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  • _yuku_08 24w


    Emotions are what you always crave for.
    It is just like a glass of wine, a hangover for some and temperance for some.
    Many try to swallow it and many try to split out, hoping it will not create a havoc within.

  • tanujsingh 30w


    Start the Baldric, he is coming,
    He never do the fallacy,
    Does he belong to faeric,
    To all the corners, spread this gen,
    He is coming.
    Remove all the balkets,
    Else wise he will do the havoc,
    He is at mountain at finial,
    He do equal to all have' ,
    All of the people , he is going to save,
    He is the one , he is innocuous,
    He is there to innovate.

    We need the warrior,
    And there he comes with his reigns.

  • ashishtattu 68w

    The spread of the virus
    makes us scream
    Normalcy now seems
    like a Utopian dream

  • mrspectacular 71w


    Clinton is woken up by 5am by his alarm clock as usual. He rushes to the bathroom for his bath and grooming routine unknown to him, something uncanny awaits his eyes. He expected to have his bath and brush his teeth in peace but his hot dark skinned neighbor would not allow him that pleasure. She was in her house, he was in his. It was unfortunate the arrangement of the house. This would not be the first nor would it be the last he would be met by this scenario.
    Clinton is having the time of his life drinking in the beautiful nude figure of Linda that stood across at the house adjacent to his in her bedroom also getting ready for her own day when she suddenly turns to get something on her dresser and catches him in the act with the help of a mirror. Ashamed, Clinton shuts the blinds in his bedroom hoping and praying that she had not seen him. He wonders how he would live in that house if she has actually seen him in the act. Quickly, he goes to put on his clothes for work.
    ‘Hi, Clinton. Good morning', Linda greets Clinton in the spacious car park in the compound as she opens her car door to get in.
    ‘Hi, Linda. Good morning', Clinton responds trying hard to shroud the guilt in his heart over what he had earlier seen.
    ‘Hope you had a wonderful night and are off to a great morning?’, Linda asks prodding further as though she were expecting him to break and confess to what he had seen earlier.
    ‘It was good…. I’ve got to go now. I'm running late', he jumps behind the steering wheel of his car and drives off in a bid to avoid any further questions to the consternation of Linda.
    Linda smirks realizing he was aware she had caught him in the act but she would keep pretending for as long as possible. She was a master at such games, she had masked the feelings she nursed for Clinton since she had moved into her Harriet Apartment home three years ago. She had loved him even though she tried her best to hide it. His sturdy figure, his perfume that pervaded the entire compound once he walked into the gate. He was her dream definition of her dream man but she would not walk up to him to tell him such for she feared sounding cheap so she just hoped and prayed that he would take the initiative of all the green lights she had put forth such as assisting him in every way she could, agreeing to help out always even before knowing what it was he wanted of her.
    Getting into his office, Clinton is so mentally tormented by the image of the earlier incident which keeps playing back in his head. Everywhere he looks around his office and sees a lady, the picture of Linda in the nude would come up in his head. He had not thought of it posing a stumbling block to him while on his way to the office in fact he had thought immersing himself into his work would help him get over the picture of his full-breasted, voluptuous neighbor. He is usually the diligent type who does more than his quota of daily official assignments, the workaholic and goal-driven staff but today he is the direct opposite. He is unable to concentrate let alone get the job done.
    Those who envy his committed work ethic wonder what has gone wrong while the others think it would be a good avenue to slack and not receive a query because the fire-brand worker who never misses a day at work and always brings his A-Game finally fails in bringing his A-Game this morning. There is no trying to beat timelines, no trying to psyche the other workers into having his own zeal. It seems as though he is not cut out to be there today.
    Clinton shies away from extra duties today. He chooses to sit by the sidelines or rather is forced by his mind to sit on the sidelines and watch others be a little bit of him, exhibit a tiny portion of his original character working a little better than their regular selves while he slacks so much in contrast with his regular workaholic self. At the end of the day, he realizes how much he has slacked and not only surprised by it but disappointed in himself altogether. If anyone had told him he would be slack today, he would probably spit in the fellow's face. Getting home that night, the air is different, much less stuffier than his fully air-conditioned office for some reason. The place ks quite serene probably because Linda is yet to return.
    He takes his time to rest well hoping to get the strength to plead with Linda for forgiveness of his act of indecency. A few minutes later, Linda arrives from work. As if she wants to get his attention, she blows her horn continuously as she pulls into the driveway.
    Quickly hurrying to her door, she fiddles the insides of her bag searching for her keys to let herself into her house. She could see the lights in Clinton’s house is still on which means he is still awake. She is prepared to give him a show tonight that would make him practically come running to her.
    When she gets into the house, she puts on her stereo which wakes Clinton up. He gets up and makes his way to the window to find out what is going on. He is shocked to see Linda dancing naked at her apartment to the sounds of her stereo. He quickly rushes over there to demand that she turns down the volume of her speakers and probably put on some clothes as well.
    He is shocked when he gets there. Knocking on the door lazily, he has tiredness written all over his face. Linda opens the door wet and wearing nothing but a towel.. He does not realize when he begins to gape with an open mouth. He finds it really difficult to quit staring at what is before him and suddenly he could see a completely naked Linda before him. He feels he is only imagining it but he is not. Her towel 'accidentally' falls off off her body to the white tiles revealing her nakedness. Luring him in in his half awake state, she has her way with him right there in her luxurious air-conditioned sitting room for the night before logging him back to his house before 6am the next day.
    By 9am, they meet at the parking lot again. It is a bit awkward for Linda but again she hides the awkwardness yelling, 'Good morning my neighbor. How are you doing? Are you feeling okay today?’.
    He wants to tell her he had had the weirdest dream about the both of them but he feels embarrassed so he keeps it to himself not realizing that it was not a dream but the incident had actually happened for real, right in her apartment on her plush carpet. She is the master at keeping things on the down-low so Clinton would never know anything transpired between them both.


  • mohua_leo 73w


    One day suddenly I felt some tremors
    Under my feet the Earth was shaking
    I was in my house...and
    Felt like the whole sky was screaming

    I ran out and cried, "What's going on?"
    Earthquake replied, "Hmm... I am just having fun."

    I was puzzled and scared like hell
    But he said that he has his reason to tell
    He was sorry to see so many careless men
    Who destroy the Earth for their own gain
    Now it's time to pay it back
    So earthquake thought of a little havoc...

    For us it turned out to be huge
    We ran here and there to take refuge
    If we want to live without such reaction
    We have to take care of our action
    Earthquake promised to be at tranquility
    Once all of us understood our responsibility

    So the conversation came to an end
    Adieu! Friends until we meet again...

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    I ran out and cried, "What's going on?"
    Earthquake replied, "Hmm... I am just having fun."

  • lockhart_red 111w

    It's Thanos
    in the facade of COVID
    Trying to bring homeostasis
    By reducing the entropy


  • aesthenia 112w

    Chaos & Dischords

    It was a clear sky and I had a cloudy mind.

    Mama sky ,who always sinked in with my moods,
    too have abandoned me alone,
    on the five lines of our rhythm of souls.

    And now I am the lone sheep on
    the only unbroken string of my broken violin.

    I wanted to glide with the tempo,
    weaving out gems of melody and triumph.

    For a lone sheep like me,
    now everything seems astray and strange.

    Ever since my pair of sponges gasped for the first bounty of air,
    I have been wrecking out havocs,
    falling out from every concert.

    Going in tune has never been my cup of tea,
    while disharmony has always been my companion.

    May be that is what I am good at !


  • mrspectacular 115w


    Gathered were the witches
    To decide the fate of mortal men.
    They were all bitches,
    The entire bunch in that den,
    Having destinies of men in their clitches.
    When men thought themselves zen,
    They send them into ditches
    And before long, they'd lose that calmness there and then.
    Orchestrators of glitches
    They would bring malfunction to a perfectly oiled man machine.
    One who never experienced hitches
    Would be, by them made to do so, to the point, he breaks his spine.
    It is as though their dress itches
    When things are just fine.

    They gathered once again to reign hell
    Unremorsefully, taking decisions.
    Decisions that made men with sorrow, swell.
    With the devil's blade, they make on his skin, ugly mutilating incision
    And before long, it is heard that he, from glory, fell.
    Each is apportioned by the devil, missions,
    Missions that no one must be able to quell.
    Looting and killing like it were their possessions.
    One could not fully, the damage caused by their abrasions, tell.
    So great were the lesions
    That almost immediately, the victim had people crying Rest Well.
    It was difficult to see them coming without the help of night visions,
    The kind that disperses them so quickly, they vamoose with a painful yell.

    Tonight they gathered again,
    Deciding men's fate in their unholy assembly,
    Deciding whom and whom they'd, like a dog, chain
    And as usual, at this, they were bubbly
    While in the day, they showed outright disdain
    Looking feebly
    As though they were in pain.

    Having made decisions too drastic, to say the least,
    Wining and dining,
    They celebrate the unleashing of this newly prepared beast.
    For they believed it would bring about a redefining
    That would gaurantee them, a much larger feast
    With blood and souls, their tables lining.
    I would make Stella pay for having, at me, his't
    For death, she'll be pining
    But she would be in the west and it would be in the east.
    Oh Eddy should get ready for some fruitless joy mining.
    For to his pain in finding such, have I added a tonne of yeast.
    He thought he would in my face, be a star that is shining.
    I am sorry but he definitely would be the least
    He shall know not what it feels to be winning.

    Having successfully deliberated on how we shall make the world, to joy, dead.
    I think we can call it a day, for the sun rises, Look.
    Let's dismiss now so we can catch our bed
    For everyone needs sleep even we, the crook.
    Oh certainly, we must, this tiredness shed
    So we can, for our next meeting, have strength that is off the hook
    To have the world, with another big bowl of pain, fed.

    Speaking of which, when shall we meet again
    To celebrate this new jackpot we are about to hit.
    To dance in this blood and tears rain
    And enjoy every momentous bit.

    I say we meet three days after the deal is done
    And pain has been made to sit on the throne.
    All in support say aye!
    All against, give a sigh!
    Aye! aye! aye! aye aye aye aye aye aye aye
    Sigh sigh.

    The ayes have the vote
    We reconvene after three days after the deal
    On that note
    May this our deal become soonest, real.


  • thehealer10 118w

    Sicbm Says:

    Whats tricky about enlightenment is, that, as you climb up, the bottom gets bigger.

  • vaishnavivpawar 119w

    Rape CULTURE.!��
    We have all read about the henious, distress, disgusting, maniac, sinful incidents. RAPE.! This word isn't just combination of some letters, when it happens to individual the person losses, losses the thing they owned their body and mind. The sense of disgust flows in the veins and dreadful fear to even recall and think about it for a second, talking about it isn't even a thing yet . The very thought of that instance buries their life and poisons their existence. The brutal act has impact mentally, physically, physiologically and what not. The tear flows right from the pain of ripped soul which ones owned its body. IT IS MONSTRUOUS. We know it's devastating and life draining to someone and someone's family. Still, sorry to spill the truth, IT'S DAMN NORMALIZED. HOW DID THIS HAPPEN!!??? RAPE IS CULTURE??? CULTURE SERIOUSLY?!?!
    #woman #girl #rapeisnotculture #rapeawareness #rapeiscrime #dontnormalizerape #rape #humanity #human #humanrights #sheishuman #sheisnotabandoned #sheisnotatoy #respect #quotes #equality #equalrights #equal #hurt #pain #panic #havoc #dreads #tears #rippedsoul #soul #hate #hatred #real #truth

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  • shurbhi111 120w

    What should I do ?

    The ship had wrecked . Everyone were trying so save themselves. Some had lifejackets. Some got on lifeboats. Some tried to save their dear and near ones . Everyone were in distress. The water was cold , icy cold . They were trying their best to protect themselves. Trying to hold on to anything and anybody .

    Relations, is it really needed for survival? Why do we need to survive ?? Should I ask for help too? I can see some hands moving towards me . What should I do ??


  • speedingbullet 125w

    Natural Catastrophe is Inevitable

    It is a law of nature,
    That every inch of this cosmos,
    Has it's own way of being sentient,
    Evolving with a smooth passage of cosmic maturity,
    So, it is upto us to learn the ways of respecting this natural phenomenon of evolution.
    Because if we don't, then the havoc of nature resulting from our disobedince is going to be inevitable such as the one catastrophe we are currently facing worldwide.

    ©speeding--bullet(Ayush Singh)

  • tazmanian_angel 152w

    Since moving to the north west part of the United States with my husband a little over a year ago, we have been the butt of jokes and criticism due to our southern accents and so called slang. Although we weren’t aware of how “we sound” given the fact that we lived in Texas our whole lives, I’ve decided to use the frustration as motivation . Besides, I refuse to let anything cause me to neglect my passions or my creativity. ❤️
    #poem #poetry #south #southern #Texas #texasproud #texan #fiery #loving #redneck #manners #rugged #tomboy #friendly #friendlystate #football #drinking #cooking #joy #bullies #patience #traffic #hurricanes #havoc #food #men #women #southernwomen #southernmen #accents #ladies #gentlemen #barbecue #fishing #tents #cars #affection #shoot #guns #courtesy #commoncourtesy #streetwise #enemies #allies #liquor #strong #tea #sweettea #heat #Cartier #cabernet #wine #sheltered #ivyleague #hardknocks

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    Southern Sass

    We come from the south
    We’re Texans and proud
    We’re fiery but loving
    And sometimes we’re loud

    You say “dumb southern rednecks”
    I say “at least we have manners”
    We’re seductively rugged
    Tomboys and enchanters

    We’re mostly all friendly
    But can dish out a whoopin’
    At football and drinkin’ and more...
    Even cookin’

    In the south, if you break down
    We’ll offer you rides
    If you’re lost or you’re new
    We’re your joyful tour guides

    We don’t stand by for bullies
    We have patience in traffic
    When hurricanes come
    We lend hands through the havoc

    We’re big fans of carbs
    And foods that are greasy
    Our women are hot
    But don’t mistake us for easy

    Your guys love our accents
    Your gals love our gents
    We rule barbecues, fishing and
    putting up tents

    Southern women know cars
    Southern men show affection
    We may know how to shoot
    But don’t need guns for protection

    Our courtesy’s common
    And we grew up street wise
    We can be your worst enemies
    Or your go-to allies

    We prefer liquor quite strong
    And our tea very sweet
    In the south we don’t cry
    “I’ll just die in this heat!”

    Don’t let this all fool you
    We like things you call fine
    Like Cartier town-cars
    And Cabernet wine

    Sheltered folks call us stupid
    But the south truly rocks
    You went to Ivy League college
    Well... we went to hard knocks

  • noreenh 159w

    Havoc is Hallmark of Love.
    Devastation is its destiny.
    However fewer times it bestow some blessed souls with the intimacy and companionship of their beloved.
    ©Noreen H.

  • poetry_oleilah 163w

    Muse of Havoc

    To my heart you reak havoc,
    Like a natural disaster,
    A hurricane of passion and laughter,
    Pain and despair.

    To my pen you inspire,
    Like a muse's influence,
    You make me burn brighter:
    A literary flare.


  • the_midnight_thoughts 171w


  • mroverthinker 172w

    Thought 1

    The fact that we are losing it terribly is because of the fact that we have lost it already!


  • zephyr_of_fire 172w

    Blind world, ignorant world, our home.

    We deny something that both life and death share,
    and what that is exactly,
    is that we know nothing of either or,
    do we still wage this same war,
    even though,
    we don't understand truly,
    just what, we've been fighting for.


  • sa_lo_ni 180w


    Words seem less to describe the tranquility
    That leads to the inner chaos of my mind
    Tattooing my emotions like a mountain
    That bares different struggles and curves
    It's a havoc making me suffer for some peace.

  • itsgammynotgrammy 264w

    #rwu_havoc #heart #love #blood #havoc #epigram
    Instagram: the.artographer_

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    His Love through my blood, caused Havoc in my Heart.