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  • raghavendrabs 25w

    21st Century Home

    A brawl at breakfast and a kiss at noon.
    An unreasonable argument and a stretched debate.
    A fight that started ugly but ended soon,
    “Home” was always a person that understood despite the dire state.

    An unwelcome guest asked to leave,
    A fight to stay while the host was not hospitable,
    “What you seek isn’t here and this isn’t a place to grieve!”
    The tears meant nothing, unrequited love was a trait that was deplorable!

    Hours together and hours on call,
    The words never ended, the rush seemed perennial.
    A whisper of rumours and it came crashing with a fall.
    The tears meant something, as a breakup usually leaves either in denial.

    Self proclaimed reasons and the attached commitment issues,
    A bee had better sense of loyalty but it was set to be an example.
    Trying to fill a void by using innocent feelings and collecting unlawful dues.
    The tears didn’t exist, many hearts were broken by yet another “Freestyle” vandal.

    Far away from all of this, lived a simple being
    That only dreamt of a person called Home and a life with ease.
    That sought a childish brawl at breakfast and at noon, endless kissing.
    Neither a “Home” nor able to find one, the person ended up in others’ list of AirBNBs.
    Raghavendra B S

  • raghavendrabs 30w

    Perpetually Fleeting

    A place known for peace,
    A person called home,
    You run to either seeking solace,
    Expecting the same care a baby gets from a womb!

    The place used to be different,
    Filled with hymns from the birds
    Nature listening to you patiently and being considerate
    Every single emotion shared without the need for words!

    The place now stands changed,
    The birds don’t stay there anymore,
    You wonder what left you so estranged
    With a place that was dear, the thought makes you sore!

    The person used to be different,
    From mundane happenings to the strangest secrets,
    Some feelings, though evident, the world was aliterate.
    But this person would identify every hidden pain, sealed with agony packaged in regrets!

    The person now stands changed,
    The conversations don’t happen anymore,
    A gruesome argument without a word exchanged,
    Paths diverted against everything that was swore!

    A whine signifying the love for the place,
    And a long sigh holding back an unreleased tear for the person,
    A picture reminding you of both, brings a smile devoid of its grace,
    And the mind replays the whole chronicles of desertion!

    Raghavendra B S

  • raghavendrabs 77w

    Assumption leads to misunderstandings. Assumption kills... relationships.

    A gender neutral story about two birds in love but ended up not expressing it.

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    What If? Not!

    It started out as a "Why am I feeling this?"
    Went on to be "Maybe it's just ok to let go"
    Grew stronger with "There's something amiss"
    Finally, it was sealed with "This is the one, I know!"

    Messages started off while the initial "talking is tough" phase,
    Slowly speaking was easier than it seemed.
    It was complete when it changed to a simple glance sideways
    And the message was conveyed.

    The conversations were endless,
    The moments together seemed fleeting yet built a mutual reliance,
    Hours were like seconds, even essays couldn’t fully express
    It was fun to talk, yet a strange comfort was felt in the combined silence.

    The journey began as a stranger
    Went on to be a confidant
    With no courage to confess despite there being no danger
    The person who made it all comfortable was also the one to daunt.

    While one waited patiently for the words,
    The other assumed it would ruin the equation,
    Time moved on and so did the birds,
    But neither realised that it all ended with an assumption.
    Raghavendra B S

  • raghavendrabs 109w

    In many places, especially in India, a garbage man is not treated with respect. Most of us don’t even know the names of the person who collects our garbage. It’s about time we start respecting all professions and also start being amiable with some of the people that have been ignored for long. This is about a Garbage Man, but not just him, a watchman, a bellhop and every human on earth. Everyone deserves kindness and love. This is an attempt to look at things from their perspective.

    #pain #depression #woeful #hiddenwithasmile #hidden #void #work #respecttowork #garbageman #frontlinewarriors #warriors
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    The Garbage Man

    The soiled clothes and the fetid body,
    He toiled away in ignominy.
    Treated like a putrid life form, existing in the society,
    He remained selectively distrait and skinny.
    The more he sought for approval all he got was contempt.
    He knew his day will come, although he was happy he was exempt
    From the society, in many ways than one.
    Suddenly he felt his time had begun.
    He was termed a frontline warrior by the government,
    Many people were falling prey to an ailment.
    They put out a hoarding that read “Beware of Corona!”
    Celebrities tweeted in support of the frontline workers, thereby enriching their persona!
    His work now surprisingly didn’t seem petty.
    He woke up for work hoping he’d finally be accepted
    The scenario changed, the roads were now empty
    He came up to his regular street, hoping to be recognised, if not respected.
    The Twitter heroes were not here.
    His hope had dwindled back into an insecurity
    The society could never understand him or his fear.
    A half hearted grin from someone would give him some validity.
    The people still ignored him and he remained within his cloak of invisibility.
    The Garbage Man, once again, was reminded of life’s asperity.

    Raghavendra B S

  • raghavendrabs 148w

    Woeful Smile

    A smiling smiley was sent, but the sadness didn’t dim from the eyes
    Reality kept getting harder, “Please let this be a dream or a bunch of lies!”
    No one could hear him scream, no one could see him cry.
    What people saw was a smile, maybe the joke fate kept playing was wry!
    Hidden beneath the depths of his own prison of thoughts,
    His sprint has stopped, he was down to his last few trots
    Soon enough he may come to a standstill,
    Until he finally gets caught within quietus’s twill!
    Who would he talk to ? What would he say ?
    He felt helpless for he couldn’t escape, was he the prey ?
    Lost in his void yet for every “How’re you?” he
    smiled and said “I’m doing great!”
    While it looked like he was still playing, the game was already over with a checkmate!

    Raghavendra B S