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    For Charley, who has bravely chosen to live another day. ♥️

    by lovenotes_from_carolyn
    Oh Death, you masked marauder!
    You heathen, of ill contempt
    You'll not leave here with my son
    You've failed in your attempt!

    Oh, you had him in your sights
    As you dug your clutches in
    But a mother's love is stronger
    And I will not let you win!!

    You sicken me, you demon
    For you prey on desperate souls
    As you shamelessly rejoice
    Each time the death knell tolls

    You sang to my son so sweetly
    You filled his head with lies
    You offered him nothing but false hope
    That would lead to his own demise

    So cruel are your intentions
    So selfish are your ways
    A hunter of lost souls are you
    Who damns them for all of their days

    Your victims are too weak to see it
    Too lost within their pain
    Never once do they suspect
    That their agony is your gain

    But I've seen you for what you are
    And I know what it is that you do
    And you sir, shall not have my son
    Let the truth be the end of you

    So let it be known you're defeated
    Aye, your days here are done
    My boy is intent now on healing
    You've lost, you damn fool, and we've won.
    ©lovenotes_from_carolyn 11/23/2021

    *Title borrowed from a song by INXS.

    #writersnetwork #miraquill #bipolardisorder #chronicdepression #suicideawareness #healingthroughlove #poweroflove #death #wod

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