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  • charlieka 9w

    I fell like the giant sequoia that barely missed Channing Tatums doppelganger math savant movie inspirations Dad
    who innocently drove by the doomed tree according to the man on my plane
    (one and the same)
    The plane dipped and tipped...we were caught above Wray Colorado in tornadic winds after a hellish storm
    Falling head first from the green sky didn't scare me as much as the free fall I was navigating trying to understand the how and why my heartbeat eclipsed
    every plan every measure every dream I'd ever made in my life
    at merely a thought of you
    I fell I fell

    I fell


  • silkheart 153w

    I Fell

    To hear your laugh and to see you smile. To stare into your dark brown eyes. To talk for hours on end and to hear your hopes and dreams. To hold me in your arms and to smell your skin. To kiss your lips and feel your hands on my body. To realize that I have fallen for you.

  • thoughtfulrambling 158w

    I didn't mean to
    But when I tripped
    You tried to catch me
    And I fell anyway