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  • heartsease 5d

    It's about going back to the times during French Revolution.

    @writersnetwork thank you so much for bringing back my spirit ❤️

    @miraquill what a surprise, thank you so much for everything ❤️
    I got my first pod in the same month last year :)

    @phoenix_in_ashes thank you for suggesting this topic ❤️


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    I want to raise in an archaic tale
    like those, our history books are
    festooned with and our ancestors
    and their ancestors were beholder
    of, from the times, time slipped in
    hourglasses. I'm restrained from
    having a library at home, maybe I'll
    find shelves of clergies, nobles and
    common names.

    I want to walk on the clouds and
    be the thunder of 14th July that
    screamed slogans and rained
    freedom by the end of a callous day,
    I want to bloom democracy as my
    own child, letting it bear hope into
    flowers that were bestowed to pray.

    I want to drape myself in white
    gaulle and black poetry, labelled
    arrows and parched peonies to
    address how it feels like to wear
    slavery. I want to bridge the gap
    between hearts, spread love and
    let people know that the future is
    much tranquil until you choose to
    walk in the shoe of bravery.

    I want to spend a day in graveyard
    and call it life as smooth as laying
    on green grass,
    I want to be a time traveller who
    savoured revolution and change
    from the same glass.

  • heartsease 9w

    When the sun falls in
    another tangerine glass and
    moon bestow ivory to the sky,
    I wonder how many existences
    and mortal souls has poetry
    kept alive and bonafide.

    Do words flow like winds
    and blow life to moribund?
    Or do they keep giving
    birth to lines that bloom
    into a poetry,
    whose ending is yet to grow
    but carry spirits that were
    left to be rotten.

    Are words enough to
    shelter fading hearts into
    poems rather than burying
    them in graveyards?
    Or are they a mere voice
    of broken hut mourning
    for the lost wave of hope
    that curled across the resting
    sea last time, when grief
    was spilled from the pen of
    a bard.

    When the sun settles back
    to the margin of blue sky and
    moon slips down to slumber,
    I still wonder how many lives
    has poetry kept alive,
    and how many emotions has
    poetry abandoned to be rusted
    and drowned in
    loveliest demise.

    #questions #unnoticed

    @miraquill do you know what's the best part? You stayed by my side in this whole journey of mine here, whether it were happiest days or darkest times and I appreciate that. Thank you ♡

    @writersnetwork Thank you so much ♡

    10th Nov 21
    7:15 pm

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    I kept blowing life to poetries,
    but still the roses withered and
    and my love went unnoticed.

  • heartsease 14w

    #anaphora #hs_pod

    Thank you so much @writersnetwork ❤️
    @miraquill you sure? Thank you so much, won't lie but it motivated me somehow ❤️

    I'm feeling much better anyways all because of these two beautiful souls @aperture @mellow_wings :)

    9th October 21
    7:20 pm

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    Some days the home drives
    you out, some days you walk
    in by yourself, again.

    Some days the streetlights
    burn in chaos and you pull
    out skin from ashes, colour
    same as of each passer-by.

    You hoard quotidian breeze
    and trespass the traffic of
    metropolitan crisis, you sit
    in white cab and see a woman
    festooned in saree with a
    cassette sewed on lips of
    her child, whose bones
    are weak and lungs fragile.

    The road is narrow yet full
    of crowd, the road isn't
    diverged offering only one
    choice to nouns, the road shines
    with vehicles but the signals are
    draped by gloomy faces,
    green hang under willow trees
    but red light teaches you to stop
    and unravel creases.

    You wish to continue this
    journey, you wish to drive
    yourself in protest, you wish
    to walk barefoot for a change,
    for every change is not a
    revolution, sometimes it's like
    growing Apples and plums
    in summer season.

    And then, some days the
    home itself comes back to you.

  • heartsease 19w

    A day in b(r)u(i)ses

    My breaths weighed heavy
    on last Thursday, as if the
    sun crowned my exhausted
    chest with few rotten daisies
    of somnolence and anxiety,
    it was Jane Austen's novel
    in my hands but my eyes were
    more evident to the last kiss
    of two departing sparrows
    which I couldn't fathom till

    And as I hoarded the first whip
    of air rushing towards my cheeks,
    the roses in my hands pressed
    over the embroidered covering
    and the air smelled of sweat
    more than smog from chimneys,
    for a moment it felt like clouds
    are walking beside me and skies
    are heaped with greys, rainbows
    are trespassers and humans
    are too fragile on diverged lanes.

    My ribs sighed in less suffo-
    cation as each gaze was led
    out of my eyes, and emptiness
    chose to curl up my hairs within,
    narrow roads and long-brakes
    has taken me aback to few lost
    memories and withered wounds
    which bloomed on my skin last

    Uncertainties swallowed the
    day and the bruises hidden
    under the petals of my skin
    transpired like the bounty of
    sailing from one bus to another
    I was headed up by my dreams
    in this journey because some
    days you are more vulnerable.

    @miraquill Thank you so much for improvising me on each step and blooming this heartsease, without your support I've been nothing. Tenth Pod and I'm extremely happy ❤️

    @writersnetwork I've been always grateful to the wonderful support you gave me ❤️

    @phoenix_in_ashes @poetrycity you were the first ones to say this is going to be pod, can't thank you enough

    #hs_pod #day

    7th September 2021
    8:35 pm

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    I was walking along the boulevards of Monday
    counting the uncertainties for upcoming week,
    little did I knew it's Thursday when I'll meet my fate on the last street.

  • heartsease 21w

    I drape ciphers of life with
    whenever manuscripts ask me
    about the fragments of my
    I drape nightmares with reality
    and epiphanies with silence,
    my dreams guard the shores of

    I drape pew galaxies with
    and unity with cosmopolitan,
    I drape smoke of cigars with
    trailing winds and
    rage of mariners with rippling

    I drape skies of rivalries
    with meteors of diverse nuance,
    I drape boulevards of
    with vagabond thoughts
    and streetlights of

    I drape hope around
    twice blooming home
    of same breed
    with no more divergence,
    I drape faith around smiles
    whose curves are bleakly
    and some days I forget to drape
    myself with the connotation
    of who I am?


    #contest_j tankas in Bg

    @shreyah ~you'll find an optimistic change in the world through her eyes (poetries)
    @surefire ~simplicity with elegance

    @miraquill Extremely grateful for the Pod (9) you know you've just made my day more beautiful ❤️

    @writersnetwork thank you so much for all the kindness ❤️

    @phoenix_in_ashes you're my everything ❤️

    22nd August 21
    8:30 pm

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    I'll walk on seas and
    run along raging oceans,
    I'll rise when hopes will
    flicker spark through my rave eyes
    and shroud on my tossing realms,

    I'll brew paths for dreams
    and boulevards for lesion,
    I'll rise when this heart
    will beat with roaring courage
    and pound gently in autumn.

  • heartsease 31w

    I wrote this for HEARTSEASE and it turned lucky ��

    I used to draw my dreams on sand from childhood because I lived in a city where skies escaped from shores and time, well it emerged out from some archaic hourglass; and my existence would walk up to miles or keep on floating within cherry blossoms before this chapter of life ends either with an epilogue or a full stop.

    I vaguely remember the days on which my petals coordinated with my roots for the first time to put up some nursery alphabets together before it collapsed to paint the forbidden sky blue at sunrise and saffron at sunsets, but I clearly remember how I painted whole canvas dark red after my first heartbreak with crayons of broken edges.

    And every time my heart struck open and leaked rainbow, I would gaze at sky with tearful eyes and the sky would smile back at me, for I was the child of winds which swept in thoroughly. Maybe I've wrote millions of poems altogether about spending late summer nights with heartbroken stars same as me while craving to hear croons of moon. I've unleashed my scars and drawn flaws out of my soul, I've carried broken abstracts in my arms and blown allegories through my humming trunk, I've shared my secrets with dahlias and daisies and wrapped forevers amidst unheard memories. And I wish to praise the last tick of clock or turn back the pages of calender once, before the upcoming autumn builds a graveyard and write an eulogy to my last breathe.

    #autobiography #hs_pod

    I'm literally crying today, I was feeling so low but you all made my day, thank you so much @mirakee for this ❤️❤️ 8th pod wow

    Heartsease is a flower, my fav one ��

    @san_wordzz I love you so much ❤️❤️

    15th June 21
    7:43 pm

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  • heartsease 31w

    @mirakee thank you so much for improving me each day, I'll consider this as my Birthday gift ❤️❤️❤️ seventh pod I'm honoured

    Who am I?

    I'm an unfilial vagabond with
    hungry heart and roaming soul
    seeking its unquenched shelter
    under the roof of poetries,
    I'm the fathomable womb of
    my own hope, joy and sorrow
    treasuring etiquettes word by word
    to nourish my hidden dictionaries.

    I'm the harvested remnant of autumn
    plucking smiles from my face
    to bloom into clover of womanhood
    and shred this lethargic skin of
    teenage girl blood by blood,
    I'm a reclusive manual caressing
    my mother's smile and cocooning
    sweat drops from my father's forehead
    making their sleepless nights
    less vulnerable.

    I'm the hidden constellation of metaphors
    adjoining to form a galaxy of deifying poems
    and showering meteors of hard work
    on empty streets of perseverance,
    I'm an ushering storm waiting for
    a shoreline to escort the tripping
    waves of my allegories,
    or a mariner to sail it's boat along
    the thunders of my existence till we
    reach beyond the sunset of memories.

    I'm the rush of wind travelling
    in each direction, to every corner of world
    till one day life blows me to the sky,
    I'm the faded smile of past,
    a beating heart of someone's present,
    and a liberating soul presuming future.

    I'm the traversing galaxy
    tracing my uncertain existence
    on the paths of certain rivalries,
    I'm a mere human who is
    unaware of upcoming tomorrow's
    but still dream of eternities.

    To people who have cherished my heart and nourished my soul forever, who have accepted me the way I am, who stood with me when days were bleak and dark, I'm very thankful to each of them ❤️
    Mirakee you played with me, I'll thank everyone tomorrow still #gratitude #hs_pod #whoamic

    10th June 21
    07:06 pm

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  • heartsease 33w

    Allegories are
    Baring beliefs which breathes
    Cassettes of hidden tales.

    Doldrums are fluxed stars
    Evenly falling off sky
    (when) Festooned by euphoria.

    Granaries in heart (are)
    Home for love and ardour when
    Isolated from envy.

    Juxtaposes are
    Kindred vehemences that
    Liberate boundaries off.

    Miracles are gloss,
    Needling magic on world's cloth
    Often with anecdotes.

    Poetries are bright gleams
    Quipping ebullience and art
    Relishing poets pew heart.

    Sunsets are paintings
    That are painted by Van Gogh
    Using saffron pastel hues.

    Villanelles are
    Warbling melodies sung on
    Xmas of poetic winter.

    Yearnings are the
    Zealous fervour longing for
    Attire of forever love.

    #katuata #hs_pod

    Thank you so much @mirakee for sixth Pod, much honoured... I love you too ��❤️ and thanks for featuring it on insta

    @phoenix_in_ashes I love you more ❤️

    @rani_shri thank you so much sweets for everything, love you so much ❤️

    @squared, @finiteinfinite, @inara__ your comments made me smile, thanks for being here ❤️

    I chose to write this time over studying inorganic chemistry xd

    29th May 2021
    6:57 pm

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  • heartsease 34w

    I explore the shores barefoot
    whenever hurricane recedes back,
    for I'm no more afraid of drowning
    or tossing in the winds raging high,
    but I fear of the breezes oozing out
    from smoke of cigar trying to make
    me breathless with every sigh.

    I dwell in galaxies as a vagabond
    and trace constellations of reveries,
    for falling in black hole no more frightens me nor does falling asleep forever,
    but I'm afraid of walking on empty streets
    where meteors fail to shower luminance
    and unheard screams and vague tales
    are buried under streetlights of darkness for ever.

    I outlive transpirations of life
    and decipher meaning out of epiphanies,
    for death no more scares me
    instead it stuns my lost spirit,
    but I'm afraid of living everyday
    with a fear of dying someday,
    for each pessimistic thought
    is another graveyard on my way.

    Demons sheltering within my brains
    flaunt a tent of cobwebs,
    and what I do is feed them poetries
    for I'm not afraid of devils hallucinating,
    but I'm afraid of those nightmares
    which eat my heartbreaks and solace
    served on the maple leaf of eulogies.

    After swotting nursery rhymes I sailed
    my boat over the waves of numbers
    for I'm not afraid of standing on shorelines
    guarding the shores of algorithms,
    but I'm afraid of nightmares
    which spill reality into fractions,
    where gender is the divergence
    and justice is bleakly evanescent.

    #nightmare #hs_pod

    Fifth Pod of this year!! Thank you so much @mirakee and @writersnetwork for making me believe in myself...

    @squared I'll forever remember your BIRTHDAY ��❤️

    @phoenix_in_ashes you're the reason behind every good thing ❤️

    @surefire thank you for everything ❤️

    Thank you so much every beautiful soul who read this genuinely, you all matter ❤️

    21st May 2021
    9:05 pm

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  • heartsease 39w

    Two Pods in a week am I dreaming? This is miracle❤️
    Thanks to every beautiful soul who read this genuinely :)

    A poem should be little
    remains of human thoughts,
    saved each minute, every hour,
    filled with spilling knowledge
    relinquished by the mariners,
    when thunder and sunshine are
    oppressed in a raging storm
    sprinkling charm to the stories,
    tales or anecdotes prior.

    A poem should be
    as fathomable as the womb of mother
    treasuring the remnants of alphabets,
    a blend of idioms and phrases acting
    like a shield to protect from
    the corrosion of plagiarism
    when dug by a frolic reader.

    A poem should be a vast sky
    of imaginations enlightened by
    constellations of rivalries,
    which when splashed on a
    poetic canvas gives birth to a book,
    where free hearts comply
    to darn a universe of memories
    and untwine synonyms which
    fence the galaxies crooked.

    A poem should be a chronicle
    or a manuscript deciphering
    its existence out of crosswords,
    it should be a soul of human heart
    and a swollen tumblr of emotions,
    which once been held by hands
    shall illuminate one's mind
    and trace voice which is left unheard.

    #arspoetica #hs_pod
    @squared you compelled me to write, can't thank you enough ❤️

    @san_wordzz you are my lucky charm❤️

    It took time in editing :)

    18th April 2021
    10:20 pm

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  • purva_ 39w

    Pod, honoured :)
    Saglyanche khup khup aabhar❤️

    What good is a day to me,
    when smitten chapters basking
    in a sprawling evening within me
    are covered with multilayered dust,
    and the blank spaces are filled
    with grime rather than affection
    of some indigenous hands and
    a yellow bookmark at crust.

    What good is a day to me
    when my edges breathe through
    oxygenated masks of cob webs,
    and the epilogue on my backyard
    is succumbed to wrap into thick rust,
    where rivalries, stories and vulnerability
    of women are choked in silence
    losing its forbearance
    as a shooting star being fallen
    within the doors of outburst.

    What good is a day to me
    when wisdom within my lining sky
    isn't showered through meteors
    of poetic verses and abstracts
    since the day an author gave me birth,
    closet being the only companion
    from exchanging opinions to
    teaching values and deciphering
    meanings out of self worth.

    What good is a day to me
    when my existence of being a book
    was an uncertainty forever
    of blooming into the hearts of reader,
    but I won't shred tears of melancholy
    for I believe in the only certainty
    of my verses dwelling and
    resonating within every teenager.

    What good is a day to me
    when an insentient object
    waits for someone to read it
    and appraise its unheard tales,
    where hopes are futile,
    demeanour is diminishing,
    black ink is smouldering,
    yet confidence and belief
    inside me wants to run on
    tracks of eternity
    till next dawn felicitate good days,
    till next dawn felicitate good days.

    Prompt: POV of a book which hasn't been read by anyone for a long time and has been kept in a closet almost forever.

    #pbegc #refrain #hs_pod
    I'm good at ruining ends

    15th April 21

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  • the_frozenn_heart 46w

    My 2nd Pod������ I'm extremely happy... Thank you so much @mirakee and all beautiful souls who read this❤️(alphabets are lucky for me)
    Appraisals, arise and awake to appreciate apostrophes
    which belongs to beguiling sky of brewing bruises.

    Confidence, comprises canister of coruscant commands
    to delineate dilemmas of one's heart and mind.

    Eternity, elaborates essence of forevers,
    the forbidden forevers fabricated to be forgotten.

    Gratitude, graceful greeting for the gallant efforts
    which are put in hibernating hopes of heartbroken home.

    Imperfections, irreplaceable inheritance which (in)complete(s) me
    with juvenescent joy justifying my self worth.

    Kaleidoscope: knits, kindles and erase distance between longing souls
    and love liberates longings to luminate life with serenity.

    Meditation: mastering my morales with discipline and concentration
    where nestling nostalgia nullify and present joy invades me.

    Optimism overflows from the opulent outline of beliefs where one
    Practices principles of preaching persistence.

    Quintessence: quipping quality of reflecting (im)perfections, where
    Renaissance revive to reconcile reverberation of last birth, and
    Sanguine sunsets hold saffron sky
    To teach time the value of itself by the hands of treasured tomorrows, and
    Ushering universe utters the epilogue written by the last breathe of today.

    Voracious vehemences welcomes wisdom by following xper Xena's.

    Youth yearn for bright future and you yourself are the pride,
    zestful zephyr of enthusiasm blows within you to exemplify life for the zillionth time.

    #alliteration #hs_pod
    #notemp ughhh this is just a rant which I messed up.

    @mellifluous_soul I kept this for you��
    @redolent_smile you made my day... I missed you so much❤️

    28th Feb 21
    9:46 pm

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  • the_frozenn_heart 51w

    Attire of emotions
    awake when I try to
    adhere mine heart with his
    ardent soul, knitting the
    ambitions of my breathe
    a fabric of promise
    altogether we sew.

    Barely alive is my
    Blissfully chaotic heart
    blowing the fiction, and
    blood flowing in my veins
    blinks hope twice a day to
    believe in my kismet
    braided by dandelions.

    Clouds paint ocean with the
    colour of dusky dawn
    capturing our lost love &
    creating a fable of
    cathartic heartbreak to
    collapse us forever,
    constantly stabbing us.

    Drenched in greediness of
    dauntless superstition
    delusion & demise is
    dashed in her subtle eyes,
    despite she awaits for
    death to embrace her, as
    despairing life she lives.

    Existence of your life
    escape from shattered past
    entwining the chords of
    eloquence and courage.
    Evaluating your dreams
    education explore
    enthral identities.

    Fortune interrupts the
    fusion of scarlet hearts
    fetching the darkness, where
    frosty flannel of
    frozen heart melts down to
    fabricate empire of
    fleeting reminiscence.

    giving selflessly and
    galvanising smiles with
    galores of kindness,
    glowing every soul with
    grace of infinite joy &
    germinating seeds of
    gracious and mellow days.

    horizons sink under
    hibernating hearts which
    hurts and aches with much
    hatred, envy and pain.
    Hiding in veil of smile
    he blooms me for a while, but
    he leaves me fragile.

    It was my flaws not an
    implicit beauty of
    illusions, slowly which
    I embellished on my
    imperfectly perfect soul
    in spite of hiding them
    I adorn blemishes.

    Jostled with my own palm lines
    journey of halcyon starts
    juggling my courage to
    join the humanity &
    joust false practice to
    juggle sanctity where
    jinx of self love is myth.

    Knitting two sojourn hearts
    kindled with emotions,
    kleptomania flumps and
    kindly unravel the
    knots from spindle of love,
    kissing the beauty of
    kindred betrayal I faced.

    Leap of faith oozing from
    lethargic hustle of
    life, where I startle & get
    lost in enigmas of
    love, trying to climb the
    ladder of success, I
    live with my ambitions.

    My mortal soul fell in
    manifestation of
    mending inner peace by
    means of meditation.
    Mastering my conscience
    morales of life has
    meted my tranquility.

    Nestled to the ballad of
    nineties, clasp of past
    notch the curtain of my
    nights and nightmares where
    naive was I to discern,
    nourishment of home was
    needed for present joy.

    Obliged to the ethics
    optimism float towards
    opportunities with
    orchard of compliance.
    Outing benevolence
    over solitude to
    obstinate fallacy.

    Poets bleed metaphors
    painting melancholy,
    promises and tears with
    proses of burnt letters.
    Poetry breathes trust
    pumps faith gently and fuels
    pain to the burning heart.

    Quill of politeness do
    quench the impertinent
    quality of humans,
    quipping wisdom to the
    quotation of manners
    quickly adjoining the
    quintessence of clarion.

    Reincarnation of us
    rely on heavens, to
    reinstate our 'forever'.
    Revival of our love
    rejuvenate smiles to
    reconcile our parched lips.
    Retrospect vanishes.

    Sapphire sky rejoice the
    shades of morning glory,
    sombre sunset sinks in
    saffron syllables of
    sanguine euphony and
    smiling sunrise lit up
    shores of the ecstasy.

    Today isn't eternal
    tomorrow never comes
    try to follow your dreams
    treasure them in your eyes
    tightly hold each other
    together draw paths, for
    time is unstoppable.

    Under the neon sky we
    unite some galaxies
    unraveling stardust
    unwinding the comets
    utopian meteors hold
    'us' in space of fiction
    underneath universe.

    Valiantly fighting for
    victory of efforts
    via the staircase of the
    vivacious dreams inside
    vision of my heart, with
    valour in my veins and
    vehemence in my work.

    Wondering about dreams
    we skipped reality
    withering our vision.
    Wandering in the sky
    we adjured to the paths
    woven by destiny
    whetting every season.

    Xenial and powerful
    xenogogue of life
    xper in many aspects
    xenodochy's artist
    xoanon resembles her
    xesturgy of bonds she
    xmplifies silently.

    Youngsters of nation who
    yields hardwork and courage
    yearning for bright future.
    You yourself are the pride,
    Yokel representing
    youth of our skewed nation.
    Yes I'm talking 'bout us.

    Zephyr kissing petals
    zillionth time today with
    zeal in its fragrance. I
    zoom at the beauty of
    zinnia silently from
    zenith of my essence.
    Zest blooms mellifluously.

    Highly inspired from @redolent_smile 's post (alphabets for my doldrums) ~dekho tumhare wajah se pod mil gaya ��

    #life #wod #pleiadespoem #hs_pod
    #cees_soj_chall maybe this piece exceeds more lines

    @love_whispererr, @sangfroid_soul and @jerry_21 you are inspiration

    @mirakee my first pod... This is still unbelievable �� thank you so much��
    @writersnetwork thank you so much��

    When I opened mirakee today, Pleiades poem was in trending mujhe bhi icha hui likhne ki��

    21st Jan 21
    10:03 pm

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