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  • charveekoyada 4w


    Something that get's me happiness.
    Something that gives me strength.
    Something that makes me worry less.
    Something that gives me love .

    Something that makes me free.
    Something that feels me also cry.
    Something that gives me warmth.
    Something that gives me support.
    & Also
    Someone to whom i can give my whole world.

  • textrovert_____ 6w

    He was brave .. he was strong
    For he was a man as was he taught

    He had that spine .. to climb any pine
    For he was to earn and things had to be bought

    He was fearless .. at least for now
    For he was to be protective whenever anybody sought

    He was steady .. at the fragile time moments
    For what would he do if had been crying caught

    He was powerful .. an appearance of brave
    For he was to be the shoulder that would have fought

    But none of these was a trace to what was
    For he also had a heart that made him sometimes weak

    A heart that was bearing all that passed
    It was deceptive of all the feelings tossed

    But then the truth caught up to him
    He was shocked when even he was lost

    The sea of emotions were too much for the heart
    He let go of the chains and his eyes filled the chart............


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    #writersnetwork @writersnetwork

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    That emotional breakdown


  • iamsatyajitrout 7w

    I sleep only to see you in my dreams...
    To communicate with you...
    I want you to make me motivated...
    Make me realise how beautiful this world is...
    Till the eternity...
    I would cherish this world...
    Thank you for your love...
    Which you shower even after all the misdoings...

  • amrutha_writtings 15w

    The other one

    No! They will not take care of you
    Nor you will take care of them

    You take care of yourself for them and they will take care of themselves for you that's how it works...

  • shinzzz 19w

    #His pride

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    Being a daddy's princess...is not a trend...or a hastag to be used....it's an emotion...becoz no one can love her more than her father....she is his pride....❤️....every daughter has the crown of being the most elegant and beautiful girl which she receives from her father in the form of his love..

  • shreyashit 13w

    Quite usually

    In order to defend her he hurt his own ego quite usually.

  • i_shukriya 24w

    The aroma of his soma.
    The restless I, feel quiet in his arms.
    My every favourite place is,
    just aside by your around.
    The paradise I feel in your side.
    The touch of your's,
    seems healing my every stripe.
    Because this is the love that I realise...


  • holybible 27w

    2 Peter 3:8-10

    But, beloved, be not ignorant of this one thing, that one day is with the Lord as a thousand years, and a thousand years as one day.
    The Lord is not slack concerning his promise, as some men count slackness; but is longsuffering to us-ward, not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance.
    But the day of the Lord will come as a thief in the night; in the which the heavens shall pass away with a great noise, and the elements shall melt with fervent heat, the earth also and the works that are therein shall be burned up.
    © HolyBible

  • mrudulawadhai 28w

    #his smile# in love

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    His Smile

    With your one smile, I get kill;
    But are you ready to pay my shopping bill?

    With your one smile, I get freeze;
    But are you ready to take me in a stormy breeze?

    With your one smile, I get shock;
    But are you ready to open my heart's lock?

    With your one smile, I get mad;
    But are you ready to become gald?

    With your one smile,my whole world stops;
    But are you ready to take me to the world's top?

    With your one smile, I get crazy;
    But are you ready to take it easy?

    With your one smile, I get me;
    But are you ready to accept WE?


  • ineffably_poisonous 37w


    The room is dark, blacked out by the curtains
    The only source of light is a buzzing laptop screen and the cigarette in his fingers
    His mind is blurry from the afterglow but he watches her
    Curled up in a chair in front of her laptop
    Her fingers move at lightening speed over the keys
    His chest swells at the sight of her in his shirt
    It gives him a male, primal sense of ownership
    But he’ll keep his counsel
    For she’ll pin him with her glare
    With those eyes that mark him as equally hers
    There’s an ache that’s rooted deep within him
    Of things said and done that cannot be forgotten; forgiven
    But even that pain is wrapped in an emotion so big
    Larger even than him
    An emotion that threatens to consume him
    And it starts and ends with her
    From the moment her eyes connected with his
    He knew that he would be content
    As long as she was there
    As long as he could reach for her
    As long as she looked back at him
    Because she was forever

  • seraphel 45w


    My eyes moisten, and rivers flowed into the sea of my blanket. An invisible hand gently wipes the waters away.

    My heart shouts on the rooftops. Invisible arms caress my heart and helped it in carrying the burden.

    The heavens thunder and tempests pour their distress. Unnoticed by others, I hear a voice, "Peace, be still!"

    Were these humans'? No, only by Him who created them.

  • purrrrr 50w


    He peeped
    My heart leaped
    Into his greed
    To be his

  • bliss02 55w

    I am not holding his hand
    but i wants to ...
    He is not mine
    but i wants him to be ...
    I love him the most
    but may be its not worthy ,
    I don't know is he pretending that he don't care
    Or actually he don't .
    I am giving my best to him
    but may be its not that worthy .
    We don't talk much
    but i wants him to text me first ,
    I am loosing my hope
    Which i don't wants to ,
    i wants to hold onto him .
    I wants to be nobody's
    But his .


  • lollipop71 56w


    His face holds a beautiful smile.
    It can be seen for miles and miles.
    His young mind is ever so wise,
    Beyond his years, beyond his time.
    His hands hold warmth close to my heart.
    His chocolate skin makes my eyes jumpstart.,
    Makes my body tingle for ever in my skin.
    His young fun gentleman ways have me in awe yet again..

  • shinko__27 56w

    Let me adorn those flaws,
    Let me fill life within them,
    Let me drown in those eyes,
    Let me touch your face ..��

    #love #him #we #us
    #human #me #his
    #flaws #scars #cosmos
    #universe #space #hug #love

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    Let me touch

    that face with hidden scars, and fill them with the dust of life and adorn with stars in my cosmos..


  • ava_cel 56w

    Here's another opportunity to say; "Thank you Jesus"


  • _sahista_ 59w

    The last thing I want is to cuddle him,
    I am leaving tomorrow,
    He is unaware of the fact,
    How should I tell him?
    That my career is important and I am not ready to settle down,
    It is wrong of me I know,
    But I do not want to break his heart,
    Because yesterday when he was proposing me,
    He was so happy and I was happy too,
    A selfish part of me want both but I right now this is not possible...

    So I am just leaving without any goodbye,
    I locked our memories inside my heart,
    And I will cherish it until I am alive,
    Maybe we will meet again to start over the love we have....

    #love #incompletestory #career #his

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    Leaving him Behind

    She was leaving him with a heavy heart,
    He was unaware of the fact,
    Maybe she will come back again,
    But her selfish reason is the end of their perfect romance...

  • sandhya09 59w

    His Answers

    “Because you don’t know his answer, you don’t know what he’s thinking, you’ll never know. You’ll never know if he was just as insecure as you were, you’ll never know if he was ever ready for anybody, you’ll never know if he was just as hard on himself as you were on yourself, you’ll never know if he wore a mask the whole time until he even forgot who he was anymore.”

  • sarahrachelea 59w

    She is the retrospective lullaby
    Of his vintage heart

    ~ his story