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  • spaceykc 4w


    There's a rumbling in the distance steel wheels right on track the sound of the horn and the rumbling draw me to the past to a different time being tucked in bed safe and loved in my great grand mother's house in a drafty interesting room when all was well in the world and I didn't know heartache That sound in the distance, that sound is the comfort to my soul

  • 2write 4w


    One by one
    The seconds fall down
    To be sowed as seeds
    Into the ground
    Each second blooms
    As it preserves its' memory
    One bye one
    Memories get stored
    In the past
    History is in the making
    As a single second
    Starts to fall
    In the present.

  • ib_kotun 5w


    History is the most gentle teachers because you learn from the past, by the sidelines.

    The Present is a cruel one because it harshly beats those lessons into those who refuse to learn from history.

    And the future shapes itself into a complex maze and only those that truly learned can decipher it.

    Learn from the gentle teacher and don't wait till you trapped in that maze.


  • bandile 5w

    An eye of a needle

    A hole of nothingness..yet it still exists.
    Our ignorance persists.
    How can an explosion from nothingness create a human being?
    Our very existence points to a Creator who is unseen.
    Who created the universe with His word.
    Many of us believe this is absurd.
    Humanity keeps repeating the same mistakes.
    Just look at history thats all it takes.
    Nation rising up against nation and taking it all.
    Rising up until they eventually fall.
    History is always being rewritten by the victor.
    God's word allows us to see the full picture.
    There is no new thing under the sun.
    God's will ,will eventually be done.
    So difficult to get through through the division and strife.
    It can only be done through believing in the way, the truth and the life.

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  • vs_thoughts 8w


    Maybe we can buy a book and pen but trust me not everyone can write a history.

  • emma_uell 11w


    When you look at stars closely, sometimes what you're seeing happened a million years ago (despite stargazing at it in your current timeframe)

    I feel like that's how it is for us sometimes. There are moments in our lives frozen in time that we're ignorant to let go of. Like stars exploding in a supernova, we let those memories shatter and scatter in our heads. It's the reason listen to it in songs, and stay up till 2 am. Every day we lie to ourselves we're growing up, but in reality, those memories are what we are chasing. We wish we could live it again.
    But that's not enough.

    Like stars, we'll explode again and again to create new memories to reminisce about. A body full of stars, that's what we are.

  • mmbftd 12w


    I'm weary
    And I am free
    No posterity to worry about.
    I have a choice.
    Most do not.
    Fate led me to this freedom
    Never having children.
    I see headlines, scripted
    Injecting fear as they inject
    Unknown concoctions
    Into your babies.
    I am hurting for you.
    Your choice and theirs has been
    Your body is no longer your own.
    Logic no longer stands.
    You say you got protected, yet you need protection from others who are not yet protected.
    Does this make sense?
    I am only an observer.
    I'm in a unique position. I have been in a subconsciously self-imposed quarantine for years now. I do not leave my home. Ever. Agoraphobia is the contagion's neighbor.
    And so, I spectate and speculate.
    And I'm not that woman that blindly trusts, not for many years now.
    I can understand both sides. I believe in autonomy. I believe you should choose for yourself. As adults. But now your children? Where do you draw the line? They are your most important beautiful creations. Your absolute responsibility to care and protect.
    You must begin to follow reason. Admit that something is not right here anymore. It's been this way a long while now. White sun instead of yellow, air no longer clear, sky no longer blue. Mandela no longer dead nor alive.
    Simulation of what we once were.
    You think me irrational, crazy even. Perhaps you are right if I get measured by today's standards. But I am not from this place. I was of the before. Where now their are only simulated shadows puppeteering existence. But much like children getting all the answers from the A.I. yet lacking the life knowledge to process that answer...this current time seems like that. Built on old ways and fading memories of old times, but lacking depth, meaning or weight. This place is paper ready to burn.
    So why am I so concerned about everyone else? Your children? Free will? Autonomy? Choice?
    I suppose I'm old enough to remember that it's what we all fought so hard to maintain. And without those things...are we all not slaves?
    Just free thinking here, while it's still allowed.
    Tick tock.
    I've got one choice.
    I can stay or go.
    But you need to stay, for your babies...so find your values and get ready to stand up for them.
    My best wishes are with you all.
    And this, this is my way of standing up. Thinking and writing and sharing. It's what I can do.
    It's all I can do. It's the least I can do, for all of us.
    I'm not here for likes or hearts or any other electronic phantom of perceived adoration. I'm here to leave a record of what once was. From one tiny spec, one pixel of time itself.

  • angeljohn 12w

    The Coming Age!

    The coming age
    is ofcourse, a stage to manage
    our self-created afterimage
    within our spectator's heart.
    The coming age,
    an opportunity, to provide a coverage,
    for the mistakenly caused cleavage.
    and to have a new start.
    The coming age,
    a suddenly surprising package,
    cause it is has an inviting language
    with contests to win for the ages smart.
    The coming age,
    is a shocking bolt with a high voltage
    tuned with a beautiful collage- our image,
    declaring our victory within videos and pages-front.

    Hence, have a heart
    to give it a new start,
    designed with ideas smart
    and come upon the stage;
    with images placed front!

  • angeljohn 12w

    Love is Love.

    Love is to live.
    An essence to give
    without, a thought to have it retrieved.
    Love is an innocent glow.
    An illuminating light to show,
    the feeble-hearts their ways, rights.
    Love is truth.
    An honest breath
    that, aint require a judge.
    Love owns a history,
    having no mystery;
    for it possess, an absolute understanding.
    Love provides natural-peace.
    A quietness within one's self-created acts,
    and serves consiousness to make fair decisions.
    Love grants positivity.
    An element missing, in today's identity
    thereby, erases the entire fear.
    Love bears an expression
    to share and to create compassion,
    that is; innocence and love itself.

    Love needs to be respected and shared,
    expressed and cared, reflected and spared,
    declared and accepted, confessed and connected, finally; corrected and sincerely represented.

    Certainly yes!
    If having any faults, Love should be
    corrected and sincerely represented,
    as an amazing example for the whole world!

    For love is love
    and nothing can have its place.

  • dosbambi 13w

    For Nigerian youth all over the world, October 20th, 2021 has become a day like no other in the history of our beloved country Nigeria.

    This poem is a tribute to those heroes who paid the sacrifice...

    We will always remember.

    #dosbambiwrites #dosbambiinspires #nigerianpoet #nigerianyouths #nigerianwriters #history #policebrutality #badgovernance

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    365 days after, the problems have remained,
    like we never took to the street to voice out
    our displeasure of their misbehaviour and their
    wickedness against us the future of tomorrow.
    A year after, they are still denying an open secret
    known by everyone all over the world,
    they are the only one who can't see and hear what,
    the blind and deaf saw and heard.
    It's a painful reality that these people don't have
    a working heart and a conscience that's alive.
    No matter what they do, never will we forget
    20th of October, 2020: Lekki Toll-gate Massacre:
    Nigeria government killed young peaceful protesters.
    Even though they have not stopped the brutality, we are sure
    the sacrifice of our heroes past shall never be in vain.

  • emma_uell 13w


    When you look at stars closely, sometimes what you're seeing actually happened a million years ago (despite stargazing at it in your current timeframe)

    I feel like that's how it is for us sometimes. There's moments in our lives frozen in time that we're ignorant to let go. Like stars exploding in a supernova, we let those memories shatter and scatter in our heads. It's the reason listen about it in songs, and stay up till 2am in the morning. Every day we lie to ourselves we're growing up, but in reality, those memories are what we are chasing. We wish we could live it again.
    But that's not enough.

  • iamsatyajitrout 14w


    Love like Ram Ji...
    Protect like Raavan...

  • rahoof 15w

    A past too distant too difficult to comprehend

    Oh they say, the days of being slaves,
    And eating lunch in a pit made on the ground,
    And giving the good-produce of the coloured
    to the bloodless eyes of the landlord.
    All these would seem far too distant,
    Far too difficult for the young to comprehend.

    We heard from the tales of our grans,
    That the past was too cruel for the coloured.
    They say there was a time,
    When tone of the skin mattered more
    than the tone of the blood in their veins.
    But they say those days seem far too distant,
    Far too difficult for the young to comprehend.

    But now I understood,
    the reason behind their eyes of judgement.
    not because of my embroidered red kurti nor because of my black hair clip or because of the Bangles that leave a glittery trail on my wrist.

    And they called up on my name along with my
    Cast, again reminding me the tone of my skin and my place in that room.

    I looked back holding the certificates of my highest education.
    And I looked back and saw
    My fellow Kuravans, Ezhavars and Nairs,
    along with our Methan and Nasrani brothers.
    All of them seen wearing their ancestral garments, sitting Along the makeshift chairs,
    Holding the certificates of their highest education.
    Still trying to comprehend the fact
    That they said "that past was too distant,
    too difficult to comprehend."


  • the_amorist 15w

    A Blast To The Past

    An argument atop an escalator
    Doesn't that sound promising?
    Once in a while must one be an excavator 
    Dig into the past

    History has a way of reminding one of itself
    Lest it be forgotten
    Millions downtrodden 
    Yet humanity brims with vanity

    Credulous factions of an ilk
    Cajoled to ween their consanguinity
    Be akin to raw silk
    The only kind that be pure 
    Yet their beliefs be fabricated
    Clad in haute couture
    They mosey around with a grin
    As those they deem inferior be exterminated

  • the_amorist 16w

    Based on the deeds of Josef Mengele, who will probably be forever known as the Angel Of Death in human history for his acts against humanity during WW2. This is far from being an ode to him. It is more of an attempt to shed light on how appalling human behavior can be.
    #History #WW2

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    Always clad as sharp as the tools of his trade

    He grins as wide as his blade

    His smile gets wider as he begins to 'operate'

    In the wake of a charade

    He puts on to have you swayed

    Attempting to serenade

    Your bairn and neonate

    Through the violin he played

    Symphonies of mortality

    Might such atrocities

    Be encompassed by evil's banality?

    Always eager to get the malicious procedures underway

    A belief in him fabricated and fictitious

    Claims he acts for the curiousity of all humanity

    Yet at the end of the day it'd be obvious

    When sadistic meets anti-semetic

    Mutilation be easy as automatic

    Fracturing another man's skull be riutalistic

    The cynic becomes the one with logic

    As Euthanasia be a mercy

    For the man who's sold his rights to inner peace

    For the twins he seamed to be siamese

    Begging ' please, let us pass with ease'

    Who dreamed they would one day grow up

    Prayed for rescue to a deity who didn't show up

    Whose fate and spine intertwined

    The second he decided to sew up

    The corium on their backs

    A few days prior their trip to the crematorium

    Such acts be holy in the vile sanctorium

    Of the Angel of Death

  • madinah_writes 19w

    Your beauty is irresistible poem.
    Your glorious flow is joy, overwhelm.
    Oh, rivers of our land!

    Your clean view I get from every stand.
    Florishing mankind with foods and fruits.
    Only those that withness this would tell the truths.
    Oh, rivers of our land!

    On your palms, you've nurtured our crops and culture,
    Only few could understand the wishes you've kept for the future.
    How much you've contributed to nature and history.
    I would tell my people this story.

  • darared 19w

    Black Leaf

    - Do you have to wear that?
    Why can't you be like the other leaves,
    so green, so spry, like it's always July.
    - This is how I feel!
    Green and spry gives me dry heaves.
    They might be able, but I can't lie.
    I'm being true to my jet black heart.
    Touch me and I might fall apart.
    - But these are the good times.
    You don't want to look back with regret.
    You won't be young forever.
    - I'll never be young again.
    How can I be young when
    there were skies that were black with ash.
    Birds don't sing and trees don't grow.
    Did you know? Did you know?
    You might be able, but I won't forget!
    I won't forget. I won't forget.

  • czarcasm 20w

    My friend asked me to write this for him because he loved history but I also wrote it for all the men and women across the world who serve their own nations... I salute you and thank your for your service

    #warrior #war #pain #death #hope #remorse #brave #history #poem #poetry

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    For all the broken places
    To all the saddened faces
    From all the meadows and glades
    To all of whom remains
    I thank you

    Wisdom learned throughout the ages
    Learnt in many little stages
    Freedom chained in cages
    Documented in pages

    Warriors fallen on the ground
    Won't come home to mama safe and sound
    Two dog tags is all they found
    Of Timmy Walker, 'The Blood Hound'

    Bullets whizzing past everyone's heads
    Explosions making them loose their stead
    Danger he wrote, and crying she read
    The widow of the warrior, dead

    Flags now marking white stone graves
    Showing sacrifices those men made
    But nothing can help the horror the remaining had seen
    Or of the brave soldiers who look on keen

  • czarcasm 20w

    If you didn't know, a Gar is a type of fish :)
    And yes part 3 lol
    #poem #poetry #star #thoughts #history

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    Thoughts of a Reckless Mind pt 3

    Infinite desires
    Is what built empires
    The burning of fires
    The building of pyres

    Contemplating to defy
    Dropping through gravity so high
    The time is nigh
    To say goodbye

    A flame as it will suffocate
    The missing of light something to hate
    Watching, the smoke will dissipate
    Sit down under the stars and wait

    Times of silent held dear
    Never knowing if death is near
    The road less taken want most men fear
    A lonely figure at the end of a pier
    Natural silence what they want to hear

    The trickling of water underneath
    Would feel way cooler upon my feet
    Such a clean smell that can't be beat
    If only a chance you were to meet

    Surrounded by cities of concrete and steel
    A moment of peace is what they want to feel
    Draining at the soul and wanting to kill
    The longing an emotion Misery's only meal

    Time evolved yet man still looks to the many star
    That can be seen from places from down and afar
    Yet no other sight can even be on parr
    That driving to the waterside and ditching your car
    Look closely or you'll miss the passing shadow of the swimming Gar