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  • eyeenma 46w

    Hello there its your Heart speaking

    I started,
    Just a little connective tissues
    On the embryonic plate
    I dont even know what
    But with a hope
    Love of my mother nurtured me to
    Become functional
    Here I start

    Then my cells start to specialize,
    I start to grow and to divide
    Become bigger and my blip
    Gets a little louder
    I become a passage with Four hallways for
    The blood to pass
    I continue to grow stronger
    From Blip to lubb Dubb
    To growing love

    Oh the Ectodermal Neurons
    Give me a special ability
    To Grow my own Nervous system!!
    Hence I become the coolest Organ
    In the body.

    Oh my Man!!
    The Nervous system
    Can also Cause heart breaks .
    I work all day and all night
    Cus I am important
    I keep on beating
    Some times Pounding in the litte chest.
    Seeing everything
    Inside the mind and outside
    Reacting to the stimulations
    That make your life.

    I go On and On
    Across at everything you do
    Everyone you meet and feel happy about
    I dance a bit
    With every Hurt I cry a bit.

    But Hey there fellow,
    You must remember how important
    I am.
    For you have to take care of your
    Internal best friend
    That is me.

    I am Your Heart. ❤️