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  • unbeknownst 2w

    तेरे दिया पत्रों पर पड़ी सलवटों में भी मैंने अपने हसी लम्हों की यादों को छुपा कर रखा है।।।


  • harithareddy 3w

    # make ur lil soul happy# live for yourself#not for others#make ur self knwn #don't let others to know about you#create happiness# make secrets#make ur secret soul#hidden u#

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    Secret soul

    Let your little soul knows about u......

    Not the world ....... Whom to be known

  • raghavendrabs 4w

    Am I

    Am I just a lucky heap of star dust that gained consciousness ?
    Am I just a collection of values that my school filled me with ?
    Am I just a few years of addition to the human experiences ?
    Am I an aggregation of all the songs that were suggested to me to listen forthwith ?
    Am I a stockpile of all the thoughts my parents fed me ?
    Am I categorised as mature or am I brushed off as naive ?
    Am I a voice for a loud idea or whisper from under all the customary debris?
    Am I a free man or a whittled down version of a glorified slave ?
    Am I a source of carbon dioxide or am I the receipt of oxygen ?
    Am I categorised as real or am I a character in a simulation ?
    Am I truly unique or am I just an idea that’s boringly common?
    Am I the creation of a divine entity or am I just an outcome of evolution?
    Everything around me, everything I descry,
    Am I supposed to silently enjoy it or question it and ask why?
    Is the phrase “Ignorance is bliss” a truth or a lie ?
    If that’s the truth, then my clueless self must be happy but Am I ?

    Raghavendra B S

  • raghavendrabs 4w


    “Trust in the grandeur of the God’s plan.
    Everything happens for a reason.
    Be patient, things will turn and for good.”
    The words of optimism kept coming.
    Suddenly a cry was heard from within, “Wait! You’re a man!”
    The society held trail with its “Manly laws” and the accused was guilty due to a smidgen
    The accused had picked up a pen and the words had fizzled out as they could
    And an unknowing tear drop had escaped without a warning!

    Guilty of sheltering tears and letting one escape.
    The accused wondered about what had to be done.
    The verdict was simple and the accused had been convicted.
    The tear that had sneaked past had changed things permanently.
    It had resulted in an opinion and it taken a deadly shape,
    The convicted was scanned for remorse, there was none!
    Though the poker face didn’t show it, deep inside it had affected.
    And the society, with its laws, had once again butchered a man mercilessly!

    It all started when he thought he would pick up the pen to hide a tear,
    He thought the penning would be a relief
    The picking was hard and tough,
    And the pen stayed there collecting dust.
    A good kid, to a mediocre undergrad, to an adult devoid of cheer,
    From crying out loud to zero signs of grief,
    The inevitably invisible journey remained rough.
    Before a “Why me” was uttered, Fate claimed it was just!

    Raghavendra B S

  • jbhatnagar 4w

    Hidden in a photograph

    There is a hidden pain beneath each smile
    A hidden self beside every being and
    A hidden story behind every photograph


  • night_mist_ 7w


    इन्त्क़ाम् ही लेना होता तुमसे तो कब का इन्त्क़ाम ले लिया होता ,
    खुद को एक बार मे मिटा के तुम्हें हर लम्हें के लिए तबाह कर दिया होता ।

    ये मोहब्बत हि है मेरी जो तुमसे ही कि है ,
    वरना हर चीज़ कि जिद्द हमने पूरी कि है ।

    हम एक ना हो सके शायद ये मुकद्दर था हमारा ,
    वरना मोहब्बत के एहकामात् निभाने मे हमने भी कोई कसर बाकी नहीं कि है ।

    हा ,मैं नहीं समझ सकता जो दर्द तुमने सहे थे ,
    लेकिन क्या तुमने समझा मेरा दर्द जो तुमने दिए थे ।

    हा , मैं नहीं रहा उस गम्ज़दा माजी मे जो तुमने महसूस किये थे ,
    लेकिन क्या तुमने कभी तवज्जो दिया मेरे उन जख्मो पर जो तुमने मुझे तोहफे मे दिए थे ।

  • raghavendrabs 7w

    21st Century Home

    A brawl at breakfast and a kiss at noon.
    An unreasonable argument and a stretched debate.
    A fight that started ugly but ended soon,
    “Home” was always a person that understood despite the dire state.

    An unwelcome guest asked to leave,
    A fight to stay while the host was not hospitable,
    “What you seek isn’t here and this isn’t a place to grieve!”
    The tears meant nothing, unrequited love was a trait that was deplorable!

    Hours together and hours on call,
    The words never ended, the rush seemed perennial.
    A whisper of rumours and it came crashing with a fall.
    The tears meant something, as a breakup usually leaves either in denial.

    Self proclaimed reasons and the attached commitment issues,
    A bee had better sense of loyalty but it was set to be an example.
    Trying to fill a void by using innocent feelings and collecting unlawful dues.
    The tears didn’t exist, many hearts were broken by yet another “Freestyle” vandal.

    Far away from all of this, lived a simple being
    That only dreamt of a person called Home and a life with ease.
    That sought a childish brawl at breakfast and at noon, endless kissing.
    Neither a “Home” nor able to find one, the person ended up in others’ list of AirBNBs.
    Raghavendra B S

  • raghavendrabs 13w

    Perpetually Fleeting

    A place known for peace,
    A person called home,
    You run to either seeking solace,
    Expecting the same care a baby gets from a womb!

    The place used to be different,
    Filled with hymns from the birds
    Nature listening to you patiently and being considerate
    Every single emotion shared without the need for words!

    The place now stands changed,
    The birds don’t stay there anymore,
    You wonder what left you so estranged
    With a place that was dear, the thought makes you sore!

    The person used to be different,
    From mundane happenings to the strangest secrets,
    Some feelings, though evident, the world was aliterate.
    But this person would identify every hidden pain, sealed with agony packaged in regrets!

    The person now stands changed,
    The conversations don’t happen anymore,
    A gruesome argument without a word exchanged,
    Paths diverted against everything that was swore!

    A whine signifying the love for the place,
    And a long sigh holding back an unreleased tear for the person,
    A picture reminding you of both, brings a smile devoid of its grace,
    And the mind replays the whole chronicles of desertion!

    Raghavendra B S

  • raghavendrabs 14w


    Would dream a hundred dreams every night,
    Some too fleeting, some with a lasting impact,
    And suddenly, without informing me about a fight,
    Life punched me in the face, it’s unanticipated whammy was it’s tact!

    With a bloody nose and a dizzy head I looked around,
    I hoped to get some help from someone experienced with this,
    Found none but a cacophony of voices suggesting something supposedly profound.
    Some suggested that I “fight back” and others that I “go with the flow” for my peace!

    Dreaming of stars from the far reaches of the universe,
    Untamed and unchallenged my dreams had no barriers.
    A jolt of reality shackling me with societal restrictions,
    Bound to responsibilities, there were only a few places that my dream could now traverse.

    What seemed exhaustingly huge was now utterly insignificant!
    From reading and discussing things that challenged my imagination,
    Ideas across different subjects, some baseless, some trivial but it always felt magnificent,
    To aridly watching the news about all the politicians blaming each other to build the nation!

    Born as a human child with countless thoughts and questions,
    Growing up to a specific idea of freedom that’s predefined in several ways.
    Its tough to be the dreamer now, the mind is tired of all the instructions.
    But a wish, to go back to that time when I dreamt, to that place filled with dreams!

    Raghavendra B S

  • charithaburri 16w


    In the name of forever and long run, we often forget to embrace the moments. Life is all about quality not the quantity. Don't you think so....

  • _rantings_of_a_shy_soul_ 16w

    Ode To The Quiet Ones

    She tries so hard but never feels a part of anything. It seems that she's an outcast, that her friends are better off without her. And even though she doesn't say it, it kills her from the inside. She feels no one really needs her, no one wants to listen to what's running on her mind. She's always the one who is left behind because she never nags to hang out as she thinks it might bother them if she tags along.

    She feels alone even when surrounded by people, she feels she doesn't belong or matter to anyone. That if one fine day she disappears people would even fail to notice that she's gone. That's how much invisible she is. Perhaps she craves for assurance, and security, to feel that she too is important, that she matters and is not as invisible as she thinks she is.

    People assume that she's happy alone, she's content in being with herself, and that's am image she herself has implanted in everyone's mind. And yes, it might be somewhat true but that doesn't mean she doesn't want to make new friends, she just needs time to open up. But in this fast-paced world, who's gonna give her the time to open up? To dig deep within her heart and find out all the treasures she has been hiding so far from everyone. Who's gonna listen to her when everyone is busy sharing their own stories? Who's gonna break her high walls and explore what's inside? Who?

    How long will it take for people to understand that even the quietest ones have things to say, tons of bottled up things to share? How long till these loners drown themselves in their own loneliness?

  • raghavendrabs 18w

    Paroled Thoughts

    Heart lamented while brain stood cold.
    Love was long lost but life moved on.
    A book, a song, a trigger and then those thoughts were paroled.
    The pain returned stealthily but it was “supposedly” long gone.

    Mistakes recounted and analysed deeply.
    Questions and doubts fighting a deadly war
    “Maybe that’s why that happened with me!”
    And several other thoughts, some even bizarre!

    Every little fight relived a million times,
    The hurtful words thundered and echoed!
    The reminder of turning a blind eye to all those signs
    Which were a stroke of luck or probably some wisdom from God!

    Despite the differences and all the fallacies,
    The heart never blamed and still lamented.
    The brain had watched and learned through the abnormalities.
    Though the brain reasoned and was devoid of emotion, it was ironically called “cold-hearted”!

    Raghavendra B S

  • alfaazdilke 21w

    Believe me you are damn lucky if you are able to express your feelings with that special person without any fear

  • ions0206 24w

    Behind every reason of fight there is love hidden...

  • redishbrown 24w


    Why do we need to cover up our feelings/emotions just to be acceptable for the people we love?

  • kingofdarkness 26w

    #hidden feelings
    #all boys are not same

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    I am a boy
    Not a source of someone's joy,
    As you are not a toy
    I am also not a play boy.!
    You can trust me
    You can be with me,
    Yes I do respect everyone
    But my feelings for you are not like for everyone.!
    I have a heart
    And I have a bunch of emotions.
    It is you & me
    Together it could be we..!
    Yes, I have emotions,
    Don't you have sensations

  • samanshakreen 26w

    #silence #deepwithin #understand #hidden

    That storm of hate
    The winds with grace
    Blown away hearts
    Of respected places
    Those lights of love
    Brights to glory
    The sudden wave
    As man's power totally
    What else, we bear
    All not so new
    Thus life midway
    A travelled choase
    Surrendered souls with flirty eyes
    The thing was
    That Paradise was not in the vogue
    But in the soul which beautifully died♫ ♪♪

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    The Silent Storm.

  • kush___boi 26w


    A lot of hidden secrets behind the word,
    Your mind tells you.
    Maybe I am or I should..........

  • jules9 27w

    Something is hidden
    Deep inside
    Belie the reality
    For others' eyes

  • abhi0007 27w


    To solve a riddle.
    You need to get in to the middle.

    No of paths will be on the way.
    You need to be wise.

    Avoiding chaos and dangers.
    Covering potholes.
    You need to play a role.
    Your goal will be visible.
    Avoiding the invisibles.

    You dont have to be divisible.
    Once you become responsible.