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  • bittersnowy 7w

    Night of death

    Lorena was never loved by her family,
    They abused her..
    All she wanted was their love, care
    She was just 7 years old when her mother suicided
    In front of her, in her room..

    Her family hates her because of her gifted powers more like a curse, others pitied her

    Lorena can talk to spirits and she can control them

    She couldn't handle the pain of loneliness, so she Hung up herself and died..

    The family members didn't show any signs of sadness, they thought they can live peacefully there...

    little did they know, she sold her soul to a spirit to get revenge on them.
    At that night, screams and cries were heard,the whole family was murdered
    And the house was set on fire


  • randalthor 38w

    Horror Story

    We are two pieces of the same horror story trying to force the author to change this story's genre.

  • faceless90 45w

    Maniacal Mindset

    This maniacal mindset will not quiet my mind yet.

    Aside from a psyche den where will I reside when I find myself mindless crying silently quite sick???

  • faceless90 45w


    Losing the sense I have gained from psychosis, I've proven that blessings have traces of doses of evil and wicked yet gracious emotions that lead to the passing of manias motions...

  • masoom_bachchi 48w

    छन्न - छन्न (part1)

    रात के 9:30 बज रहे थे, गांव में किसी के शादी के निमंत्रण पर पापा वहां गए थे ,,,,इस कारण मां ने भी घर पर खुशबू के पसन्द के आलू के परांठे बना दिया और बाजार से कुछ मिठाईयां भी मंगवा लिए..
    मा के काम में खुशबू ने भी जीतना हो सके हाथ बटाया.. उसके बाद मा अपनी छोटी बहन प्रभा के कॉल आने पर खुशबू को पढ़ने के लिए कहती है और ये भी कहती है कि बात करके दोनों खाना खाएंगे साथ ही।...खुशबू भी समझ चुकी थी कि अब इतनी जल्दी तो खाना मिलने वाला है नहीं ... इतनी जल्दी कहा होने वाली थी इस वार्तालाप की समाप्ति... आख़िर दो बहनों की बातें थीं । ये सब सोचकर खुशबू भी अपने नोट्स बनाने बैठ गई ...
    इधर खुशबू के कमरे में कलम और कागज के बीच अफ़ना - तफ़नी मची हुई थी... तो उधर मा भी कहा कम थी उन्होंने भी फोन पर ही कभी ठहाके ( मानो यारों की महफ़िल में हो) तो कभी गंभीर मुद्रा में (मानो किसी सीरियस बिज़नेस डील को लेकर ऑफिस मीटिंग् में मीटिंग हेड हों) अपने कमरे में अकेले ही महफ़िल जमा रखी थी ।
    पूरे एक घंटे के धुआंधार बातचीत के पश्चात वक्त से समझौता करते हुए दोनों ने कॉल डिसकनेक्ट करने का फैसला लिया तब जाकर किसी तरह मोबाईल को भी थोड़ी सांस लेने की फुर्सत मिली। मा कमरे में आयी तो देखा खुशबू पढ़ रही थी पर मा ने वक्त को देखते हुए कहा कि चलो पहले खाना खालो फिर पढ़ाई करना ...

    दोनों ने खाना खाए ...सारा चिली केचअप सिर्फ दो दिनों में ख़तम करने के लिए खुशबू को आलू पराठे के साथ-sath थोड़े बहुत डांट भी खानी पड़ी... मा अपनी रसोई के काम निपटाने लगी और खुशबू अपने लिए और मा के लिए पानी के बोतल भर कर उनके जगह पर रख लिए य तो मा को कभी कभी रात को प्यास लगती ह पर खुशबू को रात को पानी की बोतल उसके पास न मिले तो नींद में ही सारा घर नाप देती थी। मां अपने काम के बाद सोने चली गई जबकि खुशबू ने थोड़ी देर और पढ़ने का फैसला किया।।। चेप्टर कंपलीट हो जाने पर खुशबू अपने आदत क अनुसार मोब. में कुछ देर "प्रेमचन्द की निर्मला " किताब पढ़ी और फिर वही सो गई ।।।


  • barbietocatwoman 48w

    Dark halls, shuttered windows. The whole house without electricity and the drip of water coming from the ceiling. And so, so many refrigerators. I was told not to look inside but my curiosity is peaking. On the days when it rains I hear a tap on the floorboards of the attic. I was told not to look there either. I get agitated the longer I stay. It's the middle of freaking nowhere and the next boat won't be here for a while. So what to do...

    Play a boardgame. Ignore the taps. Self karaoke. Ignore the taps. Drink alot of water. Ignore the taps. Jacuzzi and mocktails. Ignore the taps. Guitar hero my ass and ignore the taps-


    What's that?

    Oh no

    Oh no no no no no

    That was definitely a sound. I can't have a genie in the attic and not find out. I've watched enough horror and fantasy. I walk to the closet and get my hockey stick. To the kitchen for a sharp blade. We're ready. Creep upstairs like the impending murderers we are. Yayy.

    Find the spare keys. Check which fits the lock. Open. Freeze. Confusion.

    Why am I looking at a jaguar in the middle of the room?

    Ahhh. Stuffed animal. I quietly shuffle in and check every corner. No ghosts. Just a stuffed wildcat, some boxes of old cds and yet another refrigerator. This time I open the one in the forbidden room. Some intrusive part of my personality shoving me towards it; firmly assured that's where the noise is coming from. So I check for bolts, remove the first, second, then open...

    At first I don't see anything. But then-

    "good, you heard me"

    I'm wide eyed, staring at a girl, broken and bent till she fit in there. Small, long dark hair, outfit so dirty the original colour had washed out. And somehow despite all that; still alive.

    And how did the story end?

    Me running out of the house ofcourse. Screaming like my hair was on fire. Like the last piece of chocolate croissant was taken in a very long grocery line.

    Last time I take a house-sitting job ever.

    Totally not worth the money.


    No. Totally not worth the money.


  • faceless90 49w


    Do not stitch me but butterfly the wound I have slit. The tool was a swiss army pink beautiful bitch. I assumed when I flinched blood truly would drip, but a few more than six droplets dutifully dripped. Too many minutes have loosened the grip that I have on this masterfully cute little clenched sharpened red blade yet still two digits slipped and more than just grazed my useless white skin.

  • faceless90 49w


    As the sun begins to peek through the darkest of nights, I release all feelings of love till sublime emotions come forth and then flutter through my ribbed stomach to bind all the butterflies lies; butterfly fly through this wondrous sky until sunrises die from kerfuffles with night

  • faceless90 49w


    All beauty is lost within my luminous heart, but the future's not dark though it's muted and stark.
    Clouds fuse then depart from my view only scars of God's cumulus art remain beautiful shards.

  • faceless90 49w


    The pages I pen are outrageously reddened by platelets of dead unsavory flesh

  • independent_writer1 50w

    Meera Chapter:- 2 the last night

    Subha ka mausam bada hi, haseen hai Aasman me badal chhah rakhe hai or, thandi thandi hawaa chl rahi hai..
    Riya, diya or Naina breakfast ke liye niche aati hai jaise sab niche ja rahi hoti achanak se diya rukti hai or kehti hai, " tum dono mein raat kon kon baar room ke bahar aa raha tha" wo dono diya ko jawab deti " hum to nhi the, shayad piche shamshan ko chudail ayi hogi" itna keh kr hassne lagti hai, or niche jati hai..
    Wo teeno niche aa jati hai, to dekhti hai breakfast lga nhi hota , wo teeno puri haveli mein kaka ko dhundte hai magr wo kahi nhi milte, diya sochne lagti hai kahi sach mein chudail nhi aayi thi, achanak se riya ki chilane ki awaj aati hai, diya wha jati h or naina bhi wha pouchti hai, dono ne wha jo dekha use wo dekh kar darr jati hai, kaka ki lash milti hai magr kaka sar nhi lga.
    Riya , diya or naina jaldi jaldi apna samhan utha tey hai gadi baith kr bhaut tez speed haveli se dur ki or bhaghte hai.. unke bhaghne ke turtan baad kaka ki lash wha se gayab ho jati hai, or haveli mein kisi awaj aati hai khana khalo sb or wo koi nhi kaka hote hai or zor zor se bolte hai khana kha lo main bahar gaya tha abhi aya hoon.
    Itne mein piche se awaj aati hai " kaka apne der kar di" kaka bolte hai "kyu? Or piche mudte hai to dekhte ek ladki khari hoti hai jiske khule baal hote hai aankhon mein se khoon ke aasu aa reh hote hai..
    Kaka puchte hai , " kon ho tum ? Or aankhon me kya hua?" Tabhi wo chila kr kehti hai" meeeeeera" or kaka ka sar kaat deti hai..
    Raat ka samey hote hai, diya apne ghar mein hoti or samey karib raat ke 9 bj rahe hote hai or diya ke darwaje mein koi dustak deta hai, or diya jati hai or bahar Naina hoti hai .. diya naina ko andr aane kehti hai.. diya puchti hai " kya hua? Itni raat ko? Naina kehti hai "mujhe tum kuch dikhana hai " diya kehti hai " kya ? Naina use phone mein ek video dikhati hai or use video mein riya sadak zor zor se bhagh rahi hoti hai or achanak se ek gaadi wli use thok deti hai.. diya puchti hai ", ye kab hua? Naina kehti " pta nhi main uske ghar ja rahi chalogi" wo kehti hai " haan" dono gadi baith kar jate hai sadak par bhaut andhera hota hai samey raat 11;30 bj rahe hote diya dekhti hai samne road se koi ladki bhaghte bhaghte aa rahi hoti hai or jaisi wo pass aati wo riya hoti wo kafi dari hoti hai diya achanak se break marti h jabtak kafi der ho chuki hoti uski gadi riya ko takr maar chuki hoti hai, diya bahar aati ye merse kya ho gya fir wo sochti hai ary naina to video dikhaya hai wo marr chuki ye kaun hoti wo naina ko dekhti hai or naina kehti hai, " maine tumhe future dikhaya "achanak se wo kisi ladki roop mein badal jati hai" diya kehti hai kaun ho tum wo hasste huye kehti hai" meera" or gadi ko diya ke uper chada deti hai..
    Written by:- karan Singh

  • cosmicpoet 58w

    The Body

    It was late night when Stephen got a call. It was from the morgue. He had to be there to keep an eye on the body that was going to be checked by the detectives the next day.
    "You coming mr. Stephen?",the man asked on the call.
    "Yeah! Sure but why is it so necessary?", asked Stephen.

    "It's a murder case you see...so the body needs to be protected tonight...may be the culprits could come and try to remove the evidence", answered the person on the line.
    "Ok then!", Stephen said and hanged the phone.
    |After reaching the morgue|
    "Anyone here??", He asked aloud.
    But no voice came. The morgue was empty and the only thing he could see in front of him was a body covered with white.
    .."may be that's the body on which I have to keep an eye",he murmured to himself. He checked the body and got worried about the situation that how the staffs could be so careless.
    Tring tring!
    The phone ranged once again.
    "It's nice you reached there mr.stephen..thankyou!",the man said on the call.
    "But where are you?
    .. I can't see you anywhere and the morgue is empty",he added.
    "You already saw me",the man answered.
    "No I didn't see anyone except that lying dead body", Stephen said.
    "Didn't you see the face??",the man said strangely.
    "The dead man's face?",he asked.
    "Yess!",the voice came from behind.
    Stephen turned around and saw the man who was lying on the bed being dead standing in front of him.

    ~ Muskan
    { Special credits goes to my friend ATUL }

  • pakhi1738 77w

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    Everything was normal for next couple days. No weirdos, no unknown calls, no stupid texts. It was almost as if nothing happened. But those calls started again. He would just call her, wait for her to pick up, call back again if she doesn't pick up, completely silent if someone else picked up instead of her, text her if she picked up once and then shouted and hung up. It was making her crazy. She couldn't sleep, couldn't focus on her homework. She freaked out every single time that phone rang and would run and grab it to see if it was him or someone else.

    After a while, every ringing phone started giving her chills and she would just black out for a second or two. Initially she thought that whoever that person was, he would just realise that she was not interested in whatever shit was going in his head but it just kept getting worse. It was pretty obvious that it was now just a game for him and he was really enjoying it. There were moments when she wanted to talk to her parents about what was happening and it would all go away but then she also didn't knew what their reaction to that situation will be like. Her parents were not the kind of people who were really friendly and open with their kids so she wasn't sure if she could trust them or not. It was just a lot for her little brain. She just stopped talking. She tried talking to Ritika but all she got from her was, "I told him that it's not my number. I asked him not to call you. I can't do anything if he doesn't listen."

    It continued for 6 months. He initially used to call after her school when she was at home but then he went on to calling her when she was in school. Her mother once picked up the call but he didn't said anything as he didn't recognised her voice. She didn't tried calling back thinking it was a wrong number. Once, she was watching TV with her father when the phone rang. Her father was about to answer it but she got to it first. "Hello?", she said. He started talking rubbish like always once he recognised her voice. Her father was still sitting right next to her so she just disconnected the call and told her father that it was a computer call.

    The moment she said it, she realised that it was a mistake. She should have said it was a wrong number because he was going to call back again and it would look bad. He called back again and this time, her father answered it. He kept saying "hello" but no one answered back from the other side. He disconnected the call thinking that it might be some network issue. That was the moment she knew she had to really do something about it. She had to tell an adult, anyone but her parents, just in case the situation got out of control. She thought about it for days and made a plan that was really risky but at the same time, sounded pretty much perfect in her head. She decided to talk to Ritika again and ask her to talk to that person and make it all stop before she actually carried on with the plan. Her reaction was, "you can do whatever you want. I don't care about you. You can't do anything. All you have is just words". That's the kind of motivation Aayasha was looking for so she left by saying, "you asked for it".

    She wrote a letter for Ritika's aunt explaining everything, gave it to her 6 years old daughter and asked her to give it to her mother the moment she reach home after school. She had a lot going in her head that day. All the possibilities of it all going wrong and biting her in the ass, what might be happening in their house, what if she decides to come over and talk to her parents? She couldn't sleep, partly because of the fear that everything might go wrong and partly because she felt like she betrayed her friend. Next morning, she saw Ritika in the school bus. It was written all over her face that she has been crying. Later that day, Ritika's aunt came to talk to her after school. She already got a heads up about it from one of Ritika's cousin in the morning so she was prepared for it. The moment she saw her in school, her first instinct was to run away because she had no idea what that conversation was going to be like but then she had to go see her because one of her teacher got involved. It was not a pleasant conversation but it could have been much worse so she was a bit satisfied. She gave that phone number to her aunt and that teacher when they asked for it. That person never called her again and her parents never found out anything about it. That number was printed in every single cell of her brain by then and she knew that she was probably never going to forget it.


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    Wrong number!
    (Part 2)

    [Horror story or molestation story]

  • pakhi1738 77w

    If you are new here, please visit #horrorstoryormolestationstory to read the previous stories of the series and don't forget to leave a feedback if you read any.


    It was time for the longest vacation for Indian school kids! Yes, you guessed it right. Summer vacation! Aayasha, a 13 years old girl, was very excited to live a month without having to step a foot out of her house. She was always like this. Sitting in a corner, busy in her own world, cooking up stories and doing homework.

    One fine afternoon, a friend of hers from school, who lived in her neighborhood, came to seek her help with some project work. Or at least that's what it looked like. Aayasha and her younger brother were sitting on the terrace doing their work when she came. Their mother, who was busy with household chores, directed her to the terrace. She looked a bit in rush and out of breath. "I want a phone. I have to make a call. It's urgent. Please. I want a phone", she said. Aayasha tried to calm her down but she wasn't ready to listen. She just kept repeating it and denied to tell her anything except that she would get into really big trouble if Aayasha didn't get her a phone. She started crying and Aayasha, completely lost and clueless of what was happening, came down and asked her mother for her phone. Before she could ask her anything, Aayasha said that her friend upstairs wanted another classmate's phone number. She was shaking because she has never lied to her mother before but she somehow controlled herself and ran back upstairs.

    Her friend snatched away that phone from her sweaty hands and started pressing the keys like a maniac. Aaysha didn't wanted to invade her privacy but her mind just wanted to make sure that she wasn't in any big trouble so her ears were trying their best to catch hold of some of the conversation. All she could hear was, "you need to break that SIM card or I'll get into so much trouble". She disconnected the call after the conversation was over, turned back to Aayasha, gave her the phone and said, "I told my aunty that I am going to Aayasha's house to ask her for her computer project and if I don't get back home soon with your file, she'll get suspicious". Aayasha tried asking her what was happening and if she could do anything to help her but she just ignored it and left with an almost empty project file.

    It was just 5-6 minutes since her friend left and Aayasha was lying down, soaking up some sunlight and processing what just happened when that phone rang. It was an unknown number so she ignored it. It rang again and this time she actually picked up the phone to have a proper look at the number on the screen. She froze. It was the same number her friend dialed a while ago. She knew that because she saw some of the last digits before her friend deleted it from the call history. ".......313". She kept staring at it, waiting and praying for the phone to stop ringing. It eventually did and she called her friend. It was her aunt's number.

    "Hello! Aunty namaste. Has Ritika reached home yet? I accidentally gave her a wrong file. Oh! Okay! Can you please ask her to come back and exchange it with the other file as soon as she gets back home? I need that file. I was working on that project when she came and I have to finish it by tonight". Ritika came back and was really mad about Aayasha calling her aunt. Aayasha told her about the call and asked her to call that person back and tell them that it was not her contact number. She did as Aayasha asked her to and left.

    The phone rang again roughly an hour later and it was the same number. She wanted to block it but couldn't because she didn't wanted her parents to get all suspicious about it just in case they somehow end up checking the blocked contacts lists. That person just wouldn't stop calling so she finally answered it. "Hey, listen! I don't know who you are but you need to stop calling. This is not Ritika's number", she said and was expecting an apology from the other side. But, "I don't care who you are. I just want to talk", that's what's she got. She was really angry and just so done with that person. Aayasha was usually not like any other "normal" teenagers but she was really short tempered. She wanted to shout but couldn't because her parents were home and she didn't wanted to grab any attention so she just hung up without saying anything. That person just kept calling her until he was just gave up.

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    Wrong number!
    (Part 1)

    [Horror story or molestation story]

  • darkersunshine96 82w


  • darkersunshine96 82w


  • krishicrazy 86w

    Ghost on a Highway


  • krishicrazy 88w

    Ghosted By a Ghost

    Her name was Rebecca. We exchanged numbers at a common friend's party. Her poison was rum and coke, mine was Jack Daniel's. She was beautiful like the night.

    It was pretty late, so I drove her to her house. The next morning, I found her wallet in my car and decided to give her, her belonging.

    To my surprise, an old woman opened the door and as I lay my eyes on the white wall behind her, I saw Rebecca's face in a photo frame, dated 1990-2018.


  • jadeivy 91w

    Deaths Toll

    Head cold on the ground, mouth open with no sound. Eyes wide, lifeless and dark. There was the girl death took tonight.

    It was not quick. It was not kind, gentle or a painless time. Death had been cruel, evil and dark with its job tonight.

    Nails broken and bloody from scratching hard. Lips cracked and dry, thirsty for life. Eyes red and swollen from crying all night.

    Darkness makes you wonder but the light will make you turn your head in fright. Horror plays its game, bloody without any shame. Now what story have you journeyed into, anyway?


  • normancrane 91w


    I found the two-headed baby deer dying
    on a bed of soft pine needles under cover of an overturned oak,
    not five kilometres from my cottage,
    Its lungs still pumped,
    Its crimson heart beat weakly through a thin,
    translucent skin,
    that decayed before my eyes,
    until there was no skin,
    and all the organs lay warm and still,
    in a heap upon the earth,
    like waste.

    A god evaporated.

    It is human nature to disbelieve
    that one may be witness to epochal events,
    so I did not believe that I,
    of all people,
    should be witness to the death of time.

    Epochal: the concept itself is dead.

    How lucky we were
    to know time at its cleanest,
    and most linear!

    We know now that such constant linearity
    was the consequence of a living entity,
    It followed the creature like stench follows a skunk,
    and we basked in it
    as if it was the natural state of the world.

    No more.

    Time no longer heals,
    Things do not pass,
    Or pass only to return.

    At first we believed this would be manageable,
    Yes, we thought, we will relive our pain but also our love,
    Everything shall be magnified!
    Welcome to an age of great emotions,
    a new Romanticism!

    Yet we overestimated how much we help,
    failed to accept how much we hurt.

    And we did not realize the nature of evil,
    which accumulates in a way love does not,
    To re-experience our love is to know it,
    again and again,
    at the same intensity,
    but to re-experience pain is to increase its volume until it overpowers us,
    deafening us to everything else.

    I will never forget the creature's eyes,
    full of hatred or hubris,
    yet seeking aid it knew I could not give.

    How does one save a dying god?

    It was not my fault!

    I was but a child asked suddenly to solve a deathbed equation
    expressed in an undiscovered mathematics,
    I had to fail,
    yet in failing I have brought it all upon us.

    I relive it constantly,
    Every time its eyes are louder.

    But it is the hour for my afternoon walk,
    so I will take a pause and enjoy what remains of living.

    I will go to my favourite spot overlooking the city,
    and sit on the iron bench,
    from where the view is magnificent,
    Above me,
    the clouds will form,
    a tangle of pain and human corpses,
    and I will sit and ponder until the first blood drops fall,
    Then the screaming will begin,
    the final storm will rage,
    Beating, crimson corpse-clouds under a thin skin
    of dissipating reality,
    raining blood until we are left
    warm and still upon the earth.