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  • amyers 19w


    I know what it is.
    I know what it feels like.
    I know what it sounds like.
    I know what it looks like.
    I know what it hurts like.
    It doesn't hurt like this...
    I'm never sure what to believe.
    To believe you love me?
    To believe I've made you happy enough?
    I could never assure myself of those feats.
    Never enough to make me believe you.
    Never enough to know how much you really love me.
    Like I once knew.
    It felt different a year ago.
    Now it's just things we need to help each other
    Heal from. Things we have done to each other.
    Maybe our new life will bring our spark back.
    Maybe this is love.
    Loving, being in pain, healing, and holding on.
    Something has to be driving me to hold on.