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  • zeee_zephyrs 51w

    A dusty bundle of Photographs
    Fell off, while arranging the old almirah
    Shattered, sprinkled on the floor
    With few cassettes and a camera.

    Betwixt those pictures of trips,
    horse rides, long drives and friend groups,
    I discovered an old memory photo
    Brought it forward and gave a look.

    My mind's eye recalled the reflection of the journey,
    You were taking yourself off to another city.
    I accompanied you, for this was our last
    Night aglow with street lights, at around nine fifty.

    Every second of that night had an imprint in my mind
    Every word of goodbyes, had my tears in them.
    Waiting if somebody would stop you from departing,
    Still I greeted your departure but inside I condemn.

    Your departure left me brooding
    In front of the hearth, with coffee on the table,
    The days of togetherness were ephemeral
    The memories of those journeys were only eternal.

    Later I comprehend, why you preserved,
    The silliest of memories in those slim papers
    Keeping them as souvenirs of our friendship,
    Lullaby of our merry days each whisper.
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    Journey to Photographs

  • the_speccy_outsider 54w

    Some say winters signify darkness. And I do agree with them. It indeed is a sign of melancholic darkness. The caelum of azure turns blurry with chandeliers of clouds engulfing it. And the soft zephyr soon transforms into belligerent wind.

    I feel winters are a sign of intermittence. So that one gets an opportunity to grasp all the strength and endurance to sail again amidst the cosy nature draped by the sunshine of summer.

    There's nothing wrong with intermittence though. It should not be like a locked closet. For the ferocious cobwebs enjoy the victory of inducing fear of spiders. Don't give winter the chance to do so. Fraternise with these spiders. You never know, they might be the ones who'd potentially help you through this arduous rigmarole of a season.

    In winters, warmth feels like a stolen ring. But do give a look around, somethings might surprise you. Things may come to you when you might be having the least expectations. Who knows, warmth might be waiting at your doorstep. It'd only take one to go and open the door to usher it in. Or there might be a hidden hearth betwixt all those antique almirahs of nightmares. And that's the best thing, for they are antique and can be eradicated easily.

    Sit at the window and just stare at the wintery landscape. One may not even notice the beginning and end of November. A swift process it would transcend into. As sometimes, being nonchalant is the key during this intermittent period of winter.

    Waiting, wondering and watching while sipping a glass of wine. Being stoic. Well sometimes, that helps.


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  • say_me_krish 56w


    I was a tree with ceaseless salts being
    disgorged out every moment from casements
    and barks which forage for the affection
    and warmth breezes, petrichor and
    chlorophyll held in; for when verdures
    speak, loneliness enters voids of mum,
    and what all I had to do other than sheltering love,
    was accompanying that screamin' kid called silence
    who cried when his mother refused to give him
    the chocolates which were meant for autumn kids
    to relish upon with rains pouring down the crystals.

    Every breath accompanied by entities of a
    thousand leaves can always bring beams even
    in the wildest of downright hearts,
    for the tree which shed maple leaves once
    had scarlet and medallion flowers which smiled
    their departure to the heavens and swevens.
    And when I see November walking close to me,
    Death knocks my door holding sirens and speakers.
    Some trees are killed in hearths, and my time's close.

    I was failure for a bird
    with apprehension stuffed inside my bones,
    and suffering dangling as weight by my wings.
    I was devoid of feathers, wings and hope
    as they were plucked out mercilessly by my own kin.
    with all that gone, my strength had disintegrated into countless strings of pain,
    and i had lost my will to fight, as without the power of flight, there was no reason to live.

    On that dreary night, from the ruthless sky
    when I fell under your pacifying shade,
    your tender leaves dropped dewdrops in my eyes and relieved my vision from haze
    When I gained consciousness, I found myself resting on the ends of your strong branches.
    you had held me in your arms, like I was your baby and you caressed with subtle nuances
    I was counting my last breaths, but you assured me that everything will be fine
    but without wings, hope and energy, how would I be able to fly again in the sky?

    ©say_me_krish and veloc1ty_

    My collab with the legendary and famous writer @veloc1ty_ . The two initial stanzas are mine, and the rest are of Velo bro.
    @writersnetwork Thank you! (52, 7) #skp_writes #hearthc #wnnkrish

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  • 300roses 56w

    @writersbay Thanks for the (1st) repost! Appreciate it. It made my day! ����

    The Dying Hearth
    The fire in the hearth used to dance brilliantly,
    Now, it's just a weak flame faltering.
    No one cared to nurture the flame,
    In time, it would turn faint.
    By & by, the flame would die away,
    leaving embers in its wake.
    The lively hearth was no more,
    No one would care if it's gone.
    The hearth's plight mirrors my fate,
    Soon, away I shall fade.


    #hearthc #writersbay #writersnetwork

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    By & by, the flame would die away,
    leaving embers in its wake.

  • wilmaneels 56w

    -Passion ablaze-

    Her passion was like a blazing hearth
    But only when it came to him
    When others were around
    The air got so cold
    No one ever believed him
    When he recounted the times
    When clothes were optional
    Even in the midst of Winter
    *image credit to rightful owner*

  • dee_lines 56w

    That night I cried,
    The hearth in my soul that blazed for you quenched.

  • dee_lines 56w

    My veins pulsated in pain
    Yet you put me through it again and again
    Every emotional roller coaster was in vain
    But that night I cried a rain,
    Every feeling drenched
    The hearth in my heart that blazed for you quenched.

  • bclark2681 56w


    We lay upon the hearth,
    Our naked bodies wrapped
    Within the cashmere couverture
    As flames dance upon the walls,
    Our sex ravaging the torrid fire

  • mirakeewrites_ 56w

    I told you once ,more than happiness ,its going to be tears,
    yet you said you wanted to be by my side for all the years.
    I told you once my eyes hold more dark than glitter and shine,
    yet you told me me you wanted to be mine.
    I told you I am.difficult to love, one day you will get tired,
    You kissed my forehead and said i was all you desired.
    I told you I may not be able to give you my time,for I even forget to give to myself some day,
    You winked me, I need you only you not time, with a bright smile you say.
    I told you, so many times, I am not the one,
    you smiled and said I was your moon, all your stars and the sun.
    I told you you won't understand me and leave one day,
    you told you will be by my side come what may..

    AND WHEN..
    I finally started to believe in waht you said,
    intead of those poetries and novels your eyes were all that I read.
    So well versed that a look from you could tell,
    I lost in them as if under some spell.
    I lost myself somehwere in you,
    I broke my world and built it all new.
    I stitched this new world with the fabric of hope,
    our love was the string,for hanging the dreams I used that as a rope.
    My poetries had you in them all,
    you were my world,just around you it became so small.
    All the songs and happniess was about you,
    around you all my dreams I started to sew.

    BUT THEN.....
    The world stepped in, reality striked and we parted ways,
    what we used to be sure of had turned into mays.
    now you are gone , no sign of you,
    everything old now seems too new.
    too new for me to start again,
    which once was happiness is now reason for my pain...

    (PS- I guess most of us go through these phases, ONCE followed by AND WHEN and BUT THEN)

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    I saw our dreams burn in the hearth of misunderstandings and the whole world was enjoying the warmth it gave when I was screaming with pain that the warmth gave me........

  • sproutedseeds 56w


    Be like the HEARTH in the heart
    of everyone
    giving warmth and comfort with
    soothing words and let them
    feel the embers of your gesture.

  • juniflrz 56w

    The Beach

    The rays of the sun on her skin warming her glowing radiance. The breezy wind floating her soul aflight as free bird. The rolling gentle waves touching her feet soothing the internal coldness. The peaceful silence surrounding her is the comforting hearth of her home.


  • pallavi4 56w


    I was born of a small match of wood
    But little did that match know
    What it had given birth to
    For I would never be someone’s beau

    I started tiny, at the end of a flint
    Slowly gaining vigour and spark
    Finding life and finally breathing
    I hoped to leave in the end, my mark

    From one object to another I leapt
    Flitting from the furniture to the walls
    The more I had, the more I wanted
    Whatever it took, I had to have it all

    Consume I did home and hearth
    Whatever came in my way
    My now leaping flames withstood
    The winds that were billowing that day

    I licked and devoured one and all
    The whole house to the ground I did raze
    My feral form slowly grew ferocious
    From a kindle I became a blaze

    Boom and crackle, play I did
    Enjoyed myself with all my might
    They tried their best to put me out
    Struggling and suffocating in the night

    Engulfing the house, I revelled
    In the chaos and pandemonium I’d made
    No water or hose could put me out
    I rejoiced seeing the worry on their faces

    Elated after seeing how long I had lasted
    Till the sky reached my mile high flames
    They would rue the day that they met me
    And remember me as the fire they couldn’t tame

    In the embers and debris still glowing red
    Lay the essence of who I became
    I planned to live on in the fragments scattered
    That would for a long time in the air remain


    6th of November, 2020

    Pic credit: Pinterest, picture credited to its rightful owner

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  • anamika17 56w

    Assimilating and uniting my
    Hard-earned pain in a corner,
    Melting my heart to see it grow
    With all it's vigour and fine grace.
    Am I ready to enjoy it's growth?
    Or have decided to bid a farewell?
    Gazing at it minutely,decided to
    Throw it away from my mind
    To the hearth of my cosy zone.
    Let's amuse the burning of grief,
    The more it spreads the flame ,
    The more I feel free from the burden
    Of agony ,kept safely for so long.
    'Weight less' the new form of myself,
    I'm flying for the stars to reach.
    Heat of the hearth kept me alive.

  • tardigrade 56w

    A dead flame

    We sat by the hearth
    tried to kindle the flame
    We spoke not a word
    Yet left nothing unsaid

    I reached for the wood
    But you stood in the way
    Left me paralyzed,
    When you called it a day

    As the fire burnt out,
    we eyed the shapes it made.
    Burnt in the back of our eyes,
    A dead flame whose warmth stayed.

  • fleeing_fossil 56w

    #hearthc @writersbay #haikuc #100thpost #pod @writersnetwork thanks so much for the 3rd repost

    Here, each stanza is a haiku

    P.s. : It's six-month-old and very close to my heart.

    Thank you so much @mirakee it's surreal to reach my very first pod and thanks to everyone over here. Stay safe.��
    @jerry_21 I miss you.❤

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    A Sunflower under the Sunlight

    A sunflower, rubbing
    her eyes, peeped up at eastern
    sky, saw a huge man

    A man who's filling
    the whole realm, with light; whose first
    rays touched her softly

    Touched her snug petals
    to wake her folded self up from
    the night's deep slumber.

    He poured radiance
    And strength as much as he'd with
    a contented smile

    Wild zephyrs blew, bloom
    became vagrant and Sun
    went red with fury

    He didn't fancy bad
    company for her since he
    hopes to protect her

    Protect her under
    His hearth of apricity
    Until she thrives

    Thrives into sanguine
    and self-efficient flower
    One, he'd be proud of.

    Cried in hiraeth
    for Sun's glimpse; she dozed off
    in Moon's satin lap.

    She woke up to warm
    kisses on her fresh forehead:
    of pure clemency.

    She swirled east and west,
    thought what to call his largesse
    and bounced brightly

    Bounced brightly as that
    word filled her with euphoria;
    She whispered "Father!"


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  • bonitasarahbabu 56w

    Her hearth is blazing and ready for all,
    But there are maybe two who often visit to warm themselves.
    The hearth is warm and is ready for all,
    Sadly, not many want to come to visit.
    The hearth is warm and welcoming,
    She awaits any, with hope.

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  • brahmleen_ 56w

    ••Tears of tranquility••

    shiny aura glistened with
    an everlasting grin
    oblivion was the facade where her
    sombre skin was sentenced to death
    since a long while
    only she could breathe under
    the nerves of rowan ink on the tears of
    Black paper above the ashes of hearth
    only she could dance on the tunes of
    her muse~~~~~~~~


    #hearthc @writersnetwork @mirakee #writersnetwork

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    ••Tears of tranquility••

    only she could breathe under the nerves of rowan ink on the tears of Black paper above the ashes of hearth
    only she could dance on the tunes of
    her muse~~~~~~~~


  • pj_animation 56w

    You forever are my hearth
    You always warm my heart
    And you complete a part
    Together its a pact

  • discoveringself 56w

    When the heart yearns for the hearth of love,
    But is yielded the icy thorns of neglect and ignorance,
    The forlorn words that spill in tears;
    Form verses, the world calls poetry!