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  • kanikachugh 7w

    How to
    not be stupid
    on 19th of that month
    with thumb caressing
    on that rectangular box
    making lover out of a contact number,
    ears thirsty for that voice
    and eyes red as a bride
    whose groom forgot to visit her.

    Go easy on yourself
    and smell fresh flowers again
    and this time, without them around,
    in the same coffee shop,
    on 19th, when you first met them

    How to
    not be blue
    at 1 am, after work
    when they are winning the world
    and you sit at the corner of your sofa
    shrinking your bones into yourself
    grating your muscles over rough presentations
    loaning your smile to your future self
    in a hope, your decades-after self
    would smile more and probably, live more.
    because that’s how hope works
    for future, not for now.

    I’d say give up hope
    and take hold of the living substance in you, now.
    It’s either mascara in your eyes
    or pain. Don’t let both reside
    and live a smudged life,
    understood by none
    not even by yourself.

    How to
    quit quickly
    those seeds that you grew but
    somebody acquired the land,
    the mouths that you fed
    but now take pride peeling you behind your back,
    the walls wherein you wanted to melt yourself
    but felt so cold, and so distant, and suicidal
    that your home became the cauldron
    and you the red meat.

    Leave the city. Move to a new place.
    Grow a plant, grow your hair,
    place your happy feet
    among plums and not homicides.
    Where the air is white
    and the Sun thickens your skin.
    Where your echoes praise you
    and your blood doesn’t betray you.
    Where you fix yourself like a god
    and nurse your broken wings like a goddess.


  • smartsam 7w

    Own Bloom!

    Need not mention
    this world already gloom!
    Now only question
    how yourself to bloom?

    The failure in world
    as common a reason!
    Do nothing own
    but follow others all season!

    See! God created sky
    sky has no end!
    So is human imagination
    anywhere you can bend!

    Copy not others
    be different rather!
    Art, music, writing
    or any skill for that matter!

    50% easy turn things to.
    If you love your job
    & things to do!

    Work smart friend
    not just hard!
    Time, dedication & research
    your assigned part!

    Soon be in limelight
    you'll shine so bright!
    how to be unique dear
    is simple not too hard!


  • ersheeen 7w

    @ersheeen @readwriteunite @miraquill @writersnetwork #howto #pod

    Aim: how to colour a canvas.
    Materials required: a beautiful canvas, a cheerful smile, a glass of confidence, a sweet piece of hope, a brush of love, and a bucket full of rainbow colours.
    Procedure:1 take a brave canvas holder.
    2: think about the last place you visited and figure out some elements from it.
    3: and now love,smile and colours will do the next process.
    4: you just need to accept the best and crave it out.
    5: wohooooo!!!! Now your masterpiece is ready to go.
    Observation: you will observe that every beautiful thing lies in happiness and being patient.
    Conclusion: in this you'll get to know yourself more deeply then before; your concentration, confidence and angle of peering/figuring out ability will grow.

    Thank you!
    Stay safe!
    Stay creative!

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    How to paint a eye catching
    beautiful painting.

  • angels_halo_shines 7w

    Always it never fails people are in a rush. Rushing to go here, go there. When you rush you miss out on your life. Where you are on your path, you mustn’t rush it along. Take time. Enjoy life while you can. You just never know when your time has come. You can’t take for granted what you have or your heart beating. Enjoy the simplicity of everything life offers
    while you still can. I have taken a lot for granted throughout my life. I have regrets, you can believe that. I had to do in my life what I was chosen to do. To realize what I had. To be thankful to know I’m blessed. We all are to be here today. Take your time, appreciate life.

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    Take Time

    I had to do in my life what I was chosen to do.
    To realize what I had. To be thankful to know I’m blessed. We all are to be here today. Take your time, appreciate life.

  • _astitva_ 7w


    You know what you mean to me ��

    Take care of yourself ❤️

    Dear Angel,

    When the cacophonous chirps of clouds were striking the silence of Himalayan hills, a sprouted seed stuck betwixt the cracks of cries and suffocating sighs, you waved your magical wand of warmth soothing the sweltered summer by drizzling the drops of dearness with breeze of blessings nurturing the seed to a sapling.

    A vinyl violin of vehemences bedecking the bosoms with potpourri of peace as if mother nature is scribbling sonnets of solace on the spine in darkest dusks of befuddled times, you're a healer holding the panacea in your chuckles and nectar in twinkles, let the nature heal in your smirks, it's a process you said it to a jerk.

    November nibbled the reminiscent reflections of the glowing goddess to conceal its core knitting warmth to the fallen forever, still the dazzling December knocked at the nippy night to nothingness craving for the chuckles and warmth of your wellness.

    An entwined elflock gently swifted behind the ears still wants to be free like fireflies ambles in air, a light dripping down like Komorebi betwixt the forest of betrayals and beliefs still an assured autumn shedding itself to embrace your grieves, an eulogy enchanted to the mightiest for letting the pain perspire to fall and flourish fragrance of flowers forever to you all.


    #howto #wod @writersnetwork @miraquill

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    Betwixt blemishes and bruises of betrayals
    an angel of affection asserts altruism
    flourishing a forlorn fall with forever
    and it failed to fathom
    how to hue hope in
    hovering heart of
    her at all.


  • nithi_c_j 7w

    How to?

    I type for some answers,
    lazily in the browser..
    How to…

    jump few desperate words,
    few known , few unheard.
    how to… cook fries and fritters,
    how to … heal broken hearts
    and blisters…

    how to … catch the dream
    that could fly,
    how to ..laugh innocently
    on blatant lies.

    how to..win some hearts and successes,
    how to… laugh out loud
    and melt the stresses.

    how to …live life
    to the fullest
    how to… be happy
    with your blessings
    instead of seeking the best ..

  • feflourflowers 7w

    #howto #wod can someone please tag I realy need the advice @todayis @mirakee @miraquill

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    "How to wake up early "

    If i wrote about this it would be a lie ; i can w@ke up early even if i try !

  • kradle 7w

    Disturb the Peace

    It's dark.
    I hear a faint tone playing at my ear.
    Its not loud enough to bother me.
    Ow... Ooow.
    Thats actualy my little friend,
    Disturb the peace.
    (breaths out)
    He reminds me to wake up.
    But the hard part comes when you need to open the shutters and actually get up.
    That requires motivation.
    Although discipline would work better.
    Worry not, your need to go to work or school will help.
    And that's about the formula to wake up...
    (mind wanders)
    Ow, my eyes are still closed,
    And DTP has not stopped yet,

  • pawani_t 7w

    A New Day, Everyday

    Amidst the everyday struggles of life,
    How to bring yourself in terms with the situation?
    How to balance the mind and heart equation?

    Amidst the rattling noise of chaos around you,
    How to find few decibels of peace?
    How to let your negative thoughts cease?

    As muddled as it may feel,
    Life gives you a new perspective everyday,
    Just to teach you survival in all possible way!

  • artemiswrites 7w

    Three steps to get up from the bed in the morning:

    Pluck some hope from the flowerpot decorating your window ledge, add it to a glass of boiling hot dreams and take careful sips from it.

    Spoon some sun rays and apply it to your face to thaw away the nightmare that lingers under your eyelids.

    Watch the dawn sky recite a poem of new beginnings and allow it to seep into you.

  • pallavi4 7w

    How to survive a Panic Attack

    On a day where everything seems fine
    And you perceive a threat or some stress
    You feel you have a racing brain
    And anticipate an exposure to certain situations again
    Maybe the situations become triggers or banes

    Feel intense fear and anxiety
    Discomfort and chest pains
    Have a feeling of being unsteady, lightheaded and faint
    And one of unreality and detachment from self
    Feel numbness, palpitations and a pounding heart
    Have a feeling a shortness of breath and smothering
    Trembling, shaking and sweating
    Choking and having a fear of losing control
    The feeling of severe nausea
    A feeling like dying and going crazy
    Having a feeling of everything going hazy

    It is time to try:
    Deep and mindful breathing
    Becoming aware of your body
    Practice progressive muscle relaxation
    Thinking calming thoughts and visualisation
    Taking anti depressant/ anti anxiety medication


    30th of November, 2021

    Pic credit: Pinterest, picture credited to its rightful owner- No 69 by amoc777 on deviant art

    #wod #howto #panic_attack #anxiety #mental_health #anxiety_attack @writersnetwork #miraquill #writersnetwork #poetry #pod #writerscommunity @miraquill

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  • inkandfable670 7w

    NOTE: So add a bowl of ' Soup Of Happiness ' in your every breakfast for a happier and healthier life.

    Hope you like it...

    #howto #wod

    ��❤ thank you @writersnetwork

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    Soup of happiness

    To cook the soup of happiness
    You neither need of expensive ingredients
    Nor high quality or branded equipments,
    Just put an ordinary pot on hearth
    of satisfaction
    Pour some oil of self love,
    Believe me, it will not increase your calories,
    Add those days you have cherished,
    Those sweet memories that make you nostalgic,
    The smiles of those whom you love,
    The care you receive from your dears,
    Things provide you even small pleasure
    A pinch of salt and pepper of friskiness
    Give it a stir with the ladle of hope.
    And here your ' Soup of Happiness'
    is ready to gulp.

  • inkandfable670 7w

    My sheet of trust
    Crumbled many times,
    Shattered many times like
    A piece of mirror,
    Those piece reflect that scene
    When I blindly trusted
    On those, people perceived as
    Floating bubbles,and then
    I was the one who trusted them first,
    Cracking sounds of my breaking trusts
    Are still echoing in my ears
    Saying not to trust again
    But my soul confronting my fickle brain
    Saying to give them second chance,
    Those creases,those wrinkles
    That once got occurred on paper of trust,
    It's time to remove them by ironing it
    With the iron of generosity or forgiveness-
    It's time to build a bridge of trust
    Over the ocean of people changing each hour,
    With the concrete of hope,
    Thinking if you get hurt once
    Never meant you get another scars.



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    It's time to build a bridge of trust
    Over the ocean of people changing each hour,
    With the concrete of hope,
    Thinking if you get hurt once
    Never meant you get another scars.

  • feflourflowers 7w

    Bad @$$ lesson

    How to Be a bad a$$ without giving a dang .
    Walk like the boss ,gain respect without giving .dress like the boss ..and last but not least don't give a damn that your the boss .just make them respect u. And be that bad a**

  • sparkles09_ 7w

    #howto (not exactly ��)
    #wod #miraquill #howto_fall_in_love_with_ones_ownself
    uff thank you so much @writersnetwork for the EC (4) ����

    Edit :- OMGGGGGG YESS!!!! FIRST POST THAT GOT 100 LIKES !!! ��������������

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    How to fall in love with one's own self

    In mornings,
    when the sun is shimmering with hopes
    Soaking one's self into it's warmth
    And wearing a smile, like dazzling sunlight, honey
    That's how to fall in love with one's own self

    In noons,
    When the wind blows, slowly
    With closed eyes, feeling it's delicate touches
    And smiling tenderly at one's self, honey
    That's how to fall in love with one's own self

    In evenings,
    When the sun sets,hiding one's self in puffy clouds
    Watching the scarlet skies with a look of adoration, honey
    That's how to fall in love with one's own self

    At nights,
    When the moon glows along with dazzling stars. Standing infront of the mirror and embracing one's flaws, honey
    That's how to fall in love with one's own self

    ~by a mere poet, with sparkling hopes~


  • msushil 7w

    Water boils
    On the bosom of swell milk
    And coffee agitates
    The mixture
    In the kettle
    To define
    The form so tasty,
    And the apple with the cup
    To receive
    The share
    the tree
    That I have planted.

  • adore126 7w

    Nature's Canvas

    Dazzling whistles of wind, led the trees dancing intertwined.
    Chirping birds got the love winged, tempting the skies to get tinged.
    Dawning shades of sun aligned, finding the treasures of a fellow kind .
    Admiring the vision of poet's mind, this is how nature paints the divined !!!


  • stevenbates 7w

    First you feel the surface
    Every bump, every scratch
    But not too hard
    Next, pull out your needle
    Lubricate before insertion
    Give it about 10 good pumps

    That’s how you inflate a basketball

  • bloomy 7w

    How to make your bed

    Get up! Oh sluggish lass,
    It's time to face up the day.
    There's a lot to get done today,
    So darlin' keep the indolence at bay.
    Wait, I know that indolence.
    I've known it all my life.
    It is a facade right?
    Created by you.
    Which wraps up the dreariness,
    And monotony,
    And the gloom,
    That life offers you every day.
    But, skip the sad,
    Maybe for today?
    Today I ask you to not listen,
    To the voices of your insecurities,
    And fears,
    And dubiousness.
    Hold your hopes and strengths tight,
    And face up,
    Show up,
    Brighter and beautiful than ever.
    And when you get up,
    Don't forget to fold the mattresses,
    And put those pillows back in place.
    For they're a reminder,
    That you're in control
    Of what you choose to feel.
    That's when you start to heal.
    The fluffy comforter will only serve
    It's purpose.
    And now it'd no longer be an abode,
    To all the demons that have pestered you,
    For a lifetime.
    But only to you,
    Like a warm hug,
    In your happy place-
    The bed.

  • shabbz_felix 7w

    How to do

    How do I stop lying to myself
    By telling myself I am creative artist
    How to do a lie detective test
    Can anyone help me please ?
    I need to know the truth .
    Do I have to cheat to know
    the tricks of lies