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    Time may change all that the eyes can see, but Divine Love never changes

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    Autumn gives hope to
    enjoy sadness with feeling
    of impermanence.

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    Attempting to do
    Attempting to accomplish
    To come across by chance in search of
    Or to discover
    The terminal moment in time; purpose of yet an unspecified thing
    Such as always its constantly changing
    By which may all things become
    Hence pass from one condition to another
    That by which does not exist; the state of nothingness
    Enduring into an eternal continuation to which is forever
    From our mind comes the feelings or sentimental attitudes which prevail over
    The chief elements of ideas formed by thoughts
    It is a structured unit of organic life within our complex system
    Unique to every person; cells forming our bodies
    Into the plants- creation is formed all around us
    Impermanence of life.

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    A little bud
    gleaming with dew drops
    under the morning sun
    working its way too and fro
    cajoled by the wind

    An infant
    peacefully sleeping
    in its cozy crib
    as the wind chimes
    jingle soothingly

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    Canvas of life. .

    A writer captures
    the inevitable impermanence
    and paints it across the canvas
    of life in black and white
    with his syllables that
    will last for posterity


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    F*ck looks I fell in love with your
    company and texts♥

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    "Our dead never forget this beautiful world that gave them being. They still love its verdant valleys, its murmuring rivers, its magnificent mountains, sequestered vales and verdant lined lakes and bays, and ever yearn in tender fond affection over the lonely hearted living, and often return from the happy hunting ground to visit, guide, console, and comfort them."
    ~Chief Seattle Speech

    Intrepid thru warm breezes of life,
    Once we levitate downstreams,
    With the combers and the strokes
    Dancing on the rhythm life played.

    Dipping into the folklores
    Sipping prosperity from a muricate cup
    Humming the memories in a low voice
    Enacting all roles sincerely, whenever life has offered a script.

    And when the direction of the wind changed,
    The flow now assails our ribs, striving to break them.
    Clinging back,we defend,we fight,we hope,
    with foes,with fiends,with illness, with plight.

    And in the course of hussles and wounds.
    Contemplating the sutures of life weakening
    Liberating all halcyon phrases quitely,
    Ambling towards a new turn,again with the flow, awaiting!

    The moment, the rush of air inwards and out fade away.
    The Clutch in the throat would start breathing a new tale, emancipating the souls.
    Just as Chief Seattle orated,//"Our dead never forget this beautiful world that gave them being."//
    Our dead shall not cease us from living.

    We shall forever walk on this isle that gave us being
    Be as mist in the grasses, giving relief to pains
    Be as the breeze that tresspases all beings, delivering packets of nepenthe.
    Be as the jubilant flow of rivers,teeming,glitering still.

    For our souls shall leave our impermanent bodies,
    But they shall breathe through their tales etched Imprinted on our itinerant souls
    Beyond all elegies.


    #impermanence for I wanted to write on this
    #writers for all of you here #wod #writersnetwork
    Here 'we' refers to all writers!

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    Picture credits to the rightful owners ��

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  • wilmaneels1 33w

    They described her as wild
    But that streak had impermanence attached to it
    She was more gentle and calm
    She didn't always do as expected
    Not react like they wanted
    She danced to the rhythm of her own drum
    One minute wild and uninhibited
    The next she could just float slowly across the floor
    That is what made her intriguing
    You always had to guess her next move

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    Do you know where you are heading?
    Grow up, study, get a job, get married, have kids,
    and get old day by day waiting for death
    to knock on your door one day
    Have you ever thought of what next
    Have you ever thought of what is the end result that you would get from striving to achieve all of this for your entire human life
    There's no permanence in this temperory world!
    You would find nothing that would last until the day of resurrection
    Let me remind you, this whole world is an impermanence in itself!!


  • bonitasarahbabu 33w

    These days of sorrow,
    They are not forever.
    These days of self loathing,
    Those do not last forever either.
    Good or bad,
    It changes with time.
    We will not be happy always,
    And we will not be sad always either.
    Life has its ups and downs,
    This is a given.
    We need to be ready,
    Ready to roll with the punches.
    Life is a journey,
    And in this journey we will always face turbulence.
    Take pleasure in the good days,
    And learn from the bad days.

  • igautamji 33w

    The bravado of youth
    Immortal yet ephemeral
    Takes off and away inevitably
    Off of a now aged stooped back
    Stooped under the weight
    Of new found wisdom


  • abuteemah 33w


    Life is a seductive, charming beauty
    Cajoling men with wholesome, lustful, (ephemeral) vain desires
    While casting shadow of hope in us
    As we aspire to acquire all of her fame,
    Dazzling power and cute elegance
    But, every strive we make is tearing apart
    And reaping away from our own existence
    With every second that passes by
    On the journey to reach some magnificent mirage of prospects
    Alas! It is until we've become too feeble and worn out
    (Thence) we got to know her fineries and royal glitz was nothing but a deceitful pleasure.

    —Muhammad Luqman Is’haqa

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    #impermanence #mirakee
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    He found his lost love in the woods of poetry;
    etched on each leaf was a verse in agony .
    Blossoming were his wounds forever,
    forgetting impermanent nature
    of weather ..........


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    Anicca or Anitya or Impermanence in Life

    The animate or the inanimate
    The heavenly or the earthly
    Undergoes evolution and transformation
    Takes rebirth and experience regeneration
    In the whole cosmos
    There is impermanence.

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    Impermanence in life

    Black will turn grey
    Veins will be on display.
    Whatever seems to stay,
    Will change it's route midway.
    Only permanent thing in
    This impermanent life is-

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    The wise one’s knows the power of impermanence very well.


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    #impermanence #wod
    @writersnetwork it's wonderful to be appreciated �� thanks a million ,am humbly honoured for the Editor's Choice ❤��

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    In spring and summer,
    I bloom in the ethereal loveliness,
    basking in the glorious sunshine
    Yeartime of wonderful days
    Autumn falls I withered away.
    the impermanence reveals
    nothing last forever.


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    Accept the impermanence
    Change is an inevitable flow
    Don't linger upon moments
    Live now to keep alive within you
    Substitute your fear with harmony


  • bubbly_bluebells 33w

    #secret #Impermanence

    Being born is a bliss or curse?
    Morning felt like i am not a human
    but a robot,a body of soil instead of steel MortalsMalfunctioning is rusted mechanics
    When don't take original command
    can't feel anything
    Go out of control to harm anyone,
    cycles of nature disturbs
    The way crabs are deep fried in hot oil
    Isn't a form of hell,suffer the way mythological books read out loud?
    The one who do this is sub-parts of eco-system
    All i see everyone as predators

    I hated all carnivores creatures in childhood cause they survived on simple ones
    I think i still don't give heart cause my choice drops and rise seeing specific traits
    Street dogs in pack hunted down a pig,
    teared for flesh though breaths were on
    Screamed painfully but friendship is a crowd, planned together to execute slaughteing game or more cuel??
    Then what is community?

    A special hate to crow
    when saw stealing a birds egg from nest
    betwixting egg in beak
    Bird tried to tak back battling against assault
    A moment when i saw bird helpless even flying in the sky
    strength shattered in grief yet flying for a last break to save her heart
    but egg slipped and fell on the ground
    Saw a hole on white tiny cell,reddish fluid of grief and there were too deaths
    Total Black again became color of misfortune
    Natural examples shows in this chain
    you have to save yourself!
    Mercy is that dream shouldn't be expected
    One who believe to be left by them are greatest fool of the world
    Cause violent ones treat over this belief
    I realise this is really being weak
    who can't rescue self and beg own freedom from ones who is greetings profit by creating you a hellboy

    I do hate crocodiles with too yuck kind of thoughts
    Listened a story,eaten a girls leg from water and stubborn to dragg whole body downwards
    Whole family thrown her as a prey to save other members of boat
    I experienced traumatizing vibes,can't even explain,a certain kind kind of heaviness on chest
    Lifted after a short interval hence stopped my fall like nowdays mindsets

    If i survive on plants but am i out of this rust?
    Yet my source of energy is depended on others freedom to exist
    Are we really independent?

    What is real freedom?

    The less we take,less we have to return here
    More we create much will be better!
    Unimportant to complain what i have or not
    Nobody goes back without returning until what person loans here from Gaia
    That's the purpose of being real!

    Stop selling soul to shadow,
    dooming illumination in letting in illusion,becoming poor
    It depreciates value of aura
    Really aware what we here doing?

    I am mere a holographic print
    soon fade away like clouds
    Now love is such tiny world for my existence
    Nobody looks to me a friend,well-wisher
    All are algorithms,changes like scripts
    Camaflouged in dandelions
    withers to newbees
    while some flairs broken by human fantasies
    Everywhere suckers are ready
    To pick nectar of their means
    Saviours are less,taken people lightly
    feeders hunts every nook,this world is not kind if you are!
    If surving peacefully then by grace of morals coming under holy laws

    Learned too late!!
    Not here here to settle here
    Being part of this world is being a frog in the food chain of lust
    Are already natural speech but dominating over others creatures of planet wore a blindfold
    Just because we live in concrete building does not means its being great
    I saw when swine is ready to birth piglets
    Making a home holding bundles of grasses between mouth within a day alone on her own
    To evolve out of this play is the purpose cultivating higher intelligence(empathic)
    Not to eat,sleep,repeat!
    Its not possible in ruling mentality,seeing others being of earth lowly(a kind of caste system)
    They are qualified just like us but who am ito say there is still divisions between humans and God
    If we move out from concrete woods
    And place us in a solar system then we are mere dust particles

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    Secrets of life

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    #ceesreposts #daydreamc #mirrorc @writersbay #impermanence

    And the day I fell for you, I was in love with all your sides.

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    //And darling,
    You are just like the mirror of a daydream,
    so enchanting yet fleeting
    which I want to cherish forever and a day...//