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  • mansi08 9w

    If you don't take charge of your life, others will start controlling it!
    - Mansi


  • emyflorencemoses_ 9w

    Every independent step that a woman takes,
    Is probably because of the pain in the past.
    Every wall that is built
    Is because of the consequences of letting it down.

  • lovetheonlytruth 10w

    Thoda mushkil lgta hai!!
    Pr khud pe badish mat lgao.

    #monikasoniqoutes #independence #lovetheonlytruth #tms

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    There's no need to trust blindly on anyone, and to take care about the make up tools or about what's going to wear next morning with matching shoes.. it's not worthy in your life.

    For family, for friends, for husband, for society, you need not to be fit for everyone, everywhere.. we are not Goddess.

    Why you do always cry,
    You can hurt if you get hurted.

    Monika Soni

  • asjthewriter 15w

    Waste Management

    I came alive to ask for time;
    The one belief that love can grow.
    If thrown away, then a lifesaver,
    Past the waves my eyes push forth.

    Beside the table, bags of fairytales are tied.
    My father tells me, "This will be a weekly thing,
    The trash goes out on Wednesday nights."
    I promise him I won't forget... That is a lie.

    Week after week, I overflow into the street.
    The sanitizer doesn't laugh or wink at me.
    This act is causing me to think, I must be man.
    A bit amused, My father pulls the faithful can.

    Shaking his head,

    he says, "perhaps you actually need one."
    Then again, prompts me to analyze myself.
    I leave bright notes around my home,
    Draw little bins in permanent ink.

    Taped at the level of my eyes,
    Some scream with exclamation marks.
    The panic builds into next week.
    Reasons: It's only Friday night and

    I am well aware of him; the way he thinks,
    The sanitation it provokes from fold to pore.
    Safe in the shower, I sing out loud,
    "I will not apologize for being woman anymore!"


  • alonestar1 17w


    हिन्दू, मुस्लिम,और सिख ने,,,सब ने ये ही पुकारा था ।।
    भारत को आजादी मिलें,,,दिल से सबका नारा था ।।
    खून एक था एकता बहुत थी,,,ना कोई भी न्यारा था ।।
    मर मिट गए चढ़ गए फांसी,,,तब बेहद भाईचारा था ।।


  • ashrafrashid 17w

    The way of life

    Rashid was there when the radio said
    Lo! Behold thy independence, thy freedom
    And in unison, the country lead
    To an era of growth and wisdom

    Fascinated was he with possibilities infinite
    So he ran from one end to another of the small town
    Clutched on one hand was a cloth woven of colours three
    On the other was a piece of paper that said "today we are free".
    Speckles of sweat on his forehead crowned his tiny frown
    A heart beating with hope finally found an unbeatable spirit

    Surrounded by a pile of books
    Sometimes by a field of crops
    He admired the birds flying by and the swaying brooks
    Tired, asleep he fell, to be woken by the din of newly opened shops

    An unworldly energy surges through his frail self
    As he rushes to see his comrades in the small hillside school
    His shoes thrown over the murky ground are reminiscent of his restlessness to dive into the earthen pool

    Alone he is not for the buffaloes are also there
    He twists and turns and flips from the nearby cliff
    Fists raised in the air, he beats his chest and yells: "O, Beware be the bear!".
    The fiasco ends soon
    Like a full moon his mother is here
    With a stick that makes him stiff
    To the left he runs, then to the right
    Water for drinking is hard to find so he accompanies his mother counting miles nine
    Steadying the pot with all his might.

    He sits amidst his two brothers and sisters three
    Neither is he in the centre nor in the corner
    With folded legs, elbows on the thighs
    Eagerly they await for dishes baked and fried
    Served by their mother, each get what others have
    Equal portions they receive so none complain what the other had

    He readies himself for another night of dreams under the starlit sky
    Just like other fellows of his country
    Eager to wake up tomorrow for a day newborn
    Of the freedom found anew
    With their fiery spirit renewed.


  • eyeenma 20w

    Secret to love #9

    Enabling independence
    Once you love someone ,
    You help them to become independent
    You help them to become dignified
    Help them feel self reliance.

  • night_mist_ 22w

    आजाद पंछी

    मेरी ज़िन्दगी मेरी लगाम ,
    ना कोई रानी ना कोई गुलाम।

  • haarika 28w

    Emotional Independence
    Is of more important to you


  • pbwrites101 30w

    What one can do when the person is 23 years of age. Just how much one can go ,possibly they are beginning their vocation ,Exploring Their Options ,meandering and celebrating with their companions. Studying ,making reels and tik toks or working for their brilliant future yet what one thing which is common in above things is that they are doing it for themselves ,to their benefit.

    At the point when this entire world has a staggering feeling of the centrality of the "Me" in regards to their own characteristics ,what this person was doing nicknamed as "Sahid-e-Azam " battling for the freedom of his nation , from the British force who can obliterate him in a moment or two and effectively did that too.

    However, why I'm saying this now and for what reason is this influencing me.

    Today I'm 29 years of age and what I was doing when I was 23 nothing running the race of more promising future to come .I am not faulting anybody for what they are doing however give it a thought how one can so sacrificially at such youthful age can do this what I can't envision of doing even now. #Saheedbhagatsingh #india #freedomfighter #independence #udhamsingh #jalianwalabagh #insipiration #sahideazambhagatsingh
    @writersnetwork @miraquill @writerstolli

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    23 Years old....


  • bushbaby 30w


    I am often brushed by a passing vision,
    a vision where I bite the hand that feeds me;
    it was not as they said,
    I did not wear gluttony's crown upon my head,
    nor did I chew off a five-star future in a blind, possessing rage;
    no, I did not, soon after, lick the blood trail off my lips,
    nor did I whine
    and tuck my fickle-minded tail between my limbs;
    but, I confess, I was entirely bewitched
    by a distinct, resounding ringing,
    as my bark rattled the steel of my ornamental chains
    and left them at my feet, bowing.
    If only for that fleeting moment of profundity,
    I stood supported by my own, inborn spine
    clothed by the embrace of a stolen birthright,
    even the quiver of my newborn totter
    could be called entirely mine.
    It did not matter to me then,
    if I'd soon be lured to sleep or shot to my death-
    no matter the number branding my footstep,
    none could scrub off the unapologetic indent
    of my rusted, resilient stride;
    the brazen stroll of independence
    imprinted on the elusive sands of time.


  • the_petite__ 31w

    Chicks are suffocate
    But they will break the wall
    One day
    One day they will break the narrow shield
    The more heat they will recive
    The more they grow
    They are lil nuclear
    They are strong
    One day they will break the wall

  • darared 32w

    Hung head, long shadow

    You think we're any different?
    Time and geography don't change a thing
    Show me certitude and I disbelieve it
    It's fiction, it's an act, it's a confusion
    of perspective
    No man can see himself
    All he can do is tell himself a story
    that makes sense
    Survival is in the dance
    It's in only hearing the music that's his
    Then he's the needle in the groove
    Then his world turns

    We all feel the weight
    of heaven


  • vibx_poetry 32w

    Where are we now?

    Where are we now?
    We are a people of life and color
    Food that savour our core
    Ancestral eulogy that we adore, but
    Diversity without candour
    We stir and serve penury
    In golden plates of bemuse
    Eating with expensive cutleries
    And wine that cannot come from palms, except it's Italian.

    Our contributions are only irrelevant,
    Since government of the day holds the mantle.
    We sit on our high horses
    Arrogating affairs from our
    Thrones of hypocrisy and inane critics
    I'm responsible as much as you are
    we can choose when we are ready
    To own our farmland or
    Be a passerby amidst chaos on our heritage.
    So, where are we now?


  • hawaii 35w

    Father Of Our Nation

    In nineteen seventy five
    Papua and New Guinea took a big dive
    because we were being deprived
    and through you we survived
    Free of blood shed we arrived
    An independent democratic nation under your hive

    A natural born leader with a vision
    to free his people from submission
    Although it was an impossible mission
    To the ‘nay-sayers’ he never listened
    and now an independent democratic nation has risen

    A member, our first Prime Minister, a Governor
    meeting you was any Papua New Guinean’s greatest honor
    Being the father to this nation you were never our owner
    You are much more than a history donor
    You are a king in our culture
    Your words and actions will always strengthen us even in our darkest hour

    What you did money cannot buy
    You have our respect at utmost high
    You taught us to walk and now we can fly
    Our hearts are with you until we die

  • superrita_21 40w

    Bharath thum ho Mahan

    Bharathiyon ka Jaan, hai Bharath thum ho Mahan
    Advitiya sanskriti, Vishwa mein mila thumhe Swikriti

    Mohobbat aur shanthi kho kiya prachar
    Mila arbhon ka pyaar beshumaar

    Rishi, Muniyonka nivasasthan,
    Mila har dharm kho samaan

    yog aur adhyathmik gyaan kha bandaar
    Haath jodhkar poojthi hai poori Sansaar

    Param Pavithra karm kshetra
    Himalay se kanyakumari thak phela hariyali ka keth

    Saahthiya aur kala khi khaan
    Tarah tarah pakhwaan khaan paan

    Lahoon sinchkar kamaya ye swatantra
    Karna uska izath aur raksha, nashtkaro rajkiya kutantra

    Thakthi nahi hoon mein karthe tera gun gaan
    Aazadeeki pachathar saligira par subh bharathiyon kho abhivadan

    Vande Mataram

  • gotoark 40w


    அவளின் சுதந்திரமெல்லாம்
    அவளை அவளாகவே ஏற்றுக்கொள்வதிலும்
    அவளை அவளாகவே இருக்க விடுவதிலுமே அடங்கிவிடுகிறது ...
    நாம் கொடுப்பதற்கு எல்லாம் ஒன்றுமில்லை
    அவளிடமிருந்து அதை பறிக்காமல் இருந்தாலே போதுமானது.....

  • arnabi_bhagat 40w

    Even India got independence today,
    Then, why am i the only one still struggling to be independent from your memories and thoughts!

  • rishi_chauhan 40w

    तो क्या अगर जोड़ भी लूं लफ़्ज़
    ज़माने भर के
    हां मगर
    तेरी तारीफ़ लिखने में
    मुझे अभी कुछ वक्त लगेगा ।


  • anuradhasharma 63w

    ये रीत रिवाज़ तुम निभा लेना,
    अभी जीने दो मुझे।

    कब्रिस्तान बन जाऊं,
    सब निभा लेना।

    इस दर्जे का निभाने,
    का क्या मतलब।

    जो जीते-जी
    कब्र बन जाए,

    मन में।