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  • _barbie__ 3w

    Thanks @writersnetwork❤️

    Dear person,

    I need to forgive
    Yes you were rude sometimes
    At times you went wrong as well
    Your tongue acted like a sword on someone's heart,and you didn't even realize
    Yes darling,at times your mood wasn't on the right path
    Intolerable anxiety,bad words and many more such things,
    But don't you know your soul was in need of a soothing hug
    A cuddle of freedom and self love
    As you need to forgive yourself for all the mistakes you did in past
    As it has passed miles away,it's necessary for you too to leave it as well
    Accept it,
    beINg a human everyone of us have some guilty regrets and some haunting secrets as well
    But it's fine sweetheart,
    Be kind to yourself ,
    Your soul needs you the most


    Forgive yourself and remember not to repeat it, because mistakes are just for once not
    more than that❤️

    Tag the people you think are in need of these words��

    @writersbay #movingonc #hopenotes

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    Dear person

  • _barbie__ 5w

    A strong you,
    A better you,
    A person full of life moreover
    with experiences as well
    A heart filled with emotions yet to tell,
    A soul with solace
    not desirous of being flawless
    A flower with dew
    a bird urging to flew
    Yess ofcourse
    A new you!!!!


    #you #hopenotes #somuchc @writersbay

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    There is so much yet to discover

  • _barbie__ 9w

    @writersnetwork @writerstolli @hopenotes__

    There arrives a time
    When you feel dead inside
    Your words are no more connected to your heart
    When you feel like giving up on everything ,your life,your dreams,your choices
    At times smiling becomes the most painful expression
    When the tears are just about to knock at your cheeks,and are no more in your control
    There must be millions of words striking your head ,making you feel insane,but still you choose silence over it,
    Because it's a way easy then explaining your pain and problems to someone ,who is not even interested in listening you
    Throughout the day,many people must be asking you ,are you fine , everything good or something else
    But your answer stays the same for everyone,even when you are feeling drowned inside you'll say you are fine
    This happens because we know,
    Even if we say we are not fine,no one cares
    And if we say we are fine still no cares,
    So it's better to say what is easy
    But believe me,
    Or should I say don't believe anyone but you
    These are the times,to fight
    To show your courage
    To stand for yourself,to use all thr strength of yours
    At times you must be feeling good with someone,maybe a stranger a friend or someone else,but when they leave you ,
    You are left alone just with your loneliness
    Always remember,
    People wil come and go,
    But let you be your first priority ♥️
    It's good to fall in love
    To care for someone,
    But you must be knowing the truth,
    Kyunki jb khwaab toot te hai dil bikhar jaata hai
    So being good to someone is fine,but if you aren't expecting the same
    Because this world is �� ghatiya (Kuch cheezon ki hindi me hi feel aati hai ��)



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  • shivani_acharya_0406 16w

    Ever wondered, a bird teaches us the whole meaning of life

    It is teased by humans for being so small, but when she ignores and fly high,
    And when she turns back- she is of same size but humans appear smaller, much smaller then her. Wonderful isn't it?

    I mean look at this huge world, so huge! We are small and so attached to all unnecessary objectives, let's move away just like the little bird, and then we won't have to consider ourselves superior, but everything else will be small when we will be on our own....

    A small bird taught us the greatest thing!


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    Meaning of life ️

  • superrita_21 16w


    When life is dark, hope is ray of light enough to embark

    When sky weeps dread, hope rises as Sun kisses , she blushes red

    When palate burns on hot spicy meal, hope soothes with a tantalizing dessert to chill

    Warfare a nasty dope, all it does is shatter & choke
    Peace treaty heals sore wounds, fill hearts with hope

    Hope are those radio active isotopes
    Arrests warranted illnesses , stretching life , ready to cope

    When tree so high crushes with wrath. from heaven to earth
    Don't forget, a seed of hope , sprout back taking a rebirth

    Mind blowing is Miss.Teacher the nature surrounding us,
    Hope beckons our day with giggles of babies , chirping of birds and humming bees making life a paradise on earth

  • _sagarika18_ 16w

    All that could ever hold me together was hope and those unfulfilled promises we made


  • puchka 16w

    ..and they said she'll forever remain a 'back bencher'.
    In her heart she knew that was not true.
    She would prove to the world what a girl from a poor economic background could do, to rise and shine above all odds.
    ..and she did; to become the first woman pilot of a developing nation.
    Hope springs eternal in the human breast!

  • writersbay 16w

    Today write a hope note for yourself or in general. Spread kindness around you!

    Tag and share with #hopenotec

    If you ever feel low then you can check @hopenotes__ account, or the posts tagged under #hopenotes

    We hope you feel okay. 🌼

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    There is still time for you. I don’t care what you have been through; I don’t care about the wounds or the pain or the scars or the hurt. None of that makes what you are a waste, none of that discounts the fact that you have purpose, that you mean something. Please, don’t ever forget—even when you ache all over, even when the world is not kind—you are needed here. You are needed.

    Bianca Sparacino

  • sublimeaway 26w


    To anyone who needs to hear this,
    You can do it.
    Whatever goal you have set can be achieved and will be achieved if you are desperate enough to have it.
    There is always sufficient time!!
    Yes, everything takes time but you need to be consistent and determined enough to go through it. Time takes toll on everyone and you are strong enough to not let it break you.
    There will be days when you feel overwhelmed and lost,
    When nothing will feel right,
    When you will found yourself stuck,
    Then, remind yourself why you began the race, why is it so important for you to cross that finish line, why did you wish for just that particular event through every dandelion that flew by.
    Take yourself on a mental journey of how beautiful it will be when you finally achieve what you were struggling for.
    The fruit tastes sweeter when you scrape your knees climbing all the way to grab it and the smile on your face will be your reward.
    You have to avenge every tear you shed, remember whatever you do is for your ownself. You are accountable for your success and failure and no one has ever achieved anything making excuses.

    Stay confident. Believe in yourself.

    Just stay focused.


  • hopenotes__ 27w

    Dear reader/fighter/survivor/friend

    Plant some sunflowers on the eaten out part of the edges of your heart and blow some clouds of self -appreciation on the revolting thoughts of your mind.

    Stand in front of the mirror. Breathe out on its surface. Let the fog cover it. Make your favourite pattern on it.

    Stop the rush. It isn't necessary to find answers to all the things at one time. Let life unfold itself. Patiently lay in its lap and enjoy what you have now.

    Don't always push yourself in the corners of the bed and stuff your face inside the pillow. As much as you let negative thoughts take a hold on you, the more they would control you and your actions. Indulge yourself in things. No, you aren't running away. You just aren't letting the wrong take over you.

    Don't try to change yourself all at once. There are certain things and toxicities in us which need acceptance and change. Moulding is a process which takes time. It will not happen in one click of the finger. Tongue and heart will twist. Creases on mind and forehead will line up. So wait. You will get through it.

    Skies, sunsets, this nature, they are unpaid therapists. Ready to listen to the unvoiced thoughts without plunging their knowledge on you. Spend time with them instead of finding solace in fake supports (even if someone is giving you support without any mean reasons still don't depend on anyone.)


    Ps- sharing hope stuff from the main account. Hope notes is and would always be grateful for all of your support! ❤


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  • hopenotes__ 28w

    Hey strong human,

    Can you stop for a while and admire how you have reached till here even after going through all the times where you felt like you couldn't hold on to yourself for too long. Situations have shattered us and we have always moulded into a better and strong human after all that shattering. I know shattering takes away a lot from you, it's not always about 'this situation made me mature and this is all I want in life' because there are times when I question myself what do with all this maturity. But then I look back and realise that situations didn't just make me mature, they turned me into a person I wanted to be. Life is still the same, it's just my way of looking at life has turned better. Every situation cracks a layer inside you and takes you near to the real 'you'. You wouldn't feel it right now and you wouldn't be able to feel it if you keep on dragging past regrets with you, if you keep on cursing life with each step you take. I have held onto past regrets, I have allowed the fire of the past to burn my present oceans and regret is what I got. Please. You have to do so much in your life for yourself. The dream job, the person you want to become, all the things in your to-do things are twitching to be ticked by you, whatever you have thought to do while life holds onto you. Please, hold onto life too.


    Wrote it way back on my main account, felt the need to share this here too. ��

    You're going so well. I'm so proud of you.

    #hopenotes #proudofyou

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  • hopenotes__ 29w

    Long back commented this on @tamanna3 dii's post and stumbled upon this today. Felt like sharing it.

    Breathe. It's gonna be fine. You've made it till now and you'll make further too.


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  • hopenotes__ 29w

    Dear reader/fighter/survivor/friend

    You have been handling things well, the amount of mistakes, problems and other things would never define how you are handling life instead how well have you been handling yourselves after all the breakdowns does. You can anytime change definitions. We are humans and my papa says that we only have 20% role in whatever happens in our life, then why to worry about that 80% which isn't even in our hands. Us pondering on that 80% just lessens our chances of getting out the best we can derive from that 20%. Light wave, high tide, low tide, whatever it is you can handle it well. Trust the process and yourself.



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  • kaetkey 35w

    When crossed fingers
    cross their path
    with the hope,
    eyes are closed
    and luck is explored.
    How badly can you
    wish for something
    to happen when
    the longest distance
    your sight can see
    is a bunch of moments
    which within seconds seal.

    What do you even ask
    and how do you even
    prioritise your wishes?
    When your wishes
    are always something
    your sane mind knows
    would barely happen.
    You just don't wanna
    carry a burden of regrets
    when later you'll recall
    if you asked for it
    with any selflessness.
    So repeat it again
    and again and again
    till you'll have it by heart
    even after nothing lasts.

    I tell you how
    it isn't in your hands
    what happened then,
    happens now and later
    when all you did is
    just be there anyhow.
    And even if it was
    would you really do it
    if all you want to
    carry forward is
    balanced peace
    and nothing else
    as of nows?

    Things wither in seconds
    people drift away
    within feelings
    and none of them
    wait to bloom elsewhere
    where there aren't any
    traces of you.

    If ever required
    do ask yourself
    if you'll try your best
    find a piece of solace there
    and comfort the aches.
    There's no any if
    but a surety that
    it'll be the most ignored
    italicized yes.
    With curves and points
    that you should
    tattoo it on your wrist.
    When the time will come
    show the constant hands
    and you'll need not
    fake an extra smile
    after the one which
    is supposed to be
    a laugh at yourself
    under your breath.

    But the next time
    when you cross them
    don't hesitate to smile before
    saving it for later
    doesn't sound that good
    so do it already better.


    #hopenotes @blueth Done ^_^

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    Better luck,
    probably not everytime.

  • kaetkey 37w


    And the sky you watched
    straight for half an hour,
    read what your thoughts define
    through those tired eyes.
    You wish to fly like that bird
    but your wings are despaired.
    Close your eyes,
    palm your face,
    breathe in and out
    shedding away regrets.
    Ask the sky to call you out,
    wave, peeking into your soul
    and make you believe
    your own definitions
    pasting them
    one on each cloud.

    And the flowers bloomed
    better on the day
    you forgot to pay
    any attention they said.
    You missed their call
    like the one from your heart
    and so missed a sight to cherish
    and so missed a wish to nourish.
    Sit back, hold on
    ask yourself what's wrong.
    A few answers lie within
    while a few questions are
    answers, I believe.

    And let the sun set today
    must be similarly tired.
    Lie down, loosen a bit
    watch the colours
    dissolve in sky's embrace.
    Let the night fall down
    over your masks less face
    like the curtain after a show.
    Insomnia will say
    the night's still young
    but for once,
    consider yourself younger.
    All the burden on that heart
    needs to be relieved
    in some way afterall.

    And then after everything
    write a hope note down.
    Tuck it somewhere
    safe and sound
    where a heart can reach
    without losing many frowns.
    Write it with kindness
    pasting a smile beside
    for you never know
    in how many pieces
    that someone will reach out.
    Write it like the one
    you'd wish to receive
    on your bad day
    for you never know
    you'll be that someone
    searching for some hope
    you yourself once carried along.

    And so you gift yourself
    a piece of your own heart
    which flew with the birds,
    bloomed with the flowers,
    rested with the sun
    and returned back,
    smiling with the hopeful you.


    #haikuc #hopenotes

    Dear Supriya,
    Your account, @hopenotes__ is one of the best things I've observed in my life. To make a soul feel better even for a moment is a beautiful thing to achieve in this life and I've seen souls feel better as well as felt the same reading your words. You are a gem indeed and a beautiful person inside out. You have no idea how many times I've felt better reading you and how many times I've smiled like a little kid going through the posts of @/wawawiwacomics after coming across their one post through you hehe. Your smile, your words, your heart and all of you is precious. Stay hopeful, stay the same.
    A paper plane made of hope, warmth, smiles and all the good things on the one who's reading this and your way ♥️

    The ‘You' in the haiku refers to you and the ‘I' refers to everyone who has contributed towards the hopenotes. Thankyou ♥️

    Bg was clicked on one fine evening and I'm still figuring out who the birds are XD

    @thousand_splendid_thoughts @_sad_ia_quad_ir_ Thankyou for being you! ^_^♥️

    @poeticgirl You and your love for skies.. Ngl, I had you in my mind while writing the first stanza ��

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  • eurusgrey 38w

    You think you're lost,
    but it's alright;
    don't keep searching
    for something to call
    an abode,
    just breathe,
    and live;
    if it's meant to be,
    it will be, till then-
    keep sailing.

    You don't believe in love;
    yet you feel so lonely,
    but it's alright, Darling;
    not everything you feel
    has to make sense,
    don't look for meaning
    in every little thing;
    when things go astray
    just remember--
    whatever is meant
    for you will always
    (maybe a little late)
    find it's way.

    You are tired,
    but it's alright,
    take some rest;
    but for god's sake,
    don't just give up yet;
    you've come a long way,
    just glance back once
    and you'll see what i mean;
    you are destined
    for great things;
    just this once, believe me.
    you're hurting, a lot, i know,
    but it's alright;
    someday, if not today,
    maybe, it'll all stop;
    i can't guarantee, but
    just keep holding on,
    cause, my love, you are strong.

    This is an old draft and post. Writersblock is persistent but i wanted to post something.

    #hopenotes #lettersbyeurus

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  • kaetkey 39w

    •In the hope of hope•

    Of all the things which my mind names facade, hope is something that denies to lie either on this side or the other where it just starts running barefoot towards lights and nothing else. To be blinded by the lights is easy when you've been into dark for longer than you thought. So I can say hope is just stuck in my mind and in many ways, I'm glad about it.

    The way it kinda hurts to tell someone that it'll be fine when you don't have any idea about when and how, is tiring. Are you doing good by trying to hold that person with words or doing bad by saying something so huge yet not so confirm? But the thing is do we have time to think about this? To see a hopeless person is heart-wrenching. And to see one of the most hopeful one turn hopeless is a huge question mark on hope.

    Emily says, “Hope is the thing with feathers.” So does it sit on your window pane and sing you the lyrics of past where you've won something or where you've fell yet decided to get up, brush off the failure and carry on with a few stains that will forever be a reminder? Does it leave behind a white feather for your once colourful soul so you paint it vividly or faintly with yours or for that matter a few borrowed colours and keep the feather safe in your diary where the tale of just another struggler of hope lies? Or does it visit you once in a while just to distract you from something you don't want to be in? Do you acknowledge it?
    It sings but your own screams from last night, echoing inside, make you half deaf so you just fit your hopeless lyrics in the only tunes you were able to hear.
    It plucks a feather just for you but now you don't even remember where are the remaining paints kept as a few glass paint bottles were broke just like that and you spent as much time as possible lying on the floor drenched in that paint and shards around.
    It visits you but somehow you've forgotten the art of welcoming as fragile doors closed themselves and sitting beside them, all you do is think if you should open them or not and what if there's something worse on the other side.

    “Drench yourself in words unspoken
    Live your life with arms wide open
    Today is where your book begins
    The rest is still unwritten.”
    Perhaps hope is all about something which is unwritten yet. And if given you the quill to write it, you would in the best possible way but things aren't always in our hands. So you just hope for the best. Maybe in those moments, it's not about the feathers which will help you soar high but about the feathers which will help you survive and eventually start living. It's the strength with which you try not to leave things half way, the point where looking back is must to see how far you've come.

    Hope often comes with a piece of peace which takes a lot of you to keep it breathing. At nights all you have to do is take in its smallest piece and sing yourself to sleep. Hope falls asleep getting tired of the disappointments of the day and wakes up again to attend the expected happiness.

    Sometimes even sky lies to you in colours just to see you smile but truth to be told, you believe what you want to. The current hues, the following dark or the expected light after everything. Hope is the beautiful, still sky over barren lands, a sky to look at after destruction, a sky to look for as an incentive to try our limits.

    And hope is just a plank, we hold onto it even through the huge waves that turn it over but atleast it doesn't let us drown.

    /We are a feather to be someone's quill,
    we are a ceiling to be someone's sky.
    We are hope ourselves,
    trying to fly being an injured butterfly/


    PS: When we hope for the hope to be with us, there's already a lot of it within us.

    Lines in double inverted commas are from the song- Unwritten by Natasha Bedingfield.

    #hopenotes Maybe. Idk ^-^"
    It was beautiful witnessing this sky in the bg. Felt like watching a canvas with random brushstrokes of hope ♡

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  • sublimeaway 41w

    Dear me
    Dearest me

    You don't know what people know about you but you are always eager to hear whatever they have to say, aren't you?
    You think you are being kind when you leave everything you are doing, just to lend your ears to that one person whose issues have nothing to do with your own but who cares, yours can wait, and probably rot but you won't mind giving 'stay strong, stay hopeful, you are loved, you matter' lessons to them when its you who needs them the most. Perhaps this is why you say these out loud right? So it might strike something and fall back into your ears as an echo for your inner voice is too feeble to be heard by yourself.
    You know you are strong enough to hold on, but maybe , be strong enough to let go for once? Let yourself indulge into your woes and work them out because afterall charity begins at home.
    You need yourself bud, do you even remember the last time you gave heed to the voice inside you begging you to 'save yourself'.
    Well now is the time. I'm listening to you, I want to know what the angel and devil discuss about me, I want to love you and I want you to love me back.
    You are capable of being loved.
    You don't have to punish yourself for anything, forgive yourself and carry on.
    Your cotton heart won't be comfy if you keep soaking it with tears.
    Know that I will always love you and you will always be my favourite.
    I'm grateful to be able to survive and I plan to live now and I want you to breathe in some self love and exhale out 'I-shouldn't-be-loved' because you very much should be for the incredible person you are.
    Next time, when you give someone a garland of kind words, wear one yourself too.
    Please, for my sake.

    yeah, just yours.


  • hopenotes__ 41w

    A gentle reminder,

    If you want to let go of past, of the things and people who have hurt you, then you have to let go of the grudges you hold towards them too.

    Unzip your bag and throw out the grudges you have been holding. If you want to move ahead in life then as you let go of things and people who aren't good for you, you should leave the grudges at their door only. I know it's not easy, there are things which can't be let go of easily but at least you can try. Life is more than spending your days thinking about what others did to you.

    You can break your links from them by not talking to them anymore but this grudges thread would keep on bringing you back to them.

    Pack your bag with zeal, courage, determination, beautiful memories, important lessons and morals but try not to make it heavy with the weight of past situations. The journey would become easier :'))


    #hopenotes #gentlereminders

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  • starrdust 49w

    Curious thing, Time.
    To say the degree of happiness ,directly proportional and forlorn is inversely proportional to the rate of particles slipping down the sandclock won't be an exaggeration.

    This year I experienced the sandclock emptying at the rate of a myriad of particles per second to infinitesimally small particles per second, getting all hyped up and drained away, getting the most beautiful flowers and realising they were artificial all along.
    There have been moments full of content and also longings and wait for months.
    There have been setbacks yes, but they say you are an arrow and every setback is just the preparation for a great launch.
    Sometimes you hit the fruit but it doesn't fall but that doesn't mean you can't have it. Maybe you gotta climb all the way up and pluck it or just pull the stone a bit more to launch it harder. If you just miss the fruit at the lowest branch doesn't mean you lack the ability to grab one, maybe the one at the highest branch has been destined for you, you just have to hustle harder.

    If the stars don't shine for you,
    don't whine and wait for them to.

    You are a firefly darl,
    carry your shine along.

    And don't mourn over lost opportunities or gone ecstasy. Know that every freaking moment is special, if you want it to be.

    Just like the onset of twilight every day, there have been joyous times and lovely memories and beautiful people to cherish them with, followed by pangs of loneliness and desolation in the most crowded places but no I am not complaining and neither should you.

    Know that its okay, you'll be okay.

    As long as you believe in yourself, there'll be no stone left unturned.
    But belief, at times you just can't. That is when you remind yourself of the sun soul. You are the center of your universe, the eternal flame lasts in you. Distance yourself from the ones who don't value you. You may appear a dot lost in the blackness, wandering all alone amidst myriads of other dots but know that you are a whole, complete in yourself, capable of burning it all and also the reason of their existence.

    Your mind is a terrific thing. It is capable of completing the most amazingly ardous tasks but is also a home to self doubt. It knows it can but will always 'ask' you if you can.
    Trust yourself, there is no goddamned task you can't do.
    This doesn't mean you accomplish everything in one go but you will, eventually.
    No matter if it gets slowed down due to obstacles, a river will always meet the sea.
    And lastly love yourself, this is actually the first thing to do. Accept yourself for who you are, take accountability of the situation you are in. Its okay if you fucked up, everyone does. It just means you tried and if you didn't, then do!
    Remember that even if there is no one beside you, you have yourself and you are enough.


    Very raw and random.
    Not the best of my works (ik._.) Just wanted to end the year with a hopenote.
    Take care dearies. Love y'all.
    Merry Christmas!♡

    #hopenotes @writersnetwork @writersbay

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    If the stars don't shine for you,
    don't whine and wait for them to.

    You are a firefly darl,
    you carry your shine along.