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  • infectiouswordspoetry 2d

    I see
    Two young hearts at the gallery,
    The one which gets easily hurt,
    Weak and tender,
    Just like mine.
    Another, the martyred one,
    Scrapes of weapon- oh it's actually the skin
    Unafraid of death.
    What unites them,
    Is spectacular love in their union,
    That found the two similar bodies
    Rich enough to sweep in the slow bloom
    A flowerbed even in the wrenching, wailing, blood stained battlefield.
    A love of objections, shame and purity,
    Beyond all religion and bond
    Yes, I have witnessed this,
    A dream with open eyes,
    Of switching a kiss
    On similar lips.

  • antagonized 9w

    People Unseen

    The dancing men
    at a wedding 
    or inside bars
    Speech sometimes slurred
    s-sometimes-s elongated
    like a chewed on thought
    a piece of pink bubblegum 
    They must not know
    where up is
    or what might be down
    or at least,
    They don't act like it

    furtive dancers
    That have never heard 
    A man at a podium
    on a Sunday under steeples 
    and sometimes they work
    and miss the weddings 
    at which their loves are proclaimed 
    different and unequal
    So they go to bars
    Where they dance
    and dance not like men 
    but as people unseen

  • eishasarkar 15w

    Shadow & Soul, Book 1 of The Goa Saga by Eisha Sarkar

    Saysha Singh, a beautiful, multiracial young woman from Delhi, meets Aeram Khan, a gorgeous model-actor in college and they fall madly in love with each other. Aeram is the only legal heir of the Albuquerques, a family descended from Afonso de Albuquerque, the sixteenth-century Portuguese statesman and conquistador of Goa. After a few weeks of passionate romance, Saysha gets wary of committing her life to a controlling boyfriend. She leaves him and moves to Shimla. He moves to Mumbai and becomes a very successful actor and entrepreneur.

    Three years later, when he is in Shimla for a shoot, Saysha meets him again and they rekindle their romance in secret until he goes as her date to a masquerade ball where he unexpectedly reveals his identity. Saysha becomes fodder for primetime TV news. Aeram brings her back to Delhi with the help of his gay half-brother and stunt-double, James Albuquerque. After persuading her father, an army officer, Aeram and Saysha marry in court. Aeram and James strive to protect her privacy and dignity at all cost. However, living under the shadow of her famous husband makes a dent in Saysha's self-esteem and she tries to carve her own identity.

    When Saysha finds out that James loves Aeram, she initially is shocked but gradually realises that of the two, James is the better man. She is attracted towards him in spite of his sexual orientation. Aeram gets jealous of their friendship but cannot get rid of James. In a graveyard in Goa, Saysha discovers there is more to Aeram and James's bond than what they show.

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  • eishasarkar 15w

    Gone Goa Gone: Book 2 of The Goa Saga by Eisha Sarkar

    In the Age of Discovery, there were three identical crosses. Portugal’s King Manuel I had bestowed one on Vasco da Gama, who discovered the sea route to India. The second he had bestowed on Pedro Álvares Cabral, who discovered Brazil, and the third on Afonso de Albuquerque who established the Portuguese hegemony in the Indian Ocean. Over the centuries two of the crosses have disappeared. Probably they’re hidden away in some antique collectors’ vaults. The third hangs around James’s neck.

    A clause put in by an ancestor during the Inquisition in Goa prevents Aeram, a practising Muslim, from inheriting Richard Albuquerque's estates. Only his Christian son, James, can claim the title even though he was born out of wedlock. When Aeram presents Richard's will in court, Daniel Albuquerque aka Danny (Richard's cousin) contests the claim. James and Aeram battle the demons of their past to take on Danny and the very powerful Archbishop Patrick to save their estates.

    When Aeram and Saysha go to New York, they accidentally meet Igor Lebedinsky, a young intern at Aeram's agent's office. Saysha discovers that he's the son of Alexandre Lebedinsky, the mining tycoon from Moscow and brother of her deceased birth-mother.

    Saysha realizes that James is not an ordinary stuntman. Even her very rich and powerful husband is scared of him. In the forests around the Albuquerque villa on the banks of the Mandovi river, James finally shows her why the property means much more than mere inheritance.

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  • twaritamahato 25w

    In the past few years two of friends turned out to be homosexuals. And trust me they are the same witty , humorous, humble and tremdously beautiful souls that they were before. Infact they are more confident now because now they aren't confused with the question "why my feelings are not similar to other girls" , I've seen them struggling with their studies and sexuality , and now it gives me a lot of relief that now they can focus on their other issues .
    But no .. this world will never change , will it? Most of the people question them everytime like HOW CAN YOU BE GAY ..YOU DON'T LOOK LIKE ONE .. ig IT IS A MEDICAL ISSUE. How much can we torture a person who has already been through so much and tbh these people don't give a fuck about their lives , it is their lives and they have the right to choose their partners or the people who they fall in love with.

    Being heterosexual is not a blessing!!

    Stop judging homosexuals..stop asking them weird questions.. stop using the word GAY in your illogical jokes . Making fun of anyone's sexuality is not a joke anymore , sometimes it takes a lifetime to find out your sexuality or sexual preferences. These GAY jokes somehow breaks half of the people's confidence to come up. If someone comes up to be homosexual that doesn't make that person anything different.. they are the same people we lived with .

    We get one life .. don't you think everyone has the right to live it to the fullest. And what will the society say?? : most of them are illiterate nerds and some so called modern people also make fun of homosexuals..like duhh!! .. I can't imagine the amount of money you wasted on you education , clothing and lifestyle.. your mindset makes you modern..not your dressing sense , music preferences or lifestyle.

    You can't comment..judge..question..make fun of someone's sexuality .. you don't stand at that position

    #pride #homosexuality

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    "Why so gay?


  • khurafat 32w


    What problem do you have what two people do in their bedroom?

    No problem at all. But the thing is, you fear!
    You fear that your children may become like them.
    This fear is quite obvious because you have distanced your children from you because of your tyranny. And this distance is evident as your children feel comfortable sharing their secrets with some stranger on internet but not with you.
    In your attempt to make your children horses of the race in which you yourself failed, you have failed to be their best friend.
    And now that your children have grown up, you have no balls to oppose them, so you are opposing the homosexuality.

    ~Instead of carpeting the earth, learn to wear shoes.

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    आपको क्या परेशानी है कि दो लोग अपने बेडरूम में क्या करते हैं?
    बिल्कुल भी परेशानी नहीं है।
    लेकिन बात यह है कि आप डरते हैं!
    आपको डर है कि कहीं आपके बच्चे उनके जैसे न हो जाएं।

    यह डर बिल्कुल स्पष्ट है क्योंकि आपने अपने तानाशाही के कारण अपने बच्चों को अपने से दूर कर लिया है।
    और यह दूरी बहुत साफ है क्योंकि आपके बच्चे इंटरनेट पर किसी अजनबी को अपनी दिल की बात बताने में, अपने रहस्य साझा करने में ज़्यादा सहज महसूस करते हैं लेकिन आपके साथ नहीं।

    अपने बच्चों को उस दौड़ का घोड़ा बनाने के अपने प्रयास में, जिसमें आप स्वयं असफल हो गए, आप उनके सबसे अच्छे दोस्त बनने में नाकामयाब रहे। और अब जब आपके बच्चे बड़े हो गए हैं, तो आपके पास उनका विरोध करने का दम नहीं है, इसलिए आप समलैंगिकता का विरोध कर रहे हैं।

    ~पृथ्वी को कालीन से ढंकने के बजाय खुद जूते पहनना सीखिए।

  • preeti_paromita_ 46w


    A blueberry dress so majestically draped
    She aligned to his light embrace
    Danced under the tender moonbeams,
    Rhythmic blues, slow moves
    Clumsy yet sophisticated grace.
    Inclined to her ecstasy,
    Dawned upon me a bizarre tranquility
    Suddenly the heart claims the same sorcery.

    I shouldn't be like this.
    Wrong! They say it is.

    As souls drew close,
    Warm breathes, a kiss so soft.
    Her knight in shining armour, he is!
    Oh how I yearn the pleasure,
    Of her moist lips.
    Perhaps dissipate in her radiant eyes,
    Seize her in my soul, maybe!

    I shouldn't be like this.
    Wrong! They say it is.

    On the wedding day,
    Standing on the aisle beside her
    Flowers clutched tight, maid to be.
    Same rampant thirst upsurged me.
    The vows that we never took
    Kisses unprecedented, fates undestined
    Shall I regret?
    What it is!
    And What could've been.

    I shouldn't be like this.
    Wrong! They say it is.


  • m_ozed 54w


    Homosexuals are everywhere; all around us...in our schools, in our places of work and worship, in our neighbourhood and majority of them are denying themselves basking in the claim to be something that they are not. It is enough that we deny them and we believe that something is wrong with them for developing feelings for the same sex, they deny themselves everyday except for the few brave ones who have risen above all odds to accept who they are.

    I have met people who do not believe that homosexuality is real. They say it is "a culture borrowed from the west", it is a charade or it is simply unnatural.

    Some time ago, I was watching an American movie with a friend and he asked why there had to be a gay couple in every modern American movie. I wasn't so surprised by the question because it is no news what the world, in general, has against homosexuals. I answered by saying, "why are there always black people in every modern American movie even if majority may be white?"

    I want to believe that the answer to both questions is now clear; because they exist.

    "But God created Adam and Eve and not Adam and Steve!" God also created everyone who turned out to be a sinner. During a mundane discussion on whether foremost homosexuals should be allowed into the church, the boy we all perceived to be the smartest among us, said that they should not be allowed into the church because they are sinners and 1 Corinthians 6:9-11 et al has emphasized that sinners would not inherit the kingdom of God.

    However (writing from a religious point of view), if we decide to judge sinners before God judges, we must understand and everyone is a sinner who just sins differently.

    In the same scripture, 1 Corinthians 6:9-11, sinners are referred to, in this order, as fornicators, idol worshippers, adulterers, gigolos, homosexuals, thieves, greedy people, drunkards, abusers and cheats.

    If we are allowed to take actions into our hands and be able to make decisions are we going to say that, sinners have no right to worship God or to call themselves Christians? If it were to be so, every single pew the church would be empty and the Church would be dry as a desert.

    Were we not all born into sin? DidJesus, the son of God, not die for sinners? Does the Bible not preach unconditional Love? Isn't it hypocrisy when you lie about where you were and call a homosexual a sinner? Did he Bible not warn against trying to remove a speck of wood from your neighbour's eye when you have a log of wood in yours?

    There is a also a lot of misconceptions about gay people, aside from personal beliefs; The idea that homosexuality is foreign, demonic or worth killing for, is barbaric and should be discouraged.

    They exist all over the world and are everywhere. They are possibly the ones at work who you think is more attractive than everyone else or perhaps, the active church worker whom you would recommend to be trusted. Maybe, it is the smart kid who sits in the front row, or the quiet neighbour or it is probably the guy who just walked past you.

  • grotesque 70w

    Love; a curse

    At Jewelry shop, the shopkeeper asked..
    'How about this design for the groom's ring?'
    Everybody loved it except her.
    She murmured 'But I don't love a guy...'
    The shopkeeper asked 'What?'
    Tears drops came out of her eyes.
    Her father pressed her wrist and said
    'She means she is a bit shy.'
    Of course a girl always has to love a guy only.
    The next morning they found her body hanging from the ceiling with a note stating in capitals--

    A Father lost a daughter. A lover lost a lover. Society didn't lose anything yet!


  • ciara1 71w

    The World Doesn't Accept Homosexuals

    Many people have committed suicide because of their sexuality.
    I have a beautiful soul
    At encouraging people, writing tons of poetry,
    advice poems and writing good books on many various platforms.
    Yet I have a dirty heart of
    Sin for women I see out on the streets,
    But I came to a realization that being a homosexual is not a sin,
    I admit it,
    I am a bisexual woman.
    I long for men, but I lust for
    I do have a boyfriend, but I
    lust for women.
    My advice to society is
    please everyone,
    If you have homosexuals in your family,
    Please accept them,
    Of course you will not understand their sufferings because you haven't experienced it,
    But if you all will just
    take the time to sit down
    And listen to their story,
    You will understand.
    There are so many children that are afraid to be themselves because we are living
    In a judgmental world of haters.
    But God loves all people for who they are.
    God loves you for who you are.
    My advice for the children on this app is if you are a straight boy or a straight girl, and you do not understand the people that are close to you regarding their sexuality.
    Think of it like this, put yourself in your gay friend's shoes or your bisexual friend or even your sister or brother's shoes that are struggling to become who they are, and they can not express it to their parents how they feel because their parents rejects their choices.
    It is your choice to decide who
    You want to be with.
    My story of being a bisexual woman is that I had a choice to decide rather who I always wanted to be with. I feel comfortable around a woman and a man, but the difference is that I prefer being in a relationship with a man than a woman because all I see towards women is just one thing,
    which is lust.
    When I see a man,
    I see a future having children, and getting married, but I do not see the same thing when I look at a woman. It is more sexual based with a woman. It is still sexual based with a man, but more things I long for within a man.
    The concept of bisexuality is the liking of both sexes, but you have a choice with one or the other. You could even be with both sexes if you want to.
    I just chose to be with one, which is a man.
    Being gay is only desiring that one particular sex.
    If you are a gay boy or a gay girl who is just into one same sex, but you are being with the opposite sex in which you are not attracted too, than you are not being yourself.
    If you are not attracted to both sexes and being with the one you do not care about, than you are not being true to yourself.
    If you are with someone that you do not have any connections with, and is not attracted to that person. That relationship will not workout for you, you have to be attracted to that person in order to build a future with them.
    The world would be so much better if everyone would hear each and everyone's stories out, no matter what the story of struggles they are going through.
    I have a beautiful soul
    praying everyday, studying God's words, doing meditations,
    I have a beautiful heart of
    Treating people with kindness,
    Happiness, outspoken and all about keeping the peace.
    Always accept and support the LGBT communities.

    © All Rights Reserved

  • grotesque 75w

    A girl has been born in a middle class yet privileged family. She is a girl with some dream(s). She grew up seeing her mother getting emotionally tortured by....
    She knew life isn't so fair she used to think. Her mother showed her strength. Her mother told her, if anything happens to her that the girl would always try to live her dream(s). She as a young one failed to understand what it means. You see for women like us the word freedom gives us enough orgasm to imagine how a life without the shackles of patriarchy would feel like. But, like others she too became the part of the venom. Without even understanding how patriarchy works she fell into it's trap. We are all trapped her aren't we?
    Freedom is only a concept. The more you think you are reaching towards it the more you are getting trapped. Love, politics, relations and everything surrounding us are trapped. Yet the dream of becoming free one day kept that girl busy.
    With time, she understood she isn't like others who follow the basic penis and vagina war; marriage, sperm and hence producing the baby world. The race is so indefinite that makes her sick. She only liked the vagina world out of it. But she didn't like it 'cause it was a vagina in particular. She felt that the soft feeling comes with the thought of liking another vagina is beautiful and beyond explanation of genitals. She thought, she is in a beautiful world where there is no race. People are limited here. People are colourful.
    To her surprise, the bubble broke. Her idea of freedom broke too. She then understood people are limited in that world because people have never realised how right it is. All the time people are being made to feel how much wrong it is! Another trap. She met people who are suffering in this trap. She read about so many trapped people in this so called 'free' world. It feels like when you are sweating from inside and cannot even open your trousers and sit with your legs wide open with an underwear on. You would be raped instantly by perpetrators with every possible way.
    She gradually realised there are other kinds of traps too. The perpetrators made an excuse of skin colour, Caste, religion, gender and what not to make them feel they deserve prison and hatred. The idea of freedom she used to dream of since childhood is gone now with all her other dreams too. Her mother told her lies. Her mother never made her realise how cruel this world is; how cruel her own family members could be.
    So the idea of freedom is a lie. She realised we all are a puppet in the hands of perpetrators. We are in this race of being perfect every time. We are in the race of progressing mankind because we want our filthy genes in future. We want all white or all black. But what about her? What about her dreams? What about her freedom and freedom for people like her? Oh, it is just a lie. Keep your mouth shut and celebrate hypocrisy.
    She is under a roof, drinking away the very idea that made her orgasm one day thinking she will be free one day finally. She is drinking some cheap alcohol 'cause she cannot even afford a costlier one. Freedom is so divided on the basis of money, status and sex. She is laughing to those posts of Independence. She is drinking way too much waiting for her eternal demise. Unfortunately, that won't bring her freedom too 'cause people would look upon a her as someone coward. Yet it does not matter anymore.
    She is a fighter; a human exisiting with disappointments. Happy freedom to the perpetrators.
    #independence #queer #sexuality #freedom #patriarchy #expression #freedom_of_speech #india #caste #homosexuality #human #rainbow #writing #she #feelings #illusion #lies #story #truth #15th_august #heteronormativity #strength #thought #feminist #futute #idea_of_freedom #courage

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    Freedom (not)
    The idea of it gave me orgasm. :')


  • yatharth_singh_chauhan 76w

    देर शाम को दरबार बर्खास्त होने के बाद महाराज अपने शयनकक्ष में महारानी के प्रेमालिंगन से अपनी थकान मिटा रहे थे। तभी सेवक ने आकर कोई ज़रूरी सूचना दी और महाराज बुरा सा मुंह लिए कपड़े पहनकर चले गये।
    महाराज के जाने के बाद, कोने में खड़ी महारानी की खास प्रसादिका आगे आई। महारानी के पास आकर, उनके खुले कपड़ों को देखकर बोली, "एक बात समझ नहीं आती, महारानी।"
    "क्या?" महारानी ने उसकी ओर देखकर पूछा।
    "आप महाराज से प्रेम नहीं करती फिर भी..."
    "फिर भी हमारे दो बेटे हैं, हमारी खुशी से हैं और रोज़ रात को हम इस हाल में पाए जाते हैं। यही न?" महारानी ने उसकी बात पूरी करते हुए पूछा। महारानी के चेहरे पर एक कोमल मुस्कान थी।
    उसे देखकर प्रसादिका भी मुस्कुरा दी और बोली, "जी।"
    महारानी खड़ी हुई और बोली, "हम महाराज से प्रेम भले ही न करते हों फिर भी अपने राज्य और पति के लिए हमारा दायित्व बनता है। अपने राज्य को हमनें दो वीर राजकुमार दिए हैं और अपने पति को हम उनका अधिकार, उनके हिस्से का प्रेम देते हैं। रानी होकर हम बहुत से राज़ ज़ाहिर नहीं कर सकते। उन्हें होंठों में दबाकर रखना पड़ता है।" महारानी उसकी ओर मुड़ी और आगे बोली, "जैसे यह हमारा एक राज़ है...और जैसे तुम हमारा एक राज़ हो।"
    प्रसादिका मुस्कराई, उसने महारानी के चेहरे को अपनी हथेलियों में भरा और उसके होंठों को अपने होंठों में।

  • leena_afsha_ishrot 82w

    Born as a boy in a girl's body
    Am I valid?
    Is there is freedom of choice?
    If yes, will society approve of me?
    Apparently, it's a big NO
    They will start trolling me both online and offline
    To pretend what I am not
    Can be resembled as inhaling carbon monoxide
    Is it okay to fall in love with a homosexual?
    But questioning to self-
    "Do I have guts, to reveal my reality? "
    Even if I speak truth
    Will they allow me to live a peaceful life like others?
    Or they would interfere with my essence!
    Not every time they are TRUE.
    To love a homosexual is valid,
    To be a bisexual is valid,
    No matter bisexual doesn't connote wanna fulfill desires only,
    Neither homosexual convey the criminal transgression
    #leena_unsaidwords #lgbtq #quotes #microtale #pansexual #lesbian #gay #bisexual #transgender #homosexuality #homosapiens #hetereo #life #choice #approval

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    Is it acceptable to be an LGBTQ?

    (Read till the end)

  • samuelsprings 84w


    We are living in the era, where,

    Twisted means straight,

    Gay means sad,


    Bi means ... You know... Middle agents.


  • grotesque 84w

    Sudden ECLIPSE:-That dawn they opened the door of her room to find her body hanging from the ceiling. She did not die. She flew away somewhere. Somewhere, where she did not have to hide anymore. In her lover's arm maybe. Every body thought she acted cowardly, but only she knew she left a deep impact on hearts of the haters. It started melting now. Haters are now beginning to understand that love has the power to melt down the heat of any sort of hate, anger and even aggression. She flew far away only to come back as who she is. In the next birth maybe. Man, woman, or any other gender; are just words. If we feel love we don't see any gender. We see the human. Her letter of love and pride , implanted seeds of kindness in the hearts of her family members. Love won. Love always wins. Feel love; not body.
    © grotesque
    #pridemonth #lgbtqia+ #other_love #pod #mirakee #writers #diary_form #letter #feelings #harsh_reality #rainbow #homosexuality #gender_neutral #heteronormativity #human #i_am_queer

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    Dear family,

    What is love to you?

    For me it is one hell of a feeling. I don't see any gender while falling in love. I just feel love. It is so beautiful. Why are you so grossed out? Did I do anything wrong? Hope you could listen to me once. I am not different. I am also human. I have feelings and emotions too. So what, if I love her? So what if I cannot love any man. I am proud of myself. This world, which is so full of hatred, cannot accept love. It is not ready yet. Bring another life to the world when you are ready to accept love. Remember, I am not quitting. I am leaving my soul from my body to mark an impact on your heart. Hope love wins someday.

    Yours, still the same,

  • lumos__ 86w

    #homosexuality #homophobia #love #pride

    TW: Homosexuality

    Still a human

    The kids in your school called you a 'faggot'
    They threw your books in the loo
    And tore your shirt.
    You went to the teacher to complain
    But were shooed away.
    Of course, weren't you just a big nuisance?
    A little freak causing troubles for all.
    Nothing more than a bad influence.

    Your father is tired of your nonsense
    It's obvious that you're at fault
    Why can't you just be a normal kid?
    He never signed up for this!
    Your mother's words ring in your ears
    "Be you", she would say.
    What she had forgotten to add was
    "Unless you're gay".

    It's not like you were always friendless
    You had lots, both girls and boys.
    But ever since they found out
    They look at you like poison runs in your veins.
    Your views are pointless.
    Your dreams are a topic of ridicule.
    Your sadness just an excuse for sympathy.
    Your sexuality just a phase.

    Years passed but the hatred continued.
    "You just haven't met the right girl"
    "Did you have abusive parents?"
    "Did Hollywood influence you?"
    They asked too many questions
    But were never satisfied with the answers
    To them you were a specimen to be examined
    And not a fellow human of blood and flesh.

    Sometimes you question the only God you know
    What crime did you commit to be awarded with this fate?
    You fail to understand why the rainbow they love
    Becomes a sign of disgust on a flag of pride.
    Why the love that builds homes
    Is toxic when directed towards someone of the same gender.
    Cause the last time you checked
    Love had no classification.

    You dream of a more accepting tomorrow.
    A tomorrow where people don't have to come out of their "closet"
    Rather, there is no "closet" to hide in.
    A tomorrow where LGBT is just a mere word
    And not a subject for hue and cry.
    You dream about all this and much more.
    And before going to sleep you ask yourself
    If it's too much to ask?

    This battle for acceptance tires you out with every passing day
    But remember, the light at the end of the tunnel is nearing everyday.
    Believe me honey, it does get better.
    If only you have the courage to hold on
    And fight for what you believe in.
    And together, you and me
    We'll build a world where we'd all be free
    Till then, hang tight and be the person you're meant to be.

    From, someone had been in your shoes.


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    Honey you're familiar like my mirror years ago
    Idealism sits in prison, chivalry fell on it's sword

    'From Eden'

    (Entire piece in caption)

  • grotesque 92w

    It's a queer content. Homosexuality is still a stigma in our society. So thought of focusing on something regarding that. People fall in love with each other irrespective of gender yet they fail to make the society understand about their feelings. This piece is a sensitive one. Ek dum dil se likha hai. Many of us as queer has faced this. I hope this will be relatable to you guys. Thank you :-)
    #poetry #mirakee #queer #homosexuality #words #feelings #being_woman #society #relationships #LGBTQIA+ #sensitive #long_form #relatable #mohabbat #love_is_love #rainbow #pride #human_emotions

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    Bade Ajeeb Si Ho..

    Giley shiqwe boht hai tumse.
    Tum milo toh sahi. Barso
    Beet gaye, par tum aayi nahi!
    Unn sadko pe jahan main
    Dil de baithi thi tumko...

    Giley shiqwe kisse karu? Ke
    Murde kabhee kabhee hi bolte hai.
    Har khwahishein tumhe saup ke
    Maine tumhi se baatein ki hai.
    Khata kya thi batao meri?!
    Be-pannaah mohabbat hai tumse;
    Ya phir tumhare sapno ka rajkumar
    Nahi thi main; ya phir ek alag si darr
    Tum mein thi, ke kisiko pata chalega
    Humare bare mein, toh tumhari
    Izzat pe daag lagegi. Batao bhi ab!

    Giley shiqwe toh boht hai tumse..
    Tum mere saath waqt guzaro toh sahi!
    Ke aaj murde ko bolna hai.
    Tum kehti ho, mard ya aurat farq nahi padhta.
    Par phir iss naachij ko aaj
    Tumne wahi farq sikha di.
    Kahin bhi jau, kisiko bhi dil de dun
    Iss darr se jeeti hun ke mujhe phir
    Koi isi tarah se rulayegi;
    Mere aurat hone pe farq batayegi!
    Mard aurat, qudrat ki misaal hai.
    Ae mere hijr-e-mohabbat, inn mein farq na kiya karo!

    Giley shiqwe tumse boht karni hai.
    Par apni shaqal dikhao toh zara!
    Aaj tumhe sapno ka rajkumar mil hi gaya.
    Aur mujhe mili be-shumaar tanhaayi.
    Par haal-e-dil kuchh aisa hai ki mujhe
    Tumse mili tanhaayi se bhi mohabbat hai.
    Qudrat ki kamaal kaho ya meri shiddat
    Aaj bhi mujhe tumhi se hi mohabbat hai.
    Murda hi sahi, par zindaa lash jaisi
    Bol deti hun kabhee kabhee ke
    Jis darr se tumne mujhe chodha
    Usi darr ko maine apni taaqat banai hai.

    Aaj dooniya ki har daravni chij se
    Pyaar hai mujhe, tumhare khaatir.
    Ek farq ki wajah se tumne jo dard di hai
    Usi farq ne dikhai hazaro mohabbat ki kahaani!
    Meri tarah doosro ne bhi chot khaye hai.
    Tumhari tarah sabko salike se jo zindagi bitani thi.
    Par ab uss farq se mujhe kuchh
    Farq nahi padhta. Mohabbat karne ki
    Har ek salike se nafrat hai mujhe.
    Jiss mohabbat mein salika ho, zimmedari ho
    Dooniyadari ho, jhooti farmaishein ho..
    Waisi mohabbat se azaad hun main.

    Giley shiqwe toh boht hai tumse
    Tum mujhe gale lagao toh sahi.
    Meri mohabbat ke dariyaa tutenge nahi,
    Tumhari alag si dooniya ki thehraav mein.
    Meri mohabbat bas badhti hi jayegi.
    Tum na raho mere saath..
    Par meri mohabbat humesha
    Tumhare saath rahegi.
    Tum salike se mohabbat karna usse
    Main deewangi se tumhe chahoongi.

    |meri na-jais si mohabbat|

  • soaringeyes 97w

    Calla Lilies

    Will the rose in your lips colour me crimson? Will your hands holding my wrists turn into pretty green bangles or will they be my shackles when the others find out? Will our love bloom like the gardenias we planted or will you send me pink camellias from distant lands in moments of weakness? Will we elope or will we run away from each other? Will we love and live or will we hide our calla lilies in our rainbow hearts?

  • moonwritespoetry 110w

    // Wild Love //

    At the wee hours of a Wintry dawn
    Looking square into my eyes, she asked...,
    "Were all your Poetry about me?!"
    "Yes it was..., and it will be..,
    till the day it die....!!" said I. smiling.
    and then she asked why,
    "Because I found You,
    the woman who loved the little girl in me,
    the woman I fell in love with,
    don't you worry, you're Mine...!!" , said I.

    but before you even heard it,
    he came out from the darkness
    wearing a dark and think cloth around him,
    holding a hurricane lamp,
    he knocked our door.....
    his eyes seemed deep and blue
    On his bearded face, he's staring at you,
    from your head to toe
    Like a wild beast in front of its Prey.

    "I know, it's not you he has been searching for,
    then, Love, why would you let him touch You?"

    now I see him put his Arms around Her,
    then, I saw him,
    Take Her away from me.....
    sure you must have thought of
    the way I used to enrapture you,
    every single time, when
    My lips were intensely on You....."

    I'm dying inside looking at
    her lying there all cold and woeful,
    after he touched her...

    I stumbled as he Disrobed her.
    Tearing away, the Violet fleece she wore,
    that I had sewed and Painted on.....
    hearing her, wailing at his feet,
    made me feel like ripping off my own skin !
    Drenching her through and through,
    having held her wet body tight,
    he took her, way down into the dark water,
    locking his tongue to her's,
    ruthlessly from down there......
    I broke down when she couldn't feel
    her breath but felt the wetness of his tongue
    as his wrinkled lips wildly moved
    all over her body....
    hurling her vigorously into a dusty floor,
    he roughly thrusted himself up against her.
    slurping her breasts over and over, made her
    much colder, hurtful felt every Bite,
    Groping felt the fang marks he left on her skin

    She...., felt the pain on her body but
    watching her, being rooted. not able to move,
    I felt it all, on the devasted walls of my Heart !
    I see his dark shades like a cloth cover her wholly. Indeed her face....
    made her fall deep into him, and
    Bury her forever, under his Bushy Chest......

    Hours before he knocked our door,
    you had asked me, touching my lips...,
    "If I want a kiss....?"
    I'll live with it from now on....
    that some day, you'll come to me
    Like a fairy, bringing me the Kiss you owe......
    All I could do was to Cry out loud
    and stammer to the grief you left.....
    I kept asking her in loud voice. again,
    "Why would you let him do this to you..?"
    yet, she, lying there all wet and looking at me,
    her eyes turned doleful and still.
    I Rapped her up in trice,
    with a clothe I hammed for her,
    couple days back....
    and taking her in my arms,
    she's doused in blue, I spoke gently.....,

    "I know, it not you he has been searching for,
    He came for me, to take me.
    Opening the doors to you, you let him in...,
    Why would you do it to yourself....? "

    "Because my time has come....
    for being loved by him,
    Let me be the Lover,
    he has been searching for...,
    Though he is taking me to distance
    And asking, to be his Lover,
    I could never love him
    as much as I loved you..... !
    yet, let me be the lover
    he's been searching for....
    Oh Darling..., let me be the Lover,
    Death has been searching for...!!
    for, I wouldn't let him Love you,
    As long as I am Alive...... "

    And those were Her Last Words...... !!

    //Anagha Lakshmi Ajitha//

  • soaringeyes 113w


    At 20 you dyed your hair a beautiful rainbow and I fell in love with those pretty colours. A month later you came back from your visit back home with your hair dyed black, cut short from the damage and a blue bruise was on your cheek that not even concealer could hide. At 23, your parents tried to marry you to a divorced, older man and you ran away from home. I still remember your screams as you tried to free yourself from your brother's grip when he came to take you back home from the hostel and the warden happily sent you off. You were a bad influence they said. It's been 5 years now, you're married and so am I. Funnily enough, we're neighbors here too. I see you serve tea to your older husband in the balcony every morning as my husband yells at me to get his towel. I look over at your house everyday and wonder if things could have been different. I'm sorry, I never told you I liked you but wouldn't we still be here anyway, serving tea to our husbands as they remind us that marriage is a miracle for degenerates like us?