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  • rutha_tuta_musafir 14w

    Aaj bahut waqt baad saath dkha tujhe.
    Charo oor patakhe kuch ese jal rahe the...
    Mano sab humare saath ka jashan manare ho.
    Jaha dkho rang hi rang umad rahe the....
    Unhi purani yaado ki tarah jo kisi bakse mai band karke....
    Duur mann k samudar mai duba di thi.
    Aaj saath rehkar vo purana ehsaas fir taaza hogya...
    Jisne inhi logo ki bheed mai damm todda tha...
    Has tu bhi raha h...
    Has mai bhi raha hu...
    Bas fark itta h ki...
    Tu has iss sham ki mehfil mai raha h..
    Aur mai esii kayi purani mehfilo ki yaad mai muskura raha hu...
    Aaj bass baatein nayi hai..
    Waqt naya hai...
    Magar hasi vohi purani ...
    Log vohi purane.
    Ki yun badle se hai kuch tu aur mai ...
    Bas ye shor k piche ki khamooshiii nayi
    Magar inke darmiyaan vohi purani hai

  • emotional_gangsta 114w

    Goal Diger

    This a set back. A minor set back, so what people really think of you at this time or any time doesn't really matter.

    I use to write a lot, but I haven't written in so long and I really don't know why. I use to love writing, because it will always make me feel better or it was the one thing that I could actually talk to. Talking and expressing yourself trough pen and paper is probably way better then expressing your self to an actual person. And the only reason I say that because this pen and paper is so private. And you don't have to worry about what it thinks about you. You can say anything in the world and it doesn't interrupt you or make you feel crazy annoying.  

    No one can ever really know you the way you know your self. And you do know your self you just don't realize sometimes that yourself is right there all along. You just have to tap into it. If you feel like you haven't given up yet, then why not keep going ? 

    I want to write a book. For myself or the public. It doesn't matter to me . As long as I write a book and actually finish it. 

    I want to get my GED so I can start studying for my life and what I want to be. "Therapist" 

    I want to be able to never worry about not having food or money for food. 

    Wanting all that already makes me qualified to succeed. Because you want it, and if you want it. There's still a chance ! Get up and do it ! Show everyone else that you can do it. If you can do it !!! Then they can do it. They wouldn't see it coming. They won't expect . Because they probably already have a picture of you, that you wouldn't want to see. Maybe they don't believe in you, like you do. Or maybe they do and some people are just disappointed when they don't see me doing it. But what if they can never see me doing it, when I'm actually doing it ? And just prove to everyone that you actually had it the whole time ? 

    Give them the new picture. With that fancy frame you been wanting to buy Everytime you walk by it.

    It's just a minor step back and I have to do better. Maybe I'll try to write everyday as a start, for a more motivational feeling to get closer to the things I want to do. 

    Start of small or big. How ever you want as long as you get closer and closer to what you want. And as long as your getting closer, do what you have to do. That actually matters. Everyday counts and it's minus a day on your goal calendar. 

    I want to stop being scared of showing my words to people. But I'm afraid no one will understand. But I know it can touch somebody else somewhere ! A complete stranger that actually understands everything I'm saying. Hey if your out there ! Please let me know ! message me so we can talk. Maybe we can meet up for coffee too. Ya never know ! 

    But anyways the whole purpose of this was to see if I can actually finish writing what I feel. Instead of starting and giving up after the 4th sentence as I always usually have done the past few months maybe even a whole year. I believe finishing anything that you want to do, actually feels better. 

    Baby steps. 

    I don't want this to be my last letter either. My Needs and wants … what a thing … do's and don'ts … how annoyingly hard it can be … 

    And the only reason it's so hard is because you feel stuck ! But if you come out of this ! No matter how long it takes. It should make you feel better. It should Make you feel like an actual queen. How many of us have actually felt like queens before ? . I know I have, a few times. Maybe not as much. But a few times it's not bad either. Counts for something. 

    It means your crown is still there waiting for you. It's waiting for you to pick that fancy day for your coronation. Which Is only offered to real future queens. And only real future queen know there going to be queens. All you have to do is practice. That walk, straight and tall, chin up. Never chin down, and don't slouch. Slouching seems sad. Even tho queens have there days too and that's okay. But turn that sad slouch in a confident emotional hard core queen. 

    I want to wear that crown, and I know you do to. 

    Fuck this saying "less talking, more action" 

    This is the new moto "more talking, and more action" give it to me all. Hit me with everything you got. 

    Honestly I want to buy a crown for myself when the time is right. And look at myself in the mirror and hiss like a Holly berry cat women. But it would be Me as the cat this time, with a glass of fine red wine. Saying "bitch I made it" 

    Life …… Life is a test. A lifelong test you study for over and over again. Get a few retries if you want ! Cause you can do what ever the fuck you want. Keep trying until you score that A then you get to relax a little after. Cause there will be more test. But at least you passed the last one. I'm pretty sure you can pass the other ones. Life is a test, and it's very real to kick it in the ass. I'm pretty sure it's going to feel great every time we kick it in the ass. 

    #goal digger 

  • chetan_kabir 122w

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    Anxiety and Depression?
    How many times you have heard this two words in tandem, how many times you hear if you have depression, you might have anxiety disorder too.

    Let me take it further deep today through a perspective you never thought.

    Depression is all about loosing yourself, making whole your decisions making worst and momentary thinking about ending up your life.

    Anxiety on other hand mke you panic, raise your heart beat and you feel so nervous and worry a lot about the situation to happen, freaking out in most of situations and messing up.

    I believe sometimes a negative power slash another negative disorder...
    It's just knowing how to channeling towards your benefits.

    So last time I was in a brief situation where i was anxious and having a panic attack before my performance, one of the observer thought I might freak out at the stage, yes i was worried a lot i couldn't keep myself calm.

    I have so many racing thoughts in those moments and that shows how much anxious i get in every important situations.

    But slowly and suddenly I learn that my courage to fight my hollow depression was coming through the compassion of my anxiety problems that worked in my way.

    You know in that performance I was flawless, I nailed it better than I thought although I got so many negative feedbacks through some observants but I literally nailed my work.

    So sometimes it's how you use your weekness to your strengths.


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    Anxiety is most often answer to the Depression that continously striking down the courage.

  • pricelesspreacious 124w

    Breakup thoughts

    I love him so badly that I can't judge him!
    The problem with me is I am being greedy a lot....I mean Im afraid to lose the best in my life cuz I am not sure of getting any better.
    Well....Im planning for the breakup, because now I got a good reason.
    Lets see what happens tomorrow!!!!

  • ckaur11 143w


    We all want to write and get likes but nobody wants to read others thoughts just messing with own oughts!!

  • akratib 143w

    Wine and faces

    Red wine brought the elegance to world,
    While the white shattered the faces hung on High walls,
    For once i had to scream my truth,
    For other my silence was enough,
    Never knew wheather to fit in or to make a fine one for myself.
    I spoke to soon,
    I dived in too fast,
    The world I desired was never enough
    Yet I remain put coz i know the wine was just enough.
    Where I lost my elegance to the faces they hung on walls.

  • djdemiurgos 157w


    How can I lead you,
    If I think,
    I'm above you,
    But if I get,
    On your level,
    We both can,
    Get higher,

  • tejaswee 165w

    To search gold among peoples is not as easy as to use it


  • safiahussaini 195w

    The struggles, the bad times ,the worst days, the ruined mood ,the bad memories ,the storms you've been through , many of them will have no clue of it , just be on the lane you're on they'll know it when they go through it tooo!!!!!!!!!?


  • munibrzakhn 223w

    Even if we check and cross check ourselves in the mirror each day, and even though we find ourselves perfect there would still be eyes present staring us from top to bottom and deliberately search for flaws. We will be always surround with tongues speaking of us and about us to people who know us and people who don't , even the ones of whom we aren't aware that they exist, talk about us because maybe that's all what they have to talk about. Maybe the length of our clothes or the people we roam with are more fascinating to them than the songs of their own atrocities. Judging others on what they do maybe more intimidating or rather say entertaining than to touch parts of their own intellect or bluestocking the better parts of the cosmos.Maybe, they are are unaware of the pleasure of living their own lives or exploring their own capacities. Perhaps, they are more used to be buried below the ceiling than to glide in the free air or they are more comfortable in forcing their brains to chew over the reviews of others than to think like a highbrow and create some new ones.
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    Sometimes the issue is simply
    their ceiling is your floor.

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