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    Law of cause and effect:

    "Every cause has its effect; every effect has its cause. Energy happens according to law. chance is but a name for the law not recognized ; There are many planes of causations. Nothing escapes the law".

    We need to understand and imbibe in our life that every action has a reaction or consequence. We reap what we have sown.
    Nothing ever merely happens and there is no such thing as chance.

    According to this law, what we call good luck / bad luck is really the energetic pushes and pulls / expansions and contractions / highs and lows of primary causes and the energy of the time and place combined, which gives rise to that specific luck or unlucky event we call a chance.

    It is important to understand that everything has its energy or vibration which is described by the LAW OF VIBRATION.

    Every thought we think, everything we say and every act we perform has its direct and indirect consequences which fits into the great chain of cause and effect.

    There is a reason why we've been taught that everything happens for a reason which implies that there are consequences for effects we experience and endure. Not to forget the time factor which plays a substantial role between the cause and effect.

    Find more laws here #universal_laws

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    Law of cause and effect

  • lockhart_red 79w

    Law of correspondence is one of the governing principles of the universe.

    Law of correspondence :

    as above so below; as below so above
    as within so without; as without so within

    This law states that everything you hide inside reflects on your outside world. Your outer world is a projection of your inner world.
    You wanna change your life, change your thoughts, change your mindset.
    This would lead to transformation of your life.
    This law can be seen in every aspect of life.

    This can be a hard to understand for few... But this works literally.

    For example, consider a tree... The way its branches are spread out, in the same way, are the roots spread out under the ground.

    Find more laws here #universal_laws

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    Law of correspondence