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  • the_faye_adams 5d

    Your wounds should not hold you back,
    nor should your trauma.
    Take all the time you need to heal
    and don't let others try to rush you.
    It's okay to feel what you feel,
    the pain, the hurt, the anxiety,
    you feel as if you are slowly losing yourself
    to the madness of what others say is all in your head.
    It's not.
    Don't let others belittle your emotions and
    your healing journey.
    Everyone has different experiences and gone through different circumstances.
    We all have a different tolerance level for pain.
    I might hold it in and clench my jaw and act as if nothing is wrong
    and you might burst into tears the very second you are alone.
    You are after all human
    just don't forget that today you might feel a world's worth of pain
    but tomorrow you could feel a world's worth of joy and happiness.
    Do not think just because today is a bad day that tomorrow will be too.
    you have the power, right in your hands to take control over your happiness.

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    Wounded soul

    These wounds
    hidden beneath fabric
    layer upon layer
    deeper they go, hidden
    beneath flesh and bone
    the tears you weep
    alone by yourself
    you struggle to sleep
    in a crowd full of people
    a brush on the shoulder
    you are afraid
    to yourself you keep
    trauma, silent, unnoticeable
    but there trauma.
    how strong you are to carry on.

  • mariateresa 1w

    We are in the midst of mass healing. Move away from thoughts and analysis and follow instinctual cues, guided by intuition. Connectedness is key, plug in and feel. Spirit shows us the way forwards. Divine timing always allows. The only truth is love.

    #love #divinelove #divinewisdom #spiritualguidance #soulhealing #healingjourney #higherconciousness #spiritualenlightenment #truth #loveistheanswer #leadwithlove #writerslife #writingcommunity #writersnetwork #mirakee

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    Truth is love

    Effortlessly flowing, ancient wisdom is showing
    Lead us towards the doorway
    Slowly taking a collective breath and the intended steps
    Allowing Light to shine through the heart
    Away from darkness and lies
    Releasing expectations along the way
    Walking in silence to the internal rhythm of Spirit guides
    Division no longer separates what is eternally connected
    One heart beats in synchronization
    The only truth is love

  • mariateresa 1w

    New beginnings inspired by energy coding and soul awakening. Awareness that I am heeding what Spirit teaches and guides. Effortlessly I allow the Light to come shining through. Inside of me and inside of you. And so it is. Amen.

    #divineguidance #divinewisdom #higherconciousness #healingjourney #soulhealing #soulawakening #spiritualawakening #humanity #love #divinelove #psychic #channeling #angels #writingcommunity #writersnetwork #mirakee

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    The art of allowing

    Created as a whole being of Light effortlessly glowing
    Internally peaceful while eternally shining
    Leaning into sovereign nature, we release
    Outwardly showing the love we are knowing
    Healing one another along this human journey
    Accepting what Divine wisdom is teaching
    Rising to destiny's true intentions
    The art of allowing my soul its human lessons

  • mariateresa 2w

    The urge to control sabotages creativity and freedom. Dancing with newness as i'm stretched into areas that are unfamiliar and unknown. Change is my master, teaching me hard earned lessons of letting go to gain the love I so deserve. Feeling it all is incredibly healing.

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    Freedom flying

    Layers of fear fall like rain, releasing pain as I contemplate all I hold dear
    Darkness and Light dance and swirl as my wings spread and unfurl
    Accepting the urge to control is part of our human nature
    Releasing my grasp sets the stage for greater creation
    Allowing its bliss, leaning into its kiss, I set my sights upon the sky
    My spirit is freed when my soul answers to its wild cry

  • mariateresa 4w

    Moving through cycles of grief as I continue to heal. Three life changing events are swirling around my heart. By recognizing each of them, I breathe aliveness and celebrate my own survival. By the end of this month, my Dad will have been gone from this physical plane for one year. Ending an eight year relationship with a man who was my best friend hurts like hell yet is the best thing I could've done for myself. Ten years ago, 11/12/11, I attempted suicide. The Divine number of that date is 9, symbolizing endings and conclusions. This year I said good bye to two men I loved dearly in different ways. These past ten years have taught me so many hard earned and learned lessons of faith, trust the power of belief and the meaning of unconditional love. I am my own best friend hero.

    #grief #endings #newbeginnings #cycles #relationships #healing #selfawareness #healing #healingjourney #empowerment #higherconciousness #movingon #iwillalwaysloveyou #writingcommunity #writersnetwork #mirakee #miraquill

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    Life in Pieces, Part 2

    Seeing clear into deep scars of pain
    Carrying a torch of Light, shines upon each one by name
    No longer do I swallow the poison of their lies
    Pain and suffering seen from inside
    Mindfully choosing to release the energetic charge
    By loving myself and witnessing my shadows
    Holding these pieces together by love's tender and eternal flame
    Time releases the tension of blame
    No longer must I feel ashamed for what I wasn't ready to see
    Traveling through life's experiences with truth as my guide
    Love for myself comes with forgiveness on my side
    For only I can heal these wounds
    Gracefully accepting the lessons, dancing between periods of stillness, pausing with patience
    Walking forwards is the only direction

  • mariateresa 5w

    The more of myself I greet from within, the more at home I feel in my own skin. Wherever I roam, I am always at home. The magic of allowing soul to lead is a dance that is born abiding by life's sacred creed. Soul journeying is my expertise and how I process the world around me.

    #shaman #souljourneying #soulhealing #divinelove #higherconciousness #artofaliveness #lifeforce #energy #energyhealer #healingjourney #humanexperience #spiritualbeing #spiritualawakening #writingcommunity #writersnetwork #writerslife #mirakee #miraquill

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    All we are is love

    Floating away on the clouds of inspiration
    Nature's beauty provides the air for alchemy's transformation
    Transmuting all negativity held within this reincarnation
    Sensitive soul's unique responsibility to see the power we possess
    Deepening the relationship between humanity's blindness to accept
    All that I am is everything inside
    This body, a mere vessel carries the connection, flowing energy outwards, compelled by soul's dictation is amplified
    Marryng the physical, emotional and spiritual
    A love so divine, it's intention swirls around steps creating a powerful internal lyrical
    Boundless and infinite, crossing all dimensions
    Defying anything man-made, beyond reasonable comprehension
    Universal love fills my soul and sets me adrift
    Remembering my sovereignty locks me into wild instinct
    Sharing this love with everyone I meet
    Accepting my true self, I continue to dance to my own beat

  • mariateresa 5w

    This poem is an expression of shadow work. Deep introspection is where I go to examine the pieces of myself that ego wants to deny, judge and try to escape from or eradicate from my being. The truth is I AM ALL of what I feel and so much more. Integration of each piece is what makes me whole. Everything is temporary in life's ever changing cycle. Bringing consciousness to a higher level is awareness of our humanity. Here's to the healing journey from this human condition we live as spiritual beings of light having a human experience. Love all of you my friends ❤

    #soulhealing #starseed #higherconciousness #healingjourney #humanity #feelingishealing #shadowwork #selfawareness #writingcommunity #writersnetwork #mirakee #shadowandlight #loveconsciousness

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    Handle with care

    Window of light glowing dim
    Time to uncover another hollow space within
    Among the secrets and broken dreams
    Mustering courage to explore internal landscapes extreme
    Wandering inside where these shadows dwell
    A place most avoided and referred to as hell
    Pain, sadness and fear poke little holes into its core
    Awareness of its own power causes the heart to silence its lore
    No longer can these pieces be denied
    Alone for hours digging nails into salvation's gate through prayers employed to pry
    Wishful excavation doesn't exist
    Accepting my wholeness by surrendering the lies, no longer can I resist
    Light conquers all that mindfulness sees
    Tenderly healing spirited essence with love creates a blanket of peace
    Removing all doubts allows the force of life's energy to fuse
    Awakening the truth unleashed by ego's attempts to refuse
    To live who we are is a battle waged, fought and conquered by soul's compulsive drive
    Knowing the meaning for my life is what keeps me alive

  • mariateresa 6w

    After a lifetime of trauma, today I had another major breakthrough along this healing journey. I've been physically returned to my body, grounded and released from blockages, stagnant energy that my body was holding in my bones. Trauma will stay stored in the body until the inner work allows it to be released. Today, while working with an intuitive therapist, my body finally let go. This is a much needed step forward that I've been waiting for for ten years. The peace I feel inside is incredible. Full circle moment of understanding why I put myself in certain situations in the past and feeling proud of myself for all the hard work it took to get here. Healing from our human condition stretches out over our entire lifetime. Happy to be arriving upon a deeper peace inside, so much love and abundance of joy! Here's to continuing to keep my head high while "Triumphing over Trauma".

    #healingjourney #soulhealing #energywork #soulwriter #innerwork #self-acceptance #self-love #traumahealing #intuitive #intuitivehealer #cptsd #triumphingovertrauma #healing #feelingishealing #writerslife #writingcommunity #writersnetwork

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    Upon Arrival

    Opening my eyes as if for the first time
    Arriving here from a place far beyond into a brand new town
    A vast city of wonder with a beating heart that's true
    I'm here and finally detached from you
    Love was something that I chased
    Discovering that nothing but my own could ever fill the space
    Love within me grows like wildflowers
    Collected from meadows, blooming scented Divine essence and power
    Grounded in with gratefulness and grace
    No longer is love something that I desire to chase
    Opening the door, no longer in fear
    Attracting what's meant for me to be planted gathers near
    Balance of giving processed by allowing myself to receive
    Worthiness of spirit is the truth I finally believe


  • mariateresa 7w

    Fear as been used to weaponize us against one another. Love is the only truth. I ask you my friends to see through the illusion of separation and understand that to really be free, we must 1st claim our own individual power. We do that by healing ourselves. Basking in the present moment that is our gift. Connection is the key.

    #healingjourney #feelingishealing #soulhealing #soulwriter #souljourney #connectioniskey #loveistheanswer #allweneedislove #loveyourself #peace #higherconciousness #divinelight #shineloveandlight #loveandlight #truth #bethelight #writingcommunity #writersnetwork #writerslife #mirakee

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    Light be the key

    The star of my heart filters the art
    Mapping messages of emotional responses.....
    Hum temporarily as they rattle, push together and start
    Feelings of others pain and sadness
    Knowing inside that we will all go through periods of madness
    Harbor of hope grows wide enough offering love as a buoy
    Heaven on Earth is available for all not merely a few
    No rules, no control, no debts to pay
    Beacon of light lines the path and shows us the way
    We all carry this light in one way or another
    No masks required for casting aside judgements is the order
    Allow the rhythmic heartbeat of love to guide you over their imaginary border
    Separation is an illusion created by the ones who claim power
    When all along the directive is set from soul's contract for each to master
    Rise brothers and sisters, answer the call, that's begun to knock and keeps growing ever louder
    We each hold a piece, the key to peace and harmony
    Listen closely, as it bubbles up to the surface from within
    Turn away from distractions and see through with clear eyes
    Love is the only truth we need to follow and abide

  • mariateresa 7w

    We teach others how to treat us by how we treat ourselves. Be your own hero, best friend and love the crap out of yourself my friends!!

    #loveyourself #respectyourself #healingjourney #expressyourself #writingcommunity #writerslife #writersnetwork #mirakee

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    Power from within

    Revealing glimpses and sultry stares
    Soul self's alluring presence demands flare
    Commanding attention from years left sheltered
    Unleashing the pressure of her will breeds tantalizing and alluring dominance
    Unwrapping this present with tender care and discernment
    No longer left deserted, now firmly planted and set to grow
    Perched upon high she marries to the sky from her window
    Limitless flight of fancy as dreams float by
    Rainbow bursts cue iridescent clouds to roll in
    Curtain rises, as the defining and splendid moment is set to begin
    Bowing in gratitude for all she has endured on her ride
    Mounted and ready, for the adventures that await on the horizon
    Complete in her understanding and committed to be
    All she's ever wanted has been awaiting intuition to seed
    Inside holds all the power she'll ever need
    Darkness blinks as Light illuminates her eyes
    Coming forwards, she takes one calculated and measured step
    Her wink dares anyone to just try her this time


  • yesenias_song 9w

    Here I lie again, in bed. With thoughts and glimpses of you in my head.
    Dizzy spells of the past that seem to forever last. I'm Exhausted. At times consumed by the memory of my hearts crippling pain. All those sacrifices just in vain. Shadows of the version of you I once loved still dwell. They make me want to yell. Vision turned into a nauseating delusion. So sick of feeling this way. So much to be said but knowing you could careless anyway. Prayer is my solace. Pain is my darkness. The recent events just broke me even more. I'm so insignificant to you that I'm the one you still choose to ignore. Not worthy enough to be seen by you. So easy to make a promise to but in the end you still choose not to pull through. You're not the man I fell in love with. You've retracted to that insecure man that I met. Instead of building yourself up, you've let darkness be your everlasting breath. In the end, I want to forget. Not love you or loathe you. I just want to not look back with regret. I pray to speed up the healing process to bring forth indifference.
    That beautiful notion is all I crave because only then will my heart, mind, body and soul be anew.


  • heartfully 10w

    Write a letter to your younger self telling him/her something he/she would have appreciated hearing at that time ��

    Try it��

    If you end up writing a poem after the experience/experiment, you could tag me. I'd love to read your poem❤

    #writersnetwork #writersnetworks #mirakee #livelife #healingjourney

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    My love,
    Did I not tell you
    That you would be ok?

    As broken as you felt
    As shattered as you were
    As lonely and dead inside,
    That you will be alright?

    So I hope the next time
    I tell you
    How that too shall pass
    You will find it easier
    To believe my words,
    True and sincere.


  • heartfully 11w

    If you're reading this, I hope you'd finally be able to heal from whatever it is you've gone through. I hope you'd be able to find courage to rise up once again and grow higher ❤❤❤

    #healing #healingjourney #growth #breathe #livelife #wod #writersnetworks #readwriteunite #writersnetwork

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    A soul,
    Embracing the calmness of nature
    And the beauty of solitude

    The wind gently brushing up
    Against her skin

    Can you see her?
    Gently! Very gently
    Setting herself free

    As she begins to let down the luggage
    That has been weighing her down

  • heartfully 11w

    Don't exhaust yourself by pushing yourself too hard. Cut yourself some slack. You don't have to feign being strong all the time. Take a break and just breathe ❤

    #healing #healingjourney #growth #breathe #livelife #wod #writersnetworks #readwriteunite

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    Allow yourself to live
    Allow yourself to breathe
    By taking
    One gentle step at a time

  • heartfully 11w

    Make yourself happy. Maybe even romanticise your life��
    Doesn't mean you're selfish ❤

    #healingjourney #healing #healinghearts #wod #writersnetwork #miraquill #growthmindsets #growthmindset #growth

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    Before you beat yourself up again,
    You can't pour from an empty cup
    So fill your cup.

  • mariateresa 18w

    Believing in oneself is the greatest of feelings, after years of learning from what my experience with trauma has taught me, I'm continually healing. This next step I take concludes the chapter of wounded healer and begins the one of empowered and enlightened healer. Being an intuitive empath hasn't been something I understood or wanted to claim I was so I hid from my gifts, betrayed my own intuition and created a lot of my own suffering. These past ten years I have been able to turn that all around and now I know what my soul's purpose is. Shining from the inside by allowing my Light to awaken the others. Love is the greatest of healing powers. I'm incredibly grateful that I can share this journey by "Triumphing over Trauma" ❤

    #healingjourney #souljourney #awakening #selflove #intuition #intuitivehealer #soulhealing #soulcleansing #soulguidance #higherconciousness #integration #writerslife #writingcommunity #writersnetwork #mirakee

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    Dance with Intuition

    Sparks of information light the way
    Through all I've survived and fought courageously to say
    Unraveling what is no longer mine to carry
    Seeing in the darkness, quietly listening to the rhythm of my heartbeat combining soul's wisdom, now married
    This is the music I come alive to
    Fueling the magic, my body attunes, becoming whole
    The more I let go, the more intense the devotion
    Carrying me gently into the depths of my being like floating in the vastness of the ocean
    Carefree and wild, I embark upon the journey
    Leaving the past behind, it's weightlessness transforms into the gift of finally believing I'm worthy
    This life I first endured, than began to trust, now thriving triumphantly over each controversy
    Acknowledging each piece of me creates the conduit that ignites my strength and power
    Now I'm flowing
    No need to remember routined choreography
    It's in the forgetting that I remember my destiny's true biography
    Stepping out from beneath the shadows, I'm learning
    Intuitively healing by allowing the dance to continue
    Recognizing the love that's been feeding me all along
    Expression of soul is the most beautiful of songs


  • soshefeels 19w


    There's a youthful woman I found within the reflect.
    She was by all accounts misplaced in someplace.
    She was by all accounts in an interchanging world.
    She was by all accounts on edge almost what to do and where to go.
    I may see her anguish and discouragement.
    Maybe she was broken.
    Perhaps she was in distress.
    Perhaps she was finding answers to her request.
    She had tears in her eyes but she had a smile all over endeavored to cover it.
    And a while later, there happened to divination.
    The wizardry she won't ever consider.
    A voice that changed her.
    The voice said to her, "no matter anything happens I am with you. You'll reliably be my wonderful delivery person. Just remain with me."
    From that point, she was cheerful, carrying on with a bona fide life.
    It was a voice from her soul.


  • mariateresa 20w

    Tapping into love's vibration, healing all that ails me is the greatest of vocations. My soul's purpose as a shaman is to aid others in their own soul's awareness and awakening. It's an honor to serve others in this way.

    #shaman #shamanichealer #lovevibration #loveistheanswer #loveisthemedicine #love #thepoweroflove #divinelove #soulessence #soulhealing #soulguidance #spiriritualhealing #healingjourney #writingcommunity #writersnetwork #writerslife #mirakee

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    Love's promise

    In all my years I've known such strife, in sorrow and pain making sense of what's right
    Knowing the light of love is my heart's beacon
    Energy of joy, abundance is given causing my knees to weaken
    Open to receive the blessings of such force causes my eyes to glisten
    With tears of gratitude as my soul shines having grace enough to listen
    Love is the miracle that fuels powerful healing
    Casting doubt aside while abolishing fear, my body is tingling
    Instilling peace inside my being
    Calling upon its magic is the greatest of truths worth seeing


  • mariateresa 23w

    Shedding layers upon layers, always changing and growing. Looking deep within to cultivate and nourish the magic that awaits below the surface ✨

    #magic #soulhealing #spiritualenlightenment #growing #givemeroom #creatingspace #evolution #humanity #higherconciousness #healingjourney #spiritualjourney #mirakee #writingcommunity #writersnetwork #writerslife #femalepoet #transformation #rebirth

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    Room to grow

    Accepting my quirks, eccentricities and sensitivities
    Using them as superpowers not disabilities
    Creating sacred space in solitude allows me to express my truth
    Something I wasn't able to accomplish in my youth
    Freely I soar, making no apologies
    Understanding my heart has empowered this philosophy
    Graciously I dance through this journey called life
    Excitement and anticipatory energies fuel trajectory of flight
    Day by day and step by step, the view becomes clearer, a lot more room here to grow
    Not settling or stopping, for it's all just temporary
    Transmutable forces alchemize what was once discarded into magic that once experienced becomes legendary

  • mariateresa 23w

    A day at the beach=cloud watching and dreaming. Gazing upon clouds is one of my favorite ways of spending time with myself, basking in solitude.

    #clouds #dreaming #soulhealing #tranquility #solitude #bymyself #writerslife #beachlover #dayatthebeach #healingjourney #writingcommunity #writersnetwork #mirakee #souljourney #meditation #awareness #aliveness #thoughts #deepthoughts #feelings

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    I, cloud

    Cluster of white holding endless thoughts and feelings
    At times light breaks through and others seem void of meaning
    When grayness appears weighted down by confusion
    Releasing what's inside pouring down like tears dispelling delusions
    Imaginative shapes filled with childlike wonder
    Becoming anything I can dream of, fearlessness in the face of thunder
    Moving swiftly across the sky
    Covering sunlight by day and moonlight that mystifies
    Meditating on what is held in my mind's eye
    Connection to divinity, sacred and pure
    Their viewing dissolves as restlessness is cured
    Lost in translation layered wisdom of soul
    Gazing at clouds is a cherished pastime
    Making meaning from which creates endless rhymes