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  • kr_isha_kichooz 208w

    It was more than any palmpit could hold,
    more than the panes of rectangular glasses could scatter ,
    surplus for any reserviour could preserve,
    Rather,It was a rageous flow down of blood and toil in blues,leaving all in vain, victims in freeze, Almighty in death cold.
    Thousand words unspoken,Hundred messages unsend, and infinite feelings unexpressed kept fluttering through the red waves crying for escape..
    On the course, many stopped their cries and entered the forever silence zone..while others almost had lost their hope..
    Even amidst the cataclysm,the restless Angels of exclusion ,become the saviour of Our universe.Many lost their wings, Some their lives..
    but never were they shattered nor lost
    We plead for help, begged for life
    Some pretend blind...
    The Unexpected turned protectors.
    We defenitely will rise again from the ashes of destruction..but not like an impotent pheonix does..but rather like a beautiful fertile lotus does rise from the very mud of sacrifices and efforts we witnessed