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  • vineyy 12w

    You, in my imagination
    As if you are right there
    But I reach out my hand
    And you suddenly disappear

    From all the memories stored in my heart
    I gather up the ones of you, link them together
    Gazing at them projected across the room, I feel you with every burst of pain

    Don't have to be right
    Just wanted you to stay the way you are
    Kind hearted, always smiling,
    I've barely made it by your side...

  • mehna_2006 49w

    He is called sunshine ,
    Because of his aura.
    He is loved,
    Because of his love for us.
    He is beautiful,
    Both inside and out.
    He is handsome,
    So much that took our lives sometimes.
    He cheers us ,
    Every time he gets a chance.
    He emits hope,
    With all he has��

    Our one and only hobi.
    A.k.a jung hoseok.

    Dear hobi ,
    Happy birthday.
    May all your wishes come true with all you dreams fulfilled.
    For you have shown me being myself can do wonders in the world.
    The world of self-love which was unknown to me.
    You guided me there and kept me going.
    Happy birthday dear hobi.
    Hope the sunshines shines brighter.

    With lots of love and purples ,

    #bts #BTS #army #ARMY #HOBI #HOSEOK #junghoseok #happyhobiday #happybirthday #love #ipurpleyou #life #sunshine #me #j-hope

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    The one and only .
    You're my celebrity !


  • sanjeevanik 49w

    Happy Jhope Day

    Seeing his smiling face is like a Happiness pill, He is always positive and sweet✨
    Our Sunshine Dance machine
    Always bright up ARMYs days
    Please keep smiling oppa ✨

  • rainiki 51w

    I met with a "BOY WITH LUV"
    Who was ready to give his "BLOOD, SWEAT AND TEARS" to me.
    He said " I NEED YOU" girl,
    He gave me "EUPHORIA"
    when i first saw him.
    He was just "EIGHT" at that time
    but he was my "ANPANMAN".
    Meanwhile making me impress he made
    a mistake so he went to "MAKE IT RIGHT".
    He believed that my love is"FAKE LOVE". So we both moved "ON",
    and thus our "LIFE GOES ON".
    But one day I ran into a coincidence ,
    we meet again
    and he "HOLD ME TIGHT",
    then he took me to his "HOME" which opposite to a "MAGIC SHOP".
    He said my name is written in his "DNA",
    I was impressed with his feelings for me
    But it was time to leave ,
    so i told him I'll be leaving now,
    but he said "STAY" for a while ,
    "STAY GOLD" in my heart.

  • idontknoww 65w


    Currently regretting calling someone my soulmate and comparing them with vmin.

  • vineyy 77w

    I think I'm goin' deeper
    I keep losing focus
    No, just let go of me
    Let my own feet carry me
    I'll go by myself
    In the deepest depths I saw myself

  • pur_ple 92w

    Our first song,first stage, first performance,
    Our first fight with the world;
    We faced lots of criticism;
    //So much pain~too much cryin'//
    We endured everything,and now we are here being THE BTS !
    Now,I heroically shout,
    "Throw whatever you have
    Throw stones at us,
    Now we are not only seven
    We are now blessed with the most beautiful Armys
    We aren't afraid anymore.
    Together we are bulletproof forever~
    #bts #bulletproofeternal#jhope#hobi#jdope
    #upcoming BULLETPROOF ��

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    Together we are bulletproof forever~

  • dear_angle 93w

    We Are Born To Be Real ,
    Not To Be Perfect .

  • bts_with_jams 95w

    Finally done. @lucy13 I hope you'll forgive me for the long wait with this awfully long chapter as a compensation. And as always, thanks for reading everyone!

    #bts #fanfic #jikook #theclasspresidentisadevil #jikook #jimin #taehyung #jungkook #hobi #vhope #hoseok #bl #bangtan #bangtansonyeondan #story #love #friendship

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    Class President Is A Devil (Pt. 7)

    'Ah shit.', Jimin thought to himself.

    Never had he thought that he, Park Jimin will ever have a crush on someone.

    Jimin had always thought that he wasn't sensitive or emotional enough to fall for someone. Rather he always felt that he was far too emotionally detached to the humankind.

    But he just couldn't help it.

    On the day all of them stayed behind at school, when Jin was teasing Jungkook, and Jungkook turned red from embarassment, Jimin saw something that would remain etched in his mind for a 100 years to come.

    Jungkook was pouting.

    This made Jimin feel things he had never before. And that was all it took for him to fall for Jungkook.

    That day after returning from school, Jimin tried to sort out his thoughts and feelings. (As a class president, that was Jimin's first instict : To sort everything out).

    In the evening when Jimin was studying in his room, Tae came barging in through the door. He went to his bed to get something but on not being able to find what he was looking for he approached Jimin.

    "Hey Jimin have you seen my wallet? I thought I had left it on my bed."

    "No I haven't. Look into your school bag."

    "Found it!", exclaimed Tae as he tucked the wallet in his pocket.

    "Are you going somewhere?", asked Jimin.

    "Huh? Yeah. Mom asked me to run some errands." saying this Taehyung made his way out of the room.

    Quickly Jimin ran down to the living room. Finding it empty he made his way to the kitchen where he saw Hoseok helping out Mrs. Park with the dinner preparations.

    "Oh Jimin." said Hoseok as Jimin approached him.

    "Hey hyung. Can you please come with me for a second? Mom can I borrow hyung for a moment?"

    "But your hyung is helping out here---"

    "Please mom?" Mrs. Park was cut short by Jimin, who was making the most adorable pair of puppy eyes at her.

    "Oh you boy." said Mrs. Park, smiling at her son's shenanigan.

    "Take him today, but tomorrow you have to help me out, okay?"

    "No problem", said Jimin and without waiting for a moment he dragged Hobi up to his room.

    "What's going on Jimin?" asked Hobi, now sitting on the bed.

    "Hyung, I have something I need to talk about."

    "Go on."

    "So here's the deal. I think I have a crush on someone.", Jimin went straight to the point.

    "No way!", exclaimed Hoseok. "Who is it? Someone I know?"

    "In fact that's not important right now. Can you just give me some advice on what I should do when I am around that person?
    I don't want to be needlessly awkward the next time we meet."

    "Oh my god Jimin, you are a man now.", said Hobi while fake wiping his tears.

    "Quit teasing me hyung. Also PLEASE do not say anything to Tae about this. For god's sake."

    "Okay I won't.", he said laughing at Jimin's words.

    "Should I confess to him? No wait, that's too rash." said Jimin.

    "Woah woah woah, hold your horses right there young man.", said Hobi. "HIM?!"

    "Huh? Yeah it's a guy."

    "I never knew you liked guys Jimin!" exclaimed Hobi.

    "I didn't too. I thought I didn't like anyone." said Jimin.
    "Except you and mom of course.", he added.

    "He's just really, cute, I guess." Jimin muttered under his breath.

    "Wait. Is it Jungkook? That new transfer student? That's really just a wild guess though---"

    Hobi stopped speaking upon seeing Jimin. His was ears alarmingly red.

    "Man! It is? Gosh. Am I a psychic?", Hoseok said, very proud of himself.

    "Well, man. That's really nice. He seems like a polite boy too. Not to mention, he is cute. I wish you all the best."

    On hearing this Jimin felt pretty reassured. He regained his usual composure.

    "I don't need your good luck. I just need your advice.", he said.

    "Well just act normal. Like you always do. Maybe try dropping some hints along the way though." said Hoseok.

    "Also, don't keep it one sided. It's bothersome. This hyung is speaking from personal experience, so you better hear me out loud and clear." he said.

    "And when you are completely sure of your feelings, confess to him."

    "Thanks hyung." Jimin said to Hoseok.

    His hyung flashed a smile at him.

    "Also, may I know the details of personal experience you speak of? Although I think I already do.", smirked Jimin.

    "Well of course you do. You are quite sharp, unlike a certain someone.", saying this he lied down on the bed.

    At that moment Taehyung burst in through the door.

    "Hey guys I'm back!" he yelled.

    "Try speaking softly for a change would you?", Jimin said sarcastically.

    "What were you guys talking about?"

    "Nothing much.", said Hobi without turning towards him.

    "Idiots can't be let in on important conversations.", came another mocking reply from Jimin.

    "Oh well. Then I guess, I'll just cuddle with Hobi hyung." and saying this he jumped onto the bed and clasped Hobi as if they were the participants of a wwe match.

    "Get off me dude!" Hobi struggled hard to get out of the death grasp, which Taehyung otherwise called 'cuddling'.

    "I pity you hyung. I really pity you.", saying this Jimin went back to studying.


  • bts_with_jams 99w

    #bts #jikook #vhope #kookie #jungkook #jimin #taetae #suga #gloss #jin #hobi #jhope

    Just finished writing this big ass chapter. Phew.
    Well since it's like kind of (very) big, I'll be posting it in 2 parts. Enjoy.

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    Class President Is A Devil (Pt. 5)

    (. )

    "Hey Jimin, so you people call Yoongi hyung Suga?" asked Jungkook.

    "Yes" said Jimin, "Why? What did he go by back there?"

    "Gloss. By the way---" said Jungkook.

    "One second please." Jimin cut off Jungkook mid sentence, all the while struggling hard to hold back his laughter.

    After school had ended Jimin and Jungkook had indulged in idle chit chat while Tae had gone to fetch Hobi and possibly Suga. But never had Jimin, in a million years, imagined that he would tumble upon such a golden discovery just from two minutes of conversation.

    'I have to tell this to everyone.' thought Jimin, 'especially him.'

    Jimin turned towards Jungkook. He looked him in the eye, held his shoulders and said very seriously said "Jungkook, you are a gem." Saying this, he began laughing hysterically.

    "This is golden." he said, stopping to catch his breath. "Thank you Jungkook. I love you man!" Saying this he started to laugh again.

    But this time, when he looked at Jungkook, the boy's face was flushed red. His cheeks were glowing, his pupils were kind of shaky and his ears were red from embarrassment.

    Jimin was quick to catch on this stuff. He knew that Jungkook was embarrased.
    To change the mood, he gave Jungkook a light punch on his shoulder.
    "It was only a joke dude, no need to get so embarrassed.", said Jimin.

    But instead of the lightening the mood, Jimin's comment had the reverse effect. The mood became heavier as Jungkook's complexion grew redder on learning that Jimin knew about him being embarrassed.

    It was at this moment that footsteps were heard approaching the two of them. Taehyung along with Hoseok came into view, and following them were two figures.

    The first one was Yoongi aka Suga. All fun and jokes aside, everyone knew him as the young rapper who could drown anyone in a wave of emotions through his verses.

    He trudged alongside a much taller and broader figure. The boy who seemed to be nearly the same age as Yoongi, was dangerously handsome. He posed sharp facial features and long bangs that covered his forehead. And although Yoongi had some differing opinions about his 'handsomeness' , sometimes he couldn't help but stare at his face.

    And this is how the four of them came to rescue Jimin and Jungkook from the awkward situation they were slowly slipping into.

    As soon as they came close enough to the duo, standing by the window sill, Yoongi quickened his pace. He went and stood in front of Jungkook.
    "Hello Kookie." saying this, he greeted the youngest. And although he wasn't smiling, his voice was mellow and filled with nostalgia on seeing this boy again after a long time.

    But before Jungkook, could say his greetings, Yoongi grabbed a hold of him and tried pulling him into the distance, away from the rest.

    But over the period the two of them were apart, Jungkook had bulked up quite a bit, now standing a few inches above his hyung. Yoongi couldn't move him from his spot.

    "Just come with me for a moment", he finally said and Jungkook went with him.

    "So, Jungkook. I hope you haven't told anyone about my past right? Especially my previous stage name. These guys are brutal in teasing the heck out of people. So I hope you're gonna keep this a secret for the days to come."
    The fear of teasing had suddenly rendered the otherwise quiet Yoongi into a talkative man.

    Beads of sweat now formed on Jungkook's forehead. "But hyung," he had started his sentence only to be cut off by a louder voice in the background.

    "Taehyung and Gentlemen", proclaimed Jimin loudly (because according to Jimin Taehyung wasn't at all a 'gentle' man) "Did you know?" He asked with a tone of humour in his voice.

    But all Suga heard was the premonition of impending doom. He quickly turned towards Jungkook, a desperate and questioning look in his eyes. The younger boy averted his gaze and in a small voice said "I'm sorry."
    This could only mean one thing for Min Yoongi: Eternal Doom.

    And a few steps behind them a booming voice said, in the merriest of tones, "So, before we came to know Suga hyung as, well... Suga hyung, he used to be, Tae give me drum rolls."
    At that very instant without questioning his brother's intentions Taehyung broke into an intense drum-rolling session, at the end of which Jimin yelled : " GLOSS "

    "Fuck", Yoongi whispered to himself.

    "FUCK", Taehyung yelled out loud, surprised by this unexpectedly hilarious revelation .

    Hobi couldn't hold back his laughter and together with Jimin and Tae, he rolled on the floor, howling and yelling.

    Except for Jungkook and Suga (now considerably pissed at the trio) only one more person wasn't laughing. It was the boy from before.

    Smiling, he walked up to Yoongi and Jungkook. "The return of Gloss, huh?", his words were directed towards Yoongi.

    Then from the background came an extremely loud and shrilly laugh (it was Tae, now almost gasping for breath) and Yoongi snapped. He rushed towards the three of them, still rolling on the floor. Soon a commotion unfolded as Yoongi landed them kicks and punches and the three of them... continued laughing hysterically.

    The other boy extremely unconcerned by the chaos behind him, said, "Hello Jungkook."

    Jungkook was confused by the sudden greeting in-between the commotion.
    Taken aback, he asked, "You know me?"

    "Wow! You don't remember me? That hurt me.", said the other boy, half jokingly.

    Well, no wonder I guess. My style has changed quite a bit from the last time we met. No glasses, long bangs, enough to confuse 'babies' like you.

    Suddenly, some forgotten emotions and memories peeked out from the back of his head.

    'J-J-Jin hyung?', he said, his voice slightly shaking.

    'Took you a while', said Jin, a mocking smile on his face.


  • vineyy 99w

    “Failure is the mother of success. I learned that from passion and sincerity.”


  • bts_with_jams 100w

    So it's finally out! >///<
    Another ship! Yet we've got more to come!
    #bts #btsfanfic #jimin #jungkook #suga #minyoongi #jikook #vhope #taehyung #cute #hobi #bangtan #story #bl #love

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    Class President Is A Devil (Pt. 4)

    "Wow, you people here already? I thought it would take you another, umm... THOUSAND FUCKING YEARS!", Tae yelled at them, extremely annoyed to be kept waiting.

    "Language Taehyung." said Hobi. His lips were smiling, but his left eye brow kept twitching dangerously.

    "Uh...I am really sorry." said Taehyung quickly, to pacify Hoseok.

    Taehyung was very much aware that he was treading on dangerous waters. He knew that an angry Hoseok was a dangerous phenomenon.

    But now, Hobi wasn't just 'angry' ; he was 'Hangry', which meant one wrong move on Tae's part and all hell might break loose.

    "Uh... let's sit over there." said Jimin pointing towards an empty table in the corner.

    "You don't wanna mess with Hobi-hyung." he whispered to Jungkook.

    The four of them got seated.

    "Oh hey, hyung. Do you know someone called Min Yoongi? Jungkook here says that he's a friend from second grade."

    "Oh, Min Yoongi? Wait, that rings a bell." said Hobi, trying to remember the guy.

    "Ooh Thassh Shhookaa! Sshooka Hhuu" Taehyung said, his mouth packed with melon bread.

    "First finish what's in your mouth Tae. How the heck are we supposed to understand your gibberish?" said an annoyed Jimin

    "Of course!" exclaimed Hoseok, patting Tae's back. "Min Yoongi is Suga's given name. Thanks Tae." he said.

    "Well Hobi could understand me." said Taehyung, finishing his bread. An annoyingly (according to his twin) smug look covered his face.

    "You ought to start calling me hyung Taetae." said Hobi, not particularly upset because of the missing honorific. After all it had always been this way.

    "Never", said Taehyung, winking at Hobi.

    "One second, Suga? Our Suga hyung? His real name isn't Suga?" asked a confused Jimin.

    "Wait a minute, all this while you thought his actual name was Suga?" Hobi asked Jimin.

    "JIMINIE BABO! BABO-YA!" Taehyung screeched with laughter.

    "I guess even top students can sometimes be a bit, well... dumb.", said Hobi joining in on the teasing.

    Jungkook too couldn't help laughing but quickly took a hold of himself, in case Jimin thought it was rude of Jungkook. After all he was the first friend he made in school.

    But Jimin didn't seem to mind. After all he was way too used to his brother's insensitive sense of humour and the neighbour hyung's continuous teasing.

    "By the way, can you guys wait for me a bit after school? I need to show around Jungkook." asked Jimin.

    "It's okay with you right?" he turned towards Jungkook.

    "Yup. No problem at all. I don't have much to do at home anyway." Jungkook said.

    "No problem from my side too. I'll come along with you guys." said Hoseok. "Oh, and I'll ask Suga to stay back too. What about you Tae?"

    "He's pretty jobless anyway." intervened a smirking Jimin before Tae could say anything.

    "Guess that's true." said Taehyung, determined to not let go of a chance to be with Hobi for longer.


  • bts_with_jams 100w

    Mine was probably Friends.(I love 'em all actually)
    Special Mentions:
    'My time' was Jungkook's story and it touched my heart.
    'UGH!' : Ahem, Cypher Pt. 5, ahem.
    The Visuals in 'On' might be the death of me.

    #bts #7 #bangtan #jimin #namjoon #jin #tae #hobi #yoongi #jungkook

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    So did you guys listen? What a mind blowing album! Which song was your favourite? Comment below.


  • bts_with_jams 100w

    Hello, I'm back after a long long time.
    This update is a bit short, but don't worry!
    I'm going to be updating more frequently from now on (hopefully!) which means more content!
    This part of the series is about some character introductions.
    Enjoy! ^w^

    #bts #fanfic #jikook #theclasspresidentisadevil #jikook #jimin #minyoongi #taehyung #jungkook #hobi #cute #smile #bangtan #bangtansonyeondan

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    Class President Is A Devil (Pt. 3)

    The day went by with Jimin showing Jungkook the ropes, and soon enough Jungkook got the hang of it. Then came lunch time.

    "How about you sit with us?", Jimin said to Jungkook.

    "Sure thanks!", said Jungkook, flashing his brightest smile.

    'Cute', Jimin thought for a moment.

    "Jimin-ah you go and pick up Hobi. I'm going to the canteen and buying melon bread for all of us before it runs out.", said Taehyung.

    "You'll have one right?", he asked Jungkook.

    "Sure, thanks.", he said.

    'No smile this time huh?' thought Taehyung and a smirked lit across his face.
    He hurried towards the canteen.

    "Hobi-hyung is our neighbour. Actually, more like our brother. He's in second grade." Jimin explained to Jungkook.

    "Um... Jimin, actually can you help me find this hyung? He's in second grade too." said Jungkook.

    "Of course. What's his name?"

    "Min Yoongi. Do you know him?"

    "I don't think so. Hobi hyung might know him though. Let's go." said Jimin.

    After climbing a flight of stairs, soon enough they reached Hobi's classroom.

    "Hyung let's go." Jimin yelled from the corridor.

    "Oh Jimin-ah! And who's this?" asked Hoseok.

    "Hyung this is Jungkook, our new classmate and Jungkook this is Hobi-hyung."

    "Nice to me you" said Hoseok, extending his hand towards the youngest.

    "Nice to meetchu too." said Jungkook shaking Hoseok's hand.

    "You from Busan?", asked Hoseok.

    "Ahh, yeah. The accent came out didn't it?" said Jungkook, his ears pink from embarrassment.

    "Aww, don't get embarrassed it's cool, it's cool. Our Jimin and Taehyung are also from Busan."

    "Are you?" Jungkook asked Jimin, his eyes bright and curious.

    "Uh, yeah." said Jimin. "We moved here when we were 8."
    "I see." said Jungkook.

    "Well let's head towards the canteen or else Tae will be mad at us for being late." suggested Hoseok.

    "Good idea." Jimin said, rolling his eyes as he remembered Taehyung's past shenanigans and doubting if he really was the older twin.

    The three of them started walking towards the canteen.


  • ak_anjali_daydreamzz 101w

    #bts #jhope #junghosoek #hobi
    #mirakee #happy #birthday
    #HappyJHopeDay #HappyHobiDay ��

    Sunshine ��

    You are the sunshine
    Shining so bright
    You are the sunflower
    Spreading smiles
    Your words, your songs
    Your dance, your moves
    So Amazing, so graceful
    Keep on shining bright
    And spreading hope

    Keep Singing
    Keep Smiling
    Keep Shining

    Happy Birthday Hobiii ��



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  • jhope 109w

    I was talking to my little brother (4 yrs old) in the car.
    I said, "This is BTS. Do you like them?"
    (I was showing him my background on my computer)
    And this little boy went, "YES!!! I love BTS!!"
    I asked him which one was his favorite.
    And he picked Tae!!!
    Yeah, so, basically, my little brother's bias is Tae.

  • calsie 115w

    This one on demand @jhope ������
    I don't know how it is ����
    Fingers crossed����...
    Hope you all could recognize....

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  • feelings_unlimited 125w

    Happiest Birthday to our GOLDEN MAKNAE..!
    Thank u for making us Armys happy with ur amazing talents,
    U are not called the "Golden Maknae" for nothing...
    Thank u for being the light of our life,
    and the joy of the darkness inside us...!
    Your bunny smile has the potential to turn a sad person into a happy one..
    U are the one who has made us Armys grateful just because of ur existence..!
    U are the cause of our Euphoria..! ��
    We Armys love u.. ����
    #bts #taehyung #jungkook #yoongi #hobi #rapmon #jimin #happyjkday

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  • feelings_unlimited 126w

    ����this breaks my heart... ��
    My heartu omg...
    #bts #taehyung#hobi#jungkook#jin#yoongi#jimin#rapmon

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  • jooniesmoonchild 126w

    Even when this rain stops,
    When the clouds go away,
    I stand here, just the same.
    - Jung Hoseok of BTS