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    Some people erect a wall around their heart, with the broken pieces of their heart!
    Some bury the broken pieces in the grave of, love that didn't last!
    Some people leave the broken pieces behind in their past!

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    Some people erect a wall around their heart, with the broken pieces of their heart!
    Some bury the broken pieces in the grave of, love that didn't last!
    Some people leave the broken pieces behind in their past!

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    Let me tell you

    I don't want to ruin the good time we had,for the sake of moving on... You are hurting me just the way you loved me,,more than I do..

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    THANK YOU SO MUCH @writersnetwork for liking the post..Means a lot

    1st August, approximately at 12:00 pm, when she left from Mumbai Airport to her Hometown, little did she know,what looked like never ending fairytale has reached its end.This tale of two hearts ended two years back with so many things to comprehend.

    He dropped her at the airport with a promise to stay together forever and this distance will only make their relationship stronger.As the flight took off his phone switched off too . Now you might think how long she must have called that number, let's say for the next one year she called every hour.

    All his friends dodged her calls,crying for help she lost every ounch of respect and confidence she had earned after all.As days passed by, three months later her phone beeped with an email notification, it was from one of his friends informing about some dengue situation he had fallen int..Suddenly all the anger shifted into guilt, worrying nothing about but his health.

    She couldn't perform well thus decided to quit job till he is unwell. His friend asked her to stay back at hometown and wait for his call as his parents are against the caste to which she belongs.

    She asked this friend to just pay a visit to his home to which she bluntly opposed..Now the anticipation had transformed into worry and all she could think about was is he alive??

    Sharing three long years with eachother that last goodbye changed her forever. The chirpy loving girl went into depression feeling alive only when panic attacks hit her.

    Young, Strong, Independent and friendly soul went into a hidden shell. She fought all this alone not letting anyone know what's wrong..

    Cried in the corners, fake-smiled in the office, slept on the station floors, booked god knows how many cabs to possibly nowhere searching for little comfort to takeover. She looked for help here and there, knocked many shut doors but nobody came near.

    After nearly 11 months the phone was on but yet nobody would ever answer her calls.Now she asked help from her friends and associates, who till now had given up on helping her think straight. She heard from some FaceBook connections that after all he is doing fine, taking some deep breaths of relief, she could stop herself from crying.

    After a year and a half of failed calls, fearing the consequences to meet him and to end the misery and pain, she gained all the strength and went to his house..What she was about to know turned her world upside down.She saw him standing tall feeding his son across the hall.

    Living in nothing but denial, she couldn't believe the most valuable nurture relation has come to an end. Like many people she failed to keep her composure and messed some of her priceless relations.

    IT TOOK HER ALMOST 2 YEARS TO HEAL! Even though she has survived but the trust and faith, basically the urge to save any relation had to END in exchange.

    For some say it is a good excuse to escape from things, but ask me I have seen her growing. Remember there is nothing wrong in putting yourself first and sometimes being selfish helps...

    Sometimes no matter how impossible it may seem relationships come to an END till the smiles get real it is ok to pretend..

    ( thank you for giving it a read. If you have read it, please share your kind words )

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    Never Ending Wali Ending

  • citanycol 1d

    Healing Hurts

    Tripped and fell
    Hard time getting up
    Banged up knees
    Bruised arms
    Bloody nose
    Fighting myself for reasons to believe again
    Believe that I can heal from the lies and trauma
    I fell and getting back up is painful
    Talking about pain that hits harder than cars
    Bracing for impact
    For the wind to get knocked out of me again
    Fighting for a chance to whole, loved and cared for
    Healing is hard
    Healing hurts

  • sophia_figueroa 2d

    This poem by Cara was so beautifully profound, insightful and honest that I read it over and over the first time I found it. It reminded me that no matter how things seem outwardly, you never know what someone is going through inwardly: appearances can be deceiving. And I also realized how healing it is to be honest about any pain or difficulties you're going through and to know that you're not ALONE.��������

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    Depression: An Honest, Beautiful Insight

    Who am I? Who am I trying to be?

    Not myself, anyone but myself.

    Living in a fantasy to bury the reality,

    Making myself the mystery,

    A strong facade disguising the misery.

    Empty, but beyond the point of emptiness,

    Full to brim with fake confidence,

    A guard that will never be broken,

    Because I broke a long time ago.

    I’m hurting but don’t tell anyone.

    No one needs to know.

    Don’t show or you’ve failed.

    Always okay, always fine, always on show.

    The show must go on.

    It will never stop.

    The show must not go on,

    But I know it will.

    I give up. I give up giving up.

    I am lost.

    I don’t need to be saved,

    I need to be found.

    -Cara Delevingne

  • oceanbreeze 3d

    brOKen mirror

    You keep looking through shattered glass
    Seeing a figure so broken
    Unaware of its beauty
    And the value it has.

    If I were to pick up the pieces,
    Would you start to see more clearly?

    My hands could bleed,
    But you are more important than me.
    So I'll just keep repairing
    Your broken mirror.

  • mazingmee 4d

    Little more,each and every passing moment...
    I am waiting to be faded away from...

  • pyro_sagen 4d


    I feel better today
    Pick my self up before I fray
    Bite their hands when they tell me to pray
    You're not my martyr
    You're a disgrace

  • journeyhale 5d


    One foot in front of the other
    The fire sears skin.
    I stare into the face of my pain
    while I walk over the same coals,
    expecting a different outcome.
    My path to tread until it burns down to nothing,
    or I do.


  • mariateresa 1w

    I am fire, purity of love. Myheart is a vortex that wants to hold on yet my soul teaches me that continuing to let go will bring me exactly what I deserve, beyond my wildest dreams. A higher love, a Divine love. And so it is.

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    Burning inside

    Fire within me burns so bright
    Reaching so desperately, embracing all the Light
    Fast moving in accelerated motion, I rise within the flames
    Leaving ashes from the past behind
    Nothing holds me back
    Burning all attachments
    Holding no expectations
    I must walk alone
    The path of soul waits for no one
    Space is created for all that is to come

  • blaqgoldwrites 1w

    Dear Woman,

    Dear woman in waiting,

    This is to remind you, Not to allow yourself get stuck in the motion of Fear, Pain, Rejection and Uncertainty.
    Allow the fear to lead you to Faith, the pain to a Purpose-full place, rejection to Rediscover the Authentic you and the uncertainty to lead you to a place of unlimited Power and Love.
    Girl, Remember the process leads to the Purpose


  • iamkrsna97 1w

    #जिंदगी #मौत #शायर #शायरी #उर्दू #हिंदी #iamkrsna97 #igwritersclub #poetryoftheday #qotd #healing #life

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    ज़िन्दगी क्या है?
    इक छ्लावा जिसे मैं जिये जा रहा हूँ

    क्या है मौत?
    इक हक़ीक़त जिससे मैं पर्दा किए जा रहा हूँ

  • iamkrsna97 1w

    आज कल भला इतनी सच्ची मोहब्बत कौन करता है - कृष्णा (ਤੇਰਾ ਸ਼ਾਇਰ) ♥️
    #शायरी #गज़ल #मोहब्बत #उर्दु #शेर #iamkrsna97 #igwritersclub #gulzaar #rekhta #krishna #qotd #healing #shayri #shayari #love #lovequotes #poetryoftheday

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    मर चुका है जो शक़्स उसके लिए इतना कौन मरता है
    आज कल किसी से इतनी मोहब्बत आखरी सांस तक भला कौन करता है


  • mazingmee 1w

    Trapped inside

    Inside of her heart..
    She kept her sweet lil secrets,
    Crumbled those beautiful feelings,
    Secured with hopes,
    Sealed inside time safe,
    Praying for what she loved more than it deserves,
    Peeping inside if it still dwells within,
    How she comes to know,a part of her always been trapped inside,deeper than the roots ...

  • justanotherdarnedgirl 1w

    It's okay to take time out for yourself
    #guilt #healing #intensity

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    sometimes you just need to curl up
    in your bed with nobody else
    but you by your side
    wrap yourself in your own arms
    and feel all your lows
    as much as
    you feel all your highs
    because let me tell you babe
    it's okay to not be able to
    be there for others at times
    as long as you're not negligent
    when you need yourself the most


  • justanotherdarnedgirl 1w

    crying doesn't make you weak
    it can be soothing and healing
    shedding the tears to feel better

    so cry it out
    louder if you need to
    you're strong and ideal
    for enduring all that pain

    my friend called me a 'powerlady'
    cause i was strong and brave
    for being mindful about my emotions
    and enduring even if it's painful

    this made me to never feel ashamed
    of my own tears


  • justanotherdarnedgirl 1w

    just like having sex
    an adult must do some crying too

    intense and necessary
    to find a release
    to feel alive


  • mariateresa 1w

    Insomnia induced by heartache makes for poetic musing on emotions that range from sadness to anger to an inspirational belief that what's awaiting me on the other side of this grief is beyond my wildest dreams. The power in that belief is what bonds me to faith. Trusting. Surrendering. Releasing their tight grip around my heart. Letting go. The cycle of healing continues.

    #relationships #healing #soulhealing #loverelationship #breakups #heartache #writingcommunity #writersnetwork #poetryforthesoul #healingsoul #releasing #wod #wordprompt #like

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    Elements of heartache

    Take it all from me, no longer can I hold
    Illusions of grandeur masquerading as love longed to be foretold
    Aching in my chest feels like it will never go away
    Endless stream of unanswerable questions loop at dizzying speeds inside my head
    While the lump in my throat throbs, beating to a rhythm growing ever insidious with time
    This love I dreamed we'd share propped up by hopeful wishes and this poet's whimsical lines
    Like falling leaves on a windy day
    Lay upon the ground awaiting to decay
    My heart is numb too overwhelmed by pain
    Knowing I must walk in this new direction, never to hear the wind whisper your name saves me from going insane
    Mustering the courage to do so creates an ongoing battle between reason and desire
    No longer can I believe in the dreams you painted for a future that will never transpire
    All is gone, over and done, washed away by thousands of tears forming a river deep with sadness
    Countless minutes become the hours turning up the volume on this madness
    Dissolving what I once thought was my best and greatest friendship
    Has become the moment I must become David facing Goliath

  • thebhavnasaxena 1w

    Ice Queen

    The fallen will be born again,
    The birds will sing again,
    The air won't cut across
    My skin like a cold, hard whip anymore,
    The promise of something new
    Will be thick and ripe all around me,
    The sun will shine again and
    When the sunshine sneaks into
    My room to kiss me, I will wake again,
    And shout to the skies, oh I have been
    Dreaming of springtime, to wear flowers
    In my hair and dance with butterflies;
    As the world spins beneath my feet,
    My head spins too, I am intoxicated
    Upon this nectar of hope and magic
    And as I lie in the soft grass and let
    Spring seduce my senses, I feel
    Something crack inside me,
    Who says fairytales are not real,
    Tears flood my eyes, as I realize,
    I am the queen of ice, whose heart
    Has begun to thaw.

  • diparg 2w


    Shedding another layer of grief-
    It was never;
    the fear of losing you.
    The stake was my last hope.
    And you managed to scattered it well.