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    Just a gentle reminder :)

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    Hold on

    The thing about pain is
    Its more like an unwanted weed
    It grows upon your skin and
    feeds upon your insecurities
    It licks the venom of lies and
    Gulps the shine of your identity
    It keeps count of your each breath
    And suffuse sufferings in silence
    It hurts and hurts and hurts..
    It hurts till the day you feel numb
    It spreads its roots in your mind
    It talks of the devil and death
    It romanticizes rage and festoon fury
    It stabs your spine and makes you crippled
    To the extent you crawl upon to seek help.
    The best thing about pain is
    Just like everything else its temporary
    It fades just like vague promises of forever
    The happy twigs swirls when it rains for sure
    And weeds get uprooted by the angelic hands
    Just like the rainbows smiles glitter upon your cheeks
    Just like every other broken thing
    Your heart gets healed
    Just bear the storm a lil more
    Just take a nap under grey clouds lil more
    Just cry a lil more, just smile a lil more
    Just breath a lil more
    Hold on, hold on, hold on
    Will you?