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  • lailen_lemon 3d

    #GoFundMe #Help #Homeless #Donate #eviction #crisis
    We can really use the help
    Here's the link: https://gofund.me/707c9423

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    My brother and I are facing an eviction crisis and need shelter. GoFundMe donations would help a lot

    Hi everyone! My Brother and I are going through an
    eviction crisis and need shelter. I need enough for a security deposit and the first months rent for a room. My father is going through mental health problems and we will be evicted this Friday, May 20th, 2022.

    We have decided it is best for us to go out separate ways but we need your support to get started since we are both still in school and need more time to find jobs.

    Thank you! Anything would help ❤

  • undefinedwriter 4w

    Call me at 2 am and I'll surely cancel your call. Because I'm from a Desi family and will definitely get homeless due to your call.


  • ronron269 16w

    Resist to Co-Exsist

    as i resist to co-exsist
    i look at the flick of my wrist
    i cant help but to feel some type of way

    let me say ....

    getting myself caught up in my own web
    exsponging my own brain
    instead of yours
    how can i train it
    how can i shut it off
    just cut me off

    now thats okay...

    as i resist to co-exsist
    now you got me pissed
    in the exsistence to your appearance
    of my current review
    who knew
    as i sit here
    vaporozing with my finger tips
    oh dear
    typing too
    wishing this was
    at times
    a typo too
    the type
    of words
    the type
    im feeling
    you see what im spilling
    pouring out the dark side
    as i slide
    slid into homerun
    im at homeplate
    fu*ck forgiveness sakes

    as i exsist to co-exsist
    i aint no longer
    resisiting being pissed
    little ronron
    by the way
    isnt coming home
    talking to my self
    oh well
    its better this way
    i aint running away
    i aint got all day
    dont dare ask why
    as you cry
    how come?
    i dont deny
    i cry too
    who knew
    i see you
    nah nah nah nah
    im not yet in la la la land

    as i exsist to co-exsist
    speaking to all my 6 senses
    im not senseless
    god got me fucked up too
    see cuz
    god blessed you
    not me
    not me motha fucking me V
    how bout me
    who knew
    now you know
    about my knowing
    you still aint gonna bone me
    any way
    any how
    now listening to
    Bone thugs and harmony
    my blood flow
    im caught up in the feeeling
    just chilling
    no cop-ah feeling
    u feel me '
    nah dont kill my vibe
    i might as well go and hide
    not to be seeked
    go ahead and be displeased with me
    wee wee wee
    all the way home
    motha fu'kas dont understand
    no need if your pleading
    that aint me

    as i was stating...

    as i resist to co-exsist
    as i pass the pipe
    take away your own pain away
    i just know im not going insaine
    never loosing my insanity
    i just know im still blending
    with society
    now that can give me anxiety
    cuz you see
    the cult of society
    just isnt me
    my words
    as now they occured to you
    who knew
    as im now
    telling you
    moving forward now
    not missing up on the rotation
    showing some appreciation
    thats right
    its in my inrightious right
    no ones flying a kite
    no ones taking flights
    damm i wanna
    be more then alright
    im just that type
    cuz i still got more
    by the way
    let me allow myself
    to hit it
    never quit it
    til i really feel it
    dont spill it
    quit it
    let me feel

    as i exsist to co-exsist
    as you proceed
    to give myself
    what i need
    that is
    up to the rim
    up to this line
    damm what a line up
    motha fuckas shut up
    i aint walking the line
    as i rhyme
    no need to be
    i aint the one
    by far
    as im stacking bars by far
    since the age of 5
    cant they just be
    a silence of a lamb
    as i chopp it up
    and chop this shit right here
    now thats whats up
    this is whats up
    speaking to my mind
    never mind all
    im still standing tall
    never to a fault
    u feel me ?
    damm i love this sin
    as i sin away
    all day
    to the core
    now this is my type
    of feeling
    this day
    by the way
    i was never a whore
    never a bore
    cuz i got more to offer them
    to him or her
    as i do pray for them to l.i.v.e
    i dont play
    with their lives
    that is
    im just a hit
    and to be
    let me say...
    im just as is

    let me get out the way
    im glad you hear me though
    on the real though

    as i was saying lastly...

    as i exsist to co-exsist
    at the same time
    im out here commiting selfless crimes
    still having a mind
    got more then my last two cents
    in a pitched up tent
    times is finally
    passing me by
    fu*k yea
    an outcast
    at last
    not outlasting my last breathe
    that is
    bets on
    bets off
    hands off
    your cut off
    who passed away
    not me
    i dont play

    as i resist to co-exsist
    black blood flowing
    in & out
    im finally here
    loving the fear
    the sting rays
    fu*k the sun rays
    by the way
    to set the record clear
    here im going
    to cloud 9
    never mind

    im out...

    FYI no need to scream and shout

    im still here co-exsisiting
    thriving on life.



  • the_matchstick 18w

    Cemetery - Home

    I died!
    My dead soul is further dead!
    The end soul, if ever there is an end, is crucified!!!

    I'm Soulless!

    Is this Home?
    Is this The Awakening!


  • the_matchstick 18w

    Home - Cemetery

    There is no such thing as A Home!

    It just a cemetery where you can live comfortably.
    Home is for Living beings!
    Cemetery is for Dead Souls!

    That's all there is to it.


  • madinah_writes 18w

    Sometimes, I'm being called FAKE.
    Other times, I'm tagged as a FOOL.
    A boring weirdo, a big MISTAKE.
    Yes, maybe I'm false, and you're TRUE.
    Maybe I should try to play COOL.
    You still call me a sick loser, a DUMP.
    I'd never say a word to you or call you GRUMP.
    Without even realizing it, I'd accept IT.
    Because you are a parent, a lover, a FRIEND!
    Shouldn't you be my supporter till the very END?
    And when I'm asked to write about HOME.
    I think of where to go with no REGRET.
    And when writing like light, gives me HOPE.
    I think of words I'd never FORGET.

    © Madinah_Writes

    #writerscommunity #lonely #poems #mirakee #family #friend #lover #writersnetwork #Alone #rejected #home #homeless #wod #renovation #miraquill

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  • scittore 18w

    "The only requirement is the ability to remember every scar"

    Elda was raped , without a mother, pregnant, homeless and ended up earning a living as a maid in the house of Alessandro Colombo the Italian mafia mob . What more could life throw at her? !

    Follow me let unveil the big question together

  • helenloizou 22w

    𝙃𝙚 𝙡𝙚𝙛𝙩
    𝘼𝙣𝙙 𝙄 𝙪𝙣𝙙𝙚𝙧𝙨𝙩𝙖𝙣𝙙
    𝙏𝙝𝙖𝙩 𝙮𝙤𝙪 𝙘𝙖𝙣 𝙗𝙚
    𝙃𝙤𝙢𝙚𝙨𝙞𝙘𝙠 𝙛𝙤𝙧 𝙖
    𝙋𝙚𝙧𝙨𝙤𝙣 𝙩𝙤𝙤.

  • brokengypsysoul 39w

    I am homeless
    I can go and do whatever I want
    I have nothing holding me anywhere
    I've never felt so lost
    Where do I go, what do I do now?
    So many opportunities yet at all?
    I should feel free, but I'm so scared
    The last two years, my life slowly fell apart
    To now, my lowest of lows
    One decision created a domino effect of bad events
    I made a mistake, take me back
    Then I wouldn't be here now


  • subhaprakshit 44w

    Soul wilts though
    toss them again,
    by some acrimonious hazards
    millions have lost,
    but some conquered
    asked to vow
    treasure of ballots,
    later realised-
    was meant to saw.

    Life Is life
    but not without death
    purely blind of what to breath.
    But How you gonna
    treat my soul
    Hindu, Muslim
    or through the Jesus' brain,
    ring for my Scant Salvation
    or call my neighbours and friends.
    But how they will tell you
    about the shipwrecks,
    when winter Is knocking
    their doors already, ready to break.

    Till the children asked:
    But What about the rest,
    did they return even Naked
    wearing only vest!
    Then the silence
    suppressed the story
    Wrapped the narrator's
    Tail of glory.
    Now tell me bl**dy Morons,
    How can I feel to be In home
    When my own country
    has made me an Orphan, Homeless.

    @miraquill @writersnetwork @readwriteunite @fromwitchpen @yamini_poetry @fatty_07 @kosachaya @riyabanik
    #readwriteunite #proverty #homeless #delusion

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    How can I feel to be In home
    When my own country
    has made me an Orphan, Homeless.


  • book_lover 49w


    Cold waves gushing
    Making the Night shiver,
    Diurnal folks in comfort of cosy beds
    dreaming a happy world,
    But like nocturnal birds I'm awake
    Sitting on a leafless bough;
    Benumbed and desolate,
    Prying to catch a sight of fire,
    In the meantime,
    Trying to guard cold with my bare skin.

  • stevenlgoosby 49w

    Every time I see a homeless
    person,with a heavy bag
    upon their backs...

    I think of The Christ

  • enchantedmedium 51w


    You are seen by me. You are not invisible. You may feel invisible as you walk daily alone. Your thoughts incarcerated in your mind with no one to share your day with. How did you end up here on the streets without your family, without your friends with just your own conversation and self reliance? Is this a mistake or was it pre-planned before birth to fulfill a karma debt or gain soul growth or are you here to teach the rest of us that you matter and you exist and you are just as important as the rest. Lack of human interaction, maybe but lack of Angels, never. Yes yes my friend I see you. You are important and you aren’t alone.


  • akshay_vasu 54w

    The fire from her eyes burnt down every fort and fence he had built around him. And in the end, he was homeless, and her arms were the only shelter he had in the storm.

    - Akshay Vasu

  • dinie178 55w

    I saw a stranger today.
    Eyes filled with sadness behind his flawless facade.
    He could hide it soo well
    Everyone thinks happiness is his abode when pain and anger made him.

    Oh dear stranger,
    How does it feel to have your wings clipped?
    How does it feel to walk this world alone?
    How does it feel when the numb is gone?
    The world seems bleak and hopeless yet you live fiercely.

    I admire you.
    I admire your resilience.
    If only I could make this world a better place for people like you to live in.


  • jpwriter 56w


    Here is the Life that got Dark
    And disgusting
    When they ripped out their Heart
    Leaving them Cold & Suffering
    Marked from start
    No home just Running
    Full deck yet no Cards
    Alone, No Money
    On the Street nothing Eat
    Cold and Hungry
    Always Defeat
    Condoned and Bummy
    No shoes on the Feet
    With Nose still Runny
    The clothes that you see
    Are old and grungy
    Just needed Love
    Someone to hold & hug me


  • memosfrommomo 56w


    I want to write a message for the lonely.
    But the problem is that most lonely people will not even have access to words online.

    They need a physical presence.

    So please, please, even in this pandemic, if you know someone; a neighbor, local resident, homeless person etc, please notice them:

    - If it's safe, say a kind word or just hello
    - Post a note in the mail or write a note to a homeless person, ask their name

    These might be impossible, or indeed sometimes dangerous, so use wisdom. But if it's possible, do what you can.

    People need to know they are seen. When noone calls your name for weeks, months, years even, you begin to forget that you exist.

  • philocalistabella 56w

    The kid on the street

    It was his birthday he just turned three

    Nature celebrate with snowy confetti

    Some juice,some pie ,some roasted turkey

    Dreamt of em , shivering under the tree

    And slowly the sun started dipping Westside

    As the still kid lay on the road wide eyed

    Covered in a blanket of snow as nature tried

    To hide how that day not the kid but humanity died ...


  • ayszakof 68w


    Beautiful soul with shattered dreams,
    Undergoing a terrible life to survive,
    An insecure human that is no longer frightened,
    Cold,rain and pollution are no longer there difficulty,
    But a shocking body striving to ingest in any way,

  • wifey_suicide 69w

    Strange Cats

    I live in a castle all alone
    Next to a fish tank with no fish
    Lays my bed
    Just mattress on the floor
    For me just to adore
    Only thing knocking at my door
    Are the strange cats, that can’t stay away

    They tell me stories by my window
    I can’t let them in
    Otherwise they won’t go away
    They’ll just move in
    Without paying rent

    One is clawing at my screen
    Wishing they could come in
    Where it’s warm
    It’s cold
    At least Spring is a week away

    Says the cat,
    “I know you work for your things. You deserve the best. But I am only a cat. I can’t work like you. I have paws. So I can’t even drive. I am homeless, because I can’t do things like you.”
    “But please it’s cold outside, my fur can only keep me warm and it’s suppose to get colder once the sun runs away.”
    “Please I will love you... it’s the only trade I got.”

    “I’m so sorry, but if I bring you.
    I would have to bring rest of your crew.
    It’s unfair for everyone else, if I just take care of you.”

    Poor cat has no luck, little buddy gets upset, so they just disappear as the snow starts to drop.
    I feel bad.
    As the other cats start to sing out of tune.

    “Look, I can’t take care of all of you. I can’t just pick one. Otherwise there is no luck for the rest of you. You’ll hate me, for not picking you. You’ll disappear like how your buddy did, and I love your company, it keeps my home from being silent.”