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  • hiya04 37w

    Hi @writersnetwork. Me wrote this for you. Can I atleast get a pointer if you didn't like it. Coz u know u never say a word . Still I with many love you. And this simplistic piece showers my gratitude to you

    Journey with WN ♡

    A one , a two or dozen are you
    Behind the title we dearly call
    Mirakee's unofficial page you say
    Whilst your assiduous diligence
    Inspires me to awe
    Remember when I first came
    You liked my lame simple prompt
    After my repeated tags at captions
    Ohh sweet I was naive
    Sorry for irate I caused
    When I learned about you
    Your strength in the community
    I was suddenly filled with guilt and shame
    For calling you to read
    My debut pieces of poetry
    And mere three word prompts
    But you still came
    Like to many you visit
    Every passing day
    And brightened my days
    To feel alive, feel admired
    For my verses were uncofident
    With my debut prompts.
    You missed some, cherished some
    Few reminded you, while few cursed
    Obvious of beauty you left in haste
    I'm sure you still came to glance even a little peek from clouds behind
    After all you are admirers of art
    Oh sweet you bring joy
    Ardour and happiness
    To sapiens of pain and heartbreaks
    Hoomans of love and beauty
    Leaders of reforms and free.
    Editors page stretch our dimples
    Sometimes so hard it aches
    Brings a feeling of Deja-vu
    To know we are bloomin'
    From a little germinate seed to a flower
    Oh sweet there comes the next big thing
    The prestigious WN reposts
    For which I'm still trying
    Sorry a tiny lie won't hurt right
    I'm simply happy that you haven't forgotten
    Writers still in making
    But I can state this in secret
    Those admirers of moon ,
    Queens of aesthetic
    Forlorn and lovelorns
    Victims of pain who found solace
    Messengers of love and hope
    They cry shining droplets of happiness
    For their masterpieces
    Has touched hearts.
    Mirakee has grown to Miraquill
    Writers of brilliance
    Left to venture, but I ask you
    Never to change or leave
    Even if it's a selfish little wish
    For you've stayed behind
    When many already left
    Guiding us with silence
    Encouraging with reposts
    Oh sweets I admire your patience
    Cherish our touches in likes
    Promise me you'll never leave
    Even if I sound like a child ♡

    Reply this child of moon with love with a comment will ya ? Pretty please ♡♡♡
    #writersnetwork #mirakee #childdreams #moon #HiyaMMM

    Some here means writings of other fellow writers ♥
    P.s Okk so some of u might misinterpret this . That I want a repost frm WN , which is not true. WN appreciates post through by Likes or Reposts. Might I add I'm still an amateur so I'm not even thinking about that which I wrote above. But I just wanted them to say 'Hi' which I know is childish . But hey a girl can dream right ��

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  • hiya04 38w

    Lukewarm bath - warmth from sun
    Wane - diminish

    02/05/21 - 1:50 am

    My attempts of lame can never die :'(
    Definitely not temp tho ❣️
    #moon #rants #HiyaMMM #writersnetwork @writersnetwork

    @daphnae 's love for moon made me write this ���� this for all the selenophiles gracing Mirakee with Moon's embellished hues ��

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    To My Moon

    You beguiled me with your phiz , sheltered me in balcony's cliff , soothed my heart of prolonged ablaze , tended my slumber like treasure , awaited light of dawn and waned for my lukewarm bath , reemerged at night and nurtured my distraught soul with cherished smiles , the cycle been continualed for aeons and more to come

    //And they dare ask what makes
    my moon special
    Whilst they left my brittle heart
    With bruises of harsh//

  • hiya04 38w

    Yes I'm a hopeless cliche writer who's gonna delete this later :'(

    Lover Park

    I walk everyday to the park
    By the lake they call Love
    I meet hoomans of different age
    Different culture ,male and female
    I greet and meet a few
    With my bright smile and
    Some with sigh .
    Few visit everyday like the moon
    Few in blue moon
    Few makes me laugh till
    I feel tears about to burst
    Whilst a few shoves me hard
    Down to tunnels end
    Where my once healthy heart
    Rots like thrown in open land
    And vultures gulps the remains till last
    But still I go to the park
    To greet and meet hoomans
    Some with a radiant smile
    Others with a heavy sigh
    Until I met the prince of the park
    This hooman was different
    He held me when my tears rained
    Under the umbrella of colour love-care
    Self taught the magical art alchemy
    To turn my rotten heart to once beauty
    And became the prince of
    My cliche childhood fairytale
    The lake of Life is serene both
    With melonchaly and melody
    We giggle and share secrets in the bench
    named Love of the Marriage park
    Built over the horizon of Lover Park
    We visit this new park like moon everyday
    Memories of Lover Park still pop up once in blue moon .

    Did it make sense. Or did I ruin it ?

    #rants #temporary #HiyaMMM
    02/05/21 - 12:25 am

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    Lover Park

    He held me when tears rained
    Under the umbrella of colur love-care
    Self taught the magical art alchemy
    To the turn my rotten heart to once beauty

  • hiya04 38w

    To one of the kindest and most beautiful soul stuck with me for years and to come.
    I hate you to the moon and back Sissy Missy
    The nutcase of all cases ,my sister
    I hate you from mine and
    All of dear one's core
    And I can state a thousand
    Reasons of why and more.
    I've sung verses for lovers
    Of past and unknown , even for
    Moon from humble abode
    Yet I can't suffice with words
    To ink a melody for this humble soul
    Words you say from heart are knives
    If wronged , cuts deeper in my soul
    A shove on my back
    You can push me to knees
    Baring my soul to a world ice cold
    Freezing me to death with a solid nod
    Yes my sweet you can
    You are gifted with a blessing
    I call curse
    For my love for you
    Is greater than time
    Guised as an angel, you smile
    When judgement day comes
    You turn to angel in black Maleficent
    With her broken wings, from harm
    You are strong you are beautiful
    You are everything magical
    A soul of right and kind(ness)
    Of understanding I can never become
    Ohh my sweets
    I hate you from mine and
    all of dear one's core
    And I can state a thousand
    Reasons of why and more .
    Jotting it down or else I can't sleep ����
    Late night lame rants are becoming my thing
    I fear ��
    01/05/21 - 4:35 am

    Pic credit - Pinterest
    #rant #temporary #HiyaMMM #moon #sissymissy #writersnetwork

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    I hate you

    // I hate you to the moon and back
    Just like I love you to my core even stretched //

  • hiya04 38w

    Fly me to the moon ��
    What would u say If I asked it for our date??

    #moon #rants #temp #musings #HiyaMMM
    01/05/21 - 1:20 a.m

    Removed lame coz @fromwitchpen asked me to��
    @bouncy My constant from day 1 ��
    @writersnetwork Wanna go? No? Thnx for the visit tho ♡

    We'll take a bus if more come aboard ����

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    To the moon

    Fly me to the moon
    with packets of chips
    chocolate mousse and
    books, of poems and prose
    Come sit on white grey dust that
    Shines so bright and showers light
    On gloomy and starry nights
    Yeah my love, fly me to the moon
    Drape me with blanket of comfort and love
    While I shiver at glares of lovelorns
    Despising us for we flew to the moon
    Whilst they left behind
    With creatures called sapiens.

  • hiya04 38w

    // We were both young when
    I first saw you //

    I fell in love
    With you and your smile
    Remember fourth grade
    Yeah far back in time
    But I ran away in fear
    Ran away like a coward
    What if we never match as pair
    What if you leave my heart shattered.
    Young love they say.

    I fell in love
    Again with you and your smile
    Now in seventh grade
    Maybe our fate is meant to aligne
    But I see you with her everyday
    Laughing at jokes in middle of class
    It hurts , it hurts little each passing day
    Knowing it soon shall pass.
    Young love they say.

    I fell in love
    Again with you and your smile
    Finally in tenth grade
    How little we know time flies
    Little glances across classroom
    Subtle discreet touches when crossing by
    Eyes full of yearning to be together while
    The moon gazed to their hands entwined
    When they laid under the starry night
    with murmurs of together and forever .
    Young love they say.

    30/04/21 -- 3:50 am
    Pic credit : Pinterest

    Me, moon and midnight rants (MMM) ♡
    #musings #rants #temporary #HiyaMMM

    Thanks for the visit ♡ @writersnetwork
    Editors choice? ����

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    Young love they say

    The moon gazed to their hands entwined
    When they laid under the starry night
    With murmurs of together and forever ...

  • hiya04 38w

    Coz I can't sleep with em<(-︿-)>
    #rant #temporary #hiyaMMM

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    I swirl and dance and twirl
    under the gazing twinkle stars ,
    while the town sleeps dead
    leaving me at serene
    Isolated with worries of
    reverie , whirling inside
    my petty brain
    like the city of Mumbai
    which never sleeps
    Another night passes
    with questions still left in mind