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  • the_moon_shines_because_of_you 6w

    You knew agony as a friend

    I knew a guy so smart,

    he can calculate the numbers of

    the universe, one of them hiding

    in your eye like a nostalgic

    crime scene seen on 

    stained glass.

    You kept saying that you can't unravel

    your self after getting wrapped in ribbons of lies

    and that probably i have talked to your shadow,

    the guy you leave behind.

    I got you a theraphist as a gift for christmas,

    never knowing that their words

    infused anodyne pills,

    i tried making origami

    out of your trauma,


    your moments filled

    with guilty cries

    and your hourly pain

    that you keep inside 

    the awakening 

    pockets of soils in 

    the garden of your heart.

    Imperfections make

    a perfect sorrow, you let

    your stretch marks make room

    for other insecurities,

    you let your bone cracks make

    room for another

     devoted church to be built

    with eggshells, tears, 

    and the perpetual hatred

    the people's mouths poured you

    like the skies slowly darkening 

    from time to time.

    It was like the region

    Tartarus inside your dead heartbeats

    that made you never believe in love

    ever again.

    Perhaps it is true that

    'Strange is the blindness to

    the unfortunate truths'

    You chose to live in lies

    rather than knowing

    the people who loved 

    melancholy as a


    Years and years yet

    agony won't age like

    the reminiscence of your 

    friend's past lovers,

    not everything that lights

    up are permanent stars to your sky,

    some will leave you, cause they'll

     call your love 'unreal' and just an

    illustration of a botched magnetar 

    hidden inside you.

    Your mom taught you how

    to swim, yet you let

    the ocean of blues 

    carry you in plasma 


    a battle cry on

    swirling galaxies that lays

    in the hand of the

    empty space of darkness,

    an orion nebula

    brewed by the broken

    pieces, a cotton-candy like

    towers of clouds,

    a whirlpool galaxy 

    laced by the ancient dust

    which was left by the

    breath of your ancestors

    that surveiled the

     purge of memories

    under the tips of their fingers,

    lies a g o n y.

    Nothing bites more

     harder than the tears 

    of Saturn, it's body

    blanketed by the 

    bellicose rings

    of their own dynasty 

    soothed by the

     scratching music

    of space like how 

    deafening weepings

    makes Mother Nature 

    give up on me, gravity

    left this world after 

    you lost your 'girl'

    and now you depend

    on someone who doesn't 

    love you at all, cause 

    you knew agony as a friend,

    that will always tap your shoulder

    whenever burdens increase.

  • thequillofsarah 6w

    Envious Harm

    How did pain suddenly become


    The way you remove each bandage

    of mine like it was

    an article of clothing.

    How you said 'Beautiful' almost looked

    like you were praising my


    Blood stains that reminds

    you of burnt cinnabar and

    your coughing rival.

    Why are you still fighting if you

    already defeated the


    A beast is just a reserved

    nightmare, waiting to let out

    of the rusted cage.

    Yes, i admit that my aura is waterproof,

    but my body is not, so if

    you see me



    by the

    hungry and

    clean waves,

    it's just my shield being


    I admit that my

    blazed lungs now produces

    breath of disgraceful grace,

    yet that air of


    reminds me of


    and fossil fuels,

    just like the

    beast surrounded in

    burning rage.

    Yes i may have killed the beast, but

    i have not killed its presence like

    the stuck tears of mine.

    If you see my sword as

    a dazed epoch holding

    enamored gazes

    of other people

    trying to

    wear my

    dress full

    of vehement


    I remind

    you that

    I'm just a


    waiting to fly

    in my dreams


    being stuck

    in a


    like a beast

    waiting for

    it to let out

    of the

    rusted cage.


    i may have

    killed the beast,

    but i have not

    earned its throne.

  • tanglesss 9w

    When you can't change your emotions for that one particular universe but those emotions breaks you, always!
    #lost #idk

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    Dil bhi naa jaane kiski zid kar betha hai
    Jise hosh tak nhi humari mojudgi ka, use ratt kar betha hai
    Bechain hota hai har pal uski khabar paane ko
    Fir haath aayi raakh main, jaise kaagaz saa jalta rehta hai

  • naqsaif 10w


    In this world, it's just us
    You know it's not the same as it was

    So I guess I'll go home
    Into the arms of the girl that I love
    The only love I haven't screwed up
    She's so hard to please, but she's a forest fire
    I do my best to meet her demands, play at romance, we slow dance
    In the living room, but all that a stranger would see
    Is one girl swaying alone, stroking her cheek
    Lorde: liability

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    I know

    l laugh alone
    In the alleyway
    Once they're gone
    Marching together
    Under the cityscape.

    I lough
    When the next day
    They tell me The false lies
    The trivial guesses
    They thought me an easy ride
    As a cloaked horseman astride

    In the end
    My lough is bitter
    My wrath true
    And there are no more
    Answers to find
    On questions I never posed.

    The truth is dead
    Inside me
    Now and then
    I used to wait
    Down the alley
    For them
    So they might spare me
    my loneliness.


  • smashe 11w


    An unending, horrible, shaking pain
    Leaves me unable to write with a pen
    Takes all that I've got to scribble my name
    Unintelligible, I try again
    I hope you are able to understand
    Give me a moment, be patient with me
    I'm just a simple man, with broken hands
    I have no gesture to signal my plea
    I know I need help, and can't take much more
    But asking for help breeds indignation
    Pale scars like wire, I wholly abhor
    I'm embarrassed by this degradation
    So please, if you can, don't laugh when I write
    It's just one more thing I never got right.

  • jenafie1014_2018 11w

    And if this is love then why does my heart feel so much pain...just thinking of you...
    Because even if you're around...I feel so alone...
    I just can't feel your affection...the love that I've known became quite different from the love I actually found....and I don't know why...but this thing between us makes me cry...
    Should I hold on or should I say goodbye...?

  • milliondreamsarekeepingmeawake 12w

    #idk @gaurangig this one . This caption i wanted to show you. ��
    31st March 2022

    I was about to write something amazing but then i forgot ������ kidding ��ahah i am trying mimick jaykayyy

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    Under the roof of skies let's unleash our mysteries stargazing in eachoth's eyes.


  • abhinav_desa 13w


    Idk what people seek from others
    They pretend like no one gives a shit to their feelings when they didn't even tried to understand someone else's.!

  • aries_forever1803 14w

    It is leeched to me
    I'm not dying to pass the pain onto someone else.

    - GJ

  • charliekaaa 15w

    how do I know
    until you call me by name
    how do I find the answers
    wade through the pain
    how can I rest at peace
    until you call me by name
    how can I give up my heart
    and my soul
    bare my self to you
    until you call me by name
    how do I know
    how do
    I know


  • mahtobpensdown 18w


    Trapped under medication, she lay in hospital bed
    Frustrated of consistent injections, searches for the way ahead
    Mood swings and depression were the accelerators of her life
    Would she be normal again or end her presence in strife?
    None understood her condition and voice,
    She was lost in path that led to rejoice
    Then, one day, an //inner power// angel grew
    Confidently it scared away the fears out of the blue
    The patient took a rebirth, gasped at the window bird
    It was a new lease of life, that until then was blurred
    Breaking the monotony, a smile appears on the face
    She is back on a beautiful path with God's grace!

    Thank you Writersnetwork for your ❤️

  • grooveoriented 22w


    What's spoken is breath
    Droplets of humans meth
    Compressed of dread
    Lost on what's been said

    Some sought strength
    But caught angst
    Looting what's sanctity
    Tracing steps of complacency

    Grading our knees on base
    Coin flips on grace or disgrace
    Chase or follow to swallow the state
    Binge the new hollow, f*ck mistakes


    The vulture of the scripture
    Drop a line like a tincture
    We have insured our own remedy
    Lost in these life sensors, and some home cures

    Restructure fame and disdain
    Balancing blood or crypts grrrr
    Unsure, for sure, unpure
    Put it on me, mister


  • mahtobpensdown 22w


    When I look into the mirror, I see lessons
    My eyes scan, repeats, what I think
    It's my soul that conveys deeper meanings
    Mirror reflection are highlights of thoughts
    Instead of a mask under make-up creams
    Torch out the glare that lies within!
    Deception is a badass game
    Truthfulness still remains,
    the purest in my veins!

  • the666 22w

    What if I have more than 'hmm' to say and I can't, will you help me carry on the conversation.

  • skylarbhjvjv 26w

    #Idk y I made this peom just roll with it

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    When Can I Make Up My Mind

    Will I ever make up my mind? One or another, this or that.
    I could'nt react.
    Its always been a fact.
    Doing the math, processing the end of the map, I figured out I was in a trap.
    Oh crap.
    That was it, I snapped at myself.
    Wishing, could wake up and look out to others to save the world.
    I could'nt make a choice, so I did'nt pick.


  • poem_maker102 26w


    Love is like an ocean,
    The deeper you go...the harder it's to get out,
    So be careful in who you drown cuz,
    You'll either drown feeling suffocated or you'll drown feeling peace.


  • organichimanshu 26w

    Another year

    Lost, with words unsaid,feelings unfelt,
    desires and dreams, drowsing in
    whatever comes next...

  • skylarbhjvjv 29w

    I never knew that anyways...

    When I stole your cookie I didn't know It was yours. but I adore how you admire yourself while I think your higher than a shelf, but I must say it was pretty TAST-AYE. Just so you know, I didn't know...

  • organichimanshu 31w

    My dreaming imaginary friend
    you know everything about me
    do you know when its gonna end
    cold or warmth just set me free
    no matter what, I will hurt you
    just before the day, wounds I tend
    don't make this hard just let me go
    before dreams and all gonna end
    the sweet horizon of hope engulfed
    in the blackhole of lifeless weight

  • knrz333 33w



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