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  • in_fragments 14w

    Alive in Ice

    With an ice cave for a body, I thrive
    inside my bones when they're covered in freeze.
    The other's think me cold, but I'm alive,
    truths etched in my veins on an embraced breeze,
    comfortable and safe, no need to share
    when icicles like stars threaten to drive
    themselves into faces and melt into hair,
    I walk alone, piercing and icy stride...

    Do not thaw me to put yourself at ease;
    cold and noble, you want a warm coward,
    I'll hold your hands in negative degrees
    and watch them glaciate, blue all over-
    you can't take it, and I can weaponize
    myself, fingers like ice picks in your eyes
    as I scoop them and twist, they pop and rise
    out of hot sockets- to their sharp demise...

    Easily forgotten, stronger than flame-
    not beautiful, I'm durable, seizing
    blood and ice to obliterate your shame;
    while you die, your sightless red lies ceasing,
    expiring from the heat of your own blame,
    my soul rests, vindicated and freezing...

  • _boyka 34w

    2AM dark night


    The dawn cross dark on morrow path
    Oh trace level is day rising
    _fruit and shimmer slow eye sloath
    The bluesh heaven it's song singing

    With nature vocal soothing all
    I mundane mind lit the cigar
    chaos awoke thoughts me to call
    Like ambrosia ev'ry puff cigar

    et voila ahh the nature wings
    Music began a stream of river slip

  • _boyka 34w


    Mindy meaning replica thought
    No delight under dancing alot
    A plastic spring bring crafting quill
    Dead birds humming by fingers lot


  • _boyka 34w


    What lore tis mundane orb hath best
    By name of being what type God belongst
    Be canst mankind tis muddy fellows like pig
    Coated a tongue with divine words of big

    Heart hath more divine than divine book
    Offer the songs of within godly look
    No there is HE but here in trench of beat
    I faded far aham brahmasmi meet

  • _boyka 35w



    The mist of time ripe bosky black Of bald
    And seem like lake around stagnant no fro
    No mind is cunn at the time just holy wild
    Is walk and talk, the divine turns heart grow

    Once cruel tongue thoughts now heart peace white cold

  • _boyka 35w


    How starry gloom stare i, the damsel chest
    Like ken on i, it's faded half gloomy light
    The warmth heaven cold rays walking bed slight
    And nature slumber deep under blue blanket left
    It's me and I legs wander fro and back
    Oh gloomy night thy virgin taste of heart
    While glazing thou deep orgasm tasting high

  • _boyka 35w

    The blanched moon


    The skin of oldis like a gloomy night
    The nightly sunne on peek of blooming light
    Afar adieu on heaven eyes tracing sight
    White dots beloved lashes like flick twice
    And sphere of silver rays beloved like breast
    Oh shimmer soothing aches of slice heart

  • _boyka 36w


    And dried sunne yet more day left in day
    For drizzles some it stopped far away

    The heaven dome some little blue is lurk
    With smooky more and whitish yellow dark

    And wings were sings flapping to home
    While soothing hearts of purest some

    The koel peak and hear the breasts
    And vocal, rare some bird like train break singest

  • _boyka 39w


    The poetry not a heavy running ink
    And sleeping in flowing twixt finger grip
    Nor diction marching meter of di dum sink
    Oh poetry thou slumber in twixt the line grip

    And thou is child snore no bald to catch
    Hearts of divine who go pilgrim by bald
    To heart bring thou by digging in nature watch
    And art on the canvas Gogh color gleam glad

  • ericwinnert 112w

    After a heavy nights rain

    After a heavy nights rain in the damp
    heavy morning air, water droplets shine
    like pearls as they hang to the leaf-stripped
    boughs - white, iridescent - sitting, waiting
    for a magpie harvester to shake the
    branch and release the pretty white jewels
    to the ground, to be collected up by
    the thick dark green grass, as it hides under
    a carpet of golden fallen leaves thick
    and glistening after a heavy nights rain.


  • in_fragments 121w

    Your brain is your life preserver; body,
    your anchor. Eyes like telescopes, and feet
    like warships, you set sail amidst the sleet,
    the rain, the heat- it's not just a hobby
    anymore. It's what you need to get through
    the eye of the storm. While others stay back,
    safe in their cozy homes, you brave the black
    and know the Blue Beyond holds more for you.
    You won't capsize. Although the tide's extreme,
    your heart is your compass. It navigates.
    Let it lead you. A lush island awaits
    where you can breathe life back into your dreams.

  • thelizardking 138w


    Years slip by on deft and silent footsteps, 

    And as in times of laughter among friends,

    So too in times of quiet retrospect

    Does the song of your sweet voice resonate

    Outward, starting from the depths of my heart, 

    Then reaching the lofty sanctum of thought

    Shaken are the stalwart walls of reason, 

    Rationality stems emotion's tide, 

    And pangs of nostalgia overwhelming, 

    Reminders of your presence, lay behind


  • an_invisible_poet 143w

    �� day 22 ��
    shorter one today, but i was in the mood to go back to tradition. this one's in iambic pentameter!
    #escapril #escapril2019 #escaprilday22 #nourishment #healing #growth #mentalillness #mentalhealth #health #emotionalhealth #iambic #iambicpentameter #quatrain

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    food for the soul

    overused cliche, nourishing your mind
    yet it's the part of me that needs it most
    and sooner or later i just might find
    dark thoughts have been relegated to ghosts

  • parchedllama 177w

    Clear Baikal so many paths lead to you
    Moonshine hints unbreakable trackways all
    Sonorous, massive choices call and accrue
    Clear Baikal so many paths lead to you
    Filthy fear I wade, pray courage comes through
    Let not besotted pride bring on my downfall
    Clear Baikal so many paths lead to you
    Moonshine hints unbreakable trackways all


  • sighsandcigarettes 200w

    The Land Unseen (Blank Verse/Iambic Pentameter)

    The Land Unseen-

    From far-afar, beyond the land, away;
    Where, wind of frost with nasty whistling shines,
    The bitter cold, e'er sails across the sea,
    Where, Sun do rise, but life does not,
    Displaying everyone; Eternal age.
    It is- The Land Unseen- The Land Unseen!

    The path be dim, the path be dark and long,
    With roads of thorns and old sinister breath!
    Where winter ne'er departs, summer's- unseen!
    Occulted from our eyes, concealed aside!
    It waits for you, awaits to be explored.
    Compassion don't subsist there, none returns alive.
    It is- The Land Unseen - The Land Unseen!

    The worn mountains with ugly lands,
    The seas unbound and frigid, gelid ice,
    So deep the valleys; lost, unknown the depths,
    The sun being just a shade of yellow tint,
    Where cursed domain of dark imagery blooms,
    It is- The Land Unseen- The Land Unseen!