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  • purrrrr 7w


    Was I born blue,
    Or is it the effect of your hues?

  • diva_scribbles 15w

    Losing your individuality in this
    "world of appeasement"
    is as poignant as a flower,
    altering it's essence and eventually getting
    devoid of all hues and aroma...!

    ©diva_scribbles | Divyam

  • _aesthetics_ 24w

    Blending oranges among the blues
    Pink and purples dazzle among the hues,
    Dipped in misery, painted in glitters - emerges as mystery.
    Art is more abstract than we fancy.
    Maybe that's how morbid confessions of a modern day sinner are made!

    Sometimes, regrets of decisions made in discomposure,
    to my dismay, blemishes the tapestry.
    Spiritual ecstasies eavesdropping on dreary colours of heartaches and glossy shine masking the gloom,
    Maybe that's how art conceals it's artists more than itself !


  • insearchoftheseaandthesoul 34w


    Green hues of
    tender paddy fields
    spread far and wide
    notes of wind
    whistling through groves of
    swaying areca nut palms
    pitter-patter of
    the monsoon rain
    on the tiled roof
    aroma of
    Champa flowers in
    the night air
    peals of laughter
    of our younger selves
    running along the verandahs
    chimes of our anklets
    and the gurgling stream
    glimpses of
    those bygone times
    brings life to my mere existence.


  • my_book_my_words 43w


    "Some colours can justify a person,
    Also some can justify your love,
    Be like the Rainbows in her eyes,
    Which covers every black cloud with her gorgeous hues."
    -Mayuresh kallani.

  • julie__ 43w

    A single rose blooms in the spring shine
    Radiant red radial petal ring
    Entices every child
    Entices every bee
    Until those petals shrivel so dry
    Until those petals wither and die
    Bleeding pigment of crimson tide
    Into dawn of polluted skies
    Decaying green leaves
    Decaying tonight.

    Arid wastelands and bloody seas
    Grit and dust chaotic in the breeze
    Bones crushed to ash with marvelous might
    Veins of leaves are parched rock streams
    Are desolate valleys
    Unslakened flies
    Feast on decomposing peat
    Feast on decomposing life.

    Radiant pink radial petal ring
    Loses luster gleam
    The leaves cry yet the dew droplets dry
    Draining away in the light
    The spring shine so bright
    Bleeding hues of swine skinned sheen
    Into dirt and nutrient drink
    Decaying gold leaves
    Decaying of height
    Falling downside
    And petals wilting
    Lower the brown head and raise white
    Until those petals quiver so shy
    Until those petals curl up beneath the darkening sky.

    - julie.

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    Like crunchy cornflakes
    Rosy leaves rustle underfoot
    Beauty in decay.


  • blackpenn 53w

    Draw a line between the water and the sky
    Watch the everlasting horizon today and the day after tomorrow
    Observe how it never changes
    Admire its beauty, perfect and ageless
    Trace the line that horizons hold
    Carve it on a piece of paper
    Craft each stroke to perfection
    Satisfy the eyes that craves everything that's proper
    Follow the dots that created a masterpiece
    Praise the hands of the one who put your mind at ease
    Lines are not always straight and perfect
    Lines drawn without bubble or rule
    Lines carved by a hand without a tool
    Crooked lines are our truth, unmasked, unfooled
    Drawn by a pen permament and blue
    All that is left to do
    Is to cease the hunt for perfection's satisfaction
    Admire lines that destroy illusions
    Look in the mirror and say:
    I am a crooked line, imperfect, flawed
    But like straight lines, i am made up of dots too
    Like how dusts small as dots exist in this world
    Maybe this world was created for me too.

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    Crooked Lines

    I am a crooked line, imperfect, flawed
    But like straight lines, i am made up of dots too
    Like how dusts small as dots exist in this world
    Maybe this world was created for me too.


  • blackpenn 57w

    "Cut me loose"
    "Set me free"
    "Let me live"
    Such doleful words, hiding behind the shadows, unclaimed
    Trapped behind open doors of that name
    That name that received much applaud and fame
    That name that never craved attention, but came
    That name that grew with praises, without shame
    That name that everyone knows
    That name engraved with the golden glow
    That name that someone owns
    But that name, when heard, frowns
    That name, in ears-unrecognisable
    That name, in heart- a burden, a flaw
    For that name is no more than a title written by ink and pen
    No more than a word engraved on a metal plane
    Eager to be read and seen
    But no more than dust when flipped over, unrevealed
    Always sober and covered
    Frightened to be discovered
    For among the words that scream forlorness
    A name tied up with glorious madness
    Can never be divided by hands that grew restless
    A name donated for the world to squeeze and bend
    Like a bird trapped in an open cage,
    Can never free itself , not without courage
    With enough prowess, one can live
    But with much and less of it,
    Life is no more than a moment, worthy to be grieved
    Even if no one hears
    With a voice that hesitates
    With the sound, in full silence, unclear
    That name will always scream
    'Til morn meets eve
    "Cut me loose"
    "Set me free"
    "Let me live"

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    even if no one hears
    with a voice that hesitates
    with the sound, in full silence, unclear
    that name will always scream
    'til morn meets eve
    "cut me loose"
    "set me free"
    "let me live"

  • blackpenn 59w

    By the door is where i stay
    Like a fingerprint smudge
    A person that was once in touch
    With once presence, only traces remain
    Leaving vestiges of shadow
    Unafraid of the oblivion
    Unafraid of leaving the station
    Always ready to wait for the next option
    But like how i am always the first to leave
    I am the longest to heal and grieve
    Because by the door is where i stay
    But with every step i take away from the exit
    I can't help but drag my feet
    Pleading both pieces of me
    Forcing myself to untighten the grip
    For every time i walk away
    I can't help but hope that you'd stop me midway
    Because i to you would do the same
    But like how Icarus loved the sun
    Like how the sun failed to love him back
    I am willing to take the blame
    I'll be the first to leave , you can call me names
    But I'd rather be called the person who was always by the door
    The person who left a mark on the floor
    The person who left your heart wanting more.

    #poetry #poet #story #discover #prose #poem #love #hues #colors #writersnetwork #original #door #diary #entry #english #f2f #l4l @writersnetwork @mirakee

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    "your spot have always been by the door. i feel like you were born to leave me behind."

  • deepflowsoul 72w


    Stories are seeds grown to inspire gnarled cavities that covet hues of enlarged chemistries.

  • bhumi_me 73w

    Hues caretaker.

    I see around myself,
    Butterflies and hues.
    Such a small lifespan,
    What could be their plans?
    Maybe none.
    Just hovering around,
    Basking in fun.
    Touching the sky,
    Feeling the sun.

  • neversandforevers 73w

    falling is the color
    of a naked heart, dipped
    in cobalt dreams & violet
    yearnings; bruises blooming

    in amber, coagulating red roses;
    marrow fueled & exposed, as it rises
    —golden-yellow like the waking sun
    with olive desires & an indigo passion;

    it is in the merging of pigments into bright
    light, brutal and blinding, but full of delight.

  • saloni__ 77w

    @redolent_smile Finally I wrote ��❤️��

    #mirakee #life #dreams #broken #hues

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    Am I happy ?

    Unchaperoned there ....
    Lying on my bed
    My soul cries and screams...
    Thinking about my pains
    And shattered dreams....
    Those eyes gazed towards the sky.
    To find some lights of hope...
    That light faded too...
    Just as the hues of my life..
    Faded away...
    But still there is a hope....
    The stars will shine again ...
    More brighter than before ....

  • rhythmic_beats 79w

    As soon as your eyes see the sunshine at that moment only let your soul see the shine of humanity. Let your hands be a help for someone, let your legs travel and reach to your destiny and turn all dreams into reality. Let your smile be the reason of someone's happiness, let your words be the flower of kindness. Then no one can hate you, then you also can't hate anyone. This may seem like fairytale. But let me assure you it will be more beautiful than fairytale as it is fair tale full of love and humanity. If this becomes a reality then you all will get to taste heaven in yourself ����

    #fairytale #fairtale #humanity #hues #magic #heaven #poetry #life
    #rhythmic_beats #writersnetwork #mirakee

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    Fairytale is the gentle kiss to the sleep
    Which every child wants to hear
    Before the sleep and wants to ride
    Those imaginations in the dreams.
    What a spectacular scene,
    A world full of purple hues
    Shaking hands with other hues
    Such as blue and pink with a
    Charming sparkle in each step,
    Those big eyes shining like the moon,
    Those continuous smiles like twinkling stars,
    Those big hair like soothing waterfalls
    Bridging different lands, different people
    In the droplets of love!
    Tiny, big, butterfly wings dancing
    Behind the hands sprinkling the
    Beauty of freedom, there flew the whole,
    For the fist time it was like shooting stars
    Were not falling down but it were
    Rising to the limitless with more ecstacy.

    The witchy potion spilled and the hues
    Turned black, evils started engulfing the
    Beautiful and brave hearts, wings were
    Caged and tears of joy turned into
    Tears of melancholies;
    It was time for fairytale
    To entwine with bravetale
    All those magical hues united with
    Empowering hues,
    The eyes and hands embraced the hues
    Of red rains whenever someone
    Caged the innocents,
    Hairs now carry the pride
    As they walking through the ride
    Of life without any wings but through
    Strength of feet which left deeper roots
    In each footprint.
    Soul would always shine bright
    With all hues amalgamating to white smiles,
    Like all water resources merging with ocean
    And enhancing the planet with
    The bliss of calmness.

    It's time for fairytale
    To bond with fair tale.

    It's now not a bed time tale
    It's now a wake up tale,
    A tale to be planted in each
    Of the human regardless of gender
    To understand importance of each color
    Which came from the white,
    Giving us the message that
    Always uplift the fair tale of

    It's time for fairytale
    To bond with fair tale.
    It's now not a bed time tale
    It's now a wake up tale.

  • sharmilajuliet 84w


    In Search of colourful hues
    To paint faded her world,
    Unwillingly she get
    Confined in nothingness.

  • springblossoms 85w

    The incomplete notes of music misses your
    Presence, to bond my soul to yours
    And sing the melodious song in the crimson hues
    Of rising sun to our music
    Which awakes the sun
    To take a break from loving
    The moon shining in the
    Navy blue and inviting to
    Our morning alarm of love.
    But; how helpless my soul is
    With this incomplete music!
    My voice now don't raise to sing
    As I'm incomplete without you
    But the soul still finds a way to
    Praise your sweetness through poetry.

  • outofleague 86w

    #her #hues #colourc #poetrywednesday
    Picture Courtesy : Mark Adriane /Unsplash

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  • _wanderinglion_ 86w

    #mirakee #writersnetwork #@quotes_mirakee
    #hues #pink #paint #poet #cracked #silver

    "You want me to paint it", I told her..

    "You mustn't cover it", she said..

    "You want it to stay alive", I told her..

    "I want every vein to be seen", she said..

    "You don't want me to heal it's withering edges", I told her..

    "You mustn't heal its withering edges.." She said..

    She ran a finger over the stiff edge of the leaf..

    "But you're the painter, you would know."

    "You want it to tell it's tale on it's own", I told her..

    "I don't want to be the narrator", she said..

    She was the poet,
    She would know..

    "I don't want you to use a brush", she told me..

    "I'll use my finger", I said..

    She stood proudly
    with the leaf
    in one hand,
    and refused to
    hand it to me
    as began to paint it..

    Leaning so close to the leaf revealed more of it's colors than it would have, had I painted it with a brush..

    The dim lighting brought it's silver to sparkle..

    I looked closer,
    and noticed
    various hues
    of blue as they
    overlapped every
    edge of green..

    And it was hard to miss the tinge of pink that followed the crisp orange of an autumn leaf..

    As I ran my paint-coated finger over the center of the leaf..

    She showed me what she saw..

    And I felt what she felt..

    My fingers froze
    as the leaf breathed
    an air of life..

    She looked at me
    with a knowing
    and handed me
    the leaf..

    My hands trembled
    as I caressed
    the cracked surface
    of the leaf..

    "They're always like that, y'know"..

    She looked at it with a sad smile..

    "The world's just too lost in it's own miseries to see what it sees", she told me..

    "And it's grown too cold to feel what it feels."


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    "The world's just too lost
    in it's own miseries
    to see what it sees", she told me..

    "And it's grown too cold
    to feel what it feels."


  • bagiviolet 88w

    There are a lot of shades amidst black and white,
    As our imperfections stop us from being a perfect monochrome
    But even in between hues, every person exists in different shades of grey
    Fading and blazing irrespective of the overcast or rainbow sometimes!


  • _wanderinglion_ 90w

    Word Prompt:

    Write a 10 word one-liner on Butterfly

    #mirakee #writersnetwork #butterfly #fragile #hues #wordprompt

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    Pretty little fragile wings, coverd in Pink, Blue, Purple hues