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  • bhavna_singh 2w

    High School

    "Hi you're a fairy, will you be my queen for prom?!"

    "You're my unreachable star..."

    many love story of high school
    has ended.


  • debangana_gogoi 4w

    For a dear Friend cause he wrote for me as well��
    Thank you
    You shall be remembered
    #memories #highschool #evenings #friendsforlife #friendship #schooltrips #time #years #hearts #forever #kids #youngadults

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    From Kids
    To Young adults
    We have remained friends
    Even after the long gap
    We managed to recap
    The old friendship

    What's in the menu?
    Chowmein, Chicken Lolipop
    Or Potato Chips?
    All those shack owners
    Must have seen us
    Eating every evening

    Shared Stories
    Shared memories
    Of some teen years
    Remain in our hearts
    Today and


  • debangana_gogoi 4w

    Yes for Cram School and High School memories. You were beautiful and I appreciate each of it!
    Thank you for Exisiting everyone in my life. I shall miss you ,love you till the end.

    #Highschool #memories #newplace #dauntless #dreams #cramschool #tothebetter #career #friends #love #photograph #hearts #concept #institues

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    Concept Educations Priv. Ltd

    On the first day of Cram School
    I sat alone
    Determined not to talk to anyone
    And make a career of my own

    But what followed was Folly
    Cause I discovered that I can't live with them
    Them who made my life jolly
    Them who made life look like a piece of cake!
    Them are Friends;
    Friends without whom
    Shall your life be insipid!

    One had mucous in his nose
    And picked it out anytime,
    One was as tall as the Eiffel Tower in Paris
    And always exchanged his Jacket with me
    One was super serious about Exams!
    The other took it lightly
    And talked with his Girlfriend in every break
    One wore specs
    And gave me coke to drink.

    My Childhood buddy was the best
    Cause he had me as his benchmate.
    A fact that he still finds to hard digest!
    A Girl named "Khushi"was there
    But she was moody
    Only that the mood swings
    Didn't have Whisper Choice Ultra Wings!

    Then the main part
    My senior!
    Oh did I fall for you dear?
    Why wouldn't I?
    From those eyes to the beautiful eyes
    How wouldn't any girl notice it?
    From the moment our eyes met
    Till today all that love remains
    Unbroken And beautiful.
    Should I elaborate more?
    Should I leave it here?
    Because it would be cheesy now
    From I like you to many more!

    How shall I forget any of you?
    We who are seperating now
    We who would be busy in our new lives
    In new spaces and institutions.
    Making new friends, discovering new places

    We who are all set to chase our dreams?
    To become better persons,
    We carry these memories forward and
    Friendships sacred.
    We carry love in our hearts
    And open to the world dauntlessly!!


  • kasminastro 12w


    If high school isn’t the blissful daydream
    Then most feel trapped in an insecure stream.
    Complicating and Confusing things may seem
    So here’s 5 tips to make “feeling good” a daily routine.
    Remember that no one will remember
    Your tiny mishaps in a few hours
    So Tip 1: don’t beat yourself up for small mistakes.
    Tip 2: Confidence is key to happiness
    So put a brave face on, even when you feel any less
    Tip 3: Don’t believe others hurtful “opinions” about you
    You wouldn’t let your loved ones to believe so,
    Therefore include yourself in that score.
    Tip 4: Don’t look at yourself in third perspective
    If you can only spot your flaws and not how you soar.
    Tip 5: When you feel happy
    Don’t let anyone make you feel guilty for your glee!

    #happy #sad #fight #hope #love #cherish #srong #peace #english #prose #poetry #poem # miraquill #passion #good #bad #proud #loveyourself #highschool #teenagers

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    If high school isn’t the blissful daydream
    Then most feel trapped in an insecure stream.
    Complicating and Confusing things may seem
    So here’s 5 tips to make “feeling good” a daily routine.
    Remember that no one will remember
    Your tiny mishaps in a few hours
    So Tip 1: don’t beat yourself up for such mistakes
    Tip 2: Confidence is key to happiness
    So put on a brave face, even when you feel any less
    Tip 3: Don’t believe others hurtful “opinions” about you
    You wouldn’t let your loved ones to believe so,
    Therefore include yourself in that score.
    Tip 4: Don’t look at yourself in third perspective
    If you can only spot your flaws and not how you soar.
    Tip 5: When you feel happy
    Don’t let anyone make you feel guilty for your glee!

  • kasminastro 19w

    Word Search

    All of the gossip and chatter
    Threatens to shatter
    My mind.
    Their insensitive laughter
    and hypocritical demeanor
    Make it harder
    to bring my thoughts to a stand still.

    I open the book.

    If only I could scream
    That what they deem
    Is a lie.
    The truth is a
    World that won't tolerate
    Their selfish day dream

    I strike F-R-I-E-N-D-L-Y,
    goes sideways.

    If only I could shout
    That without a doubt
    No matter how much they act about
    They have always been mean.
    And I always have been
    Trying to see the better
    In their letters
    But can find nothing
    but undertones that taste bitter.

    The last word, B-E-T-R-A-Y-A-L,
    goes downwards.

    If only I could tell them....
    My words only ever fall on deaf ears
    And oversized egos.
    This Word Search I have at hand
    Is much more interesting than the
    Ever-annoyed high schoolers around me.

    I turn the page.

  • jules_ 23w

    High school crush stories are something extra cute and innocent.

    As an adult I can never feel the same way again and nostalgia hits right at the moment.

  • soliquince 41w

    Barista time.

    It's scalding,
    smelling the calling
    of what's keeping
    me functional and not falling.
    That's the story, but
    If only dreams weren't so tall,
    and I wasn't beneath it all.
    Short stacked inside a cafe, I stall
    as long
    as I can.
    I'm your friendly neighborhood caffiene man,
    friendly after a cup or two, or ten.
    Everybody's best friend,
    but then
    without the classic blend;
    four cream, six sugar to inject
    of the anger locked away in my High School locker where I wished I was dead.
    Hold up, that could be too heavy for something like this.
    Make it a lighter roast.
    you know what
    I love the most,
    lemme drown in bliss.
    Live in some nostalgia for a little bit.
    I'll come back down to earth eventually,
    so pardon me
    for staying
    longer than I should have been.
    It's hard to be seen,
    that's what I like about this scene.
    Nobody really
    coming up to talk to me,
    that's my lifelong dream.
    leaves me be
    with me, myself, and my coffee.

  • queenwillow 55w

    From the time I was in 5th grade until the time I reached 10th grade, I was a cheerleader for both Football and Basketball. Believe it or not, it was the only damn sport I was capable of doing (I'm a natural klutz) and it was literally the only sport I ever participated in except Track & Field in middle school. Being a cheerleader was good for me because it got me out of my shell and helped me to be less shy. It was always so much fun getting to travel on the school bus to games, see cute guys from other schools, and just CHEER. It was such an adrenaline rush the whole time. And just knowing that you're one of the cute little cheerleaders everyone is looking at and watching. It was an embarrassing moment to mess up or forget one of the cheers while on the sidelines. But you just kind of hoped you remembered and carried on like nothing even happened. Some games, especially during Football season, got really chilly towards the end, like when the sun would go down. So most of us cheerleaders made sure to wear our turtlenecks underneath our tops. I fucking loved it. Everything about it. The games, the practices, the pep rally, homecoming and court warming. I even loved getting to go to cheer camp for what seemed like the whole summer, but was only just a week. Although by the end, I could barely walk up and down the stairs to get to my room, because my legs hurt so bad. I even got the opportunity (before I quit) to be apart of the competition cheer squad. You didn't have to be, but we all did anyway. And you know what? We won 1st place in our division and brought home the spirit stick and a megaphone. I can honestly say that being a cheerleader helped me accomplish a lot of stuff - and mostly within. Now that I look back on passed days, months, and years I regret that I quit cheering. All because I became a little pothead, instead. Which I don't regret becoming per say, but I do regret not cheering until my senior year. If only I could go back in time for just one day and do it all over again . . . . I would.


  • ciara1 62w

    We Real Cool

    We real cool. we really have nothing to lose. we have nothing to lose. we have nothing to lose. we are so young and naïve. we have nothing to lose that won't change forever. and by the time we get old, we will be so naïve that we won't care. we will just stick with who we are. A great big berry of blueberries in the center of the room. they taste like lemon. when they're ripe they taste like cherries. Thinking those typical things as a teenager was only a dream because being a child would make you become blind to what is fantasy and reality.

    Mirakee Challenge Written by Ciara Webb

  • unheard_notes20 68w

    She is the one I loved the most
    From the first day of high school
    She was all sweet and innocent looks
    The she laughed with her friends was
    Luckily I was one of her friend
    from the no. Of countless men
    Just waiting to be her best friend
    But she never paid attention to them
    She was all about studies and fun
    With her girls and drums
    She only had few boy friends
    Or should I say male friends
    She was so sweet to all of them
    But she used to tell me everything
    Yes I'm her best friend
    Still I can't tell her about myself
    About the feelings I had for her all this time
    It feels like I'm going to break this bond we had tied
    I kept my love for her to myself
    Never showed it in front of our friends
    The day I picked to come up with a confession
    Was the day of the prom did I mention?
    I told her I'm going tell her something
    She said she's dying to listen
    The day came and I became nervous
    My body started to give me shivers
    I was so confident about my feelings
    I waited for her all evening
    She never showed up that night
    And I cried so hard for the first time
    Later I got the news that she was gone
    To another state to do what I don't know
    Nobody new what happened that night
    What I knew is that I lost my life
    I knew she didn't really cared about me
    The way she left without saying a single thing
    For some reason I thought the she loved me as well
    But she didn't show up so I always tell myself
    if she loved me
    Then she was mine
    If she didn't
    then i can't
    force her to be mine ever
    All I can do is to move on with my life
    But she is still going to be there
    Forever mine.

    #writersnetwork #unheard_notes20 #poem #highschool @mirakee @writersnetwork @mirakeeworld

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    Forever mine

    I was so confident about my feelings
    I waited for her all evening
    She never showed up that night
    And I cried so hard for the first time

    Read the caption.


  • bhavti 72w

    Remembering my #friends, and #classmates... had written this a year ago for school farewell.. time flies..
    [tschüß : goodbye (german); Alvida: goodbye(urdu)]
    #highschool #farewell #bestfriends #distance #goodbye #love

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    A Myth, A Lie

    It seems as if we all met yesterday only,
    Always together not a moment lonely
    And now it’s time to say ‘Alvida’, ‘Tschüβ’, ‘Good-bye’
    But you should know that farewell is a myth, farewell is a lie.

    When you give some people, a room in your heart
    Your bodies may be distant, your souls never part.
    When you can’t be seperated, then cry why?
    That’s why I say, farewell is a myth, farewell is a lie.

    The world is round and seperation isn’t in vain.
    In further walks of life, we are bound to meet again.
    So all smiles when we part, not a teardrop in the eye
    Because farewell is a myth, farewell is a lie.

    After few years, if you catch my sight
    You shall say, “You are Bhavti, am I right?”
    May we cross our paths, with happiness so high.
    And now you know that farewell is a myth, farewell is a lie.

    So, you may say see you later,but never say Good-bye
    Because farewell is a myth, farewell is a lie.


  • udit94 77w

    ___________��Unaccepted Rose��____________

    "Iska main kya karun??"
    And I returned upset with the rose in my hand....................

    How crazy are you?
    On the scale of
    Jumping from the top floor of Burj Khalifa to asking the girl to marry you whom you just met.
    I'm the one on the extreme right really close to the largest value on the scale mentioned above.
    Tried gifting a rose to my crush without even realising what would be the consequences.
    That too in class 10th when everyone started acting mature, I started acting silly.

    High school, ��
    Spring was in the air,����️��������
    Flowers were blooming and spreading their fragrance in the surrounding and so do our feelings and emotions within us, altering all are rational decisions and trying to manipulate us in their own subtle way.
    I, I was a tranquil chaos back then.
    My tranquil part is and was a sincere student who would listen to even burps of teacher while sitting on the front desk during the lectures.
    The guy whom the teacher would ask to bring books, tests or even question papers from their respective lockers as they knew I'm the one who won't even take a peek.
    It all started as soon as I used to step out of the class.
    I acted like a storm in school corridors.��️
    I would run at a speed of some tornado hitting Oklahoma state.
    2nd floor➡️Stairs➡️1st floor➡️Stairs➡️Ground floor➡️Locker room.
    Covering the whole path in almost no time and returning back as if I've to impress the subject teacher with my speed.
    (Damn I now feel like a dog fetching stick for his master ��)
    {��Ye jeebh nikal ke zyada hi lag rha hai}

    Then one fine afternoon when Cupid was all set with his bow and arrows and finally hit it in the right place(probably after many trials),
    I bumped into her. ❤️
    Sorry I just bumped (see a single word changed everything).
    I ALMOST collided and the answer sheets jerked out of my hand flew in the air, the time paused⏸️, we were staring in each others' eyes ����


    What is this?
    Some Bollywood movie!!! ��️
    I smashed into her.��
    We collided brutally and my bones had hurt her so badly that she screamed in the middle of the corridor,
    Her loud scream (more of a scolding) made our maths teacher to come out of the class and it made the whole class peeping out of the window.
    The class which was held like hostages and just got something interesting to look at.
    One good thing about this collision was - the answer sheets were intact.
    At least someone was happy.
    I apologized to her and went back into the class.
    Felt better not to answer all the questions of
    "Bhai kya hua??"

    Did this stop me from running like a mad bull in the corridors?
    N O    W A Y
    I ran like Cheetah ��
    I used to bump more often.
    (Sometimes intentionally ��)
    She stopped being mad at me. ��
    And I,
    I can't even tell you how happy I felt.
    I felt spring inside me. ��
    There was a temptation back then just to get a glimpse of her.
    But when our eyes met, God it's like a beggar got a gold coin.
    Something which only my contemporaries could relate to.
    (Ahhh no time for nostalgia right now)
    Yeah so....
    This PASO DOBLE continued for some time - me being the bull �� and she the bullfighter.
    {Bull!!! ��
    Wo bhi TU!!!
    Is body ke saath!!!
    It should actually be like
    "Hoor ke saath langoor "��}

    Everything would have been much easier if she didn't bring her friend along.
    Why the hell girls act like conjoined twins whenever they want to go for drinking water or just go out of the class!!!�� ��
    They're like
    She : Sir, may I go to drink water.
    Sir : Yes you may. Take the pass with you.
    She : Sir, if you don't mind, Anjali ko bhi saath me le jau.
    Sir (after looking at them but smiling in the end) : Ok. But don't take much time.
    Me (inside) : What the hell ❗❗❗ Why Sir why??
    Why are you allowing this!!

    You don't see boys asking like
    Me : Sir, May I go to drink water?
    *Sir nodded his head in agreement while writing on blackboard*
    Me : Sir, if you don't mind Rahul ko saath le jau?
    *Chalk fell from his hand and he turned his head in slow motion*
    *Jaw dropping stares from the whole class ��*
    *Rahul fainted �� and won't drink water from the water cooler for months*

    (To all those tag along friends -
    Arre Didi kam se kam ek baari ke liye to use akela rehne do.
    Maana Ye bandhan to pyaar ka Bandhan hai
    Janmo ka sangam hai..
    Par ye thodi Betaal ki tarah Vikram ke kandhe pe baithe raho.
    Were you one of those girls in school
    Are you still like that??
    I would love to know the explanation behind this ��
    Like te comment karke zarur dasso..
    *Ohh sorry Jass Manak ki aatma aa gyi*
    Coming back....)

    Although her friend was also a great friend of mine but still you know, I was already shy in front of a single girl, she used to make it twice as difficult for me.
    Just like Sakshi's Friend Ritu in MS Dhoni who is a tag along, she would definitely be accompanied by one or several of her friends.
    Pre-boards were taking lives out of us meanwhile I was totally lost in a world where coming back was almost impossible. ��
    Have you ever done this mistake during exams?
    As soon as you get the question paper, the ground beneath your feet open wide apart, then comes out your own silhouette and sends you into realization by saying,
    "बेटा और करलो नैन मटक्का।
    Paper hai hindi ka aur janab kal raat se rat rahe hai French Revolution!!!"
    I don't know how but I scored 71 out of 80. And scored quite well in other pre boards too.
    Got our admit cards and even farewell date was decided too.
    It was now or never.

    February 14,2010
    One rose two stakeholders.
    Mom used to wake up at 5 in the morning.
    She needed the rose for her temple
    I, I Just needed it to impress my crush.
    I woke up at 4 am that day.
    (शिद्दत देख रहे हो ना)
    Said sorry to the plant for plucking the beautiful rose from it. And left one or two petals so that later I could blame it on cat or some other creature.
    Wrapped it in the newspaper making a conical shape just like 'फूलवाले भैया'.
    {Bhaiya nhi bolna ��}.
    Mom woke up and freaked out to see the rose wasn't in its place.
    My elder sister managed to calm her down and god was also ok with
    "gende ka phool".
    To get rid off her tag along friend,
    महरानी की दासियों से कहके ये संदेसा भिज्वा दिया था कि water cooler के पास अकेले मिलना.
    Had arranged 2 passes one was ours and other from section B (in case principal sir spots two love birds near the water cooler).
    She came.
    (Although her friend was spying on us from afar).
    She too had a gift which boosted my confidence 100 times. ��
    Won't reveal what she gifted me.
    I handed her the flower which isn't looking like flower at all but it's more like packed "पान" now.
    She opened it and she said,
    "Iska main kya karun?"
    At first I thought it was some Multiple Choice Question and she would be giving me 4 choices any time soon like
    (1)apne pass rakhu
    (2)Book me rakhu
    (3)Gamla bhi laate
    (4)Iska gulkand banaungi
    But the silence followed after her question and I realized I'm totally fool bringing that phool in school.
    Wo bechari kaise lekar jaati.
    Aur kya kehti gharpe agar pta chal jaata to.��

    How frustrated and regretted do you feel after doing something?
    On the scale of crying in one corner of the room to wanting to punish yourself!!??
    I lie somewhere in the extreme right again who would want to take a whip and punish myself with it at least 100 times.
    I came home like Kajol of Kuchh Kuchh hota hai and cried saying,
    "Mera pehla pyaar adhoora rah gya Riffat bi"
    (Provided a link in my bio and that's exactly how I would've reacted ��⛓️)
    I taped back the rose on the branch at the same place.
    Mom was like, "Ye phool kahan se aaya, ��"
    This is another unsolved mystery at our home and no one ever got to know.�� ��

    {Yaar ek baat bta,
    Tu padhta kis time tha... ��}

    P.S - Having a rose plant at home comes in handy ��


    #ucomic #unacceptedrose #highschool #nostalgia

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  • __intense_scribble__ 84w

    Last night was rough.. desperate.. went to bed..
    Almost it was 7am
    I had a beautiful dream
    Which I always wanted to have exactly before 3long years
    Tbh dream drive me crazy
    But believe me it was not a weird dream
    The dream started as we were wearing school
    Our principal was talking to us
    Btw it was the last day of our school life
    Last day...
    We wrote a letter to each other
    We were allowed to give letters to boys also (dream of course)
    We were asked to open only after exams
    It was something special when opened late
    To be continued...

    #dream #highschool #happy #wantingittobeareality
    @mirakee @writersnetwork @writer_bychoice
    @mirakeeworld @readwriteunite

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    Dreams are so powerful
    Has the guts to do what we Don't


  • ciara1 88w


    Remember the time when we all were in high school or elementary school. We would see the popular boys that have high status. The popular boys that had game and swag, those were the ones who were on sports teams like football, basketball, and wrestling. Those boys were always with all the girls, because of their high status and popularity. When women see men with other women, women tend to gravitate on that. Basically, that makes men more attractive when a woman sees a man with a lot of females, which makes that woman want him more. That is what hypergamy is.
    I remember a time when I was in 6th grade, I liked this boy named Brian. He was my boyfriend at the time. I liked him because he was popular. 
    One day in class I saw him talking to two girls and one was sitting on his lap, and I had gotten so angry. I had snapped, and I darted towards him and punched him in the face. He started bleeding badly. After that moment, I could not believe I had done that. Everyone was shocked. I had gotten suspended for a day. To this day, I still cannot believe I had done that. I do not see how I liked Brian. We did not have anything in common. I liked him all because he was well known. 


  • james_taumas 92w


    Advanced and keen
    The comfortable wallflower
    Devouring books
    Roleplaying and board games
    Grand adventures during math
    Writing in digital languages
    Congregation at chess club
    Sport activity torturous
    Jocks their bane
    High school life
    Nerd pride.


  • a_teensvoice 94w

    School life

    You enter in this place fearing and crying
    But you don't know what inside it is lying
    The first month is so damn weird
    You meet a lot of new people all of whom have suddenly appeared
    After few days you make some true friends
    And hope that friendship never ends
    You play,eat and learn with them
    And starts understanding that school life is a real gem

    Then you enter the middle school......
    And you start to feel way more cool
    But simultaneously your studies become even more hard
    And you realise that sincere studies have to start
    You have sudden outburst of physical and emotional changes
    And from mild to severe it ranges
    Till the end of class eighth you start considering yourself as an adult
    But plz don't forget that coming forward are many more hurdles

    After entering the high school.....
    You start thinking you're the ones who rule
    Chilling, group studies and hangouts with friends starts
    And a lot more things are added to your to-do cart
    Your studies become even more intense
    And what to do in future is your biggest suspense
    After class tenth boards some subjects you have to choose
    And to take you to your future you have so many cruise

    In class elevnth and twelfth you have many more things to think about
    And related to these topics you have your own share of doubts
    You see so many friends of yours who have already decided which career to pick
    And so many who are still busy thinking about different money making tricks
    Then the moment of your farewell comes
    Your heart really cries and all your happy emotions numb
    You remember all beautiful moments of your school times
    And this was your school life journey in a few lines

  • anpoetry 97w

    Class of 2020

    Around the table
    they sit and laugh
    They wonder about where
    life will take them
    After they will no longer
    greet each other everyday
    After they will no longer
    have a room of family
    Around the table they sit and laugh
    remembering they will always be
    The Class of 2020


  • anpoetry 98w


    A room filled with individuals
    Not one is the same
    They share the same silence
    They share the same noise
    A room filling with individuals
    Searching for a way out
    Of this confided room


  • _the_undeciphered_tales 99w

    Dear high-school crush,

    Hope you're reading this.Today, I no more hesitate to let you know how it actually feels to be a one-sided lover.To borrow some phrasing from Shakespeare,"The hour's now come; The very minute bids thee ope thine ear." Remember those tiffin breaks when you used to sit beside her on the top of the table?? Being classmates,we were kinda used to cracking jokes during those lazy recess periods,pinching food or sometimes studying,which was occasional though.Well,did you even try deciphering the language,the eyes talk?
    During those sultry summers,when everyone loves to sit back at home,sipping Coca Cola or digging into a bowl of Sundae,you remained absent from school on the days when she did the same.And I never failed to grope for your presence amidst the bokeh of "chocolate and fawn".You never realized right??Nor,for once,was I given the scope to let you know where I placed you in all those poetries I wrote.
    You spoke to her most of the time and you still do.Well,that's what relationships are all about.But,you know what...the barbed wire of the word called "relationship" couldn't fence my feelings for you,though you unknowingly murdered the lover in me everytime.
    I still remember the previous year's Saraswati Pujo when I clicked a picture of you both.Remember, I laughed and said,"Puro bor-kone lagche dujon ke." You smiled and so she did.
    You know,I badly wanted to tell you about my feelings ; and since I never wanted to create a rift between you both or ruin our friendship, I didn't open up.Well,the wait ends here, cause it's difficult for me to keep it a secret.But at the end of the day,"Oi maya chokhe chokh rakhleo,phire takano baron..."

    Your's honestly,
    Someone who could never confess her heart out.
    ©Aditi Bera

  • lauren_heringer 102w

    To My Crutch

    You were innocent-
    You were unaware-

    I never intended to hurt you
    Or for you to truly fall in love
    I know I said I loved you
    But not the way you wanted

    You were my crutch;
    My escape from dark days
    You were a friend;
    Someone I always relied on

    To call you a boyfriend was a lie
    Loving you wasn't real
    I used you
    My vice to pull me through

    I stole your heart-
    Your innocence
    The cruelest thing I ever did
    Pretending you were my love