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  • jlaine 11w

    Skin Deep

    Jet black cat slinks
    past once again;
    Thunderhead looming,
    blitzes striking the knife,
    Tissues tensing into
    gangrenous fists
    As hapless innocents
    cling to numb toes;
    For such corporeal loss
    matters little to me,
    As expectancy has lept
    from the ledge long ago;
    Nevertheless, dare I give
    this tourniquet one last twist,
    For infinite subconscious
    awaits beyond the wall.


  • anjana08 17w


    With everything wrong going on may b your text can give a hope..

  • spontaneous_flow_of_emotion 17w

    The tears that drop
    From the corners of my eyes
    Turns into snowflakes
    From the years of frost
    Stuffed within the veins of my heart.

  • mindscapeofamy_95 19w

    Have you seen those cobwebs,
    Hanging from the branches of a tree
    To the other?
    Where does it start? Where does it end?
    It does have a pattern,
    Beautifully woven like a lace.
    But I cannot tell you my friend,
    That this is where the end lies.

    Each day is an affliction,
    With not an end in sight.
    The pandemic came to our land,
    Like an invisible ghost.
    It mocked the mass with its game,
    Never once letting us get hold of it.
    "I play on your lungs... Oh!
    Now in your eyes... well!
    In your heart is where I now sit!"

    Hey you! A virus as small as a cell,
    Are you for real?"
    Where are those days gone,
    When we never held our lives so dear, Being home felt like a luxury,
    And travel to work was tiresome?
    Ah! Come back ye days!
    Wake me up to a new dawn.

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    #pandemic #hopelessness #pain #lost #uncertainity #gloom #death

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    What now?


  • ylviia 20w

    At first I thought it was like a hurricane conquering my mind
    But I realize it's far from that
    It's more like being in a pit black whole
    Trying to keep your sanity
    I'm consistently shifting between emotions and emptiness that I wonder
    How much more can I take?
    How much more till I leave and never come back?
    How much more till this state is going to change
    Because at the moment I feel stuck in a loop
    Been given hope just to have it snatched away right in front of my eyes
    I've never felt so helpless, so hopeless
    A miracle has to happen to me to unchain myself
    But like life nothin comes for free
    And a miracle is near to impossible
    The only solution is to save myself
    To be honest I don't know
    If I have the strength to do that
    And even if I did the weight is getting heavier with each day passing by and my force is endless
    Soon the battery is going to run low
    And I will shut down
    Everything is spiralling to an end
    I can feel it

  • seaofdespond 23w


    I'm an empty can, impacted in the mud of some desolate patch of Earth. The rain eroding me, the sun bleaching my design; an empty vessel that the parasitic bugs of the underdark call home.

  • jeetspeaks 27w


    Hopelessness never comes from your failures in isolation. It comes only when the people surrounding you impose it on you. Such people are more poisonous than the poison of a deadly snake. Try beware of them. Life will be easier.

  • mathilde 29w

    SHEEEESH .... Man this took time... I was actually thinking how to write ... Even though it did not turn out good.
    Now time for tags
    #writersnetwork #miraquill #wod #start #hopelessness and there we are

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    Hope that rose again

    I have been growing hope in your backyard,
    For atleast a couple of months,
    You said that you will keep it
    Safe no matter what happens.

    But it was only a matter of time,
    When you mowed your entire lawn,
    My hopes got lost,
    From your backyard.

    I tried to grow it again,
    Yet you always mowed your ward,
    Until one day you left,
    And they grew again.

  • bhatshabnum 31w


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    Hakeekat sy bht door hai khawish meri ,
    Pr phr b khawish hai ki ak khaab hakeekat ho jayai......

  • monosijsen 44w

    Gone With The Wind

    Roses are murdered, roses are dead
    Violets were violated in their bed
    Lilies were lied to for carnal lust
    Potteries were put in the cosmic dust
    Monalisa's glow is now visibly dull
    Large Hendon Collider confirmed null
    All the charity drowned in Bill gates's pool
    Even John Lennon was made a fool
    Rose married some rich brat and never looked back
    Suddenly Jack appeared to keep their economy in track
    Juliet died for an unstable prick
    Rasputin's sad now with a huge limp dick
    Jesus died for some ungrateful apes
    All the clergy is now promoting rapes
    Pandora fucked us once and for all
    Even in that Cameron's film they got blue balls
    The God Father died sad and lone
    So many laws but they didn't kill Al Capone
    Rocky would be called a loser in today's age
    Chengiz would be criticized for not having rage
    Osar will always go to the crippled fag
    Miss World title goes to that dark old hag
    Everything PC but everything wrong
    Like the world just had too much bong
    Miseries are still here and they're just the same
    They are just changing the name of the game
    The erosion is now exponential and that everyone knows
    And they're taking fucking save pandas vows
    Agony pain misfortunes never left us in ruins
    But this time the hope itself has gone with the wind.

  • monosijsen 45w

    Mistaken Me

    Look at me smirking
    At the lovers
    At their promises
    So sure they wouldn't last.
    Look at me agreeing
    With hate
    With despair
    So sure they are the truth.
    Look at me spitting
    On empathy
    On caring
    So sure they are weaknesses.
    Look at me disregarding
    The good
    The grace
    So sure they are impure.
    Look at me now
    In love
    Miserably in love
    So sure she'll say no.

  • sillysadar 50w

    Your smile is like a cresent moon
    That lights up a room

    Your soul is the shades of dark
    With eyes full of stars
    That glimmer with hope

    Your ocean hair
    Like rays of the sun
    That sinks in beauty

    Your mind is like clouds
    Full of imaginations that fade away
    Leaving only gloom to stay

    Your the sun
    That beams in the day
    But In the night without the moon

    Without me, you hide away
    Letting me to turn the nights
    İnto enteral darkness full of hope and,
    - Sadar

  • mrspectacular 55w


    A fountain sits in the middle of the park with little fountains surrounding it. The flourescent in its pool makes the water seem glittery. It shines like little crystals have been lodged in it.

    The park bubbles with life, holding an assembly of fun-lovers and tourists. In this myriad of characters is a man with worries too much, he cannot even smile in a place as bubbly as this beautiful and enjoyably saturated area. A man, Donald Wesley, with a salary that cannot pay half of the bills to his name. His hope dwindling like a pendulum. His children wearing clothes so cheap but for which he has to pay an arm and a leg for. His little vehicle, an aged overused sedan whose life appears to be hanging by a thread. The vehicle seems to wish for death. It would go off it on its own accord even right in the middle of the road and would require a lot of time touching a whole lot of connections in its bonnet to get it up and running. Sometimes, he would have to pay to have it towed home while at other times, he would be so unfortunate he would have to push it all the way home himself.

    The fountain flowing with warm water seems too obvious to him, it almost seems it is calling out to him to come over for a drink. For a moment, time stands still and it feels as though the other park visitors have deserted the park all of a sudden and it is just himself and the fountain.

    Rushing at the fountain, he makes to take a plunge in it. The security guards at the park, dressed in white uniforms, grab him just as he is about touchdown in the fountain. They take a stern look at him and seeing a look of desperation in his countenance as he tries to force his way out of their grips, they conclude he is a lunatic and ban him from the park premises. Holding him by the arm as he begs for reasoning, they throw him out of the park.
    He sits there for a while and about a minute later, picks himself up off the tarred ground, wobbles up to where he had parked his car and places himself behind the steering tiringly. He tries to start the car, it stalls for about five minutes but finally starts up and he drives himself home.

    Donald seems unwilling to sleep when he arrives home. He does not want to be stressed either but the episode that occured earlier seems too embarrassing. Sleep seems pretty unimportant to him at the moment, it is not as important as a drink from that fountain he believes would transform his life. In his opinion, such an opportunity may never present itself again so he will have to do all it takes to utilize this one to the fullest.

    He tells no member of his family about the episode, not even his wife but keeps it to himself. All he thinks of is the benefit of drinking of the fountain would do for him and his family, they would be happy again he believes.

    Realizing he has been banned from the park and therefore would not have legal access to the park to earn him a drink from the fountain, he decides to storm the park after it has closed at night. Walking gently and stealthily out of his bedroom by 12:20am in order not to wake his wife up, he picks up his car key. He drives off towards the park speedily.

    Donald, noticing the park is quiet and locked, drives his car a little further away from the park and treks back to the park.

    Getting there he climbs the fence into the park. He hopes no one catches him in the act, surprised at his own desperation. When he is finally inside the park, he takes a deep breath and looks at the fence again, imagining the fact that he would have to climb it again after he is done with his mission-drinking from the fountain.

    'I hope this transforms my life for the better', Donald says just as he is about to stoop for a drink at the fountain. He feels negative and positive at the same time about the act. He begins to drink as much as he can, imagining all the changes he will be expecting from this drink. There the changes begin, he could feel much better about his life.
    Laying on the floor beside the fountain, having filled himself with water, he falls asleep. The sleep seems much better than he has ever had before.
    'Excuse me, sir. Excuse me sir. How did you get here?' the worried voice of a staff of the park rings in Donald's head. 'We are not open for another two hours'
    Donald keeps mute still trying to regain his consciousness of his environment being he is still in sleep mode.
    'What are you doing here sir and why are you wet?', Dr. Triston, the park's manager queries.
    The staff who had been there first explains to the manager that Donald had taken a drink from the fountain.
    The manager, disgruntled, knowing that the park had banned Donald before now orders him kicked out again.
    'I hope this works out just the way I want because this embarrassment is rather too much', he hopes as he picks himself off the ground to his car and drives him. For the first time the car does not stall but he does not notice as he is terribly worried about the wish coming through.
    In joyful realisation of what is happening in his life, he flings the door to his house open, only to see his wife in tears. Confused, he moves towards her to find out the issue but she only weeps more painfully pointing towards the children's bedroom. Eager to understand the reason for her tears, Donald hurries over to the children's bedroom to see his three children lain on the bed.
    In confusion, he turns to go meet his wife again,
    'I'm yet lost', he begins as he removes his clothes. 'Our children are asleep and you are crying. You do know they need enough rest to be strong for us, right?'
    'They are not sleeping....They are dead, Donald.', she screams in painful tears. 'Dead'

    Donald goes back to confirm. Screaming in agony to the high heavens, he holds the cold body of the youngest in his arms. Into his phone enters a message while he is yet weeping, a message from his bank with a credit alert of Six billion dollars staring him in the face. The alert is good news but his children have just been spewed out of life's mouth into death's cold hand. He sees agony standing right beside his joy. He knows not whether to weep or rejoice.
    Pulling his wife close he tries to pacify her,
    'It is okay dear', he begins warmly. 'We will be fine'.


  • cardelljhardy 57w


    Here I am, I am reaching out to you
    To pull me back to the boat.
    But all I see are the waves of issues.
    And I am not sure I can float.
    Like a dragon with no fire.
    Or a person with no desire.
    I stand in the middle of this hopelessness.
    Longing to return to my happiness.

    Here I am, I am reaching out.
    Calling you out, "Lord, I need you now!"
    When it seems I have lost all my friends.
    Help me to realize hope is around the bend.
    But like a boat with no sail.
    Or a shovel with no pail.
    I stand in the middle of this hopelessness.
    Longing to return to my happiness.

    Here I am, I'm writing back to you.
    My stanzas a cry for help
    My rhyming a song of praise.
    Each letter reminds me of the days
    That I struggle each day without you.
    See that I make it all the way through.
    But if You are not here in the nothingness
    I will wait for You here in the hoplessness.

  • anuja_writes 59w

    You know??
    There comes a time when
    Even the #goodquotes fail to make you feel good


  • arjun007 60w

    The cry that persists.

    Honey boo Honey booo Honey boooooooo.

    Ohhhhh my sweeet honey booo

    Without you oh love !, I have noooo clue what am gonna do.

    Thousand broken shards, I still open up my heart.

    Like a kneeling man in despair, at the altar of the gods.

    Humbled by your gaze, broken by your grace, pick me up again,

    adore me in your eyes, meet me and embrace.

    Honey boo, Honey boo, Honey booooooo, Ohhhhh my sweet honey booo, ohhh my sweet honey boo, ohhh my sweet... honey boo.


  • keithallencovell 62w

    (Looking To Skies)

    Man relies on man too much when we should be looking to skies for comfort and security. We get in our own ways because we want to control everything and allow fear of loss to bring us to reckless actions.


  • rootless 62w


    I'm drowning
    Thrashing about in the deep blue
    Gasping, trying to come up for air
    And then somewhere above
    A beam of light shines over the waves
    Calling my name out
    Thrusting a hand into the pitch black
    Lifting me out

    A recurring dream
    Ever since you left
    Leaving me in a cold sweat
    When I wake up to find myself
    In the nightmare that life is today


  • zephyr_of_fire 63w

    Nothing There

    I've been looking and looking for what seems like a thousand lifetimes
    Over and over again within this vicious cycle
    Have I been yearning to find benevolence in their intentions
    But I've found myself instead...
    Searching so high just to fall so low...
    My legs have broken
    But I'm still looking anyway
    Crawling in desperation to find something
    Even though I'm losing everything
    Because I'd give anything
    Sacrifice after meaningless sacrifice
    Until I'm forcing my way through to believing that there's love and peace to be found
    Even though I know nothing's there.


  • merakityro 65w


    Hopelessness slowly enters in the partial rays of anxiousness where you start to believe yourself to be worthy of nothing.
    It's the feeling of emptyness and insecurity that creeps you all the while you try to do something and give up.
    It's the despair that surrounds you
    While giving the flickers of depression.
    It's the brilliance everywhere except in your within.
    It's a world of failure in everything that you want to try or tried.
    It's where you want to give up on every little effort.
    It's the tear drop that stopped at the end of your eye but did not fall yet..
    It's apathetic, a persistent failure and a helpless state that pushes to punish you for your own efforts.