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  • deepoemic 6w

    Hi guyz. How are you all doing. Christmas is on the way. What are your plans ?
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  • superrita_21 8w

    How to eat

    Act of eating, is very nourshing
    A journey from mouth to belly

    Hunger pangs , dire need, to satisfy, for human survival
    Without which , we go in lowest gear neutral

    For it we work so hard, make assets, notes & credit card
    A voyage of feeding, chewing, churning ,digesting from birth till our last breath

    We never think this is real important
    But, many go alms without food in their arms

    When comes every meal , just pray & appeal
    Hey lord, grateful I am , let every stomach also fulfill

    Food is a gigantic industry, needs prayers & praise
    Let hands that sow & reap, produce & supply, buy & sell , be truly blessed to give

    Lord, bless the world with abundant crops
    Also many generous hearts to share with have- nots

    Eating is act so repeating, we seldom think about
    Its how to eat??? matters a lot important, no doubt

    we absorb vibrations of our thoughts & sounds around us, as we eat
    So, try this experiment , its not a difficult feat

    Eat not in front of TV, scial media, news & business meets
    Keep silence , eat in quiet, invoking blessings enriching with strong positive healing beats

    This shall give strongest of physical & mental health
    Keeps us & our children, healthy wealthy wise & stealth

    Change this mundane task, from unconcious to concious eating
    A joy to relish , with love & gratefulness, like soulful dating

    Love, postivity, abundance shall grow easy in life
    Hey pal, to achieve these, day & night we strive


  • dharshinisg 8w

    How to...

    I ignored myself,
    I became inert,
    I hated this life,
    And this world that doesn't love,
    But now...
    This process of self love
    Has brought me the answer to
    How to be yourself and make this mundane world yours......
    Be Selfish!!!!!

  • mysticalballads 9w

    Let me say how...

    The sun rising with its pride
    Spreading its light so so wide
    The chilling breeze filling the air
    Making the world look more fair

    The dancing trees above the ground
    The atmosphere full of sweet sound
    Made by the birds from their nest
    Waking all from their drained rest

    The scene is at its notch perfection
    Portraying the creator's reflection
    Wait a minute, how is this so perfect?
     Never so better like this before, I recollect

    “Let me say how” said a voice behind
    At that instant, her eyes filled my mind
    The girl behind is my only dear crush
    Again she made my blood to the top, rush

    Will get jealous, the colored rainbows
    Because of her curly dark eyebrows
    Will get jealous, the frozen no color ice
    Because of her freezing sea colored eyes

    Will get jealous, the pink spiked rose
    Because of her lovely sharp nose
    Will get jealous, the beautiful red tulips
    Because of her sweetest scarlet lips

    Will get jealous, the pure white wreath
    Because of her sparkling pearly teeth
    Will get jealous, the slender horse tail
    Because of her cascade black pony tail

    Her face makes the sun seem gloomy
    She is one of the prettiest, admirably
    The Lord created her in his best mood
    On her, the eyes of the worlds are glued


  • bettywrites 10w

    #How I raised myself.

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    How I raised myself


    Five years and still continuing . Funny right?
    Then yesterday everything ended like a flash.
    But I don't care even though I care.
    I am not saying this because that is how strong I am,but that is how I raised myself.
    I need to stay strong and I must be.
    This is not some girl running around its first love.
    This is a girl who waits for endless and crazy surprises so just in case something comes up.
    But sometimes I felt hurt like I was betrayed. See,I am not given the chance to be emotional,okay?
    So it has to be because I have got no true feelings in me.

    Did I ever have feelings for you?
    I raised myself to doubt my emotions.
    This is not some random stories,this is just the simplicity of myself.
    I give up not because I am a coward,but because I see some future before starting .
    And has for we who raised ourselves - no guardian,we doubt our opinion sometimes,but we stay in them.
    And I don't give second chances.
    I forgive not to forget but to let go of a doubtful spirit.

    I am not just a star in the galaxy,but I wonder if i am not even the galaxy we talk about?
    Stars shine brighter than themselves and i am the brightest.
    "I love you" if you want me to,but I don't know what the emotions are like.
    Like I say I spite to forgive. So,if you hit me with my emotions,we are gonna spite each other.
    I am not a bad person but this is just the way I raised myself for the lack of a guardian and drunken parents.
    So,I believe I have a drunk heart and drunk emotions.
    So if you want my love,I give for free. Aterall,it does not exist.

    You know,maybe be I have the love somewhere that I never noticed.
    But,after we broke up,I realized I don't care even though I care.
    I realized I want something even if it is the more of you that I am never going to get.
    But,maybe be I really could give second chances.
    That is not because I am confusing.
    The love might be there and I never noticed.
    That is how I raised myself.
    Filled with doubts.

  • youareonyourown 14w

    How does it feel ??

    Smile is There , Happiness is Gone
    Festival is there, Festivities are Gone..

    You have a world to share,
    But have nobody to share it with..

    Tell me please ,
    How Does It Feel ???
    To Be All Alone


  • addypoet 15w


    How can I be silent,
    When the sound of silence rep vibrates in my heart,
    When the swollen wounds of my barrenness,
    Oozes blood of supplication and meditation?

    How can I be silent,
    When Penina's nagging and itching voice,
    Cuts through the frail fragile rust,
    When her daily cuddling and giggling,
    Prickle the nerves of my joy?

    How can I be silent,
    When year in and year out,
    When in season and out of season,
    I see Penina's bulging stomach,
    Holding curvey fruits of the womb,
    Yet no child of my name I have,
    And you still gather the confidence to call me drunk,
    Whilst no whine has touched my lips?

    How can I be silent,
    When this verbal diarrhea and demeaning,
    Has intoxicated on Israel's internal and external territory,
    When this uncircumcised Philistine,
    Insult and provoke us?

    How can I be silent,
    When on my way to engulf with animosity and wrath of age,
    He stroke me with a glittery light,
    And denounced my persecution drive?

    How can I be silent,
    When by the power of prophecy,
    The rattling sound of dry bones was heard,
    Coming to shape,
    Forming own scribes of life,
    Resurrecting themselves from the world of the dead into the world of the living?

    How can I be silent?
    When all in the streets,
    And even wives of Jericho,
    Have eyes for sight and see,
    But I, son of Temius,
    Sees nothing less than the darkness,
    And none has ever bothered to peel the veil off my eyes?

    How can I be silent?
    When the footsteps of the son of David vibrate the narrow of sight possibilities,
    Which means I am within vicinity and divinity for the author of mercy,
    And I can feel the shadow of grace and sight.

    How can I be silent,
    When back home in Jerusalem,
    The ravens have racked and ransacked,
    My fathers temple and it's walls are crumbling down to ruins,
    When crooked Tobia has allowed residents to hustle their own way?

    How can I be silent,
    When for a hundred of years,
    The vest of silence has filled the whole world,
    When the circumstances of the wound has butchered the voice if reason,
    perpetual patience and subsequent tolerance?

    How can I be silent,
    When Harman seeks to torment,
    besiege and extinction of Israel's community?

    How can I be silent,
    When this nun Jew,
    Seeks to be worshipped as if he's the God of Israel?

    How can I be silent,
    When I am the voice from the wilderness,
    Pronouncing the messianic age and generation,
    The supreme visitation of who He was, who He is and who He forever will be.

  • danswrang 20w

    Whoever I have met become
    unfamiliar with
    I don't know why, how, when;
    I just know who.


  • the_pmk 21w

    But how?

    I need her, but I feel that I cannot have,
    Is that my life or is that everyone life.
    Just don't know, is it due to society.
    Or that's my life..
    Oh god, I need her in my life.
    But how?


  • sheikh_huzaifa 21w

    K zamana khail ta gaya
    Hum dekh tay gayai
    K zamana khail ta gaya
    Hum dekh tay gayai
    Kabhi yai samajh na aaya ki
    Loog kaisay dilu say khail jatay hai.....
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  • wildpen01 22w

    #what if?
    #will you?
    #cause I can?
    #how about you

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    WHAT IF?


    What if i write a letter to you?
    Will i get a reply back in a day or two,
    What if i scribble my thought in a paper with my ink?
    Will i get it back in an envelop engulf with pink.

    What if i stare into your gaze for a second or two?
    Will you be able to denotes the message i am telling you,
    What if i am down and i feel so hurt?
    Will you feel it too and helps me get up.

    What if i could ease the baggages off your heart?
    Will you allow me to or let it set you apart,
    What if i give everything i have for you?
    Will you give me the same in return.

    What if i couldn't see you not because i am blind?
    Will you give me the chance to right up all my wrong,
    What if i set your thought off the cloud?
    Will you believe me even if i barely make a sound.

    ©®Adewole Anifat.O

  • ions0206 22w

    "Frankly speaking i don't when and how my feelings for you changed when i turned and realized my heart became empty because it became yours.... "

  • seraphel 23w


    How could you get tired of me?
    Tired of my love?
    Tired of my ocean eyes?

    I never intended to harm you.
    Even if thoughts like that pop up,
    Like bubbles I pop them into nothingness.
    But maybe I just did,
    I just did harmed you,
    Like waves pushing and pulling,
    Over and again?

    How could I be certain if we don't even talk?
    How can we give and take assurance?

    I'm oft confused, but I think it's alright.
    It's alright?

    I know you're hurting because of me.
    But do you know I'm hurting too because of you?

    Maybe these are all just overthinking.
    Maybe it wasn't me you're referring to.
    Maybe it wasn't me but what I did.
    Maybe, but how could I be certain...

    I hear your imaginary voice.
    "I love you."
    "I'm not tired of you, but of what you did."
    But how could I be certain it's true?
    How could I be certain if we don't even talk?

    I don't hate, but if I do,
    This feeling's just bubbles that are soon gone.
    This, this is sadness...
    I keep it to myself,
    But I share it with God,
    Thinking maybe it's enough to do just that.

    This is sadness, because...

    How could you get tired of me?
    Tired of my love?
    Tired of my ocean eyes?

  • gutzwvw 24w

    How's it hanging exa.

    Two tales she had.
    One as good.
    One as evil.
    He mistook.
    The words for dog and death.
    And though he lived.
    He did not breathe clean air.
    And was as akin to death.
    For he was he faithful dog.
    Guardian of life and death.
    Anchor to strings that bind.
    This universe together.
    The sole unweaver.
    That weather's the storm.
    Not given life or death.
    But the edge in between.
    He hangs by his Gutz.

  • mazingmee 24w

    #loveisu #how to tell #what you mean to me?

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    This is how I...

    I read something you wrote,
    I felt to adding up in it,it turned out wow,
    I admired you,inside out too.
    I saw a beautiful side of your heart,
    I lost myself watching your creations,
    I felt for each one o'them,it hides your special priceless emotions,
    I asked something I should not have asked in first place,I see beautiful you,as a human being too..
    I feared my own words,I said I'll get over it..I cut myself off for a day...
    Thinking I'll be better alone for a while,
    Only I know How I felt in the very next morning now,I relive that moment in some sleepless night,when there is peace around and chaos in my head,and pain in my heart..

  • i_write_what_i_cant_speak 25w


    How do you move on?
    How do you live after being broken?
    How do you mend your heart?
    How do you trust a cheater?
    How do you endure all the pain?
    How do you believe in love again?
    How do you trust someone who broke your heart?
    How do you find a new beginning?

    And even after so much pain
    How do you still not give up on love?


  • kingdomdelight 25w

    When daylight falls ...
    Creation turns around and blushes
    In stillness and quietness, tranquility, is found
    Amazingly! The earth doesn't feel round?
    In awe and wonder, one gazes, at the beauty in total wonder !

    While the trees stood tall ...
    The beautiful waters mirrors, one's heart.
    Nothing, to ponder only this amazing beauty, of total wonder!
    a Beautiful piece of wonderland ...i'm the privilege traveller, who grew, daily fonder
    Creation, a very rare diamond beauty ...i'm the daily-blessed beholder.

    When daylight falls ...
    I'm the observer, the one who sees, creation turns and blushes
    a Treasure hunter, who loves to sits, on a piece of tree trunk, only admiring!
    Capturing the beauty ...
    Oh, mountains of glory, surrounds my delightful soul !

    Nature looks at me and blushes
    her cloudy cheeks turns orange and red,
    a sunlight ray, brushes over the scarlet red

    In total amazement!
    Big wide eyes of wonder
    Smiles of pure excitement
    One's mouth, still a lil open, jaw breaking, an admiring wonders
    God's beautiful creation, breathtaking in wonder!

    When daylight falls
    She pulls, her long colourful evening gown, up in a bundle .... Creation, hasty tip toe away ...
    While the fairy godmother, turns her dress into a midnight wonder
    Slowly, her dress rolls open nd galaxies come tumbling after ...
    Ready, for the Midnight "Galaxy" Ball

    So many stars ...
    Oh the Moon, the Lone Ranger, the Marshal of great promises ...
    Always, at midnight, he lights up ...
    the light of hope ... the light of the Lord's promises.
    The most beautiful light nd evening nightly show, ever !

    The spectacular midnight veil opens before one's eyes
    The curtain pulls up before all the stars ...
    Mine eyes searches for Marshal, the host ...
    The brightes centre piece of all stars
    Who brightens the skies with his white nd yellow toner ...

    Gentle and elegantly, he leads Creation, the guest of honour, by the hand
    into the most beautiful and glorious midnight dance
    For all of us on planet earth, to watch in awe nd splendor
    a Moment to treasure, deeply nd slowly, inhale an embrace ...
    Breathless one whispers: "How GREAT is our God!"

    a Symphony of midnight sounds
    The eminent maestro cricket
    dressed in his tailor made, black suit nd tie
    Invisible to the human eye
    a clever nightly musician, a chameleon of the midnight sky

    a Gentle cool breeze smooth the soul
    Fireflies enlighten the midnight show
    The violin starts to play, one tender, emotional heart cry,
    a Heart string, overwhelms nd snaps, suddenly a dance so slow
    The frog choir sings deeply deep ... a longing for first love to seek

    Time flies, when one, gets caught up, in admiring God's awesome Creation ...
    Creation's extraordinary beauty, helps us, daily, to face nd ace
    Each nd every new day with God's amazing grace !
    Gladly our heart sings : "How GREAT is our God! "
    "Oh come sing with me, now ... How great is our God!"

    Jesus Christ, our true "first love" !
    Our beloved, Rose of scarlet, the purest love ever to be found
    The lily of the valley ! The brightest mornin' star!
    To love, to have, to hold, to cherish ... eternity long
    Never to leave nor forsake ...
    a True love, eternity, strong !
    Indeed ... "How great is our God! How great is our God !"
    Let the whole earth sings with me ... "How great is our God!"

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    How Great is our God !


  • joban8 26w

    The Books

    Eh ki kitaaba ne,
    Mera har swaal Hal kr dindiya...
    Mere zehen ch uthdey toofana nu,
    Minutaa vich thall dindiya....
    Matt bakshdiya eh menu
    Kdi raah v sahi vikhaundiya ne ,
    Menu loka vich rulldey firdey nu
    Laa gall eh vraundiya ne....


  • purrrrr 26w

    How do I tell them?

    People ask me to write tales of joy.
    But, how do I tell them it isn't my choice?
    I try and try
    But it only leads to
    more cries and cries.
    I could hear the walls
    laughing at me,
    Mocking me at my
    deserted mind.
    For the evocation of happiness
    seems impossible for me.

    The bloodless pages
    glaring at me.
    Wanting to be stained
    In the colors of my life.
    But how do I tell them? ~
    That the ashes of my burnt serenity
    have been swept away
    by the notorious wind.
    That my heart has become
    a battleground
    For everyone to play tricks on.
    And oh so, I still carry it like an Eden.

    The restless nights,
    Me not being able to do a glorious write.
    My mind's all clueless
    For the happiness cannot confess.
    And I murmur....
    How do I tell them?

    Every time I write a poem
    At the corner of my heart,
    I fear, will it be my limit?
    Will my inspiration cease?
    And all again I'll become diseased?
    Because it has been my escape now.
    But my scattered thoughts
    never cease to amaze me.
    And here I am with
    another piece.


  • divoohere 27w

    How amazing naa!!

    Means some people come in our life like
    "A Shooting Star" and makes our dustiest and darkest world a lighten, and spending every moment with them feels like we are in a shining part of our life.

    But sometimes an unexpected incident happens that makes us to go apart from that moment...and that's hurt!!!
    But...take a minute!!
    We have to thank them for being a part of our life .❣️( Ending tak saath nhi h to kya hua, life ki story m to h naa)