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  • aqua_taurean 23w


    You do know
    How this will go
    The culprit never caught, it remains as so.

    Let’s talk about
    The first time done
    Deceiving the many, especially my loved one.
    The baffling appreciations
    Kind and warm gestures
    Unaware of the bait, coming to lure.
    I’ve been tenuous
    I’ve been frail
    Not physically but mentally and emotionally ail.
    Just then there
    He appeared so glad
    Carrying away my soul, or everything I had.
    Hand in hand
    I went too far
    Got healed from the bruises, born new scar.

    More I leave
    The more I gain
    Not love but loath, for my husband.
    He’s a man
    In his own world
    Leaving the gravity, nothing to be heard.
    Doesn’t even care
    How is his lady?
    That paves the way, to effortless infidelity.

  • raman_writes 31w

    हर कहानी में मोहब्बत, वफ़ा और बेवफ़ाई नहीं होती ।

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    मेरी कहानी में मैंने भी मोहब्बत की है ।

    मुझे भी वफ़ा के बदले बेवफ़ाई मिली है ।।


  • scaredycat2222 17w


    Will you scratch past my surface
    And whittle deep down
    past my skin into my bones
    Will you taste the tips of my finger after i trace the indentations
    Left caressly by the one who came before me.
    Your chest heavy with failed love after failed love
    after spoiled plan.
    Can i watch you love me
    Place a mirror above me
    Curiosity splayed across my face
    As I study you,
    I lay contently melting in your arms.
    Hips wide open,
    Hands sliding,
    And lips swollen.
    I can only make out the
    Back of your head
    You fell asleep on your Belly again,
    Your face burried in the bed.
    As good as it was,
    Or as good as it has
    the potential to be.
    I cant help aching and waiting to see it all.
    If you pin my hands behind my back
    How am I supposee to catch myself when I fall.
    Just dont tell me we're forever
    Then tonight promise another that you'll call.
    Dont tell me that I'd be crazy not to trust you
    while you have to search somewhere in your brain when were mid conversation tomorrow morning
    and its come time to say my name.
    I hope you washed what's left of her off you, for fucks sake,
    I hope you used soap to make it easier for her to slip down the drain.
    Dont kiss me on Sunday
    with your dirty tongue and
    that bitches spit
    still sloshing around in your mouth.
    And give up trying to lie,
    I know you think I'm stupid,
    I know for a while already what you're about.

  • writtersfeelingz 40w

    Instagram user....

    Nowadays it's the one
    I see everytime someone
    Leaves just because
    We loved them truly
    Lust won the aces
    Breaking my heart into pieces

  • leahkaye 51w

    Left for dead

    Don't you dare seek for help and shelter
    When I abandon you once more
    Because if when I shall return
    It will be your fault for sure
    As if your the disgusting cheating whore

  • pragatigarg 60w

    Fear of infidelity kills me a thousand deaths
    My living reality now sounds like a myth
    Here was sure somebody
    And taken away my sanity
    I agree memories of the passion play can't be erased in a day
    Nor the emotional intimacy can go away
    But nothing can be same again.....
    Cause nothing is left in me except pain..

  • james_taumas 64w


    Soul exposed
    Truth scrapes and tears
    All my crimes unfold
    Infidelity cannot pronounce
    Lies turn to dust
    My confession to you
    Listening and unreadable
    Reaction brewing
    Wait now
    Judgement is yours.


  • pallavi4 75w


    I lie bleeding under a canopy of shimmering stars
    Aware that this will be the last time I see them
    The cold seems to have seeped into my broken bones
    I’m coughing clots of blood along with the phlegm

    As life slowly ebbs towards the end
    I cling to each moment, each breath
    I shiver thinking any minute may be my last
    I seem to be inches away from death

    Life flashes before my now drooping eyes
    As I lay dying on the grassy greens of my own house
    In life I hadn’t achieved much
    Neither been a good father nor a bearable spouse

    My wife, the doting, meek, mother of two
    Stands by me watching me hang on to my dear life
    She’s soaked to the bone , as am I
    I lie prostrate on the ground, she holding a bloody knife

    In my life I had had little consideration for her
    Or for that matter anyone else but me
    I had been spoilt and selfish, self centered and a cheat
    Inspite of my kids I had always considered myself free

    She had on the other hand
    Spent her life tending to me and later the kids
    Her obliging, sweet manner were good for a person like me
    Oblivious to her own needs she had lived

    I had cheated on her for years now
    She had only now discovered one
    Read the love notes written by one of them
    So she knew about my infidelity and how behind her back I had been having fun

    When confronted with the notes I denied
    Any knowledge of their existence
    Plead to her of my innocence in the matter
    Thought I could persuade her with some persistence

    The lies seemed to not have moved her
    She was embarrassed, angry and outraged
    I had underestimated the degree of her ire
    She stood listening , seething like an animal who had been kept caged

    Without a word , she lurched at me
    The blade of her meat knife piercing my heart
    As I fell to the floor I lost count of the slashes
    They’d been so unexpected that they’d given me a start

    I slowly dragged myself away from her
    Towards the garden I started to crawl
    She stood like an amazon watching me mewl
    Watching my blood soil the floors and the walls

    As the thunderstorm outside blessed
    The lovingly tended garden with showers of rain
    She followed me out to the lawn
    Where I now lay writhing in extreme pain

    The kids were asleep although they were
    By now used to the silent treatments and fights
    I wondered what they would think of their gentle mother
    After she disposed me off this very night

    I pleaded with her to get me a doctor
    I knew I was close to being gone
    She stood silently like a block of wood
    While I bled out on her meticulously manicured lawn

    Walked she did to the house alone after orchestrating the catastrophe
    The nearest neighbours were further away than a mile
    For the first time in years once she shut the door
    Her face lit up with a beatific smile


    22nd of January, 2021

    Pic credit: Pinterest, picture credited to its rightful owner- “Blind Love” by Cora Tiana

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  • undefinedvisionary 76w

    It’s Been Said That Opposites Attract
    I Have Unfortunately Found Repeated Flaws In That Theory
    In Love Stories It Sounds Amazing
    In Real Life You Find Divorce, Infidelity, And A Feeling Of Why Am I Not Good Enough

    LESSON: Don’t Ever Allow Someone To Love You Less Than You Love Yourself


  • brood28 79w


    Its difficult to untrust someone you love....but its worse to unlove even if you mistrust.

  • inkexpress 83w

    Psychology behind Infidelity

    You can't cheat on a person that knows about psychology. You'll cheat on them and they'll tell you it's because your mother/father never loved you enough as a child and your fear of abandonment makes you ruin things.

  • khwaab_poetry 86w

    यूँ तो बैठे थे पलके बिछाए हम भी,
    मगर आज फिर वो चाँद ज़रा बेवक़्त निकला...

    तुझको तो संभाल रखा था लम्हें सा मैने,
    मगर अफ़सोस! तू भी आखिरकार वही वक़्त निकला...

    सोचा तो था सीने में तेरे धड़कता एक दिल होगा,
    मगर वहाँ भी तो पत्थर सा कोई चीज़
    बड़ा ही सख्त निकला...

    #bewafa #infidelity #love #poetry

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  • alxita 92w

    || Theme ||
    Window Widow describes a person (as if a spider) who is disloyal to their initial lover. The person disposes them eventually.

    #life #love #cheating #infidelity
    #sya #pod #genuine_readers

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  • alxita 92w


  • alxita 96w

    || Main Theme/s : Disloyalty ||

    || Logorrhea ||
    1 | cadge - to persuade [someone] to give something for free
    2 | besiege - to urgently request to [someone]
    3 | sully - to make dirty
    4 | infeft - to hand over one's possession to someone else
    5 | verbatim - word by word
    6 | catharsis - purification of emotions (fear, pity, etc.) through art

    #love #infidelity #cheating #relationship #heartbreak #lies #truth #reality #life #catharsis #mirakee #alxitasonnets #alxita_august_twenty #ceesreposts #pod @writersnetwork

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  • its_me_luki 97w


    I started a game.
    I didn't expect this ending.
    I should have kept my heart and also his.

    Falling too deep when I'm not supposed to.
    Let his feeling go stronger, when he shouldn't though.

    I'm trapped.
    I can't make a confession, it'll be bad.
    I'm not ready to make them sad
    I'm not ready to be blamed for everything that happened.

    I don't know how to stop
    Even not knowing when to stop
    Loving him but don't want to lose them too.

  • normancrane 97w


    we blossomed once
    in the desert
    two green weeds
    seeking rootless pleasure
    now flower bedded
    horticultured—yet wistfully I miss
    the prick
    of cactus lips

  • its_me_luki 98w

    I know it isn't true
    The feeling I have for you
    But I love you

    I should have stopped the game
    I am afraid to be blamed
    For having an affair

    This feeling is getting stronger
    I don't want to be a winner
    Yet I don't want to be a loser

    Let me keep this secret
    'Cos I don't want to feel regret
    By seeing everyone feels sad

  • its_me_luki 99w


    This feeling shouldn't be there
    For love is not to be shared
    Emotion should be for one in the end

    This feeling shouldn't be kept
    Otherwise you will end up feeling regret
    Losing everyone you love and make them sad

  • amcart1221 101w

    An affair ended

    Wow, It's been a year since we first met! A whole year that just flew by! A year of discovering you, getting to know your quirks and personality. A year of sharing and enjoying your body. A year of kisses and hugs and countless "I love you's". And a year of revelation for me. Discovering who I am apart from J- when I love someone else. I never thought the day would come when I could care for someone as much as I cared for him. You showed me how wrong I was. You showed me that I can love again. Wholly and unequivocally. Giving myself, my body and my heart to someone whom I'm vulnerable to and for me, it was beautiful. Wrong or not, I'll treasure you all the days of my life. You told me the next time I call it off with you for me to be sure because your heart can't take the back and forth. I'm sure by now you know what this note is. I promise you I haven't made this decision lightly but, this time, I'm sure. This past year has also been a year of envy and jealousy; of guilt and confession; of forgiveness and redemption; of loneliness and trying to find my worth and value. I've never wished I was someone else more than this year. Wishing I was someone more prominent in your life rather than a shameful secret hidden in a secret folder in your phone. And I've NEVER wished I was born anywhere else like New York or New Jersey but, this year I did, so that perhaps it was me that met you first. But life happens as it happens and here we are. A girl in love with a boy who she can't have. I started this journey with the mindset of wanting to find someone to have a relationship with that led to marriage. Instead, I found you. I don't know why we have this connection between us. All I know is that it's intense and really REALLY hard to walk away from (you'll never know how hard). When I'm away from you I tell myself that I made it up in my head. That there isn't possibly a connection as strong as I think it is. And then I see you and it's like the world stops and everything slows down. I'm aware of nothing outside of us and yet, my senses are heightened. It's just me and you and no one else. My mind that is so cluttered and confused and constantly daydreaming just stops and clears out and you're all that I see. You're all I can think of even while I'm physically with you. I'm consumed by you and your presence. But that consumption doesn't stop for me once we're apart. I think of you constantly. Always wondering what you're doing. Are you smiling? Are you dancing? Are you eating chocolate? Are you tired? Are you singing? Are you thinking of me too? I thought that I could see you until I meet someone else but, once again, you showed me how wrong I was. I'm stunted by my love for you. You see, in thinking of you constantly there's no way that anyone else could possibly have a chance to win me over. How could they? They aren't you. They don't compare. They've lost before they even begun. But I desperately want to grow with someone. Plant roots with someone. Have inside jokes and car rides with the windows down while we listen to music and hold hands. I want hugs from behind while I'm standing at the kitchen sink washing dishes. I want naps on the couch while we hold each other. I want late night talks and early mornings of whispers asking "are you awake?" I want someone who I don't have to be a secret to. And I can't have that and keep you too. I have to choose. I have to walk away from you. Please know this isn't easy for me. If this were a letter then the ink would blur from my tears that are falling. I'm sorry for sending this after seeing you. There's no way I could've said all this to your face. I would go silent and it would physically be impossible for me to even form the words to tell you goodbye. I'm afraid I would be highly emotional and crying violently. And I can't see the sadness in your eyes, let alone see you cry. It would break me and make me want to call it off and say "I'm sorry I'll never leave you!" But, my love, that's not fair to me. The only way I can do this is like this. I know you asked for me to allow you to "release" me but I can't do that either. I would never go through with it. I could never walk away from you. Instead I have to slink away as one unseen. As a secret that no one knows about. A chapter ended in a book that no one knows you even read. But, when you reflect back, I hope that this year has been as magical and revealing for you as it has been for me. I hope you find satisfaction in your marriage K-, I sincerely do. I hope, in the end, that you're happy. This life goes so fast and so suddenly and before you know it your children are grown, the house is paid for, savings have accumulated and you're grey and a little more worn down. I hope you're able to look back fondly and feel gratitude for everything that you've experienced. I hope you look back and feel proud for the man you are and will be. And I hope you know how amazing, talented and exceptional you are. You're the sweetest man that I've ever met. I'm so proud that I got to meet you and I feel lucky that you saw something in me worth loving. I thought I wasn't worth loving from a good man. But, again, you showed me how wrong I was. Thank you for that. I needed that lesson. Because of you I know I can require more from someone. That I can hope for a man who is funny and sweet and loving and who wants a life with me. And try as I might, I'm sure I'll see you when I look at him. That I'll see you and what could've been. That there is no him without you. Because you were the sacrifice that had to happen for him to happen. I'll be thankful to you and for you always. Thank you for what's to come and thank you for loving me. I needed that.

    All my love -