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  • pallavi4 15w


    I was born on a day in spring
    When the petrichor from the sweet smelling grass
    Infused the air
    I was a chartreuse little bud who found
    Great comfort in knowing I was one of
    Leaves growing on a tree previously bare

    It seemed my responsibility to become
    Big and green and strong
    It wasn’t long before me and my brothers covered the entirety of the tree
    And started caring for the young that came along

    Together we made up the tree
    Like the tree had once us made
    There was life all around us as birds chirped
    Bugs and bees teemed in every green blade

    In the summer we lazed in the morning sun
    And danced to the tune of the winds that blew
    Everyday I awoke to a day of fun
    There was always something new to do

    The rains brought with them sustenance
    And quenched the thirst of the big ol’ tree
    Significantly larger I became
    None was glossier or as enthusiastic as me

    As autumn approached things quietened down
    Golden robes we now adorned
    The tree seemed fatigued and tired of carrying us
    The thought of perishing had me in pieces, torn

    One by one my friends fell to the ground
    The winds that had once played with us
    Now sternly blew them away
    Some to far away distant lands
    Some to form a golden pathway and stay

    With winter fast approaching I know
    Although I’m still attached to my beloved tree
    My time is almost done
    From being a vibrant and energetic leaf
    A wrinkled surface my glossy being has become

    I know I will soon fall to my death
    Like the others my tree too will become bare
    All around me is misery and mourning
    I try, reminisce and focus instead on all the fun I had there

    Once we are all gone and the snow arrives
    Laden my tree will be with so much more
    Than the weight that we leaves were once
    We will instead become the had beens, a part of folklore


    14th of October, 2021

    Pic credit: picture clicked by me - Kashmir, Srinagar (2021)

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  • dragonsoul 32w


    Looking out in the rain, reminded of an inevitability,
    Those eyes of mine shall shut themselves out,

    For they will loose their light even before I die,
    My wish is to see us happening, before my light dies out


  • scaredycat 38w


    Destruction is on the horizon
    Devestation won't be ignored
    You'll be disappointed trying to avoid it
    All you can do is keep moving forward

    You can't keep your job forever
    One day your friends will turn their backs
    Family will go off on their own endeavors
    And your love will leave you for what you lack

    Hopes and prayers won't stop what's coming
    Neither will wishing those days away
    Best enjoy the peace so long as you have it
    Tomorrow will be a kinda different day.

  • mahnoorumarkhan 95w

    The Closed Door

    Dirty dishes in the sink,
    Waited as a witness,
    To the motionless body on the floor.
    Clothes spilling out of the hamper,
    The ragged hum of the washing machine,
    Narrated the story of swollen ankles peeking under the dress.
    The mold on the walls,
    The grime on the windows,
    The cockroaches scurrying from the half-opened cupboard,
    Over the still leg, the coarse cloth.
    The unlocked, but closed door,
    The broken refrigerator,
    The looming stench,
    The rotting motionless body,
    Waited as a witness to the world.

    ©Mahnoor Umar Khan

  • speedingbullet 96w

    Natural Catastrophe is Inevitable

    It is a law of nature,
    That every inch of this cosmos,
    Has it's own way of being sentient,
    Evolving with a smooth passage of cosmic maturity,
    So, it is upto us to learn the ways of respecting this natural phenomenon of evolution.
    Because if we don't, then the havoc of nature resulting from our disobedince is going to be inevitable such as the one catastrophe we are currently facing worldwide.

    ©speeding--bullet(Ayush Singh)

  • v_th1rt3en 98w

    Death's Welcome

    Death is always watching, patiently waiting
    To welcome you to a world so terribly suffocating

    Your life now lost
    Was it worth the cost?
    No matter now, your soul has crossed

    Into a land where spirits are forever enthralled
    Dwelling on bitter memories best never recalled


  • em_shyma 178w

    //You're Thought to Be Strong//

    You're to be loved,
    to be hated,
    to be cared,
    to be deceived, but
    what makes you as you
    is how you maintain to
    stand and don't
    let them reign you.


  • harmonizer 183w


    We try to fight the waves,
    but we can’t fight the moon.
    We can’t fight the world’s rotation or the bathymetry of oceans or the inevitability that sometimes things just don’t work out.

  • th3oth3rbroth3r 189w


    Not for those who seek that which sets their soul ablaze, their mind in disarray. Not for the liars with their two-timing hypocrisy, not for the pursuers of materialistic fantasies who transform love into bloodshed, peace into war, divinity into devastation.

    How can they claim to live for love and goodness when they desire to keep their actions and motives hidden, denying that they will ever be judged and pay for every single misdeed left unrepented for?

    Then is this 'love' not a double-edged sword?

    For how can they ever claim to have reached salvation? When their hearts are chained to wordly affairs, so affected by the 'wrongs of the present' that they become a part of it without realizing, descending into a firepit they conveniently coined as 'humanity' because it is a refuge against the subliminal.

    Then is our retaliation not cowardly?

    But it is not my right to criticize, to pick on weaknesses that can summon demons from their shallow dwellings. Yet who shall I to blame?

    When the world continues to fight a dying battle, led on by icons and leaders with their short-sighted and convuluted thoughts. Thoughtlessly, we spiral towards the inevitable Resurrection.

    Therefore, Iet us continue to believe that we are blameless. Afterall, we are the sparks that burn down forests, we are the gods that bring about our own extinction, we are the sublime and the unfathomable.

    Our religion is godless, our faith is baseless, our prayes our heedless and our goodwill meaningless.


  • the_sky_beyond 191w

    The Fear Of Inevitability

    The worst part is knowing...
    Knowing what brings you great joy today,
    Could bring even greater sorrow tomorrow.
    It might not be tomorrow,
    Or even the next day.
    That's just it,
    You have no way of truly knowing.
    It's a game of chance,
    In which you will always lose.

    It's inevitable.
    The fear of inevitability.
    The fact that you know it will happen one day,
    Sooner or later.
    But as for when or why?
    It's nescience.
    You can't stop it.
    You can't control it.
    You just hope for the best.
    Holding on to hope in such a hopeless world.
    A paradox of sorts.
    Because it's all you can do.

    But one day the sky will fall.
    You can't hold it up forever.
    And when it does,
    It will rain sorrow and despair,
    Cynicism and sadness.
    Pain which isn't necessarily physical,
    But exhausting none the less.
    There's nothing anyone can do to stop it.
    It's inevitable.

    That's why the worst part is knowing...
    Knowing while you're happy today,
    The future holds misery and despondency,
    Disheartenment and woefulness.
    It's bleak, but true.
    And once you realize that..

    There's not much to look forward to,
    is there?


  • quotes_for_feel 201w

    Lesson about life

    One of the biggest lessons that I have learned in this life is how futile it is to fight inevitability. Life is change; if we stop changing, we stop growing. Life is never going to go exactly the way that you want it to. Something is always waiting to pop up and bite you. The more that you attempt to make life go your way the more that it won't. Your life will be so much more peaceful and smooth if you just learn to stop swimming upstream.


  • scintillatingsolitude03 226w

    Perpetual cycle of our lives. #Inevitability

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    We do know what we got before it’s gone.
    We understand the magic of the moment in the moment.
    We believe the promises we make.
    We do good. Are good.

    But then life happens.

    We didn’t expect it to be gone someday.
    We didn’t expect to miss the moment so much.
    We didn’t expect to outgrow the promises.
    We didn’t expect the good to be misunderstood.

    But that’s life. And everything repeats itself.


  • vocalmaelstrom 264w

    Self Control

    We all itch to scratch the itch!