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    /Quotations/ Disclaimer : I have cited quotations and dialogues in this series, without which this would be incomplete. I would say, I attempted an entangled collab/
    Maybe I'll delete this series someday... (~_~;)
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    10 May 2021 1.51 pm

    [The end of Van Gogh series ,Thank you, those who read !
    I don't know what I accomplished, but I feel satisfied ]

    Vincent's Butterflies ~

    Vincent found solace in the lap of nature. With his neon tinted vision, he found the thin blades of green grass as soft as a velvet veil to thorny thoughts. He found the branches of fir trees as comfortable as a cradle to his clammy mind. He found the endless wheat fields as serene as a prayer house to his ailing soul.

    / "painting promises color " , as soothing as music /

    He transformed what soothed himself into art and what better cocoon to his caterpillar than the world of colors. So he immersed himself in those hues in hopes of metamorphosis to butterfly, as soothing to soul like music.

    Hopeful hues in his Butterfly series evoked rays of faith reflected by bright rhythmic brush strokes. Fascinated with butterflies since an infant, he saw those fragile lives as a symbol of fervent hope.

    Metaphors perched on the branches of chaos inside his head, screamed at him the innate potential of life for metamorphosis.

    / Unknown transformation of grubs into beetles
    Cocoons that transform caterpillars to butterflies
    Assuming existence of colors in another life-space
    Hopefully affirms the altered existence of painter-butterflies /

    He painted twin butterflies with white delicate wings whispering wishes to green coated grass, delighted in the daydreams of a dainty day.
    / A symbol of 'freedom and foreboding '/

    He also painted 'Butterflies and Poppies' with 'bright colored layers of oil on canvas that gave a textile-like feel'. How his hopelessly hopeful mind could differentiate colors and give them a characteristic of nature is extraordinary.

    Even his blooms had a veil of gloom
    And his hope had an inevitable slope
    He roamed freely in the valleys of death
    Disappeared like a butterfly devoid of breath

    / He wondered about fallen angels of women
    " She is seeking, seeking, seeking -- does she herself know what? Might she be transformed one day like a grub into a butterfly?" /

    Today, a dainty day in the month of May, 2021,
    I seek a shadow of hope in the wailing greenery and wilting sunflowers. I imagine a sea of poppies in the barren field across my balcony and wish for a monsoon that could fulfill my daydreams. I wonder whether such a monsoon will ever arrive and welcome a swarm of butterflies - a kaleidoscope of hope
    Yet the nature makes me ponder again of possible potentials of a drought land of my mind. Some of those summer showers surprised me with blossoms of gulmohar in the lone tree in my vicinity. Maybe some verses could transform me into a butterfly too. A poet can hope.

    One such day in the month of May, 1889, Vincent spotted a rare nocturnal moth called death's head. The painting was titled 'Green Peacock Moth' but Vincent self-titled it as 'Deaths Head Moth'.
    Its linked wings were bleak black and grey splashes of murky cloud-like shape with white tinges and vague shades of olive green. The vivid colors and the intensity of passion is obviously visible from the enlarged size of the moth and the plants in the backdrop.
    The 'lords-and-ladies' in the background symbolize copulation of man and woman. A cluster of bright red cherries are characteristic of female flower which remain when leaves start withering in Autumn. Perhaps these poisonous berries symbolizes the existence of evil in the world, the blooms the attraction of human nature and the moth a symbol of looming death. Yet its the depiction of a delicate life, a transformed life, a FULFILLED Life.

    / Did those butterflies inspire 'a troubled soul to survive'
    Or did the emperor moth lure in his soul like a siren /

    He was a pupa of painter
    A chrysalis of creativity
    A butterfly of art/artist
    And a moth of insanity

    He was that 'Existential Butterfly', a caterpillar that hibernate in the cocoon of colors, only to wake up as
    a ' Lost Butterfly'


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    Flower said to the bud "why are you so uptight?"
    Bud replied "I'm in hibernation mode. Prefer to stay like this. Don't want to see outside sufferings.

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    This isn't a new feeling, oh, I know it well.

    The numbness of my heart spreads throughout my whole body.

    My eyes threaten to close, should I let them?

    I don't wish to die, no that's not my desire.

    Yet, this is so heavy. So heavy. I feel like a stone that has been thrown into the water, sinking into the darkness where no one can listen.

    Whispers of winter echo inside the chambers of my soul, are you empty ? Where has the warmth gone?

    The flames died out because no one was watching them. The eternal summer my childhood knew is gone, and now my insides are frozen.

    Crimson rivers overflow, the pain is crushing, and the wind is merciless. Please, just let me go.

    I'll slip into hibernation, sound and safe in a cave inside my mind. I'll keep the shadows out, and wait until I have strengths once more.

    For now? Let me sleep. Sleep. Sleep.

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    Winter's sleep


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    Life is full of puzzles
    Toxic people surrounding me
    Have made my life miserable
    Taking a break from the hustle.

    So here I go on a vacation
    To a faraway hill station
    for self reflection and hibernation
    forgetting the bitter facts
    and think of better solutions
    to acknowledge the
    gift of life with appreciation.

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    When nothing
    goes right,
    I hibernate
    to heal.


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    Baby !

    Hibernating those emotion
    Will kill you ....
    It's okay to feel broken
    You know those pieces shine brightly.

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    Let's tattoo metaphors,
    Which would light the world
    When the moon and sun
    Sleep in the shades of

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    #elehaiku #dwalec #iconography #hibernation

    *Lines in the BG is a haiku with syllable order~5/7/5 except for the words within the parenthesis.

    **Shrivelled petals of her heart credited to~ The poetic buds.

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    The city paints me with the colours
    of a migraine and noise,
    over my meadow greens and silent blues
    and when the sickly smell of paint
    starts to overpower my senses,
    making them oblivious to the smell of peace,
    I want to fold into myself, I want to close
    the twin doors of my oyster shell and
    imprison myself within it,
    I want to drift into a reverie
    where silence sings a lullaby,
    where I can feel the fresh grass sinking
    divinely under the feet of my
    dream self,
    where the sky doesn't know the word
    where every day brings something
    fresh and new;
    I want to
    the city out of me.

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    A mind occupied with numerous thoughts
    Subconsciously effecting my emotions
    Eyes are hunting for you continously
    While mouth uttering your name

    Am drained up physically & emotionally
    Yet you are no where to seen
    Spare me
    I cant take this anymore
    I just want to shut it all
    Hibernate in my cave
    For hours, days or even for years!

    Don't you mistaken it as act of coward
    It's my bravery
    To distance myself from you

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    Whether you hibernate alone
    Or in the arms of someone,
    It doesn't make a difference
    When you are running away from yourself
    Pretending to be amnesiac towards the present,
    Trying to bridge the distance
    Between you and your memories
    As if the presence of a companion
    Can add a new dimension to your story
    By adding a plot twist
    Which you are unable to resist
    And sink in further into its depths
    While bartering your battered emotions
    For a moment of solace.

    The pillow of a tender bosom
    Softer than delusion
    Lulls you to sleep
    To the rhythms of heart beats
    And you take all the trouble
    Just for a carnal release
    When the reality is that
    You have been fucking yourself through life
    Without being able to hide your head
    Inside your own chest
    And thats one limitation
    That pulls you back to make believe promises.

    But then the warmth of touch
    Can just do so much
    As the absurdity of love
    Cannot be stretched beyond a point
    When you realize
    That two lonely souls can never make a whole,
    Cannot add a silver lining to this cloudy rigmarole
    That scatters as a stray tuft of a dandelion
    Whose beauty lies in its rebellion
    To leave its comfy and fluffy home
    And explore the skies all alone
    On the fluttering eyelashes of the wind,
    Hoping that they don't blink too often
    And weigh down all the cotton dreams
    With the anchor of showery tears.

    The hibernation ends before you realize that it has begun
    Just like the prey around whom the web is spun
    With drops of dew reflecting the glittering sun
    Weaving a divine necklace that closes in around your throat
    But it has been so long since you spoke
    About your broken heart to someone
    Though you camouflaged it well in cerebral discussions;
    Stuck like a season that refuses to pass away
    And this is where you now stay
    Eternally trapped between hibernation and damnation.


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    Heart turned into a barren land
    And my feet too they don't like where they stand,
    Sometimes I just need to go into hibernation
    To escape myself from any stress or tension,
    And let the coldness inside warm a little
    Let me cover myself with armour of iron and steel.

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    I saw the world turning grey
    With my eyes filled
    with the harshness
    it brought my way
    and I want to disappear
    And fall in deep inside
    the shallowness
    I felt cuts deeper
    Dragging me inside
    the black hole of emotion
    Lending me on
    the barren of cruelty
    I am going to go
    where I can go into hibernation
    just so that I can
    forget the damage and distortion.


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    Betwixt tangled insipid routines
    Often walking backwards in chronology
    As world dwelling upon rushing ahead
    Belligerence becoming new cliché
    With fallen debris of metaphors burning
    Grinding consciousness amid chaotic times
    A euphoric sojourn one tends to find,
    Deprived from concurrent absurdity
    And derived by moments of pristine serene
    Flowing with unbridled generosity,
    Pampering properly this soul within
    To rejuvenate self from forced insanity,
    Defined by ludicrous codes that don't exist
    I create hibernation with some lucid Lenity
    Whimsical musings they go dormant
    As skin emancipates to feel zephyr of truth
    Anesthesia applied through poetries
    With my words caressing all cicatrix
    Fallen mythical creatures, i believe in one too,
    Phoenixes they rest in ashes eventually
    Only to revamp with same burning allegories
    To carve the end for new beginnings
    Betwixt tangled insipid routines unending
    Often walking backwards in chronology
    I create hibernation with some lucid felicity
    Along the lines of reclusivness i cherish

    #hibernation #wod #pod

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    Happy mother's day to all the beautiful mother's out there
    I hope they stay safe n sound always ������


    Had you ever felt the urge to see what is magic
    Or did you find it hidden in the
    charms and spells of old rusted books .

    Isn't it magical ?
    A word of hope ,
    ringing upon your ears .
    A hug full of sympathy
    Erasing all the fears.

    �� She is the magic , she is your mother ��

    // She is to me
    What dream is to eyes. //

    Her words create harmony ,
    Create rhymes
    to bring upon your face a warm smile.
    Create third and fifths
    Stronger than the flow of time .

    �� She controls sorcery ,
    She's very kind . ��

    Isn't it witchcraft ?
    She sang a song
    a song so warm ,
    finally make winter to give up
    on my heart .
    My soul was Hibernating
    Until gently roused by her love .

    �� Cause she is my hope note . ��


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    Wintry wind freezing my muse ,thoughts and notions flaking ,
    Smog of numbness disparaged my fanciful sky,
    Pine tree's dusted snow on unspoken words
    Buried them in grave,
    Cloud engulfed my stimulating sun wholly,
    Struggling to feed my soul with some morsels of inspiration,
    Frosty milieu sheathed my artistic pen ,
    Ink choking and losing it's beats persistently,
    Asking to take the path of hibernation.


    Situation I'm going through these days ����

    Picture Credit: Pinterest

    #hibernation #pod
    #wod #mirakee

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    Frosty milieu sheathed my artistic pen ,
    Ink choking and losing it's beats persistently,
    Asking to take the path of hibernation.


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    Hibernate at home,
    Hover your saliva,
    Distance yourself,
    to increase survival.
    Stay safe and fight this rival,
    And together we shall reach revival.

    #slogan #hibernation #writersnetwork @writersnetwork #wod #pod #mirakee #writerbay #covid19 #staysafe #stayhome
    (Pic credit: North Oaks Health system)

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    Hibernate at home,
    Hover your saliva,
    Distance yourself,
    to increase survival.
    Stay safe and fight this rival,
    And together we shall reach revival.