed.
    I know who I am and what I’m capable of, I only pray that your heart isn’t closed.
    You have no reason to give me a chance, you could turn your back and you wouldn’t be alone.
    I don’t expect you to forget the trouble I’ve caused, just allow me to prove I’m much better than I’ve shown.

    #miraquill #question #wod #emotions #love #hate #pain #apology

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  • diplim 1w


    He coloured me red
    the colour of roses and sunsets
    His words were like a soothe to
    my torn appendage.
    A bandage that would tend the
    In the blindness,
    I accepted unintentionally
    the tenderness and generosity.

    Soon, the sky howled
    Tearing down the frantic earth
    for daring to look up.

    The bandage was torn off
    By words , of words
    The wound lay there
    unattended and oozing with
    vile blood.
    Clots are missing !!
    As if the body seems rejecting itself,
    depriving of love.
    Is this a sort of monstrousity ?
    Am I me?
    Or perhaps
    a gruesome creation of Mary Shelley?

    #pod #readwriteunite
    #love #hate

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    He coloured me Red


  • inamoratos_voice 1w

    #hate #love #heartbreak #life

    Not a poem but a stream of random thoughts...

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    Hating you was never my intention
    How can I hate you?
    You can't hate a person who gave you so much to remember
    Things you cherish every moment.
    You can't hate someone who taught you to believe...
    Believe in yourself
    Believe in giving another try
    Believe that you can love again
    Believe that it's never too late to start again.
    You really can't hate someone you love from the bottom of your heart
    Someone you want to be the one
    The one whom you want as your forever.

    Then why am I hating you now, dear?
    Why am I feeling this heart wrenching blend of emotions?
    I wanted to love you forever
    I wanted to be with you forever
    I wanted to hold you forever till my last breath
    But, here I am now hating whenever I see you.
    Your glance for which I used to wait is what I hate now,
    Your adorable smile which used to melt my heart is what I hate now,
    Every other things related to you which I used to love once are the things that gives me hard time now.

    But maybe I don't hate you,
    Maybe none of us really do.
    Maybe it's me myself whom I hate
    We hate ourselves for falling in love with such a person...
    Person who kept on breaking our heart
    And we kept on giving them chances, one after another
    Person who never really loved us
    Person who needed attention till they get it from the one they actually want.
    We hate ourselves as it makes us feel as a failure
    We hate ourselves because we didn't deserved it.

    Finally, after so much hatred
    I have arrived at such a stage where I don't know
    What love exactly is?
    Is it real?
    I don't know
    Maybe it's not meant for everyone.


  • puneetkumarpk 1w

    Love doesn't required any limitations
    it's like the way it's called milky way they don't have limited in space it's limit less
    Love doesn't have any boundary conditions things it's above of all
    #love #hate #limit #limitless #everest #sky #puneetkumarpk #milkyway #life

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    I hate you

    I love you means love bigger than Everest but I hate you means love bigger than Sky. Everest is limited but sky do not have any limits.
    My love doesn't have any limitations
    It's limit less like Milky Way

  • ravibhushanbhardwaj 1w

    मुर्दो की कब्र से आवाज़ आती है,
    साँसे दारारो से बड़ी मुश्किल से लिया करते हैं !
    ता उम्र सजा मौत कि मिली है जो इनको,
    गुनाह को 'मोहब्बत' और गुनाहगार को 'आशिक़' कहते हैं!
    ©रवि भूषण भारद्वाज

  • lunatic_pen 2w

    #miraquill #love #hate �� #pain ��


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    cloudy dreams inside my head
    remembering words never said
    the answers to my solitude
    too late, I spoke too soon


  • mynameisnini 2w

    Not so poem

    I love people who don't like me
    And i ignore people who like me
    What the f*ck is wrong with me


  • vasu_maddy 2w


    "Some people don't love you"
    They don't even care about you.
    They just want to stay connected to you.
    They love the benefits, so they do the minimal... a little phone call here and there, just checkin' in, thinkin' about you, etc.
    What they are really doing is maintainin' a connection, so when they need you,
    They still have a way in.


  • thamil 2w

    the villans all were a victim once
    © THAMIL

  • mystique_charm 2w

    The detergent in your words
    Washed my innocent brain...
    It stripped away
    The colors of my soul...

  • nitsbat 3w

    Dust and debris dance
    in the morning breeze,
    Coiling smoke,
    Engaged humans,
    the vision transcends dimensions,
    sunrays warming up a fallen day,
    the winter now surged
    with the wilderness
    Weeping a new white
    world in wholeness of peace.


  • teacup 32w

    For my dear haters

    I love you guys a lot
    But don't think that i will leave you guys so easily
    When time comes I'll be with you guys in hell