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    In your words, you asked how long?
    For once light was in sight,
    For once I persived hope,
    For once I could feel my wounds heal
    For once the long lost satisfying laughter soothed my pain,
    For once flushes, blushes and giggles exploded from deep within,
    To my realization it was all a dreamscape.
    I wish I could relive that dream, it's safer to live in the dream than this horrifying reality.

  • uttkarsh_15 2d

    She followed the little girl's voice which took her to a little office type room where there was a table, A chair and some papers lying all around the room. The door of the room banged hard and got locked up on its own. She tried hard to open the door but it was of no use.
    Then she moved a little ahead in the room to see what more she could find in that room.
    All of a sudden She heard a manly voice saying from her right side
    " You're dead, Hahaha"
    She turned her neck to the right slowly with her body shivering in fear and saw a toy police figure holding a gun and repeating those lines.
    She figured out that all that time she was being afraid of minor things. Now she made her mind strong that she'll examine things carefully and not be afraid of those little things.
    Then she noticed a picture being kept in the drawer open of the table. It was a little girl in her purple dress smiling like an angel and standing with a person. When she was going to notice the person who was standing aside her, she heard the door being unlocked. Leaving the picture in the drawer and not even seeing who that person was in the picture. She rushed to exit the room. Then she heard the same girl sobbing badly. Now she was all frustrated with all this.
    As she made her mind before she said to herself "Let's put an end to this Khush, Whatever it's gonna be let's be brave and face it "
    She followed her sobbing voice and when she was walking, she started thinking about her little sister and how much they loved each other. The moments when the first time her little sister held her pinky finger and walked with her, the moment when khush cried a lot and refused to have her food and her little sister bring her spoon close to her mouth and forced her to eat like her elder sister was a baby, the moment when they both were discussing their school life and khush was giving her school tips to her little sister.
    All those moments were appearing as a flashback in her mind as she was walking, She even didn't know where she was walking as she was so spellbound in nostalgia.
    The moment she became conscious she noticed herself on the edge of the under constructed edge from where she looked down and saw she was at the top of the building and even one step ahead could lead her to death.
    She was scared as hell and covered her mouth with both her hands and took a few steps back.
    She was startled to the core and was taking a moment to understand what's happening to her.
    And the next moment, Someone patted her shoulder.

    To be continued ...

    Original Concept by my Sister Khushnuma

    Story developed and written by me ��

    Corrections and criticism are appreciated ��

    #horror #story #paranormal #psychological #thriller #suspense


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    Under -Construction

    Part - 4 ( Teaching Cease )

  • uttkarsh_15 4d

    She was on the first floor and the atmosphere was the same there. It was hard to identify anything in the darkness.
    Then she took a moment and rewind her day in her mind. All-day she was preparing for her sister's birthday party and in the excitement, she hadn't eaten anything. She was having a packet full of cupcakes but she didn't want to open it before the party. Her eyes sparkled when she saw a food corner with a lot of delicious food in the glass showcase. there was Biryani, Fried rice, Noodles and all the good food she could imagine.
    She took a plate and poured some biryani as it was her favourite, and sundae ice cream too.
    Then she ate her food in a happy mood and was feeling full.
    But all of a sudden...
    She came back to her senses, she looked around and noticed the place she was in looked untouched for years. There was dust all around, flickering dim tubelight,broken showcase glass, and when she looked at her plate, there were insects and roaches in her plate. Then she felt weird and puked on her left side.
    And after she got herself out of that weird place, she took a sigh of relief.
    After walking a few steps she heard a little girl calling her name very sweetly and giggling continuedly . Then she recalled that it was the same giggling sound she heard from the toy corner. She thought there must be a little girl who got stuck in the rain like her.
    The little girl was giggling continuously and khushnuma followed her voice.

    To be continued ...


    Original Concept By My Sister Khushnuma

    Story developed and written by Me ��

    Corrections and Criticism are appreciated ��

    #horror #story #suspense #thriller #psychological #paranormal #underconstructionu

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    Under - Construction

    Part 3 ( Taunt or Taught)

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    When Lights Go Out

    I hate the nights I awake in paralysis
    trying to scream as I stare at the back of my eye lids
    unable to move I'm frozen to the bed
    stalking creatures that torture me.. the undead
    I don't know what it is about sleeping solo
    but when the lights go out, I know sleep is a no go
    those are the moments when I just wish
    wish there wasn't someone I was always having to miss
    someone to just lay with me, so sleep is obtained
    cause when the lights go out, the demons can't be contained

    © Manda H.

  • uttkarsh_15 5d

    She noticed that she was on the ground floor and made a quick look around.
    She saw sections of grocery and clothing all covered in darkness with a little moonlight peeking from the rooftop glass.
    It was all she had noticed!
    The utter silence was startled with a kids song playing behind her back on a system.
    She was freaked out and turned her back.
    She then saw a kid's toy section all functioning with lights on and machines working. Then out of amusement she slowly walked towards the kid's toy section. As she was approaching she heard the giggles of a little girl.
    Then she thought that the giggles must be a part of the song playing on the system.
    ( It was all like a nightmare for her, but she couldn't run from the fact that it was the reality that she was facing. )
    Then she left the kid's toy section and approached the stairs to explore the first floor.
    When she reached the first floor, the kid's toy section became lightless like other sections .
    The kids song playing from the system ended with the shut down of the system with the last sound of the little girl's giggle .

    To be continued ...

    Original Concept by my Sister Khushnuma

    Story developed and written by me ��

    Corrections and criticism are appreciated ��
    #horror #story #paranormal #psychological #thriller #suspense

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    Under -Construction

    Part -2 ( Instincts Alright )

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    The Unlucky Writer

    The Unlucky Writer

    Vinay was busy writing one of his stories for his blog. Being a writer by profession and the author of several bestsellers, synthesizing small articles was a piece of cake for him. He was carelessly sipping his coffee and typing words in the keypad. His phone kept buzzing at every incoming notification but he ignored them and kept writing.
    Tired and finally irritated by the constant disturbances, he decided to check his messages. Among several usual messages, there were about twenty messages from an unknown number.
    Opening the chat, his eyes widened in amazement, "Thanks for creating me father. Although, I need to ask, why did you get me killed by poisoning in the first chapter ? I was a good man, religious and honest. I deserved to live till the end!"
    He was shocked. He hadn't published the novel yet. Nobody knew the story. Who was this guy?
    He decided to reply. "Who are you?"
    The message was delivered but not read.Vinay shook his head and closed his eyes, relaxed on his chair and faded to sleep.

    Few moments later he opened his eyes, picked up his second phone and opened his message. There was a message from this author guy who had fabricated him. He read the message out loud, "Who are you?"

    He smiled. Who are you ? He doesn't even know me ? "I am Rahul, Mr. Vinay." He wrote. "You generated my character in your upcoming Novel. How great of you to create and forget me in month. Wow! You really are a great guy! Anyhow, you will remember me. I am the one who poisoned your coffee today." He inserted a smiling emojii at the end.
    He looked up at the sky and started laughing with a sly, devilish and victorious smile on his face.

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    Ps : I'll try not to stretch the story so long ��

    #storytime #horror PART-1

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    Mystic shrieks...1

    . .

    Shreya's room was always cold, she had just moved into a well furnished house with her mother in Bangalore it was a new town and a new beginning for the two. Their place was merely a lone building all around the location. Followed by the trashed garage at the adjacent.

    Her room was situated at the almost corner of the house also with no sunlight. Compared to the previous place the atmosphere was bit quiet all around. She was often haunted by the strange silence of the spot.

    Bangalore is itself or cold and freezed area in December usually, she had a hard time adjusting in all new aura.

    She felt like already bothering her mother quite a lot in setting up the house and even worked overtime to the schedule.

    A few days after all things were settled entirely. Shreya was sick due to cold weather her mother arranged some medicines and gave her a fine attention until she set at ease.

    Being a single mother her mum always treated her with excellent of all. She never let her girl sense any kind of deficiency. She worked harder to provide her with the good basic facilities and education to grew her daughter capable enough to earn the good perks at famed position.

    Shreya was still aspiring her dreams being a college student but as a bliss she was appointed for an interview through her internship applications and eventually alloted with a fair paid job as an assistant PR manager at a well-known company located in Bangalore.

    Once on a Sunday Eve Shreya stayed there all alone in the house. Her mother went out as some groceries were to be brought from the local market usually held on Sundays.

    Nothing more around bothering her except the Pierced silence at while. And instantly it seemed as if the weather was going odd, so to the next moment dark heavy clouds engulfed the sky and began to pitter-patter drenching down the woods...cold breeze entered the room...curtains fluttered and slightly slide over the window glass.
    And the strange creaks of wood buzzed her weirdly. But it just knocked her up as she never left her windows open.

    Then ignoringly she pulled the windows off considering the fact that it might be due to air the windows enclosed back.

    It appeared to be normal then after, she was able to perform well in job beside her studies. And even had the pleasant of times with her mother.

    Days passed weeks went off, it was around 2 of the months being a casual resident at the place.
    Now the silence doesn't bother her much as she was engaged herself into several chores plus had enough busy schedule all of the day that in the evening time she used to prefer that silence more peaceful and embrace her precious hours in chit-chats with her mother under the nature's virtue.

    But all of sudden there was an urgent call from her grandparents for her mother so she had to visit them and few of those days were to be spent all alone by Shreya at the home which was quite normal to be in. Next Day her mother left for station while Shreya was her way to job.

    And from there story will be continued...


  • uttkarsh_15 1w

    Khushnuma was riding her scooter to her home.
    It was a cloudy night and there was a heavy chance of rainfall . Still she decided to get chocolate cupcakes for her little sister's birthday party.
    On her way back, it started raining and she quickly looked around for cover. She noticed a weird mall building which was partly well constructed , and partly under constructed.
    When she tried to get in an old man stood in her way.
    He said " I'm the chowkidar of this building, I advice you not to go into this building as many people have died in this building at midnight .
    And also because... "
    Khushnuma reacted - "Because? "
    He answered - " Because there are cases of people sighting apparitions here, people say the deaths are caused by these wandering souls, some say it's just under-constructed building and people are being ignorant or hallucinated at night times and make themselves prone to accidents. "
    Khushnuma ignores his warnings and made her way into the building murmuring
    " I don't believe in ghosts and demons,
    And as I've a strong mind nothing's gonna happen to me "
    She makes her way into the building and explores her surroundings.

    To be continued...

    Original Concept by my sister Khushnuma
    Story developed and written By Me ��

    Criticism and corrections are appreciated ��

    #horror #story #paranormal #psychological #thriller #suspense

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    Under -Construction

    Part - 1 ( Getting In)

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    Under - Construction

    Just next post

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    That guy was there, holding a severed head and was asking for help. He wanted to go to the hospital, he just needed help.

    I.. I should have shouted loudly there because this new body isn't good.

  • soulfulpebble 2w

    The Rich Boy

    Ayush was lying down comfortably on his warm bed on one winter's night. Thick, soft and velvety quilts covered him. The room heater was emitting mild heat which felt like a warm hand on his already relaxed forehead. A soft smile adorned his face. He was relaxing after spending numerous hours in office ending with a successfully signed up business deal.
    He took a deep breath and exhaled peacefully. He felt thirsty. He got up and tried to reach his water bottle sitting at an arm's length from his bed. He couldn't find the water. It was supposed to be there. "Such irresponsibility ?!"he sighed. "Ramesh? Ramesh?". He shouted. "Fetch me my water."
    "Shut up you pathetic psycho," said the guard outside cell 144. "This one thinks he is a frigging millionaire."he told the new guy on duty and slipped a glass of water from the small window.
    Ayush drank the water with a sweet smile and returned to sleep on a cold and shabby metal framed bed shivering under the thin, worn and unwashed blanket.
    "Thank you God for all the blessings,"he said and went to sleep.
    © Tuhinanshu Mishra

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    All Knowing Killer

    The omniscient ghost with it's Christian hopes knows oblivion's close, but won't mention the crows coming into the slopes to initial the bones of the miserable souls that are withering slow.

  • soulfulpebble 2w

    The Betrayal

    Shivi went camping along with some friends. It was night and the forest was cool and dark. They lit a fire and sat in a circle singing songs and laughing hard. Everyone was in a jolly mood.
    Their heads turned all of a sudden towards an unnatural shrill echoing from somewhere in the forest. It was definitely a woman's voice.
    Shivi jumped and caught hold of her torch and trekking stick. "We should go and check", she said looking up at others.
    "Are you nuts ?" said Aryaa. "Haven't you seen horror movies? You are supposed to hide in situations like these."
    "Yeah you guys can keep chickening out. I am going!" She jogged towards the sound. Aryaa and the others followed reluctantly.
    Shivi went towards the voice and finally reached an old tree with drying branches and thick stump. There it was lying at the foot, an audio player, the source of the sound. She bent down to examine it and suddenly felt a hot and extremely painful sensation in her back. "Die bitch." It was Aarya's voice. "How dare you look at Rahul? Sleep around with demons in hell now."
    There were three more stabs and Shivi was down on the ground on her belly gasping for breath drenched in red.


  • faceless90 2w

    New Hellions

    Newly revived I exhume the demise that has truly defined me to mute it with lies I've construed in the mind that acutely was blind because muses of mine were rebuked by the cries of mutants inside of my beautifully bright unusual eyes that soon will be mine.

    Never again will these hellions exist in my temporal crypt before belting out hymns the angelicals sing in the heavens while sins they repent for begin to beget what they give.

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    Squeaky noises
    Heavy breathes
    I was frightened
    Still you came to me

    "Two is better than one"
    You were counting the numbers
    The house was alive
    Out of its slumber

    It was searching for us
    Looking around
    While we were afraid
    To make any sound

    It called you out
    The voice was mine
    Trusting it, babe
    You crossed the line

    You were devoured
    It was gone
    In that big hungry house
    I was alone

    Under the curtains
    The sun has shone
    Taking you with
    The darkness is gone.

    It's gone...


    #Darkness #horror #Poetry


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  • in_fragments 2w

    This is a direct continuation of my FLOWER GIRL poem from a few weeks ago, inspired by @murryben's old profile picture. Think of this as part two please, and read that poem first if you really want to understand it.
    Flower Girl is up and moving now, transforming into something else entirely.
    #pod #narrative #poem #story #horror #insects @miraquill @writersnetwork @writersbay

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    Bug Mother Box (Flower Girl Part 2)

    The Flower Girl wanders,
    crawls through the dense forest,
    disoriented and hopelessly absent
    behind her own eyes.
    Old leaves like piles of corpses
    are brown and rotting,
    a winter not cold enough for snow-
    the ground feels slimy on her skin,
    smoggy and wet; the sky a deep gray
    like a disappointed face
    arrived to suck the soul from trembling lips.
    Humidity sticks itself
    all over her naked body, dewdrops fall
    into her open chest and the air
    envelops around shrivelled organs,
    a sternum made hollow from exposure,
    past a cracked pelvic bone
    and gnarled fallopian tubes
    twisted tightly all around their walls
    making every step feel heavy
    and every rattle of an organ
    seem like her insides could fall
    right out from her bottom lips;
    like a body breaking the surface of water,
    like a stillborn child, something once within
    but ripped away in confusion and grief,
    like every winter she couldn't remember.

    Her flowers have all died now,
    she's pulled out all the stems
    there was once so much comfort in,
    and her legs proceed to bleed,
    all up and down, with thorns and dirt
    lining her hands, thighs and feet.
    Her ankles, still bound
    by deep and unseen underground roots,
    brown shackles thick and wide
    that pull up with each step,
    decimating the soil as she goes,
    disturbing everything-
    but still she cannot cut them off.
    Her brain starts to spin as vertigo sets in,
    she falls down in resignation,
    wallowing in pain, waiting for death
    to snatch her weary soul away
    when a huge, hairy spider- a tarantula
    the size of her palm runs itself
    right along her body, as if to analyze
    the big dying thing.
    Uninhibited, it passes right by her then,
    over to the base of a large sycamore tree
    with its fat trunk and expansive branches.
    The spider stands atop
    a small wooden box, camouflaged
    by the decay that surrounds it,
    and stares back at her,
    eye to lateral eye, almost daring her
    to discover the secrets inside,
    as if they were waiting only for her.
    She picks the box up and opens it as
    the spider glides onto her shoulder to witness.
    Inside it lies large needles and thread,
    and a dirty, off-white dress she felt
    must have once been hers, and pictures
    of people she used to know,
    memories she no longer has
    of herself and others- her baby photo,
    the recognition clicks,
    had WELCOME BACK written in red
    on its side. She finds an empty journal
    and a cup of black ink- must have forgotten
    a fountain pen or two- a fresh pink zinnia
    sits quietly where one should be.
    Meanwhile, hoardes of insects
    fly out almost impossibly, like they never
    awakened until she opened the lock.
    Cockroaches and ants, butterflies
    and caterpillars, centipedes and spiders
    run along her skin like children,
    rushing to her aid, to play their games
    and pull her through the fog.

    Flower girl takes the needles
    and sews herself back up
    with the thread, crying out,
    pulling skin together section by section,
    beginning at her pelvis
    all the way up
    to her throat, where the needle
    hangs like jewelry, grazes her chest
    like a necklace, a constant reminder
    of how easy it would be
    to succumb to the unraveling of agony,
    and how much anguish one body must hold
    in order to heal the spirit.
    With the blood-spattered zinnia
    in one hand, the box
    of forgotten posessions in the other,
    she covers her mangled body with the dress
    and her shaky legs gain strength
    to walk, pulling up her roots
    as she moves.
    The insects follow her- centipedes insist
    on resting along her back as spiders
    steal her shoulders,
    caterpillars and ants crawl up and down
    to tighten her stitches as three
    small but beautiful butterflies
    fly into her chest through the open space,
    the fluttering of their wings
    causing her heart to beat once again
    ressureccting the insides so ready to die.
    Their vibrations bring her back to life,
    and sometimes you can see them flying,
    keeping watch through the gaps of skin
    on her torso. The cockroaches lead her
    from the forest floor, zooming
    across her ankles to help her find direction.
    They all follow the roots now,
    hoping they will finally lead her home
    as they embark on the next trail
    carrying the first pieces
    of a dauntingly large cosmic puzzle,
    surely coming upon
    the end of the beginning.
    Gray skies turn to black
    as the night rises,
    and the real test commences
    for Flower Girl- no longer sitting, idle
    and waiting for nothing, but preparing
    to face every inner wound she hid from.
    Not knowing where she's going,
    still she walks with grace and energy;
    for there are too many monsters left to slay
    to stay in one place in unjustified comfort.
    Flower Girl becomes Bug Mother,
    embraces the darkness
    and lets the distress lead her.
    The amnesia will show her the way-
    a path backwards in time,
    moments uncovered and exorcised
    to lead her mind forward-
    without knowing, she knows it all.

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    In the last chapter,Ben's mother died in the storeroom due to a heartattack . Next morning Ben found a small Stanza written in the wooden diary . While he was show this to Serene , They heard a SCREAM from Ben's house where Serene had sent all the children to play ...
    #thelostsouls #lostsouls #horror #mystery #thriller #FrozenWords

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    The Lost Souls - ( 5/13 )

    ..... I rushed to Ben's house hurriedly and found my siblings Jack and Lily trying to open the bathroom. I asked them what the matter was. Jack told
    " Daisy is inside the bathroom . She SCREAMED but now she is not opening the door "
    I was scared . I called my father and everyone who were sitting at our home. Ben's father uncle Nicholas broke open into the bathroom and found Daisy lying in the bathtub. She was dead. Uncle Nicholas was paralyzed. He turned around and asked how Daisy came to play there. I told him that I was the one who told the children to play with Daisy so that she forgets about her mother. Uncle Nicholas shouted
    " You are a murderer! My daughter died because of you. "
    I was completely shocked. What was my fault ? My father defended me and replied
    " It is totally wrong to blame anyone. It's not Serene's fault. Please think with a clear mind. "
    " From the very beginning, you have been wrong to me. I shifted to India only because you told me to do so. I didn't get a job because you took mine. You and your family planned to ruin my family by bringing me to India and now murdering my family members." Uncle Nicholas shouted.
    "But didnt you come to India on your own will? and whatever is going on, do you think its our fault? we are as confused as you are " my father tried to cool down uncle. But uncle didn't listen. He again started blaming me and my family. My father couldn't take it anymore, so we just left Ben's home and decided never to talk with them again.
    After knowing my father since childhood , how could someone blame his own best friend ? and that too for MURDER.


  • priyanshusinha 5w

    Mood off

    I was not in a good mood. I saw her face, she was smiling at me. But her smile was irritating me. I asked her several times to stop smiling but to tease me she wasn't.

    I went to the kitchen, fetch a knife and stabbed her. Sliced her throat.
    But, I felt guilty. So, I stitched her throat again like I'm doing from last 6 years.

  • pallavi4 5w


    She was all alone one night
    Walking home solitarily
    The streets were caliginous and deserted
    The moon asleep wearily

    She scurried home in the dark
    Frightened, frazzled and scared
    Afraid of her own shadow, she was sure
    Someone would have her ensnared

    As she was walking she felt
    Someone behind her begin to chase
    She quickened her steps into a jog
    Petrified to turn around and him face

    She could hear footsteps trailing after her
    Accelerating as she increased her pace
    She wasn’t very far away now
    Thankfully from her own place

    As he closed in she felt
    A gust of wind whoosh past her ear
    She was forced to turn around
    And stand face to face with her fear

    She opened her eyes she had instinctively
    Closed to keep herself from seeing something bad
    Shivering she searched for her attacker
    Only discovering a black robe in which he had been clad

    Shaking as she picked up the black robe
    She looked around the abandoned street
    Nothing but crickets could be heard
    And the sound of her own heartbeat

    She breathed in deeply to calm herself
    And the pounding heart she could feel
    A draft twirled around her as she turned
    From her head to her cold feet

    It was as though she was being embraced
    In a passionate hug by something she couldn’t see
    She wondered if she were going crazy and said aloud
    “What the hell is happening to me !”

    The minute she was released from the tight grip
    That nearly squeezed the life out of her
    She ran to her house soaked in sweat
    Inspite of wearing a coat lined with fur

    Unsteadily she unlocked the house
    And collapsed after shutting the door
    She sat bewildered at what had happened
    Puzzled and staring at the floor

    Unable to grasp the contents of the night
    And make out what had come to pass
    Slowly after braving the shock she stood
    And poured water for herself in a glass

    All her life she would wonder if or not
    She had seen what she thought she’d seen
    The cloak hung behind her bedroom door confusing her
    A symbol of what had really been


    13th of December, 2021

    Pic credit: Pinterest, picture credited to its rightful owner- “Late night drives in Alaska” by Hannah Kemp

    Thank you so much for the repost @writersnetwork !

    #wod #archaic #horror_stories #stories_in_poems #dark #horror #scary @writersnetwork #miraquill #writersnetwork #poetry #pod #writerscommunity
    @miraquill #pallavi_wnreposts

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  • frozen_words4u 5w

    In the last chapter, Ben was gifted a cube made of gold and a wooden diary by a mysterious stranger on his Birthday. Ben didn't tell this to anyone except his neighbour and friend Serene .....
    #thelostsouls #lostsouls #horror #mystery #thriller #FrozenWords

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    The Lost Souls ( 2/13 )

    ....The bell rang at 2 pm afternoon. It was Ben with the gold cube, the wooden dairy and the mysterious letter. Dad was at the supermarket for work and mother was busy . Jack and Lily were busy playing. We went upstairs in my room to take a look at the gifts. I locked the door. Ben took out the cube.
    After examining the cube, I shouted " Oh my God! this is made of gold! " Ben interrupted,
    " Then did you think I was lying? ".
    I was startled at the look of this unusual gift. Ben took it from my hands and started to turn one of its face.
    I asked, " Is this safe? "
    He said, " Its just a cube. The only thing is that it is made of gold" .
    As Ben turned the second face, we heard a loud SCREAM. Ben throwed the cube. We both looked at each other.
    " I told you there is something strange with this. I think there is Black Magic in this cube" I said.
    "That's why I always tell you not to read fairytales. There is nothing like magic. " Ben said.
    " Then why did we hear that? " I asked.
    "Maybe someone shouted outside. Its better we hand this over to the police." he answered.
    I nodded my head in approval.
    Ben left but I couldn't stop thinking. Why will someone gift a cube of gold and why did we hear a scream ?
    ..... To be continued..
    #lostsouls #thelostsouls #horror #mystery #thriller #FrozenWords