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  • deeksharajpoot 22h

    I am learning #I #am #learning

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    I am learning

    I am learning

  • saumoshri 2d

    He comes to me in darkness
    and rises from my cigarettes
    in a domineering masculine form
    from the clouded black smoke
    there's my favorite hands and fingers
    then the well defined shoulders and torso, all along.
    I see him, under the red neon CFL
    half asleep and half awake
    a numbness grips the tip of my fingers
    I resist, but
    they insist on getting to know him
    touch his skin
    and run my fingers through his curly hair.

    ~ Saumoshri

  • jst_abigail_me 1w


    बिन बोले हर बात समझ गयी
    तु मा है ये कैसे मै भूल गयी।।

  • rubabwrites 1w

    #True lines��#who said sorry Or what should
    I do to make it right..#I think nO One,...����
    Am I right??#Miraquill

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    After every mistake,
    Most of us say
    " I' m Sorry"
    Only Few Say And Ask,
    " What should I Do To
    Make It Right?"
    This Attitude Makes A Relation
    More Beautiful and Honest..

  • dmforstars 1w

    Some story's are always begin with something which usually happening with us but a moment will turn the events to the heaven or hell let's see where it will take it to nice and warm moments or harsh and heartbreaking truth.

    #wod #shortstory #1stchapter #i #met #her

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    I met her

    It was early in the morning
    Something like 7 am
    I was just waiting for my class to begin
    Then make some friends and then
    The class begin for first session it was nice
    But then the second session was the unexpected turn
    We were sorted according to roll number
    And that moment I see her
    The girl with the glasses
    But we are sitting far away where the eye can contact but the voice will disappear.

  • nooneloves 1w


    Why do you love her.?

    I don't know I just love her

    I love the way she lies
    I love it when she makes me cry
    I love the pain given by her

  • poojachoudharydedha 1w

    #mahadev ����#i don't anything eles #pure

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    I,am an a nothing

    Mujh se askar puchte h ....


    Ho tum

    Kay kahisiyaat h tumhari

    "Mai "

    Kuch nhi bas yahi pehchan h hmari

  • titanrheia 2w

    Dare to be...

    Today I dared to be confident,
    Today they dared to reek havoc due to it,
    Today I dared to be unwavering,
    Today they dared to test that,
    Today I dared to ignore the world, ignore them,
    Today they dared to remind me of how there is no difference, whether day or night, of their nightmare they've entrapped me in,
    Today I decided to rest,
    For I could no longer handle who they are and what life has been for far too many days and too many years,
    Today they decided that there was no such thing for rest for someone like me,
    Today they won as always,
    They make a game out of it, so I'm 0-6463839273829
    Today they finally sit and laugh with a sadistic smile and drool apparent,
    waiting for more of my suffering until then since it seems to be late at this point,
    Today I dared to live another day of this, another day with them.
    And tomorrow, as it is still an ongoing mistake, but really it's a struggle, I dare to live through it again.
    But in the end of this day,
    I dared to look at my hourglass,
    And I realized I don't have a lot of time left.

  • 9794dhruv 2w


    You love yourself
    and I love you
    sometime I think that
    I don't need a relationship
    I just want to be with you.

  • unsung_melody 3w

    #I hate you

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    I Hate you, I love you

    The lyrics goes like,
    All alone I watch you watch her..
    Like she's the only thing you've ever seen
    You don't care you never did
    You don't give a damn about me
    Yeah all alone I watch you watch her
    She's the only thing you've ever seen
    How is it you never notice
    That you are slowly killing me..:'(


  • ayeeshart 4w

    #i love peoms ��❤️��

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    We all go through alot,
    Feeling pains but..
    Remember to leave your lots
    And build the guts
    To love and smile and say I forgot
    All my bad days so fast


  • yourhiddensoul52 4w

    Life and you ❤️

    This man over here, if obsessed over anything it's life . And in life it's you who makes more of me strong and happy. Don't know why. But the love and respect i do , can't express in words to you.

  • dnswords 4w

    व्यक्तीच्या "स्वभावा"तील "स्व" वाढला

    की समजायचं याचा भाव घसरणार


  • deepdownsomething 4w


    I am shallow, selfish and self absorbed
    And i wonder if it is a crime?
    I repent, respect and reflect
    And silently laugh at my curated act.

    I do not care if they call me a fraud
    And i should not as i am fine
    I am a natural at conceit
    And take joy in my projected tact.

    I can go the extra mile, to not get bored
    And i fool people all the time
    I lie, without batting an eye, and direct
    my efforts towards avoiding to introspect.

    I am what i am and i wont apologize
    And i wish for people to accept that
    Yet i wont be contributing to my demise
    And voluntarily choose to close my eyes.


  • purrrrr 5w


    “ I’ll be fine”, said the girl who was born gray
    “I will never be fine”, said the girl in gray

  • puneetkumarpk 5w

    Why I am

    Why i born on this planet
    Why i have religious with God
    Why i have name with cast
    Why i have heart and feelings
    Why i have brain with understanding
    Why i have soul without soulmate


  • sonaa_9580 6w

    #I love you so much meri jaan❤

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    खुद से ज्यादा हमने तुमसे प्यार किया हैं।।

  • ira_neer 6w


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    Just one deed for ....

    Remaining in the memories of the Miraquillians

    Be a good human being ?
    Not necessarily.

    Like follow and repost every writer ?
    Not necessarily. Once you stop doing this they'll ignore you and then forget you.

    Take long breaks and then come back saying oh I was a little busy with this and that. I'll catch up with you all soon, etc etc ?
    No. They'll soon realise ki ye toh har bar ka natak h jo repeat loop me chalta h

    Make it to the POD or EC ?
    NO. How does this help ? If it does, please explain how.

    Write comedies, tragedies, romance ... anything that pleases the younger generation, making them go ga ga over you ?

    Then what ?
    Haven't you heard the proverb - Out of sight, out of mind..
    Oh ! You did. Good.
    In school..
    Yes, me too (same pinch)

    So, it doesn't matter how splendidly you write (or meme)
    Just keep posting, so that sometimes people might catch a glimpse of you (I mean ... your post)(clarify karna kabhi kabhi jaroori hota h )
    And that's how simple the deed is for ????

    (what was this chapter about)
    Yes, you got it right

    For remaining in the memories of the Miraquillians
    Phew (good someone was paying attention in this class)

    ©ira_neer April 17, 2022

  • annabelle81 6w

    #I got you

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    Dear myself, I got you

    Although a lot of 'what if'
    Questioning in my mind
    But, when I see myself in the mirror
    But, when I see the blue sky
    But, when I feel the breeze

    Despite, regreting all my lost
    And wondering what will I be

    I don't want anything else but myself in this moment


  • hk55555 211w

    I wish

    I wish to fly with the wings
    But when I try to fly it break down
    Then I wish to run so that I can live my dream
    But my legs start shaking
    Then I wish to walk
    But my legs become so weak that it can't move
    Then I wish to crawl to reach their
    But path is filled with spikes and stones
    I tried my hard to reach their but failed
    Then I wish to die
    This time my wish fulfilled
    Now I can fly,Run and walk without any trouble
    I wish my all this wishes is able to fullfill
    When I was alive
    I wish to fly with the wings
    But when I try to fly it break down