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  • yaduom 14w

    Growth is powerful!!

    You know you're healed when looking into the past doesn't hurt anymore! You know you're matured when you're more focused on your life than anything else!

    You don't wish things were different, you don't miss the past or have any interest in what could have been because you've come to understand that everything that happened, made you who you've become. If you haven't gotten there yet, I truly wish you do.

    Growth is powerful!!

  • slaughtered_heart 18w

    Thank you @writersnetwork for the like and repost. Thank you everyone for you support. Feeling #healed💔💝... #she #love #broken @writersnetwork @miraquill

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    When nothing else made sense, she did.
    When everyone else left, she stayed.
    When everything fell apart, she held.
    When emptiness was all I had, she cared.
    When even the life betrayed, she was there.


  • alankar_ale 30w

    Two winters have passed since you've left.
    The first two were cold and cruel. But the third one came around too soon--warm, hopeful, and serene.


  • suza_kulung 35w

    I don't mind if it's hurts,
    Coz I'm already in pain.

    I don't mind if you break my heart,
    Coz it's already in a pieces,

    I don't mind if you leave me,
    Coz now loneliness is my comfort,

    I don't mind To be myself.


  • hk55555 41w


    The moonlight is sad as no one adores him as they adore the sun
    The sun laughed at the moonlight for being not loved 
    In the night when the moonlight fell on water
    He sees water dullness fade away and looks even purer and happy
    After the Moonlight understand his power 
    So it decided to heal a person  broken hopes & heart
    The sun laughter at him on his crazy plan
    But the moonlight is determined to fight with the sun.
    Moonlight meets a person with nasty scares
    That person is on the verge of breaking like a shooting star
    No one tried to protect him as they want to use 
    him to make their wish come true.
    The moonlight fell on him heal that person's heart 
    It  also gave him hopes to win the world
    But the other envy with little star
    That star with pure heart invite others to share the joy
    But their envy ceased them to feel the happiness 
    They even tried to again break little star heart
    But the power of moonlight is sufficient 
    To make that star shine even brighter even the sun.
    Now no stop him to touch the sky.
    The moonlight is happy to see the healed 
    and happy star.
    Now sun understand his mistake after that he never laughs at him

  • aaleemrm 48w

    You're no fern
    stand firm
    you're a tree...*


  • lauraww6 54w

    Landing Pad

    He called me his landing pad,

    His go to whenever he feels sad. 

    A safe landing from the days he had,

    Why did you treat me so badly?

    Think so ill of my intentions,

    Always gave the same damn reasons,

    For why you left me for a year with a middle finger.

    I don't know, anymore.

    Love is a double edge sword.

    I don't wanna play or explore... you anymore.

    You forgot to think of me and others,

    Love so good then cut deep hard to recover.

    Can we be thoughtful to each other

    He called me his landing pad,

    His go to whenever he feels sad. 

    A safe landing from the days he had,

    Why did you treat me so badly?

    Think so ill of my intentions,

    Always gave the same damn reasons,

    For why you left me for a year with a middle finger

    Loving you was easy to do,

    Life gets in the way you journey through.

    Finding a life warrior is hard to do...these days.

    The anchor weighs and weighs,

    Until no words are exchanged.

    Then the lovely couple becomes estranged.

    All of the good out the window, disarranged

    I was your landing pad,

    We're both okay now I'm very glad,

    When he crashes he crashes bad

    And I won't be there to land ..on.

  • _shafiyasayeed 57w


    You healed me the way was incredible, I never thought of being complete before.

  • heyoka_warrior 60w

    The Harvest

    A seed sown in darkness of the abyss
    Grew, sprouted its leaves and blossomed;
    Flowers facing the sun—
    Who would've thought I'd turn into a tree?
    Roots deeply buried, I'm a vintage green;
    From ashes to beauty,
    From darkness to light;
    I am healed, I am revived!

    Awakening, expanding, ascending...
    My vines are reaching the heights;
    Wings breaking free from chains of bondage,
    Waking up from a comatosed state;
    My true destiny forgotten in witchcraft,
    Covered in the black veils of sin and curse;
    Door opened, light has broken in;
    Rainbow smiling upon me.

    I am flying, flying away!
    My soul sees God's face one more time
    And I shall see forever and ever;
    Survived the blazing fires of hell,
    My spirit's rising to the rhythm of my heart's song;
    The notes of music are dancing in the air
    At the sight of my Savior lover.

    The fruits are ripe, the linen smooth and white;
    Lie in wait and look up, time is little;
    The feast is bountiful, reap the harvest,
    O angels of God, strong and mighty;
    Sound the alarm, blow the trumpets!
    Your babes are coming home, Abba,
    Your babes are coming home;
    Revival to your whole house;
    The harvest is here,
    The harvest is ready!


  • light_ofthe_heart 63w


    Slowly, all what I thought I had for him started fading
    The feelings I buckled up found its way out
    All the hurt I encaged found an escape route
    This was the greatest love I showed to my inner self
    It was a blessing to my soul in disguise
    I healed slowly and painfully but I am glad that I did
    Because I found the true me slowly when he left

  • lovelylady123 63w


    It doesn't hurt like before, no
    The wound of your love healed
    This heart is not anymore hollow
    Now i don't care if you stay or leave.

    But i don't regret the past,
    Even though, the time by your side cut my wings.
    Now you can't damage this heart,
    Because this chest is bulletproof.
    And you shouldn't think that this is for you,
    This is for me.

    I am too rare,
    And you never knew how to value me.
    It wasn't fair,
    That I gave myself to you
    When you never learned to love me.

    You knew - I am someone you don't deserve.
    I knew - giving you another chance isn't worth,
    Because I gave too many and you didn't withstand any.

    I have learned to love me forever.
    You were a storm I survived,
    I don't think I will need you ever.
    And to tell you this,
    That a death like you is revived.

  • f_deesia_poetry 72w

    Sands of time

    With ill-matched hands
    I was told you could heal
    as you empty your grains
    you would blanket the stains
    work on my wounds
    but never too soon
    that you cradle broken hearts
    design patchwork divine
    and I believed.

    I knew better than to expect
    deliverance in just one lap
    or two
    or ten
    but I've been waiting for ages
    have you run out of threads?
    there's still a hole in my soul
    still rifts in my bones
    the hurt never healed
    it still makes me feel.

    Now that you have failed
    would you please tell me
    where do I ought to go from here?
    should I crawl into a hole
    and wait for the swallowing
    should I run to the forest
    and live like a recluse
    or should I stand under the rain
    and let its cold drops
    chop the scabs off my back.


  • saloni_04 82w

    Fear is just an illusion which keeps you trapped from being original. Let me open up to you with my story.
    Since childhood, I was quite weak and timid but very active and smart. Yet, many of them taunted me or made fun of me then for being weak and dark due to deficiency of blood in my body. I would feel excluded among children in school and never had good friends and the ones I had friendship with , were toxic.Though I had a very supportive family, yet there were some who never liked me for no reason. Growing up then was the next challenge. I feel in love, but ultimately faced failure. Maybe I was too young and immature to know about love. My academics seemed to have a drastic change. From the marks of a topper to the marks of an average student. My personality changed into a rude one because I started to live in fear. Fear of being wrong, fear of committing mistakes, fear of expressing, fear of judgements, fear of being me. Many gave me tough insults. You are boring, you are brown, you are not creative, you have no sense of style, you aren't beautiful, I see no talent in you, you are a coward...and what not. Days went by, and so my anxiety. It was tough to go through. I had no hopes to recover. Yet, I had no option but to keep going. I then started interacting more, followed my hobbies, danced everyday until I get exhausted, prayed daily, spoke to a psychologist and he too helped me to face this. It took alot of time to heal, but I healed. I found my sense of purpose in life.
    Today, I look back at the old me and the new me and laugh at everything I have faced and done till now. I feel strong and confident. I have been winning every heart with my generous nature. Unwanted comments don't matter anymore. I am now able to stand back and finally made a great comeback. So...what do you think? Fear is something which is short term? No. Fear is for lifetime. You will be in fear of something at some point of life. But...it's on you, how you deal with it. To all those reading this...stay strong, stay happy, keep hopes and keep going and healing is possible. Mark my words.

    -Saloni Shetty.

  • healednarcissist 92w

    No storm is greater than the Lord Christ Jesus, so we Christians, can find comfort amidst the chaos. Let the Morningstar shines at us brothers! ✝️

    #advocate #positivelife #Christ #Jesus #storm #wounds #healed

    "Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For my yoke is easy and my burden is light.” — Mathew 11:28-30

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    I believe

    things will
    get better
    Like how
    will heal
    your wounds;
    so walk
    by FAITH
    for Lord
    is greater than
    any storm.


  • healednarcissist 93w

    Good day! When things seem to be unfolding beyond our capacity, we all have our own ways to protect ourselves and others. This is what they called as the ego defense mechanism as introduced by the Austrian-psychologist Sigmund Freud. According to the Freudians, it is okay to use a defense mechanism when the conflict seems to be complicated to resolve at that moment; however, if it is habitually done it became unhealthy.

    If you are going through something hard right now like mental health condition etc., don't hesitate to seek help. We are not weak when we seek help, in fact that is a sign of bravery. To be able to admit your own flaws and weaknesses, is not easily done by everyone. Pretending to be strong when you're not is not always good (habitual usage of a defense mechanism is unhealthy), there is a tendency that you would be physically and emotionally burnt out. Don't do that, you're just exhausting yourself. Anyways, if you need someone to talk to please feel free to contact me. Or connect with Christ Jesus, the best listener ever. I've been through rough past too (narcissistic) and it was the Lord Christ Jesus who purely help me changed. This I am sharing because it's true. Without partiality nor hypocrisy. I want you to feel better too. ❇️

    Sharing this comforting verses in the Holy Bible:

    Fear not, for I am with you; be not dismayed, for I am your God; I will strengthen you, I will help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand (Isaiah 41:10). ✝️

    #advocate #positivelife #Christ #Jesus #mentalhealth #personalitydisorder #healed #narcissist #cactus #freud #defensemechanism #psychoanalysis #positive-humanistic #psychology #isaiah1:10

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    Love, Cactus

    Recently I've been a trend
    Bought and tended with care.
    I know I am quite prickly outside
    Makes me wonder
    why people still like me.
    I am everywhere
    Inside and outside your home
    Still I am alone.
    Without peers, I stand firm
    My thirst quenched
    Along with my hard thick skin.
    Inflict wounds in me,
    I'll shed my pure white tears to you.
    Truth, only few believe
    Everyday I am crying inside.
    Deep down I am weak,
    A tale never been exposed.
    My thorns are not made to hurt you
    They are to protect you away
    From my rotting self.

  • raindropsoncacti 95w

    Not Running

    For the first time in my life
    I feel like things are "done".
    Done in the very best of ways...
    Done, without any reason to run!


  • raindropsoncacti 95w


    Surprising how many people have taken the time to say:
    "It's good to see you! You're really looking happy and well!"
    All amidst feeling weak, a week I predicted defeat, in my retreat;
    A week I felt was like going through hell.

    "You look lighter!" one even noted!
    "Thanks, I've actually put on just over a stone
    From being stoned and eating my feelings!"
    Been too weak, so haven't walked for weeks! Not with the kids, the pup, or even alone!
    I've become well accustomed with every tiny mark on my bedroom ceiling!"

    But they're right! I am lighter. There's a different softness in my step.
    I feel youthful again, though the mirror shows I'm looking ever so much older.
    For the weight that was relieved from my shoulders at the end of my reprieve
    Was like removing a ten tonne stone boulder.

    With a lighter load, and enlightened mind
    As a little family we can now step forward, since our world didn't implode
    Instead the world has just kept right on turning,
    Off onto a holiday, new memories to make in a far away abode,
    And feel fruits of what we've for a decade been working towards, and feel that sense a release we've clearly all been yearning!

    How fortunate for me being led to choose to switch paths to what was really needed!
    To pursue my True North as a human, to heal, and discover my authentic self.
    I thank the Universal Forces I didn't used to believe in for what's been seeded,
    And am grateful for every moment of our future happiness and health.

    Every sign that I've needed has been there, every special number, poem that resounded, or lyric in a song.
    Every once weak and scared voice in my mind was strong and straight from the start.
    I no longer feel sorrow over mine or my children's beginnings. None of them were wrong.
    For the first time ever, I feel truly healed, in my mind, in my spirit and in my heart.


  • healednarcissist 97w

    A lovely day to you mates! I would like to know how lovely are you today regardless of those snippets of excruciation. Seriously, how are you?

    Okay! Let me tell that life is full of shits. Shit words, shit fate, shit names, shittiest events, shit fakes, shit SHITS. Shits are all around you big and small. They're present everywhere. To fuck your life.

    Congrats! 'Cause they smell worse than your mouth. Well, you're a lot better than those shits if, you have not become one of them. Read these tips, they're free:

    Tip 1: Don't act shitty, just because you've been shitted.
    Tip 2: Wear your protection, your mask- the Holy Bible, read them so you would know what are shits, who are the shits, and to know when you're being shitted.
    Tip 3: This is for those who do not understand the shit language. If you're down, feeling alienated, if you feel like there's no purpose in life, and there's no more reason to live, I exhort you my friend to get the Bible, seek the Lord, and the Lord will never leave and forsake you. Jesus is a merciful Lord.

    In this shit world, when we are becoming shit ourselves, there's still a way to be purified. Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life, and no one comes to the Father before Him. (John14:6)

    The life outside Christ is full of confusions (read James 3:16-18 to know more), I've been there, it's full of shits. So, I am sharing this living WORDS so you may be saved. Don't follow me, don't follow your preachers, don't praise them. For praises is for God. Follow the good Shepherd Jesus. Honor and Glory be to God!

    #advocate #positivelife #Christ #Jesus #Holy #Bible study #depression #mentalhealth #incompetence #healed #narcissist #deep #shits

    Jesus is the Lord, and God raised Him from the dead.

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    Deep Shit

    When shall I start to speak?
    When my mouth has gone
    silently drained.
    When shall I start to listen
    in warnings?
    When my entire body
    utterly damaged.
    When shall I open my eyes?
    When everything
    has gone black.
    Now that I am ready to seek
    the Morning Star,
    I have become less.
    What can I do Morning Star?
    Now, that I have become


  • healednarcissist 97w

    Good day folks! Some of you may think narcissists are disgusting, poisonous, and ridiculous. Welp, coming from a diagnosed and healed narcissist, it's somehow true. But, I would like to share that narcissist has been through a NASTY ROUGH PAST too. Reason why they have become fool-smartasses as dick kings, bitch queens.

    #psychology #mentalhealth #personality #narcissists #healed #positivelife #advocate #Christ #Jesus #fake #mirrors

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    Fake Mirrors

    Never will you see the dawn
    Smoke and blood I did.
    Overwhelmed by madness,
    I tore off the real world.
    Plastics and scraps I recreated
    A new version of me.
    With the grown beauty and intelligence
    My mind ecstatic from flatteries.
    Once, walked with pride and dominion
    Bit by bit, built a castle of delusions.
    Thought, I was a cocoon then a butterfly.
    I flew and knew I am bound to die .
    In the first place
    where I live is an empty space
    Filled with hatred
    Alone with my imaginary self.

  • iam_shruti 99w


    They say the passage of time will heal all wounds, but the greater the loss, the deeper the cut and the more difficult the process to become whole again. The pain may fade, but scars serve as a reminder of our suffering and make the bearer all the more resolved never to be wounded again.
    So as time moves along we get lost in distractions, act out in frustration, react with aggression, give in to anger, and all the while we plot and plan as we wait to grow stronger, and before we know it, the time passes. We are healed. Ready to begin anew.