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  • soliquince 1w


    Spit truth from the burning tree,
    a sermon of curses,
    verbally worthless.
    No words but the bible saying art thou thee?
    Asserting these verses,
    memory currently merciless.
    Every third person conversing.
    Gotta go 'bacco round disturbing this set of lungs
    into turbulence.
    Sit and smell the holy wet curb incense
    of opportunity,
    but with no Marvel continuity, burdens scent;
    bully shook me slowly
    as nothing's ghosting sheets,
    shit goes through me, cause I'm already
    70 years ahead with my purpose,
    tombstone with 1000 flowers a week, name scripted, inflicted on the walls of churches.
    Pissin' puddles of wax to fix up Icarus
    who flew too close to the son of a pilot;
    him and his bickering
    Limericks and ad libs flickering
    flatulence, you fags still asking for mileage
    Ain't nothing but abs upvoted and pinned
    words can't convince
    what muscle can't convict in silence.
    what's done is damaging
    if this is a rant, then just ommit
    the truth as it is, hell we can all admit
    that hip hop hasn't been the same in a long time since

    we weaved stories torrid and horrid,
    mad abhorently beautiful;
    morbid snowflakes instead of bullshit porridge.
    Never just right, poets pouring
    out fucks, butt rushed, dumb and boring,
    barely edible yet still touring
    Hollywood hills, cavorting;
    personalities contorting
    to the current fad, but yours is
    all the same so I'm glad it won't last.
    Get those affairs sorted, clay face,
    conforming to stay safe
    inside a controlled performance.
    Your studio safe space
    complete with a bell hype
    and a doorman.

    Now notice I said all this without rhyming orange,
    besides that line, just ignore it.
    Shows I'm no clone of his but still gotta enforce it.
    Now y'all can endorse it
    of course,
    but coming out the mouth of the horse,
    I'm no Slim,
    I mean I am, but it's more akin
    to raggedy bones and skin
    rather than tone and timb-
    -e erah, err e erah, erah, err e era...era "causing mass hysteria...Nasty Nas in your area..."

  • hawaii 2w

    People make jokes ‘cause they don't understand me
    They just don't see my real side
    I act like shit don't faze me
    Inside it drives me crazy
    My insecurities could eat me alive
    ‘Cause there's a lot of shit I keep bottled that hurts deep inside of
    My soul and just know that I grow colder the older I grow
    This boulder on my shoulder gets heavy and harder to hold
    And this load is like the weight of the world
    And I think my neck is breakin'
    Should I just give up or try to live up to these expectations?

    - Eminem (Hailie's Song)

  • dope_writer 3w

    Just a glimpse ��✖️�� (part 1)
    This is a rap song written by me miraquill pe gaane ka option nhi hai so .....aise hi mauj lo����
    @writersnetwork @miraquill @mirakeeworld @hindiwriters @hindipoetry
    #love #life #zindagi #poem #poet #dairy #hindikavi #kavita #snack #twelve #hindi #shayari #ishq #pyar #word #wod #pod
    #life #dushman #rap #end #hiphop

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    Ronek mere aajaane se ho jati mehfilon me, kalam chala ne se jalan ho jaati mehfilon me,
    Baatein faaltu ki karta nhi mai,
    Kyu baatein karne se baatein ban jaati hai mehfilon me,
    Akela hun or akela sahi hun,
    Dil tuta hai, par thekela nahi hun,
    Politics pe baat ni karta,
    Kyu ki baat karne se,
    Encounter ki khabren jaati mehfilon me,
    Ronek mere aajaane se ho jati mehfilon me, kalam chala ne se jalan ho jaati mehfilon me,
    Baatein faaltu ki karta nhi mai,
    Kyu baatein karne se baatein ban jaati hai mehfilon me,

  • fallen_one 10w

    I guess writing how i really feel isn't that good of a thing��
    #life #keepingitG #paradise #streetlife #hiphop #drill #music

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    Adiós !

    Ain't afraid of scary roads,
    I'm off season heavy duty Trucker..
    Dropping bodies during rush hour
    Now they call me Chris Tucker..
    Spreading all my Green
    And her legs like Butter..
    They talk behind my back,
    In my presence they act like sucker..
    they thought (they) could Stretch me,
    I snap back like a rubber!
    So i pull the trigger!
    Saying "Adios Mother F***er"

  • hawaii 14w

    Take some Big and some Pac and you mix 'em up in a pot
    Sprinkle a little Big L on top, what the **** do you got?
    You got the realest and illest killers tied up in a knot
    The juggernauts to this rap shit, like it or not
    It's like a fight to the top just to see who'd die for the spot


  • soliquince 17w

    What it's all about pt. 1

    Falling over myself into a crescendo;
    funny enough, I can finally let go.
    Tired of the "why can't life just be simple?"
    It's complicated, if only a little.

    Bit of a shit show, bit off more than what was chewable and pitted my soles into the centerfold. Ten seconds from being sent home with jumbled lyrics in my head cone, just another extra terrestrial who doesn't belong. Suburban flirting out of his lane with flows, out on the opposite hospital pane, looking into the same soul. Unknown terrain, my tongue treads in pain; close to pissing myself, yet I refrain, though. Lucky me, my bladder holds, pitter patter, pacing cold. The stage evokes strange emotions, takes control. I take a breath, for a second, wait, no...flash forward to being venerable instead of the vulnerable honkey fool. "This is you," finished being a tool.

    Sweat on the microphone,
    bullets pulling down;
    centering yourself to the ground.
    Pulling the crowd in
    as they crowd in,
    they're crowding round. Ripped
    voices loud,
    camera flashes' out.
    Past doubts to passed,
    some fans are passing out,
    this fucking feeling you can't amount
    to any you've had till now.
    You're all they're talking about,
    "that's what it's all about."

  • soliquince 20w

    Peppermint Stick

    I don't know how to break it to you,
    but I don't have the time, money or energy to drop clues
    or hints.
    I'm not your Christmas peppermint stick
    or a mistletoe present.
    I hope you get it at some point.
    you don't have to say a word,
    just flip me the bird
    and I'll flip it right back,
    don't give a fuck what you heard.
    Make a poster or a plaque
    on how I'll never get you back in my arms.
    No sexy Santa down the chimney,
    I already set the alarms.
    The Ho(e) Ho(e) Ho(e)
    won't sound off, red nose
    left in the cold. a no show
    on that white and red pole.
    I already said
    I'm not your Christmas peppermint stick.
    Don't give me that schtick
    on how much I meant
    or what I could've been.
    (I could've been with friends
    but you bent
    my ass over and fucked up my common sense.
    No oversaturated compliments,
    sugary condescension,
    honey that ruins your complexions.
    But for who? I guess it
    changes per 6 foot something condiment.

  • soliquince 20w

    Righteous Slice

    Slide side to side, pantomime a play like you're a friend of mine, pretend you're fine with a poor man's life. Money doesn't define except when you eat out every night at Righteous Slice. Ain't that a plight to eat ramen how your leaders eat raw men? Having a broad sense of tragedy based on Christ, that's nice on paper, but how's that translate later when a young man caters, you spit in the face of your waiter. A Judas with silver cufflinks, follower but also a traitor to the way of God. When you get a lay off, stay on a diet of peons; prey on naivety and pray off your sins.

  • shayari_culture 20w

    Kaise ho!

    Alfazon mein tera zikr kaise ho,️
    Saath ho tumhara to fikr kaise ho,
    Jinka haal bta skte hai hm Bina dekhe unhe!❗
    Vo aaj puchte hai hmse, kaise ho,

  • soliquince 20w


    It comes to you in the mirror to see roaches,
    rolling roaches up snow covered hills to bloated
    job coaches more worried about Covid than coats and gloves. But you know this already. Service industry's corroded since the beginning of time, so we'd sit in the car developing rhymes like pictures and I'm sick of pulling up negative. It's institutionalized sedatives, can't fight the repetitive. It comes around, goes around but I let it live, impressed not, I guess not, cause it's the have or have not. I have not the patience to sit in a waitlist for paychecks but it is what it is. The 9 to 5, bone fide boondock ride. Hear the train rattle the roof over your eyes. But realize that I have no hate, no irrational anger over conditions commonplace. Y'all got your parents money to spend, I said you've got your parents locking you in and it ain't fair. No nobody understands what 1 class and volleyball stand sitting means; it ain't fair, where you live with no job and no fears living day to day, monetary conscience is clear. Having a dear honey of three months to love thee, spiritual connections are so above me, bishops warehouse gatekeeping the hungry unless church and the spirit of God burns your chest, to "understand how you've been blessed," and you already know the rest...

  • neelamsharma1 24w


    हादसे इतनी नजाकत से होते गये,
    हम पुराने और जख्म ताज़ा होते गये।


  • deep_thought00 26w

    Lemme Be that shoulder

    I see tears in your eyes playing
    Peek -A- Boo,
    He left you alone saying "He no longer needed you",
    Wish you could never close your eyes and stop breathing too,
    You can tell me how this shitty world treated you,
    I don't need to be yours,
    Just to be with you!

  • deep_thought00 26w

    Keeping it G

    Baby don't mess with the mind of thug..
    I hear 'em pretty words,
    But there is no sign of love..
    They only want my stack of cash or my pile of drug..
    So keeping it real now is kind of tough..
    Got to do everything I need to survive..
    Slay them everyday is only law that I abide..
    Now I felt a certain way when we collide,
    I could have fallen for you
    I got a family to provide!

  • hawaii 26w

    When I die put my ashes in the trash bag
    I don't care where that goes
    I'm more concerned about my soul


  • hawaii 26w

    Ain't about what you did
    It's about what you became from it


  • soliquince 27w

    Tough Job

    I don't know what it's like,
    it must be difficult to fight
    back the forces of evil with the might
    of backed up diarrhea.
    Cause in that chair you're the mitochondria;
    if you left, chaos would climb ya
    like a tree.
    And I'm too small minded for that to
    bother me.
    Typical, right?
    How could I conjure a lie
    saying you're not the pinnacle
    of self made struggle?
    I must not have spent much time
    out of my bubble.
    While you constantly beat
    back lawsuits so 42 year old freaks
    can be free to follow me to stalls
    several times a week.
    Oh no, now I'm in trouble
    with the man who files paperwork
    where the weight of that stapler hurts.
    It's a tough job, I know,
    to attach sticky notes;
    gatekeeping someone who's caught Covid 19
    and maintaining a 5 o'clock shadow.

  • hawaii 27w

    I wish you were here
    But everytime I picture you
    All I feel is pain
    I hate the way I remember you


  • hawaii 27w

    Everybody wants change but nobody wants to change though


  • hawaii 28w

    Why do I feel like I lost something that I never had?


  • soliquince 32w

    Rich Kid

    If you gon' smash, and
    break down that oak,
    Kyle looking ass
    with no class;
    sit down and take note.
    that chain you wear with your pants sagged way below
    your kneecaps, cap backwards;
    flipping birds behind backs
    while you flip burgers, I know
    you've got that dice on your dash
    listening to songs of murder.
    But home life is lavish with desserts served on platters,
    in a car your parents bought just so you could be the party crasher.
    Drive home with a chick who's way beyond plastered,
    then brag about her now biggest regret, you sick bastard.
    If you think this shit makes you tough, to blast masters
    of the hip hop craft, masturbating while imagining a career in rap...
    shut the fuck up, there's nothing for you in that.
    Poser, a pussy, no man to come after;
    but maybe in prison, if your price is right, you'll cum after.
    It's the life you wanted, right? The tragic disaster?