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    गलती किसी की नहीं थी सिर्फ गर्म सांसो की थी,
    जो हमारे बदन को पिघला कर चली गई!

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    Summer also not hotter than you!!

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    The sun is soo bright,
    Drinks my water and sucks me dry!

    O help me water and tender coconut!

    What will I do without you ?
    Give me hope that I won't faint!
    Let me have cold breeze and not heat waves,
    Please show mercy my sun I know I've wronged earth with pollution!

    Protect me clouds from the sins I've done.

    *Let the summer pass and heat dissipates !*

    -Every human ever on a sunny day


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    -have you ever been in love !!
    yes i loved
    How did you find love!!
    Cruel, vile, ugly, disgusting, painful, I don't want it anymore
    - no ! Who is he to be tortured for!! I simply completed my life and I
    I hate him, or you can say I don't feel anything for him
    You are tormented so much
    -You miss him so much
    - You want to see him?
    No, I have banned those feelings, preventing them from developing.
    I locked them in my chest and forgot they were in my life ever
    I don't see this!?
    Well, you're blind
    - Haha, you're stubborn
    -Too.. I'm too stubborn
    As these years passed, I became more cold than before
    More mature and more cruel .. I did not know the title of love .. Other than
    Cruelty and coldness, I hated that word "love", a word from Four letters.. very small but harsh.. very harsh..
    I hated him to the max with his four letters, he brought back my feelings
    Banned for love.. I banned him from my life, now I'm in love Only with that little girl and no one else will even enter this heart and even If that was the same pharaoh, ..because I really hated him every day pass on my orphan heart
    In a long corridor, two girls are walking, one in casual clothes: a black T-shirt and jeans…She holds a tablet in her hands and speaks in a microphone at her mouth and looks at a girl with blonde hair, slender body and stature, beauty and charms, everything is there.
    She has long blond hair, blue eyes and a slight smile on her mouth،listening to the girl who is with her to what she says and nodde with her head
    The girl speaks in Spanish: So you go from this corridor directly, the camera will capture you from the beginning of the entrance, and here are the questions, read them quickly, five minutes and you will appear live on the air .
    The blonde smiled and muttered to her in a soft, feminine voice in Spanish: Ok
    The girl winked, gave her the tablet and the blonde started reading the questions quickly... They seem good and not annoying
    She put the tablet to one side and fixed her hair, the microphone sticking to her waist... and she heard words in her ears from someone telling her that she would be on the air in five seconds…
    a confident smile was drawn in her mouth, and 5..4..3..2..1 flashed the camera on her face, she walked harmoniously inside the studio, equal to her entry to the applause of the audience and the announcer
    He applauds and looks at her standing in the middle of the studio. The blonde smiled at him and extended her white hand
    Announcer with a smile: I am honored to host you in my humble show ma'am Nalan
    Nalan smiled to him: The honor is mine
    The announcer pointed her to a place nearby in a sofa chair where his guests sit: Come with me
    Nalan nodded her head and walked with him in a half-exposed dress in black color. She looks very sexy, taking the title that has been given to her in recent years well and deservedly, "Fashion icon, designer Nalan Arabi."
    The announcer looked at her with a smile and a look of admiration (the dialogue between them in Spanish): Madame Nalan, you finally accepted my invitation (-look in the direction of the audience-) to indicate this is the fourth time that we have invited her to the show, finally she found some time for us.
    Nalan giggled a little, showing her white teeth , her bright ruddy lipstick, highlighting her seductive lips: Huh, just with work, and I had a lot of projects... Surely you know that I launched three collections recently, I mean, the pressure was too much
    Announcer: Frankly, you dealt with international stars and in a short time dominated the fashion market, bien hecho (the audience started clapping and Nalan was smiling, she has changed a lot in the past years)
    Nalan with a smile: I find myself in the field of design, fashion for me is a passion, when I am sitting there is nothing to do I design, I am nervous I design, happy sad…in all cases I have to design something to relax
    Announcer: You are right, thank you. Currently, this formal suit I am wearing is of your design. You design men and women, and everything from you is wonderful.
    Nalan with a smile: Thank you, you have a good taste.
    Announcer: Now we will move to another topic. Nalan Arabi, let us know more about you، Your private life is a little bit mysterious. We rarely know something private about you,and we did a lot of investigations. In fact, it
    cost us an effort to find out some things that you'll discover during the show.
    Nalan smiled: Ha-ha-ha, you won't need much effort... you can ask me and I'll answer you.
    Announcer: I want to know who Nalan Al-Arabi is in general?
    Nalan: Nalan, she is just a woman like all women, mature and competitive, I want my name to be known in the world of design.Nalan is a person who has gone through circumstances that left her getting stronger and back to the one she is.
    Now and currently I am thankful for those circumstances.
    Announcer: Bravo, frankly, haha. We heard that you have a little girl who is three and a half years old(A picture of Nalan appeared on a large screen with a little girl with short curly black hair, dark brown skin, with blue eyes as clear as the purity of the sea)
    Nalan smiled softly and a fake smile appeared on her features, a little annoyed.
    Nalan quietly: Yes, my daughter, Layla
    Announcer: You never talked about it in any press interview, are you hiding her?
    Nalan arched her brows, raised them and muttered softly: There is no need to hide her
    I just don't want to talk about my family things, that's it
    Announcer: Aww, okay. I'm sorry if I disturbed you
    Nalan quietly: No, it's not disturbing
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    Forbidden FEELINGS

    Chapter 1

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    As our lips lock each other and we lay with interlocked hands with our naked bodies sticking to each other. I wish to kiss your head as you smile noticing the hickeys on your cleavage

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    Walk untill you touch your destination...
    Drink one cup of coffee untill all of your sorrows drowned...
    Be generous to give help and love...
    Indulge to spend some time alone...
    Educate yourself from past incidents...
    Prepare for the worst...
    Keep strengthening your mind and soul...
    Revisit your old hobby sometimes...
    Give priority to your loved ones...
    Sit in silence and breathe...
    Walk barefoot on grass...

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    When I fell for my best friend

    Is it okay to feel the feelings that I feel?
    Is it okay to love you the way I do?
    Cause you were never mine to hold
    We were supposed to be friends
    But we fucked each other and fucked up
    All I think about is you kissing my lips under the moonlight and the fireworks
    Our secret garden, the swing,the moon, the stars which brought me comfort only brings sadness without you now
    I wonder if you regret it? I wonder if you forgot about it? Or does it still hurts?
    All I ever wanted and I wished for was to make you happy
    But if the only thing the thought of me brings to you is pain then I hope you heal
    Maybe it's time to let you go
    I wonder if I will ever stop loving you
    Maybe like history you only existed to teach me a lesson.
    All i wish to have is enough strength to live without you now.
    I wanna be stronger and a better person
    I wanna heal.

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    In a single thrust, you pierce your knife inside me, wrenching my gut open. My blood pools on its translucent blade. I see my face reflected on its cool surface, my hot tears hazing it from your view.
    I see your knuckles white, holding tight, twisting the knife.

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    About being sexy.

    A normal body with a chiselled mind is always sexier than a chiselled body with a normal mind.

    PS: If one has both, all I could say is that it's un-phucking-fair!


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    Backless Black Dress

    She texted me last night
    Said she could come over to my place
    I could make out she was drunk
    Also, I don't have my own space
    I said we should probably meet up for a drink
    A karaoke or a dinner kinda thing

    We're at the bar, i look at her
    She's kissing her friends
    And they don't mind anyone, they're kissing her back
    She's not the girl you'd be proud telling your mom about
    And oh, the words she throws so flawlessly out of her naughty mouth
    Wearing that backless black dress her boyfriend bought

    Is there a chance, of romance
    Or even just a slow couple dance?
    Am I her type, just the right kind
    To be the other guy?

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    The kisses you give to my legs lead me to moans as if they are like tattoos of you in my mind

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    As the cold wind touched her body while she was blindfolded he slowly rubbed something cool along her neck and slowly slipping it along her cleavage he slowly slipped that thing in that lower, ice cube isn't the only thing which was making her wet that day

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    I would write full paper with your name craving on...
    I would fill those gaps in between words...
    What I wrote...
    You need to read those...
    You need to recall our loved memories...
    Yes of course you can read...
    Whatever you read...
    Whatever you understand...
    I would accept that...
    Because in love...
    I would write full paper with your name craving on...

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    His gentle hickeys were her tattoo's and there was no place she didn't crave them

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    Through the cold weather his hand slowly moved along her back towards her cleavage while he bites her ear l moving so closely pulling her together so close that there is no gap for cool breeze in between as he whispers to her wife while biting her ear "I'm gonna cover you completely like a Blanket".

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    As the rays of sun brushed her face she felt soothing fingers of her husband slowly rub her soft cloudy inner thighs, she thought to herself what a beautiful morning as he kissed her neck

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    Ik glass

    Tu ik bottle jese, m thera ek glass.
    Tu gire to lge ek anmol bund, jab jae andar mere ban jae zehar.
    Machati hai kehar, ghumati mune ye sab sehar.
    Naam lu tera ye mera nhi kaam, tu ban k ja ik jaam. Yahi m sochu har sham..

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    IF we meet again

    And when our Paths meet again.
    me and you will be different,
    Strangers maybe.
    I'll have a feeling,
    like an absent child returning to school,
    a wrong turn leading to a new location.
    We would act like no ones.
    Just two people,
    picked out of this world.
    Two people
    with crossing paths.

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    Mysteriously hot :- Sagittarius, Scorpio, Taurus, Pisces

    Cute but also hot :- Virgo, Gemini, Aquarius, Cancer

    Well, wow enough to say you are hot :- Libra, Aries, Capricorn, Leo

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    Chale aana

    Kisi shaam chale aana mere paas
    Dhalte din or dubte suraj
    Ke kirano se jab tum saji ho
    Jab na gam ho na lautne ke fikr
    Jab chand baadlo ke chadaro se nikalne lage
    Chale aana mere paas

    Aree aao to sahi
    Mai bol dunga
    Is chand ko, in sitaro ko ki
    gir jaaeenge thumare liye fir ek baar
    Tum muskurao to sahi
    Aree aao to sahi

    havao se bhi keh dunga
    In julfo ko bikhero na
    Ye sambhalti h to ishq ho jaata h
    Inhe bikhero na
    Bs aao or inhe sameto na

    Raato ko bhi keh dunga
    Jab aae to thodi der se jaaee
    Kuki tum abhi to aai ho
    Bas abhi chali aai ho..